Cheap YouTube Camera Equipment Under $50!

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Cheap Tech UNDER $25

1️⃣ Pyle Foldable Tripod Microphone Stand ➡️
2️⃣ Portable Battery Bank Charger ➡️
3️⃣ Manfrotto Desk Tripod ➡️
4️⃣ White Balance Grey Card ➡️
5️⃣ 5-in-1 Light Reflector ➡️
6️⃣ TakStar Shotgun Microphone 8GC-598 ➡️

Cheap Tech UNDER $50

1️⃣ Deity V.Lav Pre-Polarized Lavalier Lapel Microphone ➡️
2️⃣ Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit ➡️
3️⃣ K&F Concept 67mm Variable Neutral Density ND Filter ➡️
4️⃣ Movo Photo MV-WS100 39" Carbon Fiber Rail Slider ➡️
If Sold out, look at this Neewer Camera Slider:
5️⃣ MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit ➡️


1️⃣ Metal Phone Tripod Mount ➡️
2️⃣ Govee Smart Light Bars ➡️
3️⃣ YouTube Secrets by Sean Cannell & Benji Travis ➡️
4️⃣ Motorized Photography Display ➡️
5️⃣ Professional Grade Gaffer Tape ➡️

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In this video, Nolan shares his favorite cheap budget YouTube accessories for making videos. This list of Cheap YouTube Gear is great for beginners.

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=================== text video ====================

— I have five camera accessories ^

for video under $25, five under $50. ^

And I got five more for you that are, oh,

you can’t see this.
Well, these are awesome.

And you’re gonna have to stay to the end

to check those out. It’s all coming up.

You gotta just press record.

Hey guys, my name is
NolMolt with beat media,

and now everything I’m going to

talk about in this video today,

I use all the time and they’re
definitely worth the money.

But if you’re watching this
during the holiday season,

chances are there’s some sales happening.

So make sure you click on the
links in the description to ^

see if these things are on sale. ^

So let’s get into the first section

where I have five amazing
products under $25.

Let’s start with number
one in no particular order.

This mic stand. Now this is
great for karaoke nights. ^

This, no, this is actually well, it is,

but this is great for booming

your shotgun mic, up above you.

Once you get that shotgun
microphone a lot closer,

it’s going to sound so much better,

no matter what microphone you have.

So this is just going to improve

any mic that you already are using.

So your audio is going to
sound better in your videos.

So here’s what the audio sounds like

with the shotgun mic placed
on top of the camera.

And here is what it sounds like

with the microphone
place, just out of frame.

And it goes up pretty high.

You can see here, this
is the max distance.

I’m about six foot one, and
this just goes up pretty high.

You can boom it above your person.

I always use this when I am
sitting down in videos because

it works perfectly right over
me, stays out of the shot.

So this is mainly if you’re
sitting down and talking,

which really 90% of my videos
I’m sitting down and I am

talking to the camera.
So this thing, I love it.

I use it all the time.

Now it’s really cool about this thing

is any microphone can go on it.

Now, most microphones is just standard

that they have a three eight inch thread

and like this tack star, like the road,

all the road lineups have that.

But if not, for example, if there is

not one of those threads
and I’ll show you how

to attach that,

you can actually take the hot shoe part

and attach it directly to here.

And now you’re able to
boom your microphone

no matter what microphone you have.

However, if you have that thread

on the bottom of your microphone,

you can take this off and check this out.

Right here, you can just screw this on.

And then this is way more
secure. This is way better.

And you can boom your
shotgun mic from right here.

Like this is sick, but for under $25,

this is crazy that you can do this.

Now, all this stuff is going to

be linked in the description below.

So make sure that you check that out.

Coming in at number two,

I use this thing all the time

on every single video shoot I do.

It’s this, it’s a portable
battery under 25 bucks.^

Let me see exactly how many
milli amps it has again.

So this thing has 25,800
milli amps, 95.4 watt hour,

portable battery. Like this is insane.

This thing lasts me forever.

So it’s really cool is on my Sony cameras.

I can plug this thing right into it

and it will just run off of this.

Like this thing will just
keep it charged for forever.

And then for like my Canon batteries,

what I’ll do is I have
the USB port right here.

So I’ll charge my Canon
batteries on this thing.

So this thing is always
charging microphone batteries,

it’s charging camera batteries.

It’s really charging
whatever you need it to,

even your phone oftentimes we’re using

that on video shoots
or for YouTube videos.

If you need to charge
it up and keep it alive,

you want one of these around.

Number three is the
pixie Manfrotto tripod, ^

I absolutely love this thing.

This has been my go-to for blogging.

And my wife uses this all
the time for blogging.

It’s just a really, really nice

and sturdy tripod that
you can use for blogging.

But you can also use
this for YouTube videos.

If you want to set it down on a desk,

you have the three legs. And
I absolutely love this thing.

What I love about it is the ball head.

So you can really get that even shot

just by moving this around.

So if it’s a little bit off filtered,

then you can still get a nice
even shot. Now I used to use,

and I loved the gorilla pods,

but those things just wear over time.

And then the legs start
to not be as sturdy

and your camera starts to fall over.

And so I’ve been using this and I love it

way more because, it’s sturdy.

Your camera is not going to fall over

when it’s on this thing. And so,

and the gorilla pumps are
so much more expensive.

So this is a must buy under 25 bucks.

Now, before I get to these next two,

like this video, and
then comment down below,

let me know which one are
you planning on getting, ^

or maybe you’re getting multiple, ^

but let me know in the
comments down below.

All right, number four
is actually behind me.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s actually the gray card.

It’s on the ball. Let me grab it.

All right, this thing right here

is seven 50. It’s super cheap. ^

And I use it for every single video.^

I set my white balance.

If you don’t know how to
set your white balance,^

then you can click on the card,

check that out and watch
that video. But man,

I use this every time. I like that.

It’s got this little thing
here because if you have focus

speaking and you’re using manual focus,

you can hold this up.

And it’s really easy to get
your manual focus with this,

but yeah, it’s got a white side.

It’s got this gray side and

it’s perfect for setting white ^

balance is $7 and 50 cents.
You can fold it up like this. ^

It’s got a case for it. And so
you can take this in a case.

You can put it in your
pocket, throw it in the bag.

I bring this to basically
every YouTube video,

every video shoots.

It’s always nice to have a gray card

to set your white balance.

Now, before I get to the fifth one,

I actually am going to
show you guys a bonus one,

a sixth one, but don’t tell anybody,

but I just think that it’s worth it.

And so I’ll make it quick. I promise.

Okay, I’ll make it quick,

but, I’m going to give you
guys that after this one.

Number five is this bad boy,

this is a five and one, a reflector dish.^

The fusion I’ll show you guys.

It’s super cool.

But what I love about this
thing is I could not find one

this big on a $25,

this is 43 inches and
you can get it for $23.

So this is an absolute steal
and make sure that if you are

going to pick this up, use
the link in the description.

Because as far as I know,

it’s the only one on
Amazon that is this cheap.

I’m going to open it up.

You got this big dish
and be careful it up.

You, you kind of want some room to

do it away from your camera.

So on one side, we’ve
got this reflecting side,

which is great for being
outside, reflecting light,

you can see right here,
just bounces light.

So this thing is really helpful,

especially outside or getting
a really nice reflection.

And then this is a, just a black side,

which is perfect for adding a
negative fill or even throwing

it up against a window to
block light from coming in.

This thing is really helpful.

And you can open this up
to get to your diffusion.

So right here we have the fusion
and this thing is massive.

And that’s why I like it.

It’s nice to have a big diffusion because

outside you can use this,

you can diffuse the sunlight
from coming onto someone.

There’s just so many
ways you can use this.

I would use this if I were
you with the led panels.

So if you have the led panels,

definitely pick one of these
up because you can shoot your

light right through here
and get really, really soft,

nice light at a very affordable price.

So this thing is awesome. And
if you flip this side out,

you are going to get a gold
side. I don’t really use it,

but I’ve seen some people use
it in music, videos and stuff,

kind of as a stylistic choice,

then you also got a white side.

So if you just want to bounce light,

and then you can do that,

which I definitely do a lot
of time. You can use it,

you know, as your fill.

Basically, if you just
want to throw this up

and bounce light back into

the person, this could be
your fill light, you know,

and you don’t even need
to pick up another light.

So I love this thing. If
you’re getting into lighting,

if you want to improve your
lighting, this is for you.

I know I said, there’s
gonna be the five best,

but when I looked up the price
on this thing, I was like,

I gotta add this to the
video because this thing,

the tax star is 125 bucks. It
is just totally worth it. ^

I’ve used this microphone many times. ^

It actually sounds really good. ^

And with a little bit of tweaking, ^

the E Q a and final cut or
premiere or whatever you use,

this thing can really,
really sound incredible.

This is an audio test of the ^

internal mic on the Sony a6600. ^

So we can compare it to the
other shotgun microphones. ^

This is an audio test with a $25 ^

Taxstar shotgun microphone ^

going straight into the Sony, a6600. ^

And my favorite feature about
this thing besides being under

25 bucks is the plus 10 DB.

And this means that it is going
to boost the audio inside of

the microphone, rather than in the camera.

Now, the Canon cameras are kind of

like known for having sucky preamps.

So when you boost them up on there,

it sounds hissy. It
sounds bad, but with this,

you turn that on and then you
don’t have to boost the levels

as much and you get way better cleaning,

sounding audio with this microphone.

You can use it as a blog
mic on top of your camera,

or you can use it on the boom
pole and get that really nice

shotgun microphone right
above you like I’m using now.

But for under 25 bucks,
this is a must grab.

Next up, we have five pieces
of camera gear for under $50.

And then we were going to get
into these last five gadgets.

You’re going to want to
have around in your office,

your home studio, wherever
you are, shooting videos,

you’re going to want these.

But first here is five under $50.

Number one, we had the
Deity V-Lav microphone. ^

This is a fantastic night friend
that you can clip onto your

shirt, or it can go under your
shirt if you want to hide it.

And it sounds amazing.

And Omar on the think team
actually dropped a review

about this mic and it is

the best mic, you can get under $50.

That’s why it’s on this list.

It is just automatically
going to up your audio game.

And audio is so important
when it comes to video.

So for under 50 bucks,

the fact that you can upgrade
to this microphone is amazing.

And actually Alaina, who
is also on the think team.

She has her own YouTube
channel, all about fitness.

And so if you are into that,
you can go subscribe to her.

But on her channel,

she was recording straight onto her phone.

And then she got this mic
because it can plug into a phone

or it can plug into a camera.

And so you can hear the difference.

I’m going to show you here in
a second from her phone to the

V-Loc microphone. It’s crazy.

So check this out.

— Hi, hello and welcome back ^

Today we’re going to do a 10 minute ^

full body workout with weights, ^

but if you don’t have weights,
don’t worry about it. ^

You can grab literally anything. ^

Hi, hello, and welcome
back to another video ^

in today’s video, we’re going to do ^

an entire leg workout
with the best exercises. ^

If you have bad knees
or sensitive knees. ^

— So you can really see how
much better this microphone can

increase your audio. It’s
definitely a must have,

if you do not have a microphone yet.

Up next, we have a cleaning
kit. This is 30 bucks. ^

And I have been using this
the past couple of years.

I use this all the time to
clean lenses, to clean filters,

and it even has a sensor cleaning kit.

So if you shoot on a mirrorless camera,

if you’ve ever noticed that
your sensor gets 30 little piece

of dust or something gets on it,

when you’re outside shooting
and bright sunlight,

and you have the aperture
like F 14 or something,

you’re going to see
black dots on the screen.

That’s because your sensor is dirty.

So you get one of these for 30
bucks, clean up your sensor,

clean up your lenses. And
I use this all the time.

I always keep it in my camera
back when I have shoots,

because it’s just so nice
to be able to clean it off.

It comes with this,

which is great for just
getting that dust off the lens.

And then once you get all
the dust off the lens,

you can then spray it down
and wipe it with their cloth.

It also comes with this,

which is good for dusting
off the lens as well.

All of these things are
just great for, you know,

getting things off of your lens

without actually touching it.

And then inside here,

this is what you use to
actually clean the sensor.

You very lightly, you
know, brush it on there.

So I’ve done this many times.

I’ve cleaned my sensor
in front of 30 bucks.

You cannot do that all by yourself.

You’ve got to pick this up

Up at number three, we have
a variable ND filter. ^

This is by K and F and this
allows you to shoot outside in

bright sunlight with a blurry background.

So it’s basically a
sunglasses for your lens.

You can darken it, you can brighten it.

And this is going to
control how much light

is coming into your camera.

So if you want to shoot at 1.8
or 2.0 or whatever you have

on your lens, you can with one of these.

And that’s why I love an ND filter.

And I use an ND filter anytime
I’m shooting video outside.

So I put it on this list because I use it

every time I’m outside.

So if you definitely don’t
have an MD filter and you’re

shooting outside a very easy
way to kind of increase your

video quality is by getting
one of these and all of this

stuff is going to be linked
in the description below.

If you want to check it out.

Now, if you’re not sure
exactly what size to get,

you can look on your lens.

You can either Google it
by going to and

checking out the specs and
finding the thread size.

Or you can actually
just look at your lens.

So, for example, on this Canon lens,

if you look at these numbers
and letters around this ring,

you can see that there is a
77 millimeter with that little

diameter logo right there.

This means you want to get
that 77 millimeter ND filter.

But if you have another
lens that is bigger,

I always recommend getting an ND filter

for your largest biggest lens,

and then you can get step up rings.

And that is going to allow you
to take that smaller lens and

give it a bigger thread size.

And then you can throw on the ND filter

onto all your lenses, so get one

for the biggest, and then step up rings.

Those will be in the
description below as well.

And they’re very cheap.

And so it’s going to save you
money rather than getting a

bunch of ND filters. Just get
one for your biggest lens.

And number four, we have
a 39 inch camera slider. ^

Now, when I saw this on
Amazon for under $50,

I had to instantly purchase it
because this price range for

that long of a slider is insane.

39 inches for under 50
bucks is really unheard of.

You just don’t see sliders at that price.

This is great for any sort
of videographer you’re doing.

If you’re doing B roll,

if you need to get a shot of a product,

if you’re reviewing some sort of product,

this will give you some really cool

camera movement to your shots.

And so having a slider under
50 bucks is just amazing.

Up in number five, we have
this led Mount dog softbox, ^

this is literally the best
$50 light that you can buy.

It’s by color. It is completely dimmable,

so you can get the perfect
brightness you need and any color

temperature that you need.
You can get it on this light.

And for being one bulb, it is bright.

I love this thing. It
is a fantastic light.

I’ve used it for these
videos and I just did

a review of it. So check that one out too,

because it is literally the best light

for 50 bucks that you can get.

All right, you’ve made it
through the first 10 gadgets.

Now it’s time for a speed.

And some of these are going
to be under $50 and some of

these are going to be under
$25. So let’s get right into it.

My first product for you
guys is this phone mount,

and you might be asking, you know,

why do you need a phone
mount? What is it used for?

Well, a phone mount is used to

Mount your phone to something like a

tripod, a gimbal.

And this does kind of add some
extra mounting plates to your

phone and a really cool feature
about this is this wheel

right here is going to lock
this in that makes sure that

your phone does not go falling
off because this locks in

this shock Mount. So as
you loosen this back up,

you can take it off and stretch this.

But if I stretch this all
the way in, then tighten it.

This is going to keep it
in that locked position.

So this is going to fit
some really big phones.

I have the 13 pro max,

and it fits just perfectly on this Mount.

You are going to get a cold shoe adapter.

So if you do want to throw on
a shotgun microphone onto this

or a light, anything that
has that cold shoe Mount,

you’re able to do that
right on top of your phone.

Now, one of my favorite features

about this is you can move this

into vertical mode. If you want
to keep this on your tripod,

shoot some vertical video,

and then maybe you want to
shoot some horizontal video.

You don’t have to move
this around and remounted.

It just makes it really easy.

And then you have this locking
mechanism where you can just

lock it in place.

And that way it’s not going
to move around on you.

Now, this feature actually
helped me out a lot.

When I had this on the gimbal,

it wasn’t perfectly level with
the horizon and I was able to

just kind of move it around so
that it could sit more level

with the actual horizon of my shot.

So that’s the nice thing with this.

As you can kind of move
it around, get your shot,

nice and level without having
to move a tripod or a gimbal,

you can just get this all
set up, lock it into place,

and then you’re good to go.
Now, this does come in at $21,

which is a little more expensive
than those plastic ones,

but this is all metal. And
the build quality is really,

really nice.

And I definitely trust having
my new iPhone on this thing.

Whereas sometimes with those plastic ones,

I get kind of scared putting
my phone on it. But with this,

this is something I can really rely on.

You also have threads
all over this adapter.

So if you do want to mount
some extra stuff onto here,

it makes it really easy to
do so with these threads.

Next up, I have some
RGB light bars by Gobi,

and I’m actually using them
in this shot right now,

just behind my monitor. If you
see that kind of blue glow,

that is from these light bars.
Now these do come in at $56,

but they might be on sale.

So make sure you check those
links. But at 56 bucks,

I just had a recommend this
because there are so cool.

Recently I shot a vertical
video and I use these RGB lights

to create a really cool
effect on this red bull can.

And you can see it just totally
levels it up when you add in

those colored lights,
but more practically.

I like to use them behind my
monitor to kind of spice up the

background in my shot,

as well as when I’m editing at nighttime.

It’s actually nice to have a
little bit of an orange light

or a white light behind my monitor

makes it easier on my eyes.

And the coolest thing is they
have an app that works really

well. I certainly love this app.

I wish all companies would
create an app that works as well

as govies does, but if I
just select those lights,

I can change the colors and
the background to whatever I

want. I can increase or
decrease the brightness,

but if I want it to be blue or purple,

maybe I want it to be yellow.

It’s really easy to do that
straight from my phone.

You can use these lights
in so many different ways.

Let me actually move them out
so that you can see what they

look like. Now.

One of my favorite
features is the music mode.

So if I select music,

it’s actually going to move
around to the music in the room.

(Clapping noises)


— Hey.

— That was too much. Is
it hot in here or just me?

Onto product number three.

Okay. Next up.

I have a product for you
guys that is more for the

YouTubers, specifically
beginner YouTubers.

And I know it’s not a
camera access for you,

but I promise you it’s
going to help you so much.

This is the YouTube secrets book

by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis.

And this book really just breaks
down how YouTube works and

how to actually be successful on YouTube.

If you’re a beginner and you
want to get started going into

2022 and make a YouTube
channel and pick up this book,

it’s seriously so good.

And it’s going to answer a
lot of the questions that you

might have about YouTube.

Next up, I have another product coming in

at $30 and this is the lazy

season. So you’ve got a little
on off switch right here.

You have a power cord in the back.

Now this was another one of
those products that you used on

that vertical video. And this
really leveled up the shop. ^

I’m actually Rotating that can,

you can use this for any
sort of B roll shots.

If you’re reviewing something,

this is a great thing to have
makes it really easy to get

cool shots,

especially if you’re in a
small room or a tight space,

this can be really handy to
level up your B roll shots.

And for $12,

I have some gaffer’s tape
and I use this all the time.

It just comes in handy,

whether you’re trying
to tape some diffusion,

whether you’re trying to
clean up some audio cables and

you’re trying to keep
everything contained and clean,

it’s always nice to have some
gaffers tape for 12 bucks,

definitely worth having around.

And it makes a good mustache.

So if you want a mustache like me,

you can get some gaffer’s tape
and it works just as well.

Now you might be interested in
buying a camera and right now

really is the perfect time
to buy a camera with all the

deals going on.

So click on the screen to figure
out what is the best camera

for YouTube. I’ll see you
guys in the next video.

(ambient music)


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