How To Record a PowerPoint Presentation (Free and Easy)

Learn How to Record a Powerpoint Presentation With Audio and Video Without Needing to Edit It! ****** Get Our Favorite Powerpoint Recording Software, Streamyard, Here ➡️

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0:00 — How to Record a Powerpoint Video
0:46 — Getting Things Set Up
1:51 — 1st Way to Add Slides
3:28 — Awesome Transitions for Your Presentation!
4:29 — 2nd Way to Add Slides
5:36 — What You Need to Get the Recording

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In this video, Omar covers how to record a PowerPoint presentation as a video fast!

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=================== text video ====================

if you’re looking for one of the best

ways to capture a powerpoint

presentation while looking professional

and engaging then stick around in this

video because i’m going to be showing

you how you can actually level up your

powerpoint presentations and capture

them as well as live stream them if you

chose to do so let’s get into it you got

to just press record hey what’s up it’s

almost coy with think media and this

video is sponsored by stream yard and in

this video i’ll actually be using stream

yard to demonstrate this tutorial now

there are a million ways that you could

skin this cat however i think this is

one of the best ways because stream yard

is a web-based software that allows you

to do so much than just present a

powerpoint presentation but also do live

stream but more than anything it just

gives you the dynamic to be able to

change to and from your slides and

yourself and it really makes it more

intuitive and engaging so with that

being said let’s jump right into stream

yard and go through this walkthrough all

right so we are in the stream yard

portal and we’re gonna select our camera

and mic and we’re gonna go into settings

select the camera uh and in my case i’m

using a capture card that looks so much

better by the way if you want a tutorial

on how you can actually make yourself

look like this be sure to check out the

links in the description and we’re going

to be sure to hook up our deity mic

and this is a great mic you’ve been

listening to this entire video but we

have the option to hit echo cancellation

as well as automatically adjust the mic

volume uh you can decide this for

yourself i personally like to leave this

off because i’m using a good mic but if

you’re using like airpods or something i

would encourage you to leave this

automatically clicked so we’re going to

hop into stream yard so here we are

inside of stream yard you don’t really

see me right now but that’s because i’m

right here and you can just hit add to

stream and there you go if you want to

change the name you can go ahead and

change the name by clicking these three

dots and then changing the name

but this is my handle hand follow me on

ig follow think media on ig

now i want to show you the two different

ways you can add your powerpoint slides

to stream yards starting with the first

way being to share your screen or share

a secondary monitor so we’re gonna hit

this plus share button at the bottom hit

share screen so this isn’t you know

assuming you have a second monitor that

you can share and i have my powerpoint

pulled up here you can also share a

window so if you don’t have a secondary

monitor but you have one big monitor

then sharing a window is totally fine

but i’m going to share this secondary

monitor because this is how we like to

do it here at think media and i’m just

going to add it to the stream and so as

you can see

my secondary monitor is now being shared

onto stream yard and might i say that

this is actually a slide from one of the

live streams we did recently but we’re

gonna have a live event here in las

vegas this is actually our banner for

our live event that we’re doing this

year called grow with video live that is


2022 and we actually have heavy hitters

coming this is real talk guys we got

garyvee we got patrickbetdavid we got

jasmine star and so much more especially

the think media team and we’re actually

teaching you how to build a personal

brand with video at this conference and

it’s going to be live in las vegas if

you want to come hang out or you can

actually do it

virtually we’ll actually have a virtual

option but you can go to if you want to check

it out or i’ll post a link down in the

comments below and that’s grow with

video live that’s what this slide is for

we did a live stream kind of promoting

it and stuff but i just want you to see

how you know how nice and clean it is

when you can share a powerpoint here and

the cool thing about it is you’re not

stuck with this view this is my one of

my favorite things about stream yard is

as you could see here are the various

different transitions that you can go

from as you can see i can go little on

the screen i can do a little picture and

picture uh if you if you want to do it

this way and go through your slides um

and this was like a live stream that we

did a little bit ago but nonetheless

this is just a nice way to

capture a presentation right you know

you could take a moment here and be like

trend two rise of short form video and

i’m so excited to talk about this you

know that was just a practice

but nonetheless just being able to do

that is really cool and you can also set

hotkeys so you can make your keyboard uh

the ability to change your you know

numeric pad or something so it can do

this by a push of a button rather than

you clicking it but up to you you can do

that and and then you can just record

your powerpoint once you’re ready to go

you can just hit record here it’ll start


and then you can conduct your powerpoint

and then you’re left with a video that

you can now download

you can also live stream on stream yard

as well and that is the first way that

you can add it you can share it by

sharing a secondary monitor or sharing a

window now the second way you can

actually do this

is by actually uploading your slides

itself to streamyard and i’ve already

uploaded this slide deck so if i click

this you can see how the slide deck is


to a stream yard and i can just go

through it from here and

you can see i may kind of like messed

with my slides a little bit because it

formatted them

but this is one way that you can do it

it’s kind of easy but i would say the

maybe the way the reason why we don’t

like it this way too much is if we had

any animations uh in inside of our you

know powerpoint presentation they won’t

be kept whereas if you used the

secondary monitor like this and you had

fade ins or you had you know points

coming in at one at a time or something

then this would be the best way because

it’s they’re getting like the live

experience of the powerpoint but those

would be the two ways that you can


add a powerpoint to stream yard now if

you want to try streamyard for free be

sure to check out the link down in the

description below you could try it test

it you can even do a test record as well

and uh this is really just one of many

ways that you can capture and present a

powerpoint presentation but let me show

you what you’re met with if you do

record it so let’s actually um

record a hot second real quick full

definition 1080p

so i am recording this i’m so excited

for girl with video live this year we

have gary v patrick betdava jasmine star

and so much more and i’m excited and

then i’m just going to end the broadcast

and then once it’s ended you can give

them a thumbs up because stream yard’s

cool and then i’m going to go back into

my home station if we go to videos you

will see that my little video that i

made is now recorded and i can now

download it

to my computer

i can share it share the link and people

can also watch it and i know you’re

gonna be crushing your powerpoint

presentations now but let me know if you

got value by hitting that like button

and if you have any questions let me

know down in the comments if you want to

check out another video from think media

click or tap the screen and i can’t wait

to see you in a future video peace


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