Make Your Smartphone Camera Look Professional! (3 Easy Steps)

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1️⃣ Niceyrig

2️⃣ Amaran 60D

3️⃣ Lantern

4️⃣ Tripod

5️⃣ Phone Clamp

6️⃣ Cold shoe

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=================== text video ====================

— If you have a smartphone,

which I think if you’re
watching this, you probably do,

you can actually make it look
like a professional camera,

and you can actually start
making videos with it

and be happy with the results.

I’m actually gonna show you
how I make my smartphone

look like a $5,000 camera setup like this.

And at the end of this video,

I’ll be putting it side by side

to see if you can even
tell the difference.

Let’s go.

— [Narrator] You gotta just press record.

— Hey, what’s up?

It is Omar El-Takrori with Think Media,

and this channel’s all about helping you

build your influence with
online video and YouTube.

And we do that by sharing
the best tips and tools

on how to do so,

like using your smartphone
to create videos.

And so if you’re interested in that,

hit that Subscribe button now.

I am using my iPhone 13
Mini to film this portion.

Now, this angle right
here is my $5,000 setup,

and we’ll put it side to side

after I get through the three easy ways

to make it look professional,

your smartphone, that is,

and the first thing you
wanna make sure you do

is make sure that you’re
shooting in the right settings

and using the proper camera.

The first thing to know

is that most smartphones actually shoot

in 4K resolution right
now, which is insane,

but most smartphones come shipped

with the default setting at about 1080,

because they don’t want
you to run outta space.

Obviously, that’s
something to keep in mind,

but it’s good to know your capabilities.

And so you wanna make sure
you go into your settings.

I’m actually gonna move
off to the side real quick

and show you how, even on an iPhone,

you have to go into your settings,

and then actually select 4K
resolution for your video.

And you can do that in
the camera app as well.

Now, I’m shooting this
portion in Cinematic Mode.

So specifically with iPhones,

they have the mode called Cinematic Mode.

The thing is, with this mode is yes,

it only maxes out at 1080,

but for the sake of like the effect

of the blurry background,
I think it’s pretty dope.

And most people are watching
their content on their phones

and watching it in 1080 anyways.

But just knowing that you’re
getting the right settings,

regardless if you’re gonna shoot in 1080

because you want to,

or you wanna shoot in 4K,
and to use the right camera.

Now, at the time of shooting this video,

most smartphones have the
best camera in the back.

So you know that selfie camera

that most people like to use

’cause you wanna see yourself?

You’ll want to use the back camera

if you want the best quality possible.

So you just wanna make sure

that you use the rear facing camera,

and particularly the main one.

So in this case, this is the main camera.

I have, you know,

the wide angle lens on the iPhone,

but usually those don’t do too well

unless you have like sunlight coming in.

So you wanna make sure

you’re using the best camera possible.

Now, to make sure that your shot

actually looks good, though,

just do a test shot

and then watch it back after
you do a quick little test.

If you absolutely want to see yourself,

you can actually invest
into about a $25 mirror

that can go on top of your phone

that literally points down at the screen

and you can see yourself,
like it’s super legit.

I actually made a video on it.

But just wanna make sure
your settings is dialed,

and the camera you are
using is the best camera.

The next thing you’re gonna want to do

is invest in good lighting.

The light that I’m using
right now is the Amaran 60d.

This is about a $200 light
that is super cool and compact,

but more than it just being compact,

I love that it runs on batteries.

You know, my office
here isn’t all that big,

but I need the flexibility
to use this light

in so many different scenarios,

and having it not have to
be plugged into the wall

is super dope.

I also love this light
because it’s simple to use.

There’s only one color temperature,

so you don’t have to worry about

if you have the right temperature or not,

whether it’s too warm or too cold,

which also makes it cheaper
than the other version,

which is pretty cool.

But I have a GVM lantern on it,

and this is really just gonna produce

a nice, big, and soft light.

Lighting is everything.

I’m here to tell you that it is lighting

that makes whatever camera
or smartphone you use shine.

So be sure to invest in good lighting.

I just have it on a stand,

but I’m literally running
it on batteries right now

to achieve this shot.

And it’s been running for about an hour,

and I know it can go
for a really long time,

and we’ll be sure to post
links down to everything

in the description below.

So make sure you check that out.

And then the third thing you’re gonna want

to make your smartphone look good

is a good tripod and phone mount.

The one that I absolutely love using

is this Manfrotto tripod,
because it’s so compact,

light, and easy to use.

It has a really cool ball head on it

which allows me to tilt
the camera as I need to,

which is super nice,

as well as be able to
put it in vertical mode.

So if I wanna shoot things
like YouTube shorts,

Instagram Reels, or TikToks,

you could do it with this tripod.

As far as what’s holding up my camera,

I have this cool retractable phone clamp,

which I have found is just easy to use.

But what I like about this one

is that there’s two cold shoe mounts on it

which allow me to put
up to two accessories,

whether it be the mirror
that I’m using right now

to put on top,

or maybe if you wanna hook
up like a lavalier mic

or anything you need to,

it gives you that option to do up to two,

which I really like.

All right, we just hit the comparisons.

And now it’s time to see if you can decide

if you can spot the difference
between my $5,000 Sony camera

and my iPhone 13 Mini.

The way I’m gonna do this
real quick, all right,

is I’m going to do this

by putting each shot up
for about three seconds,

and then the next shot’s
gonna come up, okay?

You’re gonna have a countdown.

You’re gonna be able to
decide, and let me know.

You can let me know in the
comments during the time,

or just hit that Like button
if you haven’t hit it already.

But the first shot we’re gonna throw up

in three, two, one, boom.

Here is the shot.

And three, two, one, boom.

Here’s the next shot.

Three, two, one.

Which one was it?

Did you get it right?

All right.

The first shot was the iPhone,

and then the second was the Sony.

Putting them side by side,

dude, really hard to
truly spot the difference.

And I did say earlier in this video

that I would just shoot a 4K version.

I found that the cinematic
version does look better than 4K

as far as the look goes

because of that blurry background,

but this is how they all look

kinda stacked next to each other.

And really, it looks amazing.

If you’re not already creating content

with your smartphone,
let this be your sign.

Invest into some good lighting,
dial in your settings,

put that sucker on a tripod,

and if you actually wanna level up

the audio of your smartphone,

you can do that by clicking
or tapping the screen.

I had so much fun with you in this one.

I can’t wait to see you in a future video.


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