Complete YouTube Starter Pack 2021 (Everything You Need to Film, Edit & Post!)

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📒 Show Notes 📒

📷 Complete YouTube Starter Pack ➡️

1️⃣ Sony ZV-E10 ➡️
2️⃣ Neewer Tripod ➡️
3️⃣ GVM Light Kit ➡️
4️⃣ Rode Wireless Go ➡️
5️⃣ Macbook Air (M1 Chip) ➡️
6️⃣ SD Memory Card for Camera ➡️

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2:02 Best Camera for Starting YouTube
3:15 Best Tripod for YouTube Videos
3:45 Best Light for YouTube Videos
4:30 Best Mic for Starting YouTube
6:35 Best Laptop for Editing YouTube Videos
7:59 Best Editing Software for YouTube Videos

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In this video, Omar shares the best YouTube Studio Equipment for beginners. This YouTube Studio Starter Pack is great for creators who want to make great YouTube Videos.

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=================== text video ====================

— Getting started on YouTube is as simple

as getting started on YouTube,

but I know it’s more
easier said than done.

And oftentimes we make
videos here on Think Media,

where we break down
different YouTube setups

based off of different budgets.

We talk about best editing
software and editing gear.

And the reality is

if it’s all in one video,
it’d probably be super helpful

for the person that’s ready to

just go all in and click Buy

and get ready to go
without anything missing.

And so that’s why I
wanted to make this video.

This is really where we’ve
consolidate everything

that you would potentially
and possibly need.

It’s not state-of-the-art,

but it’s also not smartphone level.

However, it will make you stand out

by just starting with this gear

that we recommend.

I don’t think you need
state-of-the-art equipment

to get started on YouTube.

And so here you have it.

The Think Media official
YouTube creator Starter Pack kit

brought to you by your boy Omar Takrori.

Let’s get into it right now.

— [Director] You gotta just press record.

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You can also brand your
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But if you want to
check out a special link

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Now, before I break down the
YouTube Creator Starter Pack


I did wanna lead up front with the cost,

just so you know,

and just so I don’t scare
you at the end okay.

Just like, you’d be like Omar

you said, no,

this is a great starter pack.

If you’re looking to stand out all right.

So the cost of everything
will come in at around $2,500

at the time of shooting this video

here in the US.

And so that is kind of
like you’re all in a,

you know, investment that you can make

before you get your
YouTube channel started,

or if you’re ready to
make your YouTube channel,

essentially look and
sound like this. Okay.

So all that to say,

the first thing I want to kick
it off with is the camera.

And I really dialed down
the best camera for YouTube.

And for me, it’s going
to be the Sony ZV-E10.

This is a $798 camera with lens.

And you can change up the lens
later on if you’d like to.

But I do think the lens that it comes with

is great.

It looks awesome,

but this camera is incredible.

And the feature list is gnarly.

You know, not only does it shoot 4K video,

it also could be used as a webcam

with the use of a USB cable

with no special software
or anything literally,

if you want to start live streaming

using StreamYard,

you can just plug in this
camera, into your computer

or laptop

select it as your webcam

and your zooms are popping. All right.

So the Sony ZV-E10 is
just an awesome camera.

Has a flip out screen.

The auto-focus is incredible.

There’s modes in it to make
creating videos so much easier,

but yet look awesome.

And the footage straight out of the camera

looks incredible.

So you don’t have to
worry about color grading,

this, that, or the other

you can, if you want to,

but you don’t have to.

So the Sony ZV-E10 is
the camera I’d recommend.

Obviously you want to get
an SD card that’s around $30

and we’ll post everything
down in the description below

and also a kit link.

So it’s all consolidated.

If you’d like to check it out that way.

Now, if you have this camera,

you’re going to have
to put it on a tripod.

And the tripod I’d recommend is the Neewer

Video Head Tripod.

This has the ability to do
smooth panning and tilting.

If you’re planning on shooting,
you know, cool B-roll,

I think it’s really necessary to have.

And you know, it’s a $90 tripod,

which is a great value
for what you’re getting,

but it also packs up nice and small,

which is something I appreciate,

but getting a good quality tripod to hold

your very expensive camera

is key when it comes to
shooting YouTube videos,

the light I would recommend you getting

is the GVM 80W Softbox Light
Kit. This is a Cobb light.

That’ll produce a really similar light

like you’re seeing right now.

And this is the only
light hitting my face.

And it looks really good.

I got a lamp in the back,

which is sweet.

— Woooow!

— But nonetheless.

It’s just a simple light hitting my face.

And this is a cost you around $170.

And sometimes you can save
by clicking the Coupon

if you’re on Amazon

and $170 for a light like this

with the stand and the soft box,

I think is a good deal,

but it also gives you the
light you’re looking for

and you can cheap out on lights

and then you’ll feel like
you’ll need to upgrade later.

But I’m saying like,

if you’re ready to go all in on YouTube,

make these one-time buck purchases

and you’ll never have to make them again,

unless you’re going to
do something different,

but that’s the light I would recommend.

And just getting that from the get go.

Now, when it comes to audio,

I definitely wanted to
keep in mind something

that was simple to use and fail-proof,

but also reliable.

And I would recommend you
going with a Rode Wireless Go,

which is an awesome wireless
mic that literally goes

on the top of your camera,

but clips onto your shirt.

And it allows you to
get good quality audio,

no matter what situation
you find yourself in.

If you’re shooting outside,

if you’re shooting inside,

if you’re moving around,

this mic will do the job.

And this might come in at
around $200, give or take.

And it’s just a great mic altogether.

They do have a second
version, which is $300

and it actually comes
with a second mic pack.

So if you plan on doing potentially,

you know, two person on camera,

or you want to use the mic as a USB mic,

it’s really easy to do so.

And it’s a lot it’s really convenient.


if you’re, it’s just you

and you don’t plan on doing anything else,

I would say the Rode Wireless Go

would be the mic I
would go with for audio.

Now that kind of covers
like your camera set up

and things like that.

And typically this is where
like a video would end

with if I talked about
a YouTube studio setup,

but there’s more things that you’ll need

to get started with YouTube the right way.

But before I do,

I can only imagine that the
comments are lighting up with.

What about this, you know, camera?

What about this audio solution?

What if you were going to shoot
on you know your computer?

What about this USB mic?

I think I really dialed this down

to someone who is like
looking to shoot videos,

kind of like this,

or potentially vlog,

maybe a little bit here and there,

but really that’s the
person I had in mind.

And I’ve tested so much
gear up to this point.


probably more than anyone I’ve known.

I’ve tested all different
kinds of cameras.

And I, and I, and I have
certain people in mind.

I have beginners in mind,

every time I’m doing these kinds of tests.

And so landing on these
really is about ease of use

reliability and quality.

And so those were kind
of like my picks with

when it comes to the YouTube
studio aspect of things.


I would say it is important that you have

an editing machine,

that you have something
that can just crush

through your edits

so that you don’t have to worry about

speed and this, that, and the other.

And so I would actually
recommend if you’re looking

to get all in on YouTube

is to invest into a Mac computer

with the M1 chip

in 2020 Apple released

their first version of
computers or laptops

with their own processors.

And boy are these processors fast,

but because they actually
made their processors

themselves now,

it actually makes their computers
and laptops much cheaper

and much stronger.

And so not to get so
nitty-gritty and the details

of the actual specifics,

the biggest thing is to
just get a Mac computer,

or laptop with the M1 chip.

Now, if you get a Macbook Air

with the lowest specs possible,

you’re looking at about
a thousand dollars,

which for a strong laptop that
can edit video really fast

is incredible.

But if you want it to
upgrade a little bit,

you can actually get a Macbook Pro,

which costs around $1,300,

which will maybe give you a slight edge.

But for the Sony ZV-E10,

you’re pretty good just
using a Macbook Air,

to be honest with you,

the other way you can go
is by getting a Mac Mini,

which costs around $700,

but you’ll need to buy all the
accessories that surround it

like a monitor and a
wireless keyboard and mouse.

And I use a Mac Mini and I love it,

but having an M1 chip is incredible.

And honestly,

the Macbook Air would be plenty

for your YouTube editing needs.

So with this laptop,

you can truly crush video editing,

but what software should you use?

I think because you’re getting
the Apple M1 computer or


I would encourage you to start learning

and editing with Final Cut Pro

whoa, whoa, Omar.

I thought you were Premiere editor.

I am a Premiere editor,

but honestly,

sometimes I wish I was a
Final Cut editor because

of not only how fast it moves on the M1,

but also a lot of people
say it’s a lot easier.

And Nolan from the Think team

has made a movie masterpiece
on how to get started

with Final Cut.

And essentially it’s a free online course

on how to use Final Cut from
start to finish for beginners

that we have on our channel

that is always available
to you if you need it.

So if you hopped into Final Cut,

you wouldn’t be left hanging

because Nolan got you covered.

And the Think Team got you covered.

So those are all the things
that you’ll need to get started

on YouTube.

If you’re not into
buying any of this stuff,

you can, 100%, 1000%

get started with your
smartphone and you should

get started with your smartphone.

I would actually argue that if
you bought all this equipment

and in one day you were going to try it,

you’re going to get
like analysis paralysis

and you’re gonna be
stuck with all this gear

and not knowing what to do.


there are some people that
are really committed to seeing

this through

and really understand how serious

YouTube can be for a business

and or a side hustle or what have you.

And so if you see these
opportunities possible,

which there is opportunity on YouTube,

then I would encourage you
to make these investments

that you won’t have to make,
again, these aren’t, these,

aren’t the type of things that

you’ll have to change
out in two, three years.

You can literally use all
this equipment for 5, 10,

maybe 15 years.

So trust me when I say this,

this is the official YouTube
Creators Starter Pack from

Think Media.

I’d love to know your thoughts
down in the description


And if you want to just see
how you can actually level up

your smartphones video,

you can click or tap the screen.

And I can’t wait to see
you in a future video.


(upbeat music)


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