Building a BUDGET Streaming Setup For $75

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2️⃣ Logitech —

3️⃣ Fifile USB Microphone:

4️⃣ Fifine Studio Condensor Microphone:

5️⃣ Video Light:

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0:00 — Best Budget Live Streaming Setup for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch in 2022!
0:35 — The Budget-Friendly Camera
2:18 — The Budget-Friendly Microphone
3:25 — What They Sound Like
4:17 — The Budget-Friendly Lighting Setup

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In this video, Omar covers the best budget live streaming setup for under $75

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=================== text video ====================

if you’re looking to build out a super

cheap and affordable live streaming or

video conference call set up where you

look and sound good then i want to break

down this one that i got here that comes

in at under 75

you got to just press record hey what’s

up it’s omar’s core with think media and

this channel is all about helping you

build your influence with online video

and youtube and we do that by sharing

the best tips and tools on how to do so

so be sure to hit that subscribe button

and i’ll be sure to post links down to

everything down in the description below

as well as to some tutorials and other

products that i may recommend or slight

upgrades but with that being said let’s

start with what you need the most and

that is to be seen on your webcam setup

and that is the ifro fhd 1080 webcam

that comes in at under 30 at the time of

shooting this video you can buy it for

around 27 and you can always look used

for even a cheaper deal but this webcam

is great it’s a 1080p webcam like i just

mentioned it also has a microphone

however i don’t think it would be the

best use to actually use the microphone

that’s in the camera itself if you’re

looking to get into live streaming i

want you to check out stream yards but

it is a decent camera that gives out a

decent image now we’re talking a 30

webcam so don’t expect the crazy results

however with any camera no matter what

camera you’re actually using anytime you

can supply good source of light to any

camera it’s going to make the camera

look even better the camera shoots 30

frames per second which is just enough

and all you need really to do any live

streaming or zoom conference calls and

things like that it also has a great

mechanism where you can just put it on

any screen and it has a ball head that

allows you to really get the shot you

know tilted correctly and and adjusted

just right so that you look as

flattering as possible best bet is to

put this camera at about eye level and

it’ll be just fine now what i also love

about this camera is that it is truly

plug and play simply plug it into your

computer or laptop and then in whatever

software or video conference app you are

using just select the camera itself from

your camera source and then boom you’re

ready to go now if you want a super

gnarly jump in quality but not too much

jump in price then i would encourage you

to look at just the logitech t920 which

is a great webcam that comes in at

around 70 dollars the image is a lot

better than this one but i was just

trying to find the cheapest one possible

and if you are using whatever camera

you’re gonna be fine especially when

your audio is good so that’s why i

wanted to break down the microphone that

we got and that is the fee fine usb mic

coming in at around 30 at the time of

shooting this video here in the us and

there is actually a promo which allows

you to get it for 30

but this mic sounds great and really for

30 bucks will really level up the audio

quality to your video and anytime you’re

on a video conference call or live

streaming really you can bypass the

quality of video when the audio quality

is good because 50 of video is the audio

experience and so this mic just sounds

great there’s a gain control knob at the

front of it so depending where you put

it you can adjust how loud it sounds and

because it’s a condenser mic it doesn’t

necessarily have to be in the shot like

a lot of mics you see on live streams

and podcasts and things like that but

nonetheless this is a great solution now

what this mic comes with is a tabletop

stand so you can put it either in front

of or behind your keyboard and it’ll

pick up your audio great no matter where

you put it obviously the closer to your

mouth the better but if you wanted to

spend the extra dollars you can get

their kit which comes with a boom arm a

pop filter a shock mount and so much

more and really is just super

accessorized so if you want the freedom

of your desk for your hands and taking

notes then maybe that would be the

solution to look into so let’s jump into

an audio test of both the webcams

microphone as well as the fee fine

microphone and i’d love to know your

thoughts as you hear me talk about the

sponsor of this video which is stream

yard if you’re looking to get into live

streaming i want you to check out stream

yard stream yard is how we go live here

on our think media channel as well as

our podcast and even our private

facebook group stream yard makes live

streaming so easy and with the ability

to add guests to your live stream so you

can do interviews or if you want to add

slides to your live stream to do a

presentation stream yard just makes it

so easy to transition to and from your

guests and your slide really making your

live stream look super professional

stream yard gives you the ability to go

live in multiple places at once but

what’s also cool about stream yard is it

also is a recording platform so you can

actually capture a presentation or an

interview and then edit it later so cool

that streamr does all these things and

if you want to save ten dollars for your

first month then be sure to check out

the link down in the description below

now if you have a window in your office

or window behind your computer or laptop

i would say you’re kind of good with

just a webcam and a microphone because

the window light coming in during the

daytime will be enough but if you need a

light i would encourage you with this

light that we got here this ring light

comes in at around 30 at the time of

shooting this video here in the us and

this light comes with everything you

need it’s a usb powered light so you

never have to worry about running out of

power just plug it into your computer or

laptop and you’ll be able to use the

light that’s what i love about

everything mentioned in this video is

everything is essentially plug and play

but what is cool about this light is how

long the cable is i really appreciate it

but a few cool things that i noticed

about this light number one is how

bright it gets it’s a really great size

light especially if you’re just right in

front of your setup and it gets really

bright if you need it to and it’s also

bi-colored so if you want to change the

temperature from cold to warm you can do

so as well and the way you change all

these settings is by the remote that’s

kind of built into the wire so you can

kind of put it in a place where it’s

easily accessible being able to dim the

light change the temperature turn it on

and off is super nice with the click of

a button and i also appreciate how long

the cable is it’s just pretty long so if

you need to run the cable in a creative

way there’s enough to do so so you can

have access to the remote whichever way

you’d like now when i purchased these

three things the webcam the mic and the

light i bought them used because if you

didn’t know amazon actually warranties

their used products so might as well

save some and i got it for around 70

which is like insane if you don’t have

any of these abilities if you don’t have

a camera to see yourself a light or a

mic to level up your audio but links

down in the description below and if you

want to save a ton of money and maybe

just get the light and mic you can

actually use your smartphone as a webcam

and we have a video on that and you can

check out that video by clicking or

tapping the screen it’s a very easy way

to use your smartphone and you’d be

surprised at how good the smartphone

looks but if you want to check out

another video from us just click or tap

the screen can’t wait to see you in a

future video peace

you couldn’t pay me to care enough i

dare you to hate me supreme with the

sound through the stereo so turn it up

loud when you hearing us we loving this

good of your area mama proud