How to Film Yourself on an iPhone 📱

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In this video, learn how to film yourself with an iPhone. These tips will help you make YouTube videos with your phone.

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=================== text video ====================

— So, you either shoot
videos on your iPhone

or you’re planning on
shooting videos on an iPhone,

and you’ve heard that
the front-facing camera

just isn’t as good as these back cameras.

And that is true,

but it is so convenient

to use that front-facing camera

because you can see
yourself on the screen,

make sure you’re in the frame,

and to make sure that you’ve
actually been recording.

Been there, done that.

Not fun at all!

But luckily, I have five ways

that you can monitor yourself

while shooting on that back camera

to get that nice, crispy video quality

and still see yourself.

You got to just press record.

Hey guys, my name is Nolan
Molt with Think Media.

Now, first of all,

I gotta say that you can use
that front-facing camera,

it’s still going to look good.

However, it does look a little bit better

if you do use that back camera.

But if you’re just getting
started on YouTube,

I can’t deny how convenient it is

to use that front-facing camera.

So, go ahead, use it.

Who cares?

Now, for the rest of us, like me,

who want to squeeze the
best possible image quality

out of your iPhone,

you’re gonna want to use that back camera.

And number one, we have
the mirror monitor.

Now, this is a mirror that
goes on top of your smartphone

and this costs $26 for that mirror.

And you are going to need a mount,

some sort of phone clamp like this.

This one’s $22,

it’s a great phone mount.

So, we’re gonna have
everything linked down

in the description below

if you want to check it out.

And it’s really simple,

all you gotta do is put your phone

inside of the phone mount,

and then you can put that mirror

right on top of this cold shoe.

Now, this is definitely one
of the more simple setups,

and there’s a few other
setups that are cheap,

some that are expensive,

and depending on the stuff that you have,

if you have an Apple Watch,

if you have a Mac, a computer,

a Roku even,

all of that is going to
matter on the decision

that you are going to make

on which one you should use.

So, stay tuned for all of them,

we’ve got some really
cool options coming up.

And number two, we have the AirPlay method

and this is super convenient

because it’s completely wireless.

There’s no wires,

there’s no mirrors,

there’s nothing.

All you need is a smart TV or a Mac.

Or if you don’t have a smart TV,

you can make it a smart TV with a Roku

and this is going to work as well.

Now, to get this to work,

you want to make sure that
your phone is up to date,

as well as your Mac

if you are going to screen this

to something like your MacBook Pro,

or even just like a Mac Mini,

anything like that,

make sure everything is up to date.

Now, to do this, it’s super simple.

You’re just gonna open up your iPhone

and on that top right-hand corner,

you’re gonna slide down
for this Control Center

and you’re gonna want to tap
on this button right here.

This is Screen Mirroring,

and this is gonna open up all the devices

that you can screen share your iPhone to.

So, for me, I’m gonna hit the MacBook Pro

and now I am screen-sharing
to my MacBook Pro,

and I can monitor with this laptop.

This method works really well

if you’re using a laptop

and you can move it around to your setup

where you have your phone.

Or if you shoot your videos at your desk

and you already have
your monitor right there,

maybe it’s like a
livestream type of setup,

this is gonna work perfectly too,

even if you have an iMac or a Mac Mini.

Now, this also works on a Roku

and you can screen share to that TV

through the Roku.

Of course, the limitation here

is that the TVs are usually mounted

to something like a wall.

And so, unless you are
shooting right by that wall

and that TV is in a great spot

to monitor your camera,

then that’s perfect,

but that’s not always the case.

Now, you can pick up a Roku for 20 to $30,

and I actually found a
TV that I got for $30.

I got this small, little
TV for my home gym,

and you could actually use this setup.

So, for about $50,

you can get a wireless,
screen-sharing setup

for your YouTube studio,

which brings me to number three,

and this one’s actually
really, really cool.

And this is Filmic Pro Wireless Monitor.

Basically what this is,

for $20, you can get a bundle

which is Filmic Pro and Filmic Remote.

So, on the phone that
you’re using to film,

you’re gonna open up Filmic Pro

and this is an app that
allows you to record footage

and just gives you a lot more features

than the normal Camera app

that comes on the iPhone.

And then on a separate iPhone

or even on an iPad,

you’re gonna download
the Filmic Remote App.

And this is going to allow you
to wirelessly transmit video

to that phone or to that iPad.

And you can control the
camera on the other device.

And this is the coolest
thing about this setup

is you could literally set
your phone up against the wall,

and then with the Filmic Remote App,

you can wirelessly transmit
to that phone, to the iPad.

You can view everything that’s going on

and still make changes to your camera.

Again, this is really best for the person

who already has an iPad

or an extra phone that
their spouse may have

that they can borrow for their shoots,

or even just use an old iPhone

if you have one laying around,

you can use that too.

And number four, we
have HDMI to a monitor.

Yes, the iPhone does
not have an HDMI port.

However, if you pick up this adapter,

this goes right into
the bottom of the phone

at that Lightning port.

And then this is going
to give you an HDMI out,

but you have to make sure

that you are charging the camera

in this little piece right here.

So, first, you want to
plug in your charger

into this adapter,

and then you are gonna plug
the adapter into your phone,

and then you’re gonna
wanna hit Trust Computer.

And this is gonna allow access

for the HDMI to go out of your phone.

After this, go ahead and plug
an HDMI into this adapter

and then into your monitor.

Now, you can pick up a
camera monitor for about $95,

but if you have a computer monitor

or any other spare monitor,

this is going to work just fine.

Now, if you do decide to go
with a cheap camera monitor,

you are going to need
some NPF style batteries,

and you can get two of
those and a charger for $50.

Now, the adapter that I’ve been using

is actually a knockoff version.

It’s not the official Apple version

’cause that one costs like 50 bucks.

This one just cost $14

and it works perfectly for me.

And then, of course,
you need the HDMI cord,

which costs you $6.

Now, altogether, that’s about $165

and it sounds expensive,

but if you don’t have an iPad,

and Apple Watch, a Mac computer,

this is a really good route to go.

Or you could save a bunch of money

and just go with option number one,

the mirror method.

But of course, there are a lot of pros

to going with a camera monitor

versus something like a mirror.

Now, this one is definitely my favorite

because of how convenient it is.

And that is the watch monitor.

A lot of people actually don’t know this,

but if you go into the
apps on your Apple Watch,

you can find the Camera app.

All you got to do is
select the Camera app,

and it’s gonna open up
the app on your phone.

And so, right away,

it’s going to be connected.

Now, once it’s connected on your watch,

you do want to make sure

that you go back to your phone

and you change it to video

because you can’t change
it to video on the watch.

Then all you got to do is take it off,

strap it over your iPhone,

buckle it down,

and you have a little monitor right there.

This one is really
perfect for the vloggers,

but it also works for a
YouTube, sit-down, studio setup

because of how small,
lightweight, and portable it is.

It’s just so easy to use.

Now, the only thing about this

is that the screen is really small.

However, I don’t find
this to be an issue for me

because really the only reason I need it,

is just to frame up my shot

to make sure that everything is level,

to make sure that I am in the shot,

and make sure I’m in focus.

And I can see all of
those things on my watch,

and it’s actually really impressive,

the low latency that you’re
getting from the watch

to the phone,

and it’s a really clear image.

It’s sharp, you can see
everything that’s going on,

even though it’s small.

Now, if you’re someone

who hasn’t made your
first YouTube video yet,

I actually walk you through, step-by-step,

on how to use your iPhone

to create and post your
first YouTube video.

So, if that’s you make sure
you click on the screen

and I’ll see you guys in the next video.


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