Sony ZV-E10 Live Streaming Setup (Webcam Tutorial)

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In this video, Omar shares how to live stream with the sony zv-e10. This video will show you how to use the sony as a webcam using the usb c cable it came with.

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=================== text video ====================

the sony zve10 is one of the best

cameras that you can use as a webcam for

live streaming or conference calls

because it’s so easy to do however there

are some things you want to know about

in order to do this correctly and so in

this video i’ll be showing you how to

use the sony zve10 as a webcam and be

sure to stick around because i’ll share

some of the best accessories that you

want to maybe invest in if you are using

this as a webcam whether with your

laptop or computer so let’s get into it

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joining us on a stream with an

incredibly easy to use interface for

doing cool transitions bringing in text

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guests this is the perfect platform for

the new and experienced creators alike

you can use the link that we have in the

description below to get ten dollars off

hey what’s up it’s omar to corey with

think media now i would encourage you to

have your zve 10 with you so that you

can follow along now the first thing

you’re going to want to do is go into

your menu and then go to the star icon

on the far right this is the my menu

setting where you can customize this

menu and i find it best to actually put

shortcuts here with the sony zve10 and

then you’re going to hit add item then

you’re going to scroll over to page 12

and then go to usb streaming and then

select the middle button and then add it

to that location now you’ve added the

option to turn your camera into webcam

mode because that’s what you got to do

in order to use it with the usb once

you’ve added the usb streaming onto the

custom menu i want to encourage you to

go back into the menu and actually

change the overheating sensitivity to

high and that’s going to give you a

warning message just hit okay and then

i’m going to actually go back into my

sony go to the menu and turn on usb

streaming the next thing you’re going to

do is plug in the sony zve10 into your

computer or laptop using the usb cable

that it either came with or maybe you

have an extra one lying around we’ll

also post links down in the description

below now encourage you to open up a

software on your computer or laptop

whether it be zoom or maybe quicktime

any software that would require you to

select a webcam so in this case we’ll

use zoom once the camera has usb

streaming turned on and the camera

plugged into your computer or laptop you

should now be able to select it as a

webcam and then you can see yourself

super crispy clear out of your sony

zve10 and you’d be ready to go now if

this doesn’t work right away i would

just encourage you to check the mode you

have the camera in and make sure it’s in

video mode and then if you want to

change the shoot mode you can actually

either leave it on intelligent auto

which is great an automatic feature that

will just gauge whatever lighting

condition you’re in or you can put it in

manual and set your settings that way i

kind of like doing that because it locks

in your settings as opposed to changing

the exposure when you start moving

around and things like that but i just

want to share a couple of my favorite

things to use with the sony zve10 as a

webcam and i would definitely say the

first thing is a continuous power

adapter so i don’t have to worry about

battery using this camera on zoom

conference calls or maybe live streams

and things like that

the last thing i want to do is have my

camera die and then not have a battery

to put in so having one of these is

definitely key and we’ll post a link to

our best recommended one down in the

description below the next thing i would

encourage you to look into is a

microphone upgrade and honestly you can

go with a super cheap solution that

plugs right into your camera because you

can actually select your audio source as

the zve 10 through the usb as well so

you don’t need to use an external mic or

an external usb mic if you use a zv10 as

a webcam you can if you want but that is

something i would definitely recommend

you investing in because not only look

good but you can also sound good and

then the final accessory i would

recommend you to get is to actually find

out by watching my accessories video for

the sony zve10 so that you can learn how

you can maximize this camera and get the

most out of it with the best accessories

so be sure to check out that video by

clicking or tapping the screen and i

can’t wait to see you in a future video




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