How to Edit Your FIRST YouTube Video (Step-by-Step)

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1️⃣ (Video) How to Film Your First YouTube Video

2️⃣ (Video) How to Craft a GREAT Video Hook!

3️⃣ (Video) How to Shoot & Edit B Roll

4️⃣ (Video) How to Make a YouTube End Card (FREE & EASY Tutorial)

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In this video, Nolan teaches you how to edit a youtube video for beginners. This tutorial is great for new youtubers and teaches the best tips and tricks for editing YouTube videos.

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=================== text video ====================

you’re ready to edit your first youtube

video but you’re probably overwhelmed

scared you’re not sure where to start

and you might be dreading it a little

bit trust me i know the feeling i’ve

been there but i’ve been editing videos

for over 10 years now and so i really

want to help you out now i actually made

a video on how to film your first

youtube video if you haven’t watched

that yet i’ll leave a link in the

description check that out and then come

back to this video but today we’re

talking about editing so assuming you

have your footage all good to go these

are going to be your 10 easy steps to

edit your first youtube video you got to

just press record hey guys my name is

noel mult with think media step number

one is you want to get all of your

footage that you filmed into folders

onto your computer so if you film on

your phone you can airdrop them to your

computer that’s going to go to your

downloads you can drag them into a

specific folder make sure to keep

everything organized so the folder

should be named the title of your video

and then inside of there you’re going to

want to make some folders for video

assets for music and sound effects stuff

like that keep everything organized and

this is going to save you a massive

headache down the road step number two

is to import your footage into your

editing program so you’re going to want

to open up your editing program i’m

going to be using imovie for this

demonstration but you could use your

phone you could use windows movie maker

imovie is just free i personally use

final cut pro but imovie is free on any

mac computer so that’s what i’m using

today but don’t leave yet if you use

something else because all of these tips

are going to apply to you no matter what

editing software you use so now with

your editing program open and your

footage on your computer you’re gonna

drag that footage into your editing

program once your footage is in there

we’re gonna take all the talking pieces

and we’re gonna throw all of those in

order onto our timeline and step number

three is to cut it down so if you’re

filming a video like this we’re going to

take all the talking head pieces we’re

going to trim the beginning we’re going

to trim the end if i mess up and i have

to restart i’m going to cut all that

part out and just start doing that over

and over again until what’s left is all

of the good stuff and no mess-ups now do

not worry about any effects or music any

of that stuff yet first what we want to

do is just trim all the fat and get all

the good parts on our timeline all right

step number four this one is very very

important and this is to watch your

video as a viewer and during this step

we are looking for pieces that we can

cut out see if we can trim the fat just

a little bit more as you start watching

the video as a viewer start to think to

yourself you know is this a little bit

slow am i repeating myself do i actually

need to say that and go into detail on

that if the answer is no just take it

out now doing this step is going to put

you ahead of so many youtubers because a

lot of people just throw all of their

footage on their timeline and that is

their youtube video now if you’re down

there already typing out a comment and

you’re asking how long should my video

be don’t worry about that because every

single video is going to be completely

different if you filmed a long tutorial

video it could end up being 10 15 30

minutes long if you’re filming a vlog

and maybe it’s 10 minutes long you could

probably get that thing down to like

eight minutes long and of course there’s

a lot shorter videos on youtube too so

it depends on the content that you’re

making and really just focus on cutting

out the stuff that doesn’t need to be

there or stuff that is boring or too

slow don’t spend as much time trying to

figure out the exact time that it should

be just focus on making a good video i

hope that makes a little bit of sense

step five is to edit in your hook now

i’ll explain this and actually what i

recommend people do is before they shoot

their video you can do this at the end

of your video but at some point you want

to film and look at the camera and tell

people the hook and why they should stay

and watch your video and what you’re

going to teach them or what’s going to

happen during the video i actually have

a video entirely explaining this entire

process and so i’ll leave that in the

link in the description check that out

that’s going to be a very good video for

you to watch but basically an easy way

for you to do this is grab some of the

best moments from your video if it’s a

vlog if it is a before and after grab

that before grab that after clip and

you’re gonna actually copy them not

delete them you’re just gonna copy them

and move those to the very beginning of

your video and then what you can do is

add some text on screen that says coming

up and so people when they first click

on the video they’re gonna see what to

expect in the video because a lot of

times people start their videos off way

too slow and people don’t really know

what’s coming up so they don’t stick

around to actually see what happens you

can have an amazing video but if it

starts off too slow and they don’t know

that it gets really good then they’ll

just click off and go to the next video

step six is we are going to add in some

b-roll this is basically all the other

footage that you can overlay on top of

you talking to showcase what you’re

talking about so if i filmed a video

about some of my favorite books as i’m

talking about these books and how cool

they are and why you should check them

out i’m gonna overlay this footage

showing you the books that i am talking

about you can literally just drag that

b-roll right on top of your a-roll and

this is gonna kind of cover it up so you

don’t have to detach the audio step

number seven is to add in your effects i

kind of like to call this adding in the

sauce but you don’t want to get lost in

the sauce let me explain this step

really isn’t the most important part of

your video the most important part is

the actual content what you’re talking

about the storytelling of the video

itself all of that is what i would call

the meat and then the sauce that goes on

top of it it makes it better and

actually brings out the flavors more

this is gonna be stuff like effects

transitions titles sound effects music

all that kind of stuff and i want to say

don’t get lost in the sauce because you

can waste tons of time trying to do this

like funny edit and then it just doesn’t

like turn out the way you thought it

would be so two of the things that i

really recommend that every youtube

video should just have a little bit of

would one be music and two is adding in

an end card i have a video i’ll leave in

the link in the description on how to

make an end card and how to add an end

card but basically you just want to take

that still image add it to the end of

your video for about eight seconds and

then later in you can add in those end

cards to your youtube video and the

second part that i definitely recommend

is adding in music this can really add

to the mood and the energy of your video

but you want to be careful here because

on youtube you can get a copyright

strike if you’re using just music from

justin bieber or whoever else you like

listening to music to if you add their

music into your videos you could get a

copyright strike or what will probably

just happen is you’re not able to

monetize that video and that is why i’m

stoked to tell you about today’s sponsor

epidemic sound basically just go to and they have tons of

music they have tons of sound effects

and anything you download from you can now use in

your youtube videos and you don’t have

to worry about any copyright strikes you

can still monetize your videos so all

you got to do is pay them a monthly fee

and you can use as much music as you

want and monetize all of those videos on

your youtube channel and even if you

cancel your membership eventually you

still get to keep those songs in those

videos and keep them all monetized i

recommend going to their playlist

finding a good song and then you’re

gonna go ahead and download this make

sure that you save that music to your

folder though you want to keep

everything organized as you download

maybe pictures graphics music sound

effects keep those in the folders that

you created earlier now a major tip here

is when adding in your music to the

timeline you do not want it at full

blast full volume so what we’re gonna do

is turn down the music a lot and make

sure that it’s not overpowering your

video especially when you’re talking if

a montage or something happens where

you’re not talking at all you can bring

that volume up i still recommend not

going at a hundred percent maybe 80 to

90 at the max but if you are talking

make sure that it is super quiet play it

back listen and if it’s too loud turn it

down i always recommend and i always

tell people i would rather have my music

in the background be a little bit too

quiet than too loud because some people

will just click off if it’s annoying

epidemic is actually going to give you a

month free off of their plan so you can

start using their music for absolutely

nothing all you have to do is click the

link in our description or you can go to


as you’re looking for music i also

recommend looking at their sound effects

library because they have tons of high

quality sound effects over there too

that we use here at think media in our

videos and we use their music in our

videos overall you’re gonna find

everything you need at

step number eight is gonna be color

correction i’m gonna be honest a lot of

you up front can just skip this step

entirely especially if you’re shooting

on a camera like an iphone or a zv1 you

have automatic settings and everything

just looks pretty good then you’re not

gonna have to mess with the colors but

if you accidentally shot something where

the white balance was way off and it’s

too warm or too cool you can adjust this

and this is where you’d go in and kind

of mess with those color settings to

just get everything looking a bit better

but again if this overwhelms you just

skip that don’t even mess with the

colors unless you want to have a little

bit of fun with it step number nine is

to now watch your video and take notes

watch it through make sure there’s no

misspellings make sure that the music

doesn’t get too loud there’s no glitches

nothing like that basically just making

sure everything is good to go before you

export it and throw it onto youtube and

that is tip number 10 which is to export

your youtube video and if you want the

best export settings for imovie then

click on the screen or if you want to

take my entire free imovie master class

then click on the screen and i’ll see

you guys in another video


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