Canon’s Best Camera Ever?! (Canon R5C First Impressions)

The Canon R5 C Is Canon’s Attempt at Creating the Best Mid-range Camera for Filmmakers, Youtubers & Photographers. Let’s See How It Actually Stacks Up ****** ⚡️FREE CLASS: Watch our FREE YouTube class here:

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1:00 — The Canon R5 C Specs
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=================== text video ====================

canon vs sony this has been a debate for

years amongst content creators

filmmakers photographers and i would say

sony has kind of taken the reigns as of

late with their latest camera releases

but the canon r5c i believe is canon’s

attempt to get back on the throne and

we’re gonna be breaking down this

incredible 8k camera for filmmakers as

well as photographers as it can do both

at a really high level you got to just

press record hey what’s up it’s omar

corey with think media and we’re here at

nab 2022 in las vegas excited to be back

on the floor hitting conventions up and

checking out the best tools for creators

we’re here at the canon booth and this

camera has taken a lot of attention from

content creators and filmmakers because

of its abilities now the canon r5c uh

answers a lot of the problems that

recent canon cameras have come out with

whether that be you know overheating

internally or large file sizes and

things like that but let me just run

through some of the features this camera

has and i’ll just share some of my

thoughts and tell you kind of who it’s

for and what i like about this camera

the eos r5c offers the rf mount which is

canon’s newest lens lineup and people

have been loving it has a 45 megapixel

count for photography which is awesome

it is a full-frame 8k

sensor which is really great and it

shoots 8k up to 60 frames per second 4k

up to 120 frames per second which is

incredible an internal cooling fan which

is going to help it from overheating

which is awesome it shoots canon log3 so

if you want to get into some color

grading that’s pretty great super extra

but it also supports their dual fisheye

lens which is one of the only lenses

that offers vr support at a you know

consumer price point which is pretty

sweet it does proxy and sub recording so

if you want easier files to edit with

you can do that all simultaneously while

you’re filming in those high frame rates

and big file sizes which is nice and

convenient for workflow and then it also

supports hdmi out at 8k depending if

your recorder supports that now the

price of this camera is 4 500 here in

the us for the body now i would say that

is not a bad price point considering

sony’s competitive camera being the sony

a1 with that camera being 6500 uh for

the body here in the us so considering

what you’re getting with this camera is

great on a price point standpoint but i

really know this is canon’s heart to

reach people who are doing both video

and photo what i love about this camera

first and foremost is the experience as

a user when you’re in video mode it’s

going to really feel like you have a

cinema camera with the menu features the

way it looks and all those things when

you’re in photo mode it literally gives

you the look of what any traditional

canon camera dslr or mirrorless would

give you and so if you’re familiar with

canon cameras it’s really cool that

they’ve really taken their menu system

to the next level offering easy use

based off of what you’re using the

camera for here at think media we’re not

shy about saying that we’re huge on

using sony cameras we’ve been loving

them we’ve been using them for years

currently our main cameras are the sony

a7 s3 and the fx3 for video and i say

that specifically because those cameras

are great for video and then it kind of

drops down when it comes to their use

for photography the a74 which is about a

2500 camera is limited in its video

features as far as 4k 60 goes because

there’s a crop in uh and things like

that and so uh when you’re talking about

a camera that has no limits i would say

it is the sony a one but at two thousand

dollars more than this camera this is a

great camera to look at i love the fact

that it has an articulating screen and

if you like holding your camera in your

hand uh it’s nice because it has a

little bit of weight and a little bit of

meat uh but nonetheless a great camera

and i would say just a camera for

creators who are getting into you know

filmmaking photography and you know a

lot of filmmakers and photographers are

now creating content so having that

articulating screen is really nice so if

you are shooting yourself doing uh

videos talking head videos things in

your office or studio it’s gonna be a

great camera for that as well so i’d

love to know from you think media what

do you think about the canon r5c its

features and the price i think it’s an

incredible hybrid camera especially if

you’re someone who wants to do both

photography and video at such a high

level that’s honestly why i’ve been

loving the a7 series the a7 iii and now

the a74 being one of my main cameras

it’s because they do both really well

but the price point is really great

however i know canon’s trying to direct

their market for this camera for people

are actually going to be making money

using this camera right so probably a

good investment and i see a lot of

people switching over from sony back to

canon because of this camera but that is

a canon r5c and if you want to check out

another video from us here at think

media you can click or tap the screen i

can’t wait to see you in a future video





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