GoPro Vlogging Camera Setup in 2021 (Best Accessories, Mic, & Tripod)

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In this video Nolan breaks down the ultimate Go Pro Vlog Setup for YouTube.

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In this video, nolan shares the best gopro vlogging setup. This gopro vlog rig is great for action cam users and vloggers.

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=================== text video ====================

now it’s no doubt that the gopro is an

amazing action camera but if you want to

shoot youtube videos or even vlogs just

like this i’m going to show you the best

setup for your gopro to get the best

audio and the best video out of it you

got to just press record hey guys my

name is noel mult with think media now

let’s get right into the video the first

thing that we’re gonna need for this

setup is the media mod now really

there’s two main reasons why you’re

gonna need this media mod first off it

gives us the ability to attach an

external microphone to the camera which

is gonna give us way better audio than

just the gopro itself now if you didn’t

want to get the media mod you could go

in the direction of getting an adapter

that will plug your microphone straight

into your gopro and then you’ll have to

get a cage to attach your microphone and

attach the adapter and it ends up saving

a little bit of money but what i love

about the media mod that it does

specifically for the media mod is it

shows you your audio levels this is

super important when you’re vlogging and

shooting a lot of videos where the audio

is really important so i definitely

think it’s worth spending a little bit

extra money to get the media mod just so

you can see those audio levels and the

next thing that i knew i needed for the

setup was going to be a shotgun

microphone personally i was looking for

a small one that was lightweight but had

great sound quality and the mediamod

actually has a microphone built into it

and so does the gopro itself so if you

wanted to use the audio on either of

those you could but i wanted to test and

see how much better a shotgun microphone

would be than the internal mics on the

media mod and the gopro this is a test

to see how it sounds on the built-in

microphones on the gopro this is a test

to see how it sounds with the built-in

microphone on the media mod and this is

the audio that you are getting with the

rode videomicro now the rode videomicro

is pretty hard to find so i have this

knockoff version right here that i’m

going to throw on next and tell me if

you can hear a difference or not now

this one is going to be a little bit

cheaper you could save yourself 15 or 20

dollars by getting the knockoff version

so let’s see if that’s worth it and this

is what it sounds like with the knockoff

version of the rode videomicro this is

by comica but i’ve heard a lot of good

things about the different brands online

that are just knockoff versions of the

rode videomicro so we’re gonna see if

this sounds as good maybe better i don’t

know but let’s see how it sounds now

before i get to the mic results and i

let you know which mic is the best i

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epidemic sound epidemic is our go-to

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effects for our youtube videos here at

think media one of my favorite features

on their site is that you can find

similar songs to one you like so it

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music for your youtube video and the

best part of this is you can monetize

your videos while using their music and

sound effects in your videos and it’s

all safe to use for youtube if you want

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now let’s get back to the results of

which mic i think sounded the best let’s

start with fourth place the worst option

the one you should not do which is use

the mediamod microphone to me that was

the worst sounding mic out of all of

them and number three is gonna be the

built-in microphone and even though that

one is still terrible it is better than

the media mod i just thought it sounded

a little bit better but honestly both of

them are not the best three and four

probably wouldn’t go with either of

those but then we had the knockoff

videomicro and we had the rode

videomicro which one was better well you

let me know in the comments which one

you thought was better but to me i was

going back and forth i could not tell

the difference between the two

microphones so when it comes down to it

i would just go with the comica

microphone i was on amazon looking for

the rode video micro you can’t even find

it new there’s a bunch of like used

options and a renewed option and it’s

still like 55 whereas the comica

microphone is 40. so you might as well

save yourself 15

and you’re for sure able to get a brand

new microphone if you go that route and

it’s the same quality so it’s a

win-win-win and that’s what i’m using

right now which is the comic microphone

plugged into the media mod now straight

at a camera a straight at a camera not

straight out of compton this microphone

sounds really really nice but if you

really wanted to get into it and edit

some of the audio you can hear what that

sounds like now when you do a little bit

of eq’ing and you can see that it sounds

a little bit better that’s what i do

with all of my youtube videos but even

if you want to go just straight from the

camera upload these online you’re going

to get great sounding audio in your

videos with this setup now the next

thing for the setup that you’re going to

need is an adapter so you can put your

gopro on a tripod or one of those

handheld tripods now you could just hold

the gopro with your hand and the

stabilization is going to be fine it’s

really great on this camera but i like

to use the pixie pod from manfrotto so i

can set it down on a table or a chair

and get the shot that i want the nice

thing is it has a ball head so i can

make adjustments to the camera to level

it out if it’s on something that’s

uneven i also like that it just kind of

extends the camera a couple inches away

from you when you hold the tripod in

your hand so it gives you a bit of a

wider shot now a few other things you’re

going to need for this camera to really

make it really functional for filming

videos is of course an sd card i’m gonna

link my favorite sd card in the

description down below so check that out

and i’m gonna have links for everything

mentioned in this video down there as

well i like to bring two extra batteries

with me when i am filming on this thing

because you’re always going to need

extra battery if you’re filming all day

long now to be extra safe i like to

bring a battery bank now the one that i

have is a bit big but i just have this

one laying around i’ll leave a smaller

one in the description down below but

having this really is a lifesaver when

you need to charge your batteries and

you’re on the go and you can’t charge

them anywhere else now if you want to

know the best video settings for

vlogging and youtube videos then click

on the screen right now and i’ll see you

guys in the next video



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