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Camera Deals
Sony ZV-1-
GoPro Hero 8 —
Canon M6 II —
Lumix S5 —

Gear Deals
MACTREM Tripod —
Backdrop —
GVM Lights —
Adobe Creative Cloud —
Blue Yeti Microphone —
Deity V Mic —

Smartphone Deals
ULANZI J12 Wireless Lavalier —
Car Phone Mount Windshield —
ULCLAYRUS Portable Cell Phone Selfie Stick Tripod —
Neewer Ring Light Kit —
XINBAOHONG Selfie Ring Light —
Solar Charger 20000mAh Solar Power Bank —
USKEYVISION Smartphone Vlog Microphone Light Kit/ Video Kit —
2*HD Lavalier Lapel Microphone —
Xenvo Pro Lens Kit —
Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone —
K&F Concept Camera Bag —

Desk Set-up Deals:
Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand —
SAMSUNG S80A Monitor —
LG 27GP750-B 27 Monitor —
Logitech G502 —
Logitech G305 —
RALENO LED Video Soft Light Panel —
Dazzne 2 Pack Camera Mount Stand —
Small Rig Ball Head Deals —
Sanyun SW208 3" Speakers —
Razer Seiren Mini USB Mic —
InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand —

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=================== text video ====================

it is amazon prime day or i guess you

could say days because it’s two days and

you know think media all about helping

you with the best tips and tools to help

you grow with online video and youtube

and so in this video we will be breaking

down the best deals for creators we want

to help creators and uh show you what

deals are available whether it be

cameras lighting if you’re a smartphone

creator or if you have a camera we’re

going to be talking some about those

deals as well as if you want to get into

live streaming or maybe level up kind of

your work at home station uh but we’re

so glad that you would join us in


stream if you’re on the stream welcome

if you’re watching on the replay i know

you’ll get value and we’ll be updating

links throughout these next 48 hours so

be sure to check out the description

that’ll be very

helpful to you

uh if you did not know this but it is


sale of the year uh i guess you could

say outside of the holiday season and

for uh today july 12th and tomorrow july

13th amazon is going to be dishing out

uh savings and

you know

i think if we can talk about gas prices

we can all use a little bit of help you

know what i’m saying in other places um

so i appreciate this time of year in

savings for summer um and i just would

love to ask the question to you

what are you shopping for on amazon

prime day this could go this this

doesn’t have to be uh you know specific

to creating content and stuff like that

just random i think for me i think i

i’ve gotten into golf lately and i need

like one of those like you know massager

guns or whatever but i actually wanted

to uh bring on uh some friends to

ask this question what are they shopping

for we have heather from the think media

team and kyle from the think media team

hey guys how y’all doing are y’all

excited yo yo what’s up

so excited so many things omar it feels

like christmas in july

it just really like showed my nerd

alertness you know i woke up this

morning i’m like let me just see what

you can get just what you can get you

know well yeah what are you guys

shopping for uh personally

yeah so for me personally uh you know

i’ve got little kids not my teenagers

and we are all about legos so we’re

doing a ton of lego shopping today i

already put this one in my cart gonna

press buy on that one i’ve got a ton of

lego stuff and i’m also getting this i’m

gonna get some more security cameras um

because one i leave my dog at home a lot

and i just want to see what he’s doing

you know and uh and i think it’s fun to

uh to be able to see your house when

you’re not yeah hey that’s a nice little

power tip too like uh especially when it

comes to like the amazon products you

know their alexa and things like that

this is when they like super slash their

prices so if you’ve ever wanted to get

into uh maybe that ecosystem of smart

tech then that’d be something wise to

get into kyle what are you what are you

looking at right now usually i like to

get stuff that makes my desk more clean

or just more fun to work at but when you

guys were talking about the ice maker

just before the stream

i was like you know what i could use an

ice maker because mine doesn’t dispense

out of the fridge but like and i also

like the little chips it’s a little

better and then when you said that you

didn’t have the one on the water and i

could just one up you with this ice

maker i was like you know i might just

go ahead and do that so yeah i actually

i think i paid full price for this

without the reservoir and that’s the

life hack this is this creates sonic ice

if uh if you are uh

that into that stuff but uh you sold it

yeah i know i i i think it’s just funny

because like that you got to like hold

yourself back make sure like ask the

question hey do it do i really need this

you know do i do i really need to spend

this money on uh my stuff uh well when i

live in a desert and it’s 110 i think a

nice yeah ice is justifiable legos not

so much but it’s okay um but uh real

quick i just wanted to give uh two tips

when it comes to

um finding deals and the first oh the

first thing is that this stream is

brought to you by stream yard if you’re

wondering how we are doing all these

transitions i personally love how easy

stream yard is to like transition like

this and how i you saw how i brought

heather and kyle on it’s so easy so if

you’re looking to get into live

streaming stream yard really is the way

to go because they make live streaming

so easy check out the link in the

description if you want to save ten

dollars off your first month uh really

we love stream yard here at think media

but the first tip that i wanted to give

you is that you must sign up for amazon

prime i know that sounds maybe uh a

little too uh obvious but if you didn’t

if you don’t have a prime membership uh

this would be the time to do so so that

you can access these deals and uh i

would just speak from experience amazon

prime uh beyond just is so

valuable uh prime members get you know

free shipping on anything on

you get access to you know some audible

credits so if you want to live if you’re

if you like listening uh to books

you get some credits and i’ve been able

to hit books up just because it’s a part

of my prime membership as well as


tv and you get access to their shows and

their movies and so super valuable if

you’ve never signed up for it the second

thing is that there are two types of

deals there’s limited deals or and

longer deals uh the limited deals would

be kind of considered lightning deals

and so if you find yourself here on


and let me make it bigger so you can see

it uh i’m gonna hit shop deals and just

so you can kind of see the interface on

the desktop um and you scroll you can

see that like uh right here these deals

uh end tomorrow so this would be like a

prime day deal but as you scroll

sometimes you could find a lightning


that would end in a certain amount of


i wonder if you can kind of switch it up


um let me see

these are today’s deals today’s deals

lightning deal give me a lightning deal

somebody well if i can’t find one i just

wanted to let you know that there are

some that do end so this one ends today

so this 4k

uhd monitor 50 inch uh amazon fire tv

this ends just today so tomorrow you

won’t have access to this so just i just

wanted to put this on your radar that

that some deals do have a time bomb and

you don’t get to think about it as much

um but with that being said

uh that’s that’s just tip number two

links to everything in the description

again we’ll be updating that uh

throughout these next two days as things

come up but the first thing i want

personally wanted to get into is i

wanted to get into like the cameras the

lighting and uh things like that for

creating youtube videos and this deal

right here i haven’t seen the price on

this camera

be like this and so uh shout out to

agents recruitment and asking which are

the best camera deals on amazon i’ll be

bringing up i think four cameras right

now so uh listen up and uh if you are

looking to upgrade your camera the zv1

is a great camera for beginners because

it’s a point-and-shoot camera meaning

there’s no interchangeable lenses it’s

not um

uh you know

hard to use they really made it for

beginners and um it shoots 4k video has

incredible autofocus

and also comes in the color white if

that is something that you like if you

like want to vibe out your setup or what

have you you can go with the white

option but um it being about a hundred

dollars off is a great deal especially

now you know for a while these are

actually sold out and so they were back

ordered so they were overpriced

but it looks like sony uh has filled in

their arsenal of stock and just a little

tip you know like obviously this is

brand new for 648 you can also just real

quick look at the used deals and maybe

save a little bit more

amazon does warranty their use deals so

you could still even get a bigger deal

yes uh love this camera mic jack input

literally everything you need clean hdmi

if you want to use it to live stream


i love how portable it is um uh nolan’s

friend vanessa uses this camera to film

all her youtube content


great camera especially if you’re coming

from the smartphone the next deal i

wanted to talk about is the gopro hero8

uh and this is a full on kit that you’re

getting extra batteries you’re getting

the case um and this is a super sweet

camera uh that is uh on sale

saving 120 off with this uh prime day

exclusive and getting that extra battery

is super nice

i think having a gopro in your kit

let’s say you had a zv1 or you had

another camera uh having the gopro is

definitely a versatile camera in the

sense that like if you thought the zv1

was portable like nothing beats a

gopro’s portability and also just the

features of like if you are doing

adventure sports or travel vlogs um

and you don’t want to really think too

much about settings but you just want to

capture where you are and capture the

moment the gopro is a great um tool for

that great camera for that and coming in

at this price i think is is again like

kind of unbeatable you can see that like


yeah right now like the regular price is

368. so what a cool savings in that

regard um this next camera that i uh

that is on sale i’m super pumped about

that is the canon eos m6 mark ii

this is the most underrated camera for

youtube in my opinion i’ve been i think

i’m on like camera 14 uh in regards to

like reviewing and testing and the m6

mark ii uh is is is almost if you are

familiar with the canon m50 the m6 mark

ii is what the canon m50 mark ii should

have been this is what i say because it

has 4k

no crop clean hdmi uh great photo

resolution as it’s it’s usually it’s

it’s more than your traditional camera



for for creating content and

specifically videos it’s a great camera

i actually uh have mine right here

because i used it to film a video last

week um it has a flip up screen so you

could see yourself and you might just

need to get an adapter if you want to

put a mic on it because it blocks it but

nonetheless this camera shoots great

videos uh we have a video that i

released yesterday on the channel ryan

trahan’s vlog setup i actually shot it

with the canon m6 mark ii and so great

camera a super crispy 4k great auto

focus and at the price point of 879

getting a camera that i would say does

it all uh is the way to go and so if you

are in that price point and maybe you

want something more advanced than the

zv1 and something where you can have a

little bit more control and you can

change out the lenses you can get a that

sigma 16 lens and get a shot like you

see that i have with blurry background

then the m6 mark ii is a great option

again uh links down in the description

if you actually just want to do some uh

deep dive yourself and look into it also

comes in like a silver

if you want to go like that for that

like vintage rangefinder look

and uh the fourth camera i wanted to

bring up is the lumix s5 this is uh the

only full-frame camera that i think is

worth bringing up because of uh what

it’s capable of doing you could buy

older full-frame cameras like from sony

right now but then it wouldn’t have uh

features like this has this has 4k 60 so

if you want to shoot in high resolutions

and slow it down in post and get that

super smooth slow motion in 4k this will

be like one of the only cameras that do

this at this price point uh it also has

in-body image stabilization so it really

is a smooth shot if you’re walking

around if you’re vlogging uh and and

it’s a full-frame camera so it’s going

to perform so good in low light it’s

going to perform really good giving you

a great background blur and i even think

this kit lens is awesome like 20 to 60

millimeters is a very versatile kit lens

for someone that like needs a lens that

does it all um so i think i think for

for 1797

uh this full frame camera is awesome it

also shoots in a high bit rate so if you

want to get into color grading so this

this camera would be more or less for

the person that is


you know wanting to get cr grow from

behind the camera the other cameras i

brought up those are like i just need

something to shoot and make me look

really good great zv1 m6 mark ii great

for that but if you really really want

to get creative and add some cinematic

uh stuff to your videos then this would

be the camera to to go with um so those

are some of the cameras that i saw that

i think are really worth looking at uh i

would say if you are in the market for a

tripod you can get this tripod that can

hold an elephant that’s just like a

funny like stock footage image um but

this this mac trim tripod we uh have

tested and is an awesome tripod as it it

extends all the way up to 80

inches which is really tall so i think

that’s taller than me if we really like

go all the way and you can you can it

comes with a phone clamp which is super


a monopod adapter so you could put it

into a single use

pod i guess you could say

but this uh for 56 dollars and it’s

aluminum so it’ll it’ll last it’ll take

a beating and i personally love the

clamps i’m not too big of a fan when

these extenders here in the middle are

actually part of the legs because this

is just i feel like more trustworthy and

so i this is a great tripod if you’re

looking for a tripod for your camera

uh the next deal

is a backdrop if you want to level up

your thumbnails if you want to

you know

have a setup where it’s just a clean

shot and you know maybe you you know put

it on in front of a wall you don’t like

the design of or what have you and you

can just get a photo backdrop paper you

can use something like this and for 15

off um and this one ends today so this

would be a 10 hour you know ends later

today so something to look into if

you’re if you’re wanting to get a

backdrop and things like that

and then really uh something that i i

didn’t know would actually go on sale is

like software i i saw that the adobe

creative cloud is on sale uh and you’re

getting 20 off a year subscription so

you know you pay the year up front

and you’re you’re saving you know you’re

getting it for 480 as opposed to 600 and

the adobe creative cloud is honestly how

i create content it’s i edit video in

adobe premiere pro i had thumbnails and

adobe photoshop and the ecosystem of the

adobe creative cloud is so great uh to

grow in but also to uh to have and i

know there are some editing softwares

that are like one time purchase i mean

adobe if you’re watching this can you

just like change your model real quick

just make it a one-time purchase and

we’ll all be happy content creators amen


so those are some of the deals that i


but one one quick tip before i bring up

heather she’s going to be talking about

some of the best smartphone gear if

you’re a smartphone creator but is to

make sure you click the drop down on the

search bar to prime day and then you

could put whatever you’re actually

looking for so you don’t necessarily

need to let’s just say if we hopped into

amazon and you’re you’re

at the amazon page right over here and

you hopped into shop deals you don’t

necessarily i mean one way you can do it

is actually like you know click on uh

camera cameras and


i like to actually click on right here

it says discount high to low so like on

the highest discount and that’s how i

kind of like to browse to see what’s

like really on sale make me a promise by

the way don’t don’t buy a camera that

looks like this just do us assault just

do us a solid and uh don’t buy a camera

that looks like that but like this is

where you could see like the biggest

deals like here’s a you know ten dollars

for this photo backdrop paper that can

go with that you know backdrop but i

also like going into the search bar and

uh and then when you if you make sure

that prime day selected you could type

in a brand of your choosing so that’s

how i found the canon m6 mark ii is

because i searched canon and i was like

oh wow the prime day deal is right there

so just make sure that your search bar

if you are searching for that massage

gun babe

you know that that massage gun i’ve been

wanting since father’s day i’m just

kidding that’s a joke but like here’s

all the prime day stuff that you could

uh look and and make your um your

decision and just some brands that you

could be aware of these are brands that

i personally um

i like uh that are are

budget friendly if you want to take a

screenshot of this right now just take a

screenshot and so when you go on this in

the search bar you put prime day and put

these brands and you will find great

stuff to include take your screenshot

take your screenshot

to include um

you know gvm and gvm is a company we

love when it comes to lights but dude if

you’ve been in the market for a cob

light specifically like i’m literally

using this light right now to light my

face this is the 100 watt coblet comes

with the lantern the kit 250 as opposed

to 400 which is a huge deal and then i

also have one of these lights lighting

my hair my my head

and this is just their rgb light so for

200 bucks you’re getting two lights so

these are brands that you can uh look

into and make that

uh search and and truly find something

you need don’t don’t don’t use this

today as an opportunity to buy something

you don’t need uh but uh with that being

said i wanted heather to kind of break

down some of the smartphone stuff that

you can invest in as she is a smartphone

creator when she goes on her camp trips

and things like that

yes thanks omar um so many great deals

uh if you have a question if you’re

looking for something type it in the

chat also because we can help you find

some really great deals that are

happening um i want to break down uh

when i think about being a smartphone

creator i want you to break down a vls

and that’s the audio video lighting and

stabilization so i have a couple

recommendations for you that i want to

walk through and the first is actually

the audio part of it and there’s a

couple of really great deals that are

happening right now uh on amazon prime

day someone asked is prime day today yes

it’s today so make sure that you get uh

set up the first one is this yulonzi

wireless lavalier microphone i’m really

excited about this one because it’s ten

dollars off right now it’s a microphone

under fifty dollars and this is a

microphone that you can connect directly

to your smartphone and you can do an

interview you could be further away from

it um it’s just a nice easy microphone

to have if you’re creating content from

your phone um i like that it says you

get 65 feet um so you can be kind of far

away from your phone i wouldn’t suggest

being that far away but it just shows

that you have the ability uh to be able

to do that the second one actually um is

this vlogging kit and i’m obsessed with

kits on amazon um we like to build our

own kits here at think media but if you

were looking for a kit under 50

that would come with the tripod a small

light uh that would come with the

microphone um and and the case to have

it all in this would be a great model to

get started with now i think using a kit

like this is great if you are on the go

and more of a vlog type setting um if

you’re out maybe with the family and

you’re you’re doing some uh some

movement type um

content because you want to be able to

hold it and you could have that great

audio video and lighting with that and

uh the next one is this lavalier

microphone i like this because you have

the option of doing the duo so um i’m

all about doing great interviews and

trying to find microphones that allow

you to be able to do that and this is

another microphone under 40 right now

that you can get started with to be able

to do interview based content

with a lavalier microphone now here’s

the thing though if you’re using a

smartphone especially an iphone you want

to make sure that you get this uh tr

the trrs

adapter if you are doing uh a microphone

like this a lavalier microphone you’d

want to make sure you also pick up this

adapter it’s 15 right now and i actually

just put a couple of these in my cart

because i seem to lose these all the

time and so just making sure that you

have a couple more of those available

next up would be a great lighting and

this is one of my favorite ring lights

that i still use today this is the

neewer ring light um i like that it

comes with the carrying case it also

comes with the button that you can

actually when you connect your phone to

it you can press play with that i think

that’s really fun and easy to do this is

um this is a not wireless this is a


light so you have this but i love that

you could just use one light

if you needed to to create your content

and this is the ring light that i still

use and have today i like that also has

different levels of light a lot of times

you’ll get a ring light and you flip it

on and that’s like that’s it it’s like

max power in the lighting i like that

this one gives you the ability to um to

increase the light as you need it so

that you can match more of your in-room

lighting with your light and what a

great deal almost 30 off right now of

this light i think it’s a great one uh

the next actually is this really cute

ring uh selfie light um i got this one

for my daughter and she’s obsessed with

it because it’s a it adds a little bit

of light around you when you’re doing

things like your reels and your tick

tocks um and it’s not like this giant

light so you can bring it with you i

also bring this light with me if we’re

gonna go say to dinner or we’re gonna be

in a dark setting um because you can

clamp this right on top of your

smartphone and you instantly have a

light around your face which i think is

really great when you’re making content

with your smartphone because sometimes

in lower light situations um it’s harder

to get to that really great picture

quality and this is just a simple this

is a good stocking stuffer around the

holidays but for me this is always in my

backpack as something to be traveling

with for my

smartphone creation next up is um this

car mount now two reasons i suggest a

car mount this one also under ten

dollars for this car mount and here’s

why i like it this uh car mount um you

can clamp right to a window so when

you’re thinking about your avls your

lighting is important when you’re making

things like your wheels your youtube

videos and if you’re gonna be standing

in front of a window you can use

something as simple as a car mount to go

right onto the window suction it right

onto the window and you instantly have

light around you as you’re making

content the next thing is actually

putting it in your car there’s a lot of

content creators that will

use uh vlogging or they’ll be vlogging

in their car i recommend having both

hands on the wheel friends and so you

want to make sure that you have a mount

for your phone and this one’s great

because you can turn it horizontal or

vertical um if you’re making content

while you’re driving

this is a great one to have as well and

then i also have this selfie stick um

any selfie stick users that is

definitely me let me know in the

comments uh i only travel with selfie

sticks and i like this one because it

goes up to 60 inches now here’s the

thing if you’re gonna be putting um a

phone on a tripod and extending it all

the way up you just want to be careful

because the stability of that may not be

the best you definitely want to do maybe

a larger size tripod but if you’re just

traveling and you want to be able to

vlog while you’re traveling um be able

to have uh um something that you could

be making your reels or your tick tocks

with this is a great one and it’s under

25 bucks uh this is something i highly

recommend traveling with um and it’s a

great one because again it also has the

little click button this is my favorite

thing because you can get yourself in

the shot you can click that button and

it actually remotes to your phone to be

able to start recording and then

if you are a smartphone creator you

definitely need at least


charging portable battery because if you

are creating content for any length of

time you’re gonna be using that battery

and i actually use this when i am uh

live streaming um on my uh when i when i

have my setup where i’m live streaming

i’ll plug this in also to have

continuous power um into my laptop you

could do this into your smartphone um

but this is something i highly recommend

that you just always carry with you have

some type of external battery when

you’re creating content with your

smartphone oh these are my legos and my

blink someone asked in the comments hey

is there a good gimbal was there a

smartphone uh gimbal i just went up to

amazon prime i searched smartphone

gimbals and several different gimbals

came up you’ve got gimbals under 35


and here’s what i do if i were to look

at all these different gimbals my eye

immediately goes to this one why because

it has 3

900 reviews and it’s 35 and so if you’re

looking for which one’s the best one um

i’m a huge amazon review reader and so i

recommend going through and just looking

this is an all-in-one 500 reviews um i

would just go through and start looking

at those so that you can see uh which

ones are great all right a couple more

things um if you are going to be

traveling with any of your gear i highly

recommend looking for a great deal on a

travel backpack and i like this one

specifically because you can fit all

your camera gear in it but you can also

connect your tripod and it’s just great

to have an actual bag that’s designed

for your camera equipment um if there’s

one thing i’ve learned is that you don’t

want to just shove all this into a

backpack no you want to take care of

your gear and so be looking for some

really good deals on camera bags that

you can use and then lastly omar did a

great video

all about the uh budget wide angle

lenses on your smartphone so if you want

to just kind of change what that could

look like there’s a deal right now of 30

dollars for the pro lens kit for your

iphone android and it’ll make that wide

angle we’ve got a video for you as well

so make sure to post that down in the

links below omar are you excited about

all of the where are you at there you go

excited about all of the

smartphone possibilities for prime day

this year no i i i think it what’s

insane is i’m seeing so many creators

really grow their audience

like up front with just a smartphone and

i i think if you can get really good at

using your smartphone then maybe it

would be a good time to actually upgrade

into a camera but getting good with this

thing is the goal and so being able to

accessorize it like with gimbals and

things like that is huge and and key

another thing if you are looking at a

smartphone gimbal there’s like one

access and three axis

and so if you plan on doing just like

regular walking and stuff one axis is

fine like what heather was showing you

uh but if you’re looking to get more

like sporty and you want to run three

axis just remember those kind of

keywords but i i love what the creator

classroom did she said they said i did

what i did was i put a wish list

yesterday and then this morning to see

if there was anything on sale today at

the price i was willing to pay i think

that’s really smart to have okay i i

have 100 set aside i need a tripod i

need a light and this is all i’m going

to spend very wise just want to shout

you out um but i just want to thank our

sponsor of this stream and that is

stream yard this is how we are streaming

uh right now this is how i’m

transitioning to and from heather and

myself and i’m about to bring up kyle

and speaking of stream yard if you’re

looking uh to find the easiest way to

live stream then this would be the way

to do it you can go to stream with think

to get a 14 day free trial we’ll post a

link to it down in the description below

but shout out to streamyard for

sponsoring this stream and speaking of

stream you want to level up your live

stream setup like

we like to call it

battle station right this is where you

come you work you you script your videos

you might hit record on your camera like

you know we’re doing right now um and

there’s just so much that can go into it

but if we had a resident

dj when it came to our battle station

setup it would be my man kyle anderson

who uh is literally sitting in front of

a battle station as he uses the battle

stage true that’s true

so uh yeah kyle let’s get into some of

the deals that people can look into to

kind of level up their workspace and

maybe get help with their productivity

but also just kind of the i’ve learned

that you can actually enjoy the space

you work at if you just have uh the

right stuff oh 100 i mean i’m i’m

passionate about having a space that you

love to work in and enjoy being in and

so like i personally

invest money into that and find things

that i like and i just have some things

that i want to show you guys that’s

going to help maybe increase your

productivity a little bit or just clean

up your space a little bit and let it

function a little more uh

properly and also if you don’t see any

links uh to what we mentioned yet billy

is updating those live in the

description so just refresh the page or

come back later and he and i’m sure this

will be in the stream but first

i ha i was actually pumped i actually

searched for this specifically that this

is a prime day deal i actually have this

see i practice what i preach here look

at this last purchase i have this and so

does nolan nolan on the think media team

he has this as well but i actually did a

video on this um on my desk setup and as

you can see i mean look at this before

and after

like here’s oh wow that’s crazy okay

this really just levels up your space

helps you to organize a little better

and um

it’s it’s under 50 bucks and it looks

identical to the grove made desk shelf

here which is 340 dollars as you can see

um and so i would definitely

uh recommend buying this uh this shelf

it’s probably the best for the budget

and for the quality

and as well a monitor arm

i think this is a great way to just free

up space off your desk you get your you

get your monitors off your desk and and

it has more you can just like organize

things better i like more desk space i

think everybody does

now most of these are all the same right

they pretty much do the same function i

would just look for one

um that you maybe you like the look of

the color but the one thing to be in the

lookout for is um if you have something

that’s 32 inches of a monitor or larger

make sure it can handle that

um and sometimes you might want to get

one that’s beefed up a little bit more

especially if you have 32 inches which


the i don’t know i don’t know if there’s

any on the prime day sale these are

usually like 27 inch monitors are lower

but keep on the lookout for these these

are great and speaking of monitors uh

this is the samsung uh this is a 27 inch

4k so i put this on here because it’s 4k

and if you want a 1080p monitor 27 inch

32 inch there’s a bunch of deals out

there but this one i saw specifically

was 4k

and if you’re looking for a 4k monitor i

think this is a great option here

and i found another one this is the lg

27 inch and this is a

240hz monitor

specifically for gaming so if you’re a

gamer out there this is a great monitor

for that and i’m going to go pretty

quick so if you need to look at it find

these go in the description below or

just come back and watch the stream

again and check it out

um here’s a gaming wireless mouse

i love logitech this has a great i mean

there’s a great discount on this and

this is a lightning deal as well

so this is another one that

after today this is probably not going

to be up anymore and it’s a limited

deal and here’s another if you just want

like a normal basic mouse

logitech’s a great quality that’s why i

brought this on the stream is because

like i love logitech and what they’re

doing here’s a great option for you as

well and it’s a this is again a

lightning deal so

jump on that as well

and here is a uh a flat panel

uh light for you so i like these because

you can just put them behind your

monitor they don’t take up a lot of

space you’ll need a light stand that

sits on the ground

and takes up a bunch of room in your in

your space

it’s very easy to use i believe heather

i think uses this in her setup she has a

very similar light as well and so if you

get one of these what i want you to

notice is it doesn’t have a stand


i would recommend buying a clamp stand

like this all of these are prime deal

right here and you can choose any one of

these i specifically i actually have

this one right here it comes in a two

pack and it comes with a ball head um i

actually i’m using it right now for my

uh my sony camera

and it’s right in front of me in between

my monitors and they’re on monitor arms

as well so i like when i’m not using my

camera i have my monitors closed and so

it’s you can’t see your camera and then

i have it come

i i uh open up my monitor so then you

know i can look right at my camera but

this is a great option too um i’ve never

had any issues with these

and speaking of using your camera uh on

these stands i would recommend getting a

uh i actually have this exact

uh mini ball head and it’s just screwed

right on top of this stand right here

and it’s like especially if you have a

uh if you’re using a camera that’s a

little more uh you don’t want it to

break or fall these are pretty sturdy so

i recommend getting one of these

something like this would be a little

maybe for a light you might want to use

this ball head but not for a camera so

these are other options that you can use

as well

and i found this this is pretty cool

these are cool um white like uh desk

shelf speakers right here

um and they’re where were they at here

sorry right here so it’s like all the

other ones these are like 100 bucks

these ones are on sale right now

and uh they were ninety dollars and i

think white looks super clean i

personally love these i think mel i

think i got mel on our team these and

they sound great and they just they’re

they’re they’re above average speakers

you know nothing crazy nothing to like

actually edit um like sound for uh music

but if you’re just doing basic editing

and you like listening to music i think

these are great as well

and then uh for a uh for a microphone i

love this this is so i actually have it

on my i don’t know if you can see it on

my uh gaming setup behind me it’s black

so you can’t see it but anyways i have

this this is this is an awesome mic it’s

super small it’s plug and play and it

sounds great um so i definitely

recommend this you can you can get in

white and all these different colors but

i think the black one specifically is

what the deal is on for

um and then i think i saw somebody in

the comments they asked about a mod a

mic arm boom arm so there is actually

one the innogear microphone arm stand

this is a great one i actually am using

it on that setup as well um and now one

thing to look out for is what size you


um so make sure you get the proper size

the large one is actually pretty big

like this is a large one and this is a

pretty big desk and it booms all the way

across my desk so just make sure to uh

watch out for that stuff and then lastly

oh never mind that’s my ice maker i was

looking at that’s uh that’s for me

personally but omar you can come back in

uh come back in the stream but

those are kind of the project the

products that i recommend uh and i

actually like using and so check those


and uh omar what else do you got hey we

had a question come in about any mic

suggestions i know you brought up a usb


um but again just kind of like the tip

to be able if if you know what you’re

looking for and you don’t want to have

to like dig through uh all this stuff on

amazon you can just go here and then you

can type in either a brand or what

you’re kind of looking for i typed in

deity which is a mic brand that i’m

personally using right now and we love

that brand but other recommendations

came up but like you have this like

wireless holy land mic so for 230 uh

you’re getting a wireless mic that’s

very reliable it’s very this is a really

well-known brand by the way by the end

of in the industry and it also charges

in its case but you’re looking at a huge

discount from 308 to 230

but if you’re just looking for a new

shotgun mic uh this dv uh mic is what

i’m using right now to like conduct the

stream literally have this plugged into

my computer and this is how it sounds

and so if you want to throw a mic on top

of your camera

you can do so with a mic like that but

that’s just kind of how just make sure

you hit that like prime day and search

and if we just even go in their store we

could see if they’re maybe got some

stuff for um

for sale on their store up front oh

looks like people are buying them out

look at that deity we need a restock guy

um so hey maybe you want to hop on that

deal that that mic we just uh showed the

d mic

um and so but that’s just a good one so

like let’s just type in camera

microphone and we’re just gonna make

sure we change this to prime day and

then hit search and see what comes up

and uh we got webcams when you type in

microphone but you know heather

mentioned it just make sure you look at

the the reviews so like this has 3 300

reviews 4 out of 5 stars this probably

does all right you know for uh 15 kind

of can’t be beat um any any time you

have a microphone just make sure it’s as

close as you can to your mouth that’s

how you make it perform better than if

it even if it’s a lower kind of quality

mic but there’s definitely some mic

deals out there

to include wireless mic solutions and

things like that look at this this one

not so many reviews but um cool little

vibes black and white vibes but that’s

uh some mic suggestions uh when it comes

to um

backlighting somebody asked about i need

some backlighting um i would encourage

you to get um like just a panel light

you know a panel light really are like

these these are lights that you can

change the color the temperature they’re

very versatile and gvm is really like

slashing the deals this comes in at

around 135

for two so you can do one put one on the

ground and maybe splash on your wall or

and then you know put one and splash on

your head but speaking of like brands

just wanted to pull up this slide again

these are these are just great brands

that you can find on amazon if you want

to screenshot the screen

because if you search any of these

brands you’ll find things that you might


need uh when it comes to this stuff but

i would love we would love to like

answer some questions if you have any

more questions in the in the chat i’m

gonna bring back heather on the screen

um but super cool deals out there aren’t


yeah there’s a lot and someone was just

asking you know any ideas of the lights

on sale today i need softbox lights so i

just went in amazon prime clicked on the

softbox lights and there’s a lot of

softbox lights that are on sale today

again looking at those reviews what does

that look like and uh which one are you

interested in um and i did actually just

search like you said omar uh uh neewer

which is the ones that i use and um see

if they have any that came up but

there’s a lot of different soft boxes uh

that are on there what do you look for

in a softbox light omar when you’re

trying to find one i mean i i’ve

personally been loving like cob lights

uh cob lights are more or less they’re

just they’re large and they put off a

large light that is very soft hence the

word softbox but i i mean when it comes

to lighting i mean depending on where

you are in your you know budget you know

i think

lights and audio are two things that you

can invest in one time you know if you

just get a really good light

you might you probably won’t need to buy

one in the future and that’s why i love

cobb lights that’s the kind of key term

that if you’re looking for a softbox


a cob light and gvm has a great deal for

150 from a 300 plus dollar light

that’s the 100 watt

but um that’s what i look for in a light

you know um is is large and soft

yeah and kyle we just went through a ton

of products so yeah we did oh we want to

know how what will we do with all these


oh what are we gonna do with them

we’re gonna put them in the description

below that’s what we’re gonna do billy’s

adding those right now for you guys now

i did somebody did say something about


uh nolan uses these lights a lot these

are go via lights and i just looked

really quick and there’s a lot on the

prime d uh on the prime day deal like

these light strips that you can stick

behind your monitor and stuff like that

there’s like these little tube lights so

you can do the same thing

putting them behind different things

around your desk um so i would check

these out these are great i think right

here this would be perfect you just

stick this behind your monitor and uh

this will stick uh like adhesive on it


check those out those are great products

uh nolan says he likes those personally


yeah hey shout out to good vibes tv

camera is ordered what camera did you

end up getting uh good vibes would love

to know what camera you ended up go

going with um

earlier in this stream so if you’re

watching this now early on this stream

you can back up after we finish and

check out the camera deals the best

cameras for specifically youtube but

isaiah does ask i really need a good

camera but only have 700 what do you

suggest um

sometimes that’s like tough because it

can come in really close

but the sony zv1 is a 750 but if you

look let’s uh let me pull this up for


or six 648 actually it’s under it’s

actually in your budget so uh isaiah i’m

telling you right now this is gonna be

the best 648 you could spend uh for a

camera in 2022 because of what this can

do and its capabilities um if you want

to save even more you can go to the the

user the use place and then save a

little bit of money maybe invest in a

microphone that’s on sale right now or

get a light kit to go with it um and um

that would be even uh what i would

consider a budget camera for beginners

as uh

kavisha kavishka asked this is a budget

camera for beginners the sony zv1

definitely something to look if you want

if you want something

a little more advanced like growing into

so you can’t you know you’re limited on

how you can grow with this camera in

regards to like the lens options and

things like that then i would encourage

you to check out the canon m6 mark ii

that’s uh i absolutely love this camera

they have a great lineup of lenses for

it and uh for you know under a thousand

dollars you’re getting a camera that you

probably won’t need to upgrade anytime

soon i would say the only downside to

the m6 mark ii probably just is the

record limit like if you need to record

longer than 30 minutes it’s not

necessarily going to be able to give you

that option

uh because it it just records up to 30

minutes but just so you can get a vibe

of like what it uh kind of looks like i

want to just show you a little bit so

this was a video that we posted


and just to give you an idea of like a

good talking head setup as i use so much

b-roll in my videos

but like this is the m6 mark ii look how

good that looks skin tones

like i got the sigma 16 lens on it um

and so if you’re looking for a good like

talking head setup i’m just saying

though like this i didn’t do anything to

this footage i it’s like straight from

the camera and that is the m6 mark

ii a couple more questions would love to

answer um

we got um

we got

the let’s see

is this evie

one camera good for talking head reel


the simple answer to that is yes and can

i let me tell you why uh to have the zv1

flipped vertically and start shooting

content like this

the camera actually rotates the video

for you so you don’t have to like rotate

it in editing it actually just you could

send it straight to your phone or you

could uh edit it you know in your

computer editing software and the clip

literally is vertical already so if you

want to use the zv1 for

talking head videos uh specifically for

like reels and tic tocs and stuff like

that it’s great uh can you use the dd

mic for the with the sony zv1 you 100

can uh as the the the zv1 has a mic jack

input so you can upgrade the audio

quality coming from the camera by being

able to put that mic on top that is a

really cool kind of like setup to have

the zv1 with the deity mic


and uh that it’ll make it sound really

good even if you are doing those talking

head videos um but again just to show

you like that prime deal that deity had

they had um

you got to make sure you got omar listen

to your own tips bro yeah i know prime

day dd mic we’re hitting search

and uh we got this d4 duo great

microphone if you’re looking to just

level up the mic on your current camera

uh setup and so

and uh a another thing i just wanted to

again highlight those brands uh is is

these are great brands if you search

prime deals and you look up to these

brands it would be uh really good

to check out uh maybe something you

didn’t know you needed like the yulonzi

mirror like you know if i if i search

the word yulonzi

you’ll find that it uh they have this

mirror for sony cameras

or cameras that don’t have a flip out

screen or even like if you’re using your

smartphone like this

or this is the nicey rig dude

i’m telling you this is this this is

this the you guys made it this far to

the stream for this moment in the video

i’m here to tell you if you are a

smartphone creator

my goodness this mirror thing will allow

you to see yourself

when you’re filming yourself with your

smartphone because you can actually

uh you know look at the mirror as ruby

comes into my room and uh my daughter


and literally uh use the rear-facing

camera of your smartphone this is the

nicey rig vlog selfie mirror that you

could check out 20 bucks from 25

uh we’ve actually sold a ton of these

because we made a couple videos on them

but this is just great stuff on amazon

prime day hey uh here’s a a cool

checklist uh another thing that you

could kind of screenshot if you want to

see maybe things that you don’t know you

need maybe just screenshot this page

right here and you’ll be able to

uh you know go through this list like if

there’s maybe maybe you didn’t know you

wanted uh some batteries you know maybe

you need to get a little bit more

batteries for your camera your

microphone uh heather mentioned a power

bank uh this is a great time to get sd

cards you know if you if you want to uh

get some more sd cards specifically

maybe faster sd cards maybe you’ve been

using some older slower ones in the past

camera bags or we saw that adobe

creative cloud is on sale

but so much to look into if you are


trying to build out your uh studio your

your home studio your battle station as

we would call it

and um

uh if you uh need to reference anything

in this video uh just be sure to check

out that description again shout out

streamyard for sponsoring this stream if

you wanna check them out and and maybe

do something like this for your channel

uh make sure you go to we’ll post a link to

it in the description below but we’re so

glad for you to have joined us on this


huge money savings event uh especially

in times like this uh saving some money

with with tech and gear that actually

should help you make more money is a

beautiful thing and so uh be sure to

sign up for prime if you aren’t a prime

member already so excited or so grateful

for you to be subscribed to think media

if you are not subscribed to think media

be sure to hit that subscribe button

posting videos every day of the week

quality videos to help you grow in your

content creation i hope you have a great

rest of your week and we can’t wait to

see you in a future video



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