Canon M50 vs Sony ZV-E10: Best YouTube Camera Under $1000

Omar shares his best camera for YouTube comparison between the Canon M50 & the Sony ZV-E10. ****** Check out the Sony ZV-E10 Camera HERE ➡️ ****** Check out the Canon M50 Camera HERE ➡️

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1️⃣ Sony ZV-E10

2️⃣ Canon M50
Mark I

Mark II

3️⃣ Sigma 16mm f1.4 Lens

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3:30 Image Quality
4:30 Record Limits
5:09 Image Stabilization
5:29 Ease of Use
7:11 Final Thoughts

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In this video, Omar compares the Sony ZV-E10 vs Canon M50. The Canon M50 and Sony ZV-E10 are truly the two best cameras for youtube.

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=================== text video ====================

— When it comes to
finding the perfect camera

for creating content,

whether that’s YouTube videos
or social media podcasts,

or even live streaming,

the Canon M50 and the Sony
ZV-E10 are incredible.

That’s why I’ll be putting
these cameras head to head

to see the similarities and differences

so that you know which
one that you should buy

for the content you’ll be creating.

Let’s go. You gotta just press record.

Now. I’ll be sure to post the links

down in the description below,

and I would encourage
you to check them out

because you can either buy a
used version of these cameras

and save a little bit,

especially when it
comes to B&H and Amazon.

And so we’ll post links
to everything I mentioned

down in the description below,

but let’s get into the similarities

when it comes to both of these cameras.

Both the Canon M50 slash
the Canon 50 Mark II,

and the Sony ZV-E10 are
crop sensored cameras.

So you’re going to get very similar images

out of them when it comes
to blurry background

and low light capabilities.

Both cameras have interchangeable lenses,

so you can upgrade the lenses
as you own them over time.

Or you can just buy
the body of each camera

and then get a lens that you truly need

and want to get going with.

And one of my favorites for
either one of these cameras is

the Sigma 16mm lens, a
nice medium wide lens,

but for talking head YouTube videos

produces a really cool crispy look.

Both cameras are mirrorless,

which really makes them
able to be very small,

compact cameras, easy to carry
around or put into a bag.

I would say the Sony ZV-E10,

because it doesn’t have
a view finder at the top.

It is a little bit smaller.

Whereas the Canon M50,

especially for photography,
having that viewfinder,

it could be really nice.
They both have a mic input.

So if you wanted to add a separate mic,

whether that be a shotgun
mic or maybe a lavalier mic,

you can do so by plugging it into them.

Now it is cool that the Sony
ZV-E10 has a headphone jack,

which means you can monitor your audio.

So if you wanted to do some audio tests,

it’s a little bit easier
to do that in real time.

Nonetheless, being able to
upgrade the audio quality

coming from each camera
with an external mic

is a great option for creating videos.

They both have micro HDMI outs.

So if you want to live stream

or use an external monitor, you can.

I would say, however, the M50 Mark I

does not have a clean HDMI,

so you’ll see all the
data from the camera.

Whereas the M50 Mark II
has a clean HDMI out.

So it’s good for live streaming.

But I would say when it comes to,

what’s easier to live stream with

the Sony ZV-E10 is nice because
you can actually live stream

with just a USB cable
and no special software,

which makes it a very easy
camera to use for live streaming.

Both cameras have incredible autofocus

so you never have to worry about something

being in or out of focus,
especially yourself.

And speaking of yourself,
if you are filming yourself,

both cameras have a flip
out articulating screen.

So you can see yourself
when you are filming,

or if you’re shooting at various angles,

that will require you to
change the angle of the screen,

you can do so. And they’re
also both touchscreen.

So if you want to just
tap and focus on something

you could do so with both cameras.

Both cameras have 24 megapixels

when it comes to taking photos.

And so you’re going to get very similar

photography performance out
of each of these cameras.

As far as price goes,

the Sony is $800 with the kit
lens or $700 for just the body

matching the same price
as the Cannon M50 Mark II

with the kit lens.

However, it is important to
note that you can go used.

Especially with the cannon M50 Mark I,

which is about $50 cheaper at retail,

but because it’s older,

you can also get it used as well

and get a good deal that way.

Oh yeah. And for the ladies,

both cameras come in white as well.

If you want to get a white camera

and look all cute and stuff.

Fellows, if you want a white camera,

you can get one too, but both
cameras do come in white.

Now for the differences, let’s
talk image quality for video.

Both cameras, shoot 4K video.

However, the Cannon M50,

isn’t a true 4K camera,
because when you put it in 4K,

you’ll lose your autofocus capabilities

as well as it crops in a ton.

And so it’s very unrealistic
to use the Canon 50

as a 4K camera.

The Sony ZV-E10 shoots 4K
up to 30 frames per second.

And it is a true 4K. There is no crop.

The autofocus is there. And
it’s an incredible 4K camera.

You can rely on the 4K when
it comes to the Sony ZV-E10.

And so when it comes to video quality,

the Sony ZV-E10 murders the Canon M50

simply because the 4K image
quality is so dang crispy.

Now, maybe you don’t have
the right computer or laptops

to be able to handle,
you know, editing in 4K.

Maybe that’s one reason why
you would want the Canon.

The video file sizes are a
little bit smaller and easier to

work with when it comes to the cannon M50.

And so if you have an
older computer or laptop,

maybe you will want the Canon M50

simply because it’s easier to work with

when it comes to editing video.

When it comes to record limits,

the Sony ZV-E10 does
not have a record limit.

The cannon M50 has a
30 minute record limit,

which is pretty standard
for most cameras nowadays.

If you’re going to be
doing anything that may

exceed the 30 minute mark,

maybe it’d be long
talks, video podcasting,

or maybe even just
filming videos like this,

but you just want to hit
record once the Sony ZV-E10

is the winner when it comes in this arena,

because you don’t have
to worry about anything

and you can also buy a power adapter

to get over the battery issue

because you can use this power adapter

to plug straight into a wall outlet,

and then never have to worry
about your battery power

and just get a nice size SD card.

And you can record for a really long time.

Now let’s talk about image stabilization,

because maybe you want to do
some vlogs or you want to do

lifestyle type of content where
you walk around and stuff.

The Canon M50 does perform
a little bit better

when it comes to that.

Because there’s a lot of jarring

when it comes to the Sony ZV-E10.

I can get very technical and explain why,

but just know that the image
stabilization out of the

Canon M50 is better than the Sony ZV-E10.

When it comes to which camera
is better for beginners,

maybe this is one of your first cameras

you’ll be purchasing. I want to say

both of them are fairly easy
to use straight out of the box.

However, I think for how simple
Sony made the button layouts

and things like that on the Sony ZV-E10,

it is an easier camera to use.

You have this wheel on the Canon M50

that shows all these different modes.

And maybe you’re like,

I don’t even know which
mode I need to use,

cause there’s like 10 of them.

Whereas the Sony’s ZV-E10,
there’s literally three modes.

It’s going to be photo,
video and slow motion.

Whereas when it comes to the Canon

and you want to get into
slow motion right away,

there’s a little bit of
things you’re gonna learn.

And then which mode do
you use for photography?

What the heck is scene?
What the heck is A+?

Like, I mean, all these things, I’m like,

I don’t even know what all those mean,

but the Sony ZV-E10 just makes
it so easy and streamlined.

And then there’s also what is called

a defocus button on the Sony,

which is a button that
you can literally hit

in any situation or circumstance.

And it’s going to blur your background.

I think a lot of people just want that.

They’re like Omar, just give
me the blurry background,

which is a super nice feature,
especially for beginners.

Another cool thing that
the Sony ZV-E10 has

that the Canon M50 does
not is a zoom rocker.

So if you buy the kit lens,

you’ll be able to zoom in
and out with the zoom rocker

right next to the shutter button,

which is a nice feature
kind of like camcorder-y,

but gives you the ability
to zoom in very smoothly.

Whereas the Canon M50,

obviously you’ll just have
to zoom in and out using your

hand on the lens.

I know you’re about to make an investment

in one of these cameras.

How much better would it be
if you knew that buying one of

these cameras is actually going
to help you make more money.

But it takes some strategy
and some planning.

And we break down all that in our free

one hour YouTube class
that can be found at

I’ll be sure to post that link to it

down in the description below.

Be sure to check that out
when you feel ready to do so,

but when it comes to which
camera is the best value

and the camera that you
should buy hands down,

the Sony ZV-E10 is just the better camera.

whether it’s photography
or YouTube videos,

or maybe even vertical social media videos

and things like that.

The Sony ZV-E10 is just
such an easy camera to use

and looks incredible.

I think the Canon M50 is easy to use,

but because of the Sony ZV-E10,

it doesn’t look as incredible.

And when you really boil
down the price point,

the value you’re getting
out of the Sony ZV-E10,

I believe is much more better.

And you always got to consider
future-proofing yourself.

And so if you’re going to
make a camera investment,

make one that you know,

will last you years and years on end.

Because he Cannon M50
really only shines in 1080.

It’s kind of out dating
itself as time goes on.

Now, if you are on a budget,

you can definitely get
a cheap Canon M50 used

far, much less than a ZV-E10.

But if it’s between these two cameras,

whether it be the M50 Mark I or Mark II,

versus the Sony, ZV-E10.
ZV-E10 takes the cake.

Shout out to Sony for
making an incredible camera

for creating content.

No matter what it is you’d like to do.

But if you want to check out
another video from us here at

think media, be sure to
click or tap the screen.

And I can’t wait to see
you in a future video.


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