Lighting Secrets That Hollywood Uses (PT. 1)

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In this video, Nolan share a lighting tip for your you to use on your YouTube channel. This Lighting tip will make your videos look better.

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=================== text video ====================

this is the lighting trick that

hollywood uses in movies and tv shows

that most people don’t notice

i did not know that and you can actually

use this trick in your videos too

oftentimes the dp or the director of

photography will place a practical light

in the shot

a practical light is just a light source

that is actually inside of your frame

something like a window or a lamp and

then what they do is they add in

extra lights but these are hidden

outside of the frame

and this is called motivated lighting

most people just assume that the actor

or the background

is lit entirely by these light sources

in this shot when the reality is they

often add in extra light with the same

color temperature and from the same

direction so here’s how you do this step

one add in a practical light to your

shot if you don’t have one yet step two

is to add your motivated light but this

time keeping this light outside of the


make sure to point the motivated light

in a direction that makes it look like

it’s coming from the practical light

here’s my shot with no extra lights and

now we have a practical light and now

this is with our motivated lighting


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