Best Teleprompter for Professional Video? (GVM Teleprompter Review)

Omar reviews the GVM TQ-LD Pro Teleprompter. ****** Check out the GVM TQ-LD Pro Telepromter HERE ➡️

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📒 Show Notes 📒

1️⃣ GVM TQ-LD Pro Teleprompter (with Tablet)

2️⃣ GVM TQ-L Teleprompter (without Tablet)

3️⃣ GVM TQ-S Teleprompter

4️⃣ GVM TQ-M Teleprompter

5️⃣ Heavy Duty Aluminum Tripod (Amazon)

6️⃣ Manfrotto Quick Release Plate (Amazon)

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In this video, Omar reviews the best teleprompter for professional video. This gvm teleprompter review is for pro level video creators.

Disclaimer: Please see the link for our disclaimer policy for all of our videos on the Think Media and Think Marketing YouTube channels.

=================== text video ====================

— Hands down one of the best

and most easiest ways to save time

when creating videos, both
in the filming portion,

as well as in the editing portion

is using a teleprompter

because you’re gonna nail
down your shot sooner

because you have the words
that you need to deliver.

And then in editing,

you have less footage
to actually edit down.

And so that’s why in this video,

I’ll be breaking down this
awesome teleprompter from GVM.

It is a professional teleprompter,

but we’re also gonna be breaking down

the other teleprompters that they offer,

so let’s get into it.

— [Narrator] You gotta just press record.

Hey, what’s up, it’s Omar
El-Takrori with Think Media.

And if you didn’t know
what Think Media is,

essentially, we are a
huge education company

that teaches how to grow on YouTube.

And so we have various
different content creators,

whether it’s myself, we have Sean Cannell,

Heather Torres, Nolan Molt, and more,

but we filmed so many
different kinds of things,

whether it’s shooting ads

for our different programs that we offer,

shooting YouTube videos for this channel,

as well as shooting
podcasts and so much more.

And we’ve implemented using a teleprompter

a couple years back and has
completely revolutionized

the content creation process,

and has allowed us to move so much faster

and get more done.

And I’m super pumped to
be talking about this

specific teleprompter in this video.

And this is the GVM
TQ-LD Pro teleprompter,

which comes in at around $800

at the time of shooting this video.

And if you think that’s crazy,

let me get through what
you get in this package.

And then I’ll break down
the other ones they offer

based off of where
you’re at in your budget.

So with this teleprompter,

you get a super high-quality flight case.

And this case is like a legit luggage

that if you’ve been wanting
to use it as a luggage,

but, you know, it does hold
this teleprompter altogether.

However, this is more or less
that kind of teleprompter

you want to live in a set

because of how heavy it is

when it’s all things are put together.

However, it is super nice

that they ship out this
teleprompter with this case.

And then the various
things that come together

to make this teleprompter happen

have to start with number one,

the mirror that it comes with

and this is a super high definition mirror

that is actually framed
in a nice aluminum/metal

kind of framing, which
has some magnet to it,

which we’ll talk about the next thing.

However, this mirror is awesome

and super clear and is anti-glare,

and it’s not gonna give you any issues

when it comes to light coming
in this, that, or the other.

And so that’s really nice
that they include that.

And then the next thing,

this teleprompter has
is a super high-quality

case surrounding that actually magnetizes

onto the mirror itself,

really keeping it in place.

And then I love how they have the fabric

with the cinch to go just
around the lens of your camera,

which other teleprompters on the market

oftentimes have this big droopy thing

that you gotta put over the entire camera.

And sometimes it falls into the lens

in the shot and stuff like that.

All that to say, the cover is super nice

and well thought through.

The next thing that this kit includes

is an Android tablet.

Yes, they include a complete tablet

into this kit and it’s about
13 or 12 or 13 inches or so,

but it is a pretty hefty
and weighty Android tablet.

And it does need to be
powered on continuously.

So that’s something to keep in mind.

And then you’re gonna get a camera stand

where you can screw on your camera

and there’s the ability to
slide it back and forth.

And so there’s a lot of flexibility

with this teleprompter altogether,

but all these things that I mentioned

rest on the alloy base,

which has a piping and locking mechanism,

that’ll keep everything super secure.

And then they also throw
in a Bluetooth remote

so that you can start and
stop your teleprompter

as you’re using it.

But all that to say,

you get everything you
need to just use this

as a teleprompter all by itself.

Now, some things we do add,

and some things you do wanna know

that with this teleprompter
is you are gonna need

a more hefty video head tripod.

This set up, this teleprompter setup

up top is pretty heavy.

And if you have a tripod
for a small camera,

it’s not really gonna hold up too well.

So we’ll make sure we post links to that.

And then the another addition
that we’ve added to it

is the quick release system
that we love by Manfrotto.

And so whether the quick release system

from the tripod itself,

or also the quick release
system for the camera

that goes on the camera plate,

and so that we can just pop
on and off the camera as well.

Now it is nice that this
Android teleprompter

comes with the GVM teleprompter
app preloaded onto it.

However, this isn’t a high-quality

or future forward tablet.

This is a very basic tablet

that’ll just get the job done

to be used as a teleprompter.

Although it is an Android tablet,

it doesn’t have your Google Play store.

And if you wanna download
extra apps onto this thing,

you have to do a workaround

by loading in the apps
that you wanna download

using a flash drive or plugging

this tablet into a computer itself.

And so that’s just something to note

and that this tablet
does not have an HDMI in.

So you can’t use it with
an external computer

and then load up your display here.

So there’s just some
things to keep in mind.

It does have a micro USB,

a regular USB and an SD card slot.

And so those are some
things that this tablet has.

It’s kind of like,

it seems like this tablet
came out in like 2010.

That’s what it seems like

or maybe even like 2006,

but it does do the job
when you’re using it

as a teleprompter.

Now, this definitely is GVM’s
most high-end teleprompter.

And I would say, not everybody
needs this teleprompter.

I’m actually a fan of using your iPad.

If you own an iPad as a teleprompter,

or if you split the cost by buying

the other ones that GVM offers,

which just some notable mentions

about the ones that they do offer,

which number one is the TQ-S,

which is an $80 teleprompter

that actually screws onto the
front of your camera lens.

And then you can use your
smartphone as your teleprompter.

And so that’s one of the
most inexpensive ways

that you can implement
a teleprompter workflow

in your video creation.

And then the other two teleprompters

that they have worked with
a tablet you already own,

whether it’s an iPad or an Android tablet.

And the first one is the GVM TQ-M,

which is a $200 teleprompter,

which has kind of that flimsy cover

that goes over your camera.

But I think the one out of the bunch

that truly is my favorite is the TQ-L,

which is half the price of this one

coming in at around $420.

And because I already own an iPad,

this is the one I would go with,

because kind of has the build
quality that this one has.

However, it is meant to be used

with a tablet you already own.

Now it is super cool that GVM offers

different teleprompters based
off of different budgets.

However, I’d love to know from you

down in the comments below
which teleprompter resonates

most with you based off of your budget

and your content creation needs.

And what do you think about
this super professional one?

I mean, this is pretty legit

based off of like all the things you get,

but all that to say here at Think Media,

we definitely prepare our
videos by writing them out.

And sometimes it is verbatim
and sometimes it’s outlines.

Personally for me, I write
my intro out verbatim,

and then I read out my intro

because I think the intro of
a video is so, so important.

And then I make sure

that there’s these no miss things,

especially if we’re working with brands

and things like that.

But if you need help
with your script writing,

we actually have a video
and you can check that out

by clicking or tapping the screen.

Thank you so much for watching this one.

And I can’t wait to see you
in a future video piece.

(upbeat music)


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