Easy Green Screen Tutorial for Beginners

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0:00 How to Shoot Video with a Green Screen
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In this video, Omar shares how to shoot and edit a video with a green screen.

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=================== text video ====================

one of the best things about creating

content is the freedom to just be

creative and using a green screen can

not only just be fun but it’s also very

practical oftentimes green screens could

be used for things like live streaming

or gaming where you have a video playing

behind you or maybe you’re doing a

demonstration of something on screen and

maybe you just want to actually just

change your background after you film

your video green screen is the only way

that would allow you to do that and

that’s why in this video i’ll be showing

you how to step by step properly do a

green screen so that you can level up

your content and crush more videos let’s

go you got to just press record hey

what’s up it’s omar eltaquary with think

media and this video is sponsored by

camtasia camtasia is a program that

makes editing video an easier process so

that you can create more content i’ll be

using camtasia at the end of this video

when i show you how to remove your

background however whatever editing

software you’re currently using the

principles i’m teaching in this video

will still be applicable so the first

thing i want to talk about is setting up

your green screen or your paper


for me i actually went to my local

camera store and found a roll of tech

green savage paper and this comes in

several different sizes depending on how

much you need the one behind me is a

roll that is about nine feet long and i

actually made a video on how i created

kind of like this corner setup but you

can use many different ways to actually

set up a backdrop behind you they also

make retractable green screens so if you

actually just want to tear it down after

you’re filming or doing a live stream

you can do so so if you want to check

out what i’m using or if you want to

check out a retractable solution then be

sure to check out those links the second

tip is lighting and i believe this is

the most important tip and you don’t

want to miss anything or else it’s going

to be really frustrating later on now

the key thing when it comes to lighting

is really learning about the lights that

you actually need the first light is

going to be your key light you need a

light that’s going to shine on your face

to light you up and separate you from

the background now you want to make sure

that this light isn’t so bright that

you’re casting a shadow onto your green

screen or blue screen or whatever

however that would introduce the second

type of light you’ll need and that is

the lights or light that you will use to

actually light up your background you

need to be able to do the best you can

to achieve one flat color behind you so

if there’s any wrinkles or maybe there’s

some shadows coming in you want to make

sure you’re removing that with either

more light or removing yourself from the

background a mistake i made was putting

a light behind me and shooting it up

just at one spot it created a vignette

which is introducing too many shades of

color so when it got closer to my face

it was actually removing myself from the

actual image and then the third light

you’re gonna want is a hair light this

is the light that’s going to be aimed at

your head and shoulders that will help

you be more separated from the

background and make the editing software

determine where you are as opposed to

the screen later on in post now some

things to keep into consideration

obviously is to not wear the same color

that you have on the background so don’t

wear green because if you do that then

you’re actually going to be floating and

invisible but those are some things to

keep in mind which leads to tip number

three and that is to do a test record in

edit really quick to make sure that

you’re ready to go before you actually

shoot your video you don’t want to shoot

an entire green screen video to then

just find out that you didn’t properly

light it or it didn’t properly work for

some reason or you accidentally were

wearing something green i don’t know

maybe a green ring or something you just

don’t want to get in editing and then

it’d be a headache later on so drag that

clip into your editing software and in

camtasia it’s called remove color effect

maybe your software may call it a color

key or something like that but you want

to add this effect to your video and

then use the color picker to select the

green background or maybe blue

background and then you want to click an

area of the screen close to your face

because that’s going to be the green

that you need removed most and then what

you want to make sure is that nothing

gets removed that you don’t want to be

removed obviously

i found one other way that you can do

this with other softwares is add the

effect a second time so maybe you

started removing the green screen the

first time but there was still some left

over you can actually layer another

effect and then in that case i would

click more of the border of your green

screen and then remove that color of

green or blue in that case but the key

is to just adjust your lighting until

you evenly light your green screen at

the proper color so that it gets removed

the next tip is to then add your

background if you have a video that you

want to throw behind you then you just

want to place it underneath yourself or

whoever is on camera when you are

editing and usually editing softwares

work in a track system you want to put

the person on camera up top if it’s a

static image or just a picture you can

drag it underneath your video file and

then just make any necessary tweaks that

you need to by scaling it or trimming it

down what’s actually cool about messing

with green screen in post is actually

the ability to scale yourself or the

person on camera if you want to make

that person bigger and take up more of

the frame or if you want to make

yourself smaller and put your face on

one of the corners of the shot another

edit you can make to your video file is

to actually crop the ends because you

don’t necessarily need the full video

necessarily unless you’re filling the

frame yourself but if you’re just a

small portion of the video screen it

might be helpful to crop in the left and

right as well as top and bottom if you

want to make sure your ends are clean

and deleted another cool way to utilize

your green screen is to actually add a

motion background which is simply a

moving background that isn’t too busy

but it definitely could level up your

production value if you do want to add a

motion graphic there’s a lot of online

libraries with assets you can choose

techsmith assets for camtasia has over

20 million assets available whether that

be video clips lower thirds royalty free

music and more it’s well priced and

probably my favorite thing about this is

that you can import these files directly

into camtasia by clicking on the

camtasia logo and then it’ll be

automatically moved inside of your media

bin i would say though if you don’t have

camtasia it’s still a great option to

use for assets

because a lot of the times even creating

content you’ll need music and

specifically royalty free music and it

solves that issue as well so i’d

actually recommend techsmith assets for

whatever software you’re currently using

so that’s how you do a green screen step

by step and if you got value in this

video let me know by hitting that like

button and if you have any questions

about this process put them down in the

comments below and i’ll do my best to

answer any and all of those questions

but i do want to let you know if you are

interested in using camtasia we actually

have a special discount going on it’s a

10 discount when you use the code think

media10 so be sure to check out the link

down in the description below and if you

want to see the tutorial or the video i

made on how i created this faux corner

with a piece of paper then be sure to

click or tap the screen and i can’t wait

to see you in a future video peace