The New Sony ZV E10 is the Best Vlogging Camera and the Best overall Entry Level Camera for YouTubers or Vloggers. This Camera is the best budget camera that Sony offers even surpassing the Sony ZV1 of last year. This is my complete review of the Sony ZV E-10.


Everything You Need to Know About the Sony ZV E10
The Sony ZV E10 will cost $699 body only and $799 w/ 16-50mm Lens.
It is an APS-C Camera with Activate Shot Stabilization, 4K 30 FPS , 1080 120 FPS
The Sony ZV E10 has a flip-out screen, a tally light, and a headphone and mic jack.
This camera has the same features as the Sony ZV1 except for the built-in ND Filter.
The ZV E10 can also be used for streaming as a webcam without any accessories.





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=================== text video ====================

— Sony has finally done it.

They’ve made the perfect vlogging camera

hands down the Sony ZV-E10.

I may be one of the only
human beings on earth

who is literally used

almost every single Sony mirrorless camera

made in the last five years.

And I’m not exaggerating

’cause those of you who are
old school fans of the channel

might remember some of
those initial camera reviews

back with the Sony a7R II,
or even the Sony a6000.

I’ve even shot with
the new Sony alpha one.

But there’s very few things
I’ve ever been impressed

with as much as I’m impressed
with the Sony ZV-E10.

And I was blown away when
they made the Sony ZV-1.

This camera is truly
made for YouTube vloggers

who want to step their game
up and it offers everything

in terms of the vlogging experience.

This is light, this is compact.

It works with Sony E-Mount lenses.

It has the coveted flip out screen.

It works in terms of slow and quick mode

very similarly to
cameras like the Sony a7C

that I have here which
is a full frame camera.

And the reality is that
this just makes sense,

and it’s in the body of a Sony a5000.

The key differences
between this and the ZV-1

are the fact that the ZV-1

is something that’s compact
enough to fit in your pocket.

It doesn’t have
interchangeable lens system

and it has its lens
built-in that is 24 to 70.

Now a lot of people complained
about the reach with that,

and about, you know,

needing super long arms or
it not being wide enough.

But the benefit is it does
have a built-in ND filter.

That is one of the key differences
when going to the ZV-E10,

is no built-in ND filter

because you’re using your
own interchangeable lenses.

So you will need to get an
ND filter to go with those

if you’re shooting in bright conditions.

Both of these offer the
ultimate vlogging experience

with active, steady shot.

This has been really powerful

for smooth gimbal like footage,

whether you’re handholding or you’re using

the Sony mini tripod.

This works Bluetooth,

so you actually have full
control of your camera

for the most part
wirelessly just right here.

And that’s great, makes
it very convenient.

When you combine that with
the active steady shot,

it is like shooting on a gimbal,

but without the gimbal price.

Now, speaking of price, you know,

this is the more affordable option

and has the lens built in.

This does come with a power zoom lens

if you wanna pay 899, but at
799 you can get it body only.

And then you can get the
lenses of your choice for it.

Right now, I like shooting
with the 10 to 18 F4.

This has been probably the best lens

that I’ve put on this in terms
of a vlogging experience.

And still enough with the
built-in defocus for background,

the background defocus on this is awesome.

And it gives you that
blurry depth of field look

that you want to just feel a
little bit more professional

in the YouTube space, a
little bit more vlog like.

Audio on this built-in works like a charm.

Same thing with the ZV-1,
built-in audio is great.

Both of course have the
digital hot shoe interface

that allows you to use Sony’s microphones.

Whether you’re gonna use

like one of these wonderful microphones.

By the way, I know that this might sound

like I’m just giving
this a glowing review.

But this is not sponsored by Sony.

No money changed hands.

They did let me have this
early to borrow and send back

and to do my review and my footage.

But the reality is I was
gonna buy this anyway.

Yeah, in terms of the microphones.

This works fantastically
with Sony ECM microphones.

Right now on my ECMCS3
that’s filming this,

I’m using Sony’s latest
wireless microphone system

which is around $230.

You can get this ECM
microphone for about $130.

There’s another shotgun
microphone that they have,

that’s about $230.

So we have a variety of options here.

When you look at it,

you can actually have a full
and perfect vlogging system

and set up for about a thousand bucks,

but it would put you in a position

to where you might not need to upgrade

for a very long time.

And so what that would look
like is buying this at 899

with the power zoom lens,

and then buying this
like $130 ECM microphone

buying, you know, this mini tripod here.

And then you literally have
the perfect vlogging setup.

And I love that when I do
have it switched on here

that if I flip out the screen,

it just automatically turns on.


This is one of the best
vlogging experiences

that you could ask for.

It’s light enough to allow
you to use it all day.

So that’s a plus.

You have a tally light to
know when you’re recording.

The flip out screen has a red border

to let you know when you’re recording.

You have the extra battery life
that comes from just having

a deeper battery grip
than you have with this

and not using the smaller battery.

So you can actually do this
for long periods of time.

And then with the slow and quick settings,

you can do what you need
to in terms of slow-mo,

cinematics, time-lapses all of it.

In terms of things that I could
say negatively about this,

it does have the clunky menu system

that Sony cameras just
ultimately end up having,

unless you have the latest and greatest.

But right out of the box,

you get something that is tremendous.

Another thing I will note
in terms of the audio,

the built-in audio on this is serviceable.

And if you’re outdoors,

it does come for free
with a built-in windscreen

that you just top off right there.

So the thing is you
have everything you need

pretty much out of the box with this,

and you have great features
like product showcase mode.

This is something that was
a game changer on the ZV-1,

and that is continued here.

Same thing with skin smoothing.

That is a feature that
showed up in this camera.

You can have that beauty
filter if you want,

or need it for any reason.

And that makes its way
over into the ZV-E10.

So why buy this versus something
like a full frame camera?

Like any of the other options I have here.

Whether it’s the, you know,

Sony a7C or any of the other cameras.

The reality is these full frame
cameras are super expensive.

These are super expensive.

And they also, frankly,

are a little bit more complicated to use.

Meanwhile, right out of
the box, this just works.

And the thing is it’s
very beginner friendly

and it was made with beginners in mind.

This was made for the everyday person

that just wants to explore
with content creation.

Meanwhile, while I think the
Sony a7C is a great camera

if you wanna go into full frame.

The reality is it’s overkill
for what most people need.

This is for people who
not only have the budget,

but also want to just expand
into more complex content.

That’s why ultimately this
may be the best camera

for majority of YouTubers and
content creators as a whole.

But the best camera for
beginners and vloggers

is definitely now the ZV-E10.

Hands down, it’s not even close.

The ZV-E10 is a crop sensor
camera so it’s not full frame.

But the fact that you get a powerful

Sony crop sensor camera,

that has the tremendous autofocus,

the eye autofocus tracking
and all the trimmings,

the Sony color profiles, that
good, good S-Log grading,

all of it in a package that’s
less than a thousand dollars.

That’s kind of been unprecedented
when it comes to Sony.

One of the other downsides
I could argue about this

is that it just made my
a6600 pretty much irrelevant

at this point, which is
a more expensive camera.

But I’m okay with that.

And so it looks like Sony doesn’t
mind if they make products

that end up cannibalizing
their other product lines

and carrying over features.

Because, you know,

if you have to choose
between these two cameras,

it really comes down
to what you value more.

This is gonna be cheaper,

and it’s gonna be more convenient.

This is gonna give you
more options, flexibility,

and the power to expand over time.

So it still makes sense to step
up from a ZV-1 to a ZV-E10,

just depending on how
serious you wanna take things

and what level of quality
you’re comfortable with.

Both are more than serviceable

for the needs of the
average content creator

with no real need to get anything

more than either of these or both.

If you wanna use this
as your A-roll camera,

and then this is a backup or
B-roll camera or vice versa,

you could be good with that.

Sony has also made this
the ultimate webcam.

If you actually want to use
a real camera as your webcam,

and if you wanna use this setup,

you know, just throw up your mini tripod.

You can just go ahead and
you can use everything

that comes in the box
and you have a webcam.

Just hook it up to your laptop.

And you’re pretty much good to go

and you don’t need another accessory

it can all be done through software.

It may not be the cheapest
budget camera for YouTube,

but is the best value option
out of all budget cameras

in the sub $1,000 range if
you’re gonna buy it new.

I stand by that.

And following up close
to that is the ZV-1.

I don’t think that it makes sense

to try to buy a camera anymore
for under 500 and $600,

unless you have no other option.

Because if you save up
just a little bit more,

if you can hold out,

then the value you get out of
either of these two cameras

is just gonna be superior
to any other budget option

in the sub $600 range.

I feel like the only
way to get a good camera

for under $600 that would have
any hope of beating these,

would be to buy something used.

That is probably an APS-C
or a full frame camera used

if you can get one that cheap.

But in terms of buying
something new out of the box

for $600 that’s gonna perform
better than either of these.

I don’t think that
that’s possible anymore.

Sony has made a play for content creators

to show us that they can make something

that’s about as cheap as
the average smartphone

that’s gonna produce better results

and is actually gonna be more practical

for a content creator use.

Because the reality is the only thing

that can really compete with
this at the same price point

is buying a smartphone.

And while that might be a very
convenient tool in many ways,

it’s also inconvenient
in a lot of other ones.

And frankly, I just don’t feel
like the average smartphone

can really flex with these
when it comes to image quality.

They might be able to get close,

but sensor size does matter.

If you ever do decide to upgrade

in terms of camera
lenses and camera bodies,

you will have entered the Sony system

at a decent price point.

You will be able to have
something that retains its value

when you want to upgrade.

And since this can last
you for a long time,

the next thing you
upgrade to is most likely

going to be a full frame
camera in the Sony system,

because you will already have glass

that you can pair with it.

And so that means you
probably end up upgrading

to something like the Sony a7C

eventually in your career
as a content creator.

Because maybe you’re going to want

to just do more complex projects

that just require that
little bit of extra oomph,

or maybe you’re gonna want to be able

to have a hybrid camera

that can do really great photography.

I mean, one thing I can say

is that this is a serviceable camera,

even when it comes to photos,

but it’s not its primary focus.

This is a camera for video first creators.

This is a camera for video first creators.

And again, that’s the
future since the platforms

are going more video than anything.

Even Instagram as a side,

it’s not really a
photography platform anymore.

It’s all about video now.

And this is a camera for
people who are all about video.

This camera has all the features

that a vlogger actually needs
in one convenient package.

The image quality is superb.

There’s not really much
more that you could want

out of a camera as a content creator,

unless you just trying to be extra.

This would produce the
same level of quality

as most of the most popular
videos on YouTube pretty easily.

And if you know what you’re doing,

it’s fully capable of
making cinematic content.

I’m gonna give the Sony
ZV-E10, 4.5 out of five stars

for all the reasons that I just gave you.

I mean, this even has
a microphone input jack

on top of having the digital hot shoe.

So you have the ability to use

any kind of microphone you want.

I just wanted to call that one out.

So why am I not giving a
perfect five out of five,

the menu system.

At this point, that is
my biggest pet peeve.

And my biggest complaint is just giving me

a better menu system.

And I’ll be happy with every Sony camera.

And I’m gonna complain until I get it.

But in all seriousness,

I really do feel that they
knocked this one out of the park.

If you want to get any of
the camera gear that I have,

by the way.

I’ll link to all of these things

in the description down below.

And as of the making of this video,

you probably will have
to pre-order this camera.

It may not be available for you

to just buy it off the shelf just yet.

But that is going to be a camera

that I think a lot of you are gonna love.

And I think that this is gonna change

the game for content creators

in a way we haven’t seen
in a very long time.

If you enjoyed this video,

check out any of my other
videos on camera gear.

And if you’re a content creator,

then you probably wanna
check out this video

on batch recording and how
to be consistent at YouTube.

Both of those will be linked

into the description down below.

As always, thank you so much
for watching and don’t forget,

go out there and create
something awesome today

with whatever gear you happen to have.

Take care.


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