Canon M50 DEAD in 2022? You won’t like my answer…

Omar shares his thoughts on the Canon M50 still being the best camera for YouTube. ****** Check out my video comparing the Canon M50 Mark I vs Mark II HERE ➡️

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In this video, Omar shares his review on the Canon M50 as the best camera for YouTube in 2022. This video also mentions both the Canon M50 and M50 Mark II.

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=================== text video ====================

— The legendary Canon M50,

probably the first best camera for YouTube

because it does pretty much everything

you need a YouTube camera to do,

but is it still worth it this year?

I would 100% say yes,

but I’d also say no, so let’s find out.

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Hey what’s up,

it’s Omar Eltakrori with Think Media,

and if you are watching this video,

you’re probably considering

buying the Canon M50,

and just at the time
of shooting this video,

there is a second version out,

which is the Canon M50 Mark 2,

however, they’re very similar

and this video is more
about the camera itself,

not the nuances of what the M50

and the M50 Mark 2 can do,

however, you can watch a comparison video

that I did at the end of this video.

But, with that being said,

the price of the Canon M50,

refurbished on Cannon’s website

for the body only is only $460,

and if you want the kit lens,

it’s gonna be $520.

Based on those prices,

it’s gonna be really
hard to beat the features

that the Canon M50 brings for that price.

And I know you could shop even more used

if you do eBay and OfferUp,

and be sure to check out the links

down in the description below

if you want updated pricing

and direct links to those pages,

where you can get a deal on the Canon M50.

However, for a camera for YouTube,

that is still a great deal.

If you’re looking for a camera

that’s gonna be a little bit better

than the Canon M50,

then you’re probably looking at spending

a little bit over a hundred dollars

or more based off of those prices.

But if I can be honest,

what really makes this topic

kind of tough for me as a content creator

is simply the reality
that creating content

has evolved since the Canon M50

has been released.

With this evolution of creating content,

people are gonna need reliable 4K

because the cannon M50 crops in,

and you kinda lose your
auto focus capabilities.

No record limits for long-form content.

However, the Canon M50
still has great features

like the flip out
articulating touchscreen,

which you can tap your face

or tap whatever you want to be in focus.

And it also has Canon’s famous

dual pixel autofocus,

which is a great,
reliable autofocus system.

It’s an interchangeable lens camera,

meaning you can swap out the lens

and upgrade it later on.

It has a mic jack input,

so if you wanna upgrade your audio

or add external audio

like a LAV mic or a
shotgun mic, you can do so.

And I would say it still has

great digital image stabilization.

So if you are doing lifestyle

or vlog type content,

it’s really great
keeping the camera steady

even though you’re
holding it with your hand.

So what does still keep

the Canon M50 still relevant

and potentially a great camera

to create content with?

I would 100% say it’s this.

Even though I create 4K content,

chances are is that you are this video

on your smartphone at 1080,

which tells me in many ways

that you don’t necessarily need 4K.

Another relevant thing about the Canon M50

is that it is a great
photography camera as well.

It has about 24 megapixels,

which is perfect

and pretty much a great sweet spot

when it comes to image resolution.

So its ability to be
a great hybrid camera,

being able to shoot video

and take great photos is still 100% true.

Now, what doesn’t make
the Canon M50 relevant

or worth it this year?

I would also say this.

As smartphones have been evolving,

I would actually say

they’re getting very competitive

when it comes to the image quality

that they’re able to put out.

Now, I have the iPhone Mini 13,

which is the cheapest version

of the iPhone that you can buy.

And when I put these images side-by-side

with the Canon M50,

I’m sorry to say that my iPhone

just looks a lot sharper

and cleaner than the Canon M50,

and this is what I would
call image quality.

And so although the Canon M50

does shoot in 1080,

I would say it’s losing its sharpness

as things are evolving

and it just blows me away that my iPhone

shoots a sharper image than my Canon M50.

Side by side,

the iPhone just looks so much better

and this just really tells me that

it really can go either way,

you can either buy an M50

and start creating content,

which I believe you should just

start creating content

because of this very reason.

However, I found that using my iPhone

to film things like vlogs

and general YouTube videos

is a little bit more simpler

than using a full-blown camera.

And I don’t know where you are

on your content creation journey,

because although the Canon M50

is great for beginners,

I would say it’s still easier

to use your smartphone to create videos.

A really cool thing about
using your smartphone

to create content,

honestly, is that you can invest

into the same gear that
you would invest in

around a camera.

You could get a tripod
for your smartphone,

a microphone for your smartphone,

a great light for your smartphone.

So if you’re shooting in
an office or a studio,

using a smartphone can get you so far

because you can use that money

to invest in other things.

And I would say, if you’re ready to make

a better camera purchase along the line

and really get a future-proof camera

with reliable 4K, maybe no record limit,

a clean HTMI out for live streaming,

then you’ll have all this gear ready to go

when you have that camera.

So with that being said,

is the Canon M50 still worth it?

Well, I definitely think

that you need to ask yourself,

«What kind of content will I be creating?»

The Canon M50 is a great camera

for shooting YouTube videos.

It is a great camera to take photos with,

and so if you just need a great camera

to carry around and take video and photo,

it’s incredible, it’s 100% worth it.

But if you’re looking

to build a business with YouTube

or get pretty serious when it comes to

creating content as a business,

then I would maybe look into a camera

that’s more future-proof,

that can go a longer way.

And if you didn’t know that you

can actually make money on YouTube,

then you should check out

our one hour free YouTube class


and we’ll post a link to it

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But if you wanna learn
how you can actually

use YouTube to create a part-time

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then you wanna check out that class,

and it is free, one hour,

check it out at

And if maybe you have
a hundred dollars extra

or so to spend

to get a little bit of a better camera,

then I would actually recommend

potentially going with the Sony ZV-1,

but you definitely wanna check out

the comparison video I made.

So you can check that out

by clicking or tapping the screen

and seeing how it compares

against the Canon M50.

But I can’t wait to see you

in a future video, peace.

(relaxing hip-hop)