Best Microphone Under $50 on Amazon (Live Streaming, Video Calls, & Gaming) [2022]

Omar shares his favorite microphones under $50 on Amazon! ****** Check out the Comica Shotgun Mic here ➡️ (Amazon)

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📒 Show Notes 📒

1️⃣ Fifine Condenser Microphone Setup (Amazon)

2️⃣ Comica Shotgun Microphone (Amazon)

5ft Long AUX Cable (Amazon)

3️⃣ Deity V.Lav Microphone

4️⃣ How to Use a Camera as a Webcam

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In this video, Omar shares his favorite microphones under $50.

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=================== text video ====================

— If you’re looking for a cheap microphone

for either Zoom calls,
gaming or live streaming,

maybe even podcasting and
you’re searching on Amazon,

chances are, is you may
find this mic right here.

This is the Fifine USB mic that comes

with all of these things
here for under $50.

I mean, there really isn’t
a better deal in regards

to the value you get with all
the things with this setup.

And just to break it down a little bit,

it is a condenser microphone
that just plugs straight

into your computer or laptop using a USB

but comes with everything
you see and more.

It actually comes with the
desk clamp and boom arm.

So if you actually want
this look and vibe,

then it’s gonna be awesome for that.

And then you also get
the shock mount holder,

the wind scream, and the
muff that actually will kill

some of the plosives in your audio.

And it also comes with a desk solution

where if you just wanna
rest it on your desk,

you can actually set it up to do so.

But with that being said,
you can see this microphone

in the shot and you see how
maybe potentially obnoxious

it may be if you’re doing
something like Zoom calls

or video conference calls.

And that’s why in this video
actually wanted to break down

other solutions that come in under $50

that are actually more
discreet and a lot of people

don’t actually talk about
these ways of capturing audio

for these purposes.

And so, would that being
said, let’s get into it.

— [Announcer] You gotta just press record.

— Hey, what’s up, it’s Omare
El Takrori with Think Media

and this channel is all about helping you

build your influence online with YouTube

and we share the best tips
and tools on how to do so.

So if you’re interested in that,

be sure to hit that subscribe
button and I’ll be sure

to post links to everything
that I’m mentioning

in the description below
but shout out to the sponsor

of this video which is Riverside FM

and I’ll share about
them in just a moment.

But the second audio solution
is actually one of my favorite

ways to get audio for
my personal Zoom calls

and also live streams.

And that is actually booming
your mic outside of your shot.

And this way is actually I
think the best looking way

because you actually don’t see the mic.

Right now you’re actually
listening to a microphone

that’s right out of the frame of the shot.

And similarly speaking, setting
up a boom mic is not only

the cleanest way because
you don’t see it at all,

but it also sounds really good as well.

And the mic that I would recommend

is the Comica Shotgun Mic.

This mic comes in at around $40.

What I love about this audio solution

is it’s a very fail-proof
way to achieve great audio

and you know, you can
actually use this mic

in two different ways.

Number one, you plug this mic
straight into your computer.

If you have a mic input
on your computer desktop,

just plug a 3.5 millimeter cable into it.

You may wanna buy a longer aux cable

so that you can actually
boom it out of the shot

but just plugging it right in
and then selecting your source

in whatever software you’re using

allows you to just be ready to go.

Another way you can actually
plug in this mic is by plugging

it into the camera that you’re using

to capture the video side of
your video conference call

or live stream and actually
just select your camera

as your audio source when
plugging the mic into your camera.

This is another fail-proof
way because as long as

your camera’s on, you
know your mic will be on.

Now if you wanna learn how
you can use whatever camera

you have as a webcam, I’ll be
sure to link that at the end

of the video and you can check
out that video afterwards.

But with that being said,
that leads me to talk about

the sponsor which is Riverside FM.

Riverside is one of the leading podcasts

and video recording platforms
you can use to conduct

interviews or video podcasts
and things like that.

Gary V. and Mark Zuckerberg
actually use Riverside

to conduct their interview.

And it’s super crispy because
it actually is a web-based

software that saves onto their server.

So you’re not at the mercy
of somebody’s internet

so when you’re conducting an
interview or a live stream,

you’re actually getting your
video and audio captured

in very high quality,
and it’s not compromised

for other uses.

I used to use Zoom to conduct interviews

and it actually just would
compromise the quality,

no matter what kind of camera
or audio solution I’d use.

But what’s so cool about
Riverside is that they maintain

the quality of your video and audio,

no matter where you are.

There’s definitely a reason
why over 70,000 people

use Riverside and if you
actually wanna try Riverside

yourself today, be sure
to check out the link

down in the description below.

But with that being said,
the third audio solution

and discreet audio solution
will have to be using

a lavalier mic or what
is called a clip on mic.

This mic from Deity, it’s
called the Deity V.Lav

is a $50 mic that requires really no setup

like the other two mics
that I talked about.

Simply plug this into
your computer or laptop

or even your camera, clip it on your shirt

and select it as your audio
source and you’re ready to go.

What’s cool about this microphone
is you’re never gonna have

issues about inconsistencies of audio

whereas the boom mic
solution that I typically use

in my setup or even this USB mic solution,

you definitely have to be
locked in at the same spot

to maintain consistent audio
but because it is clipped

on your shirt, you could
definitely move around

a little bit, swing a chair,
and it’s not gonna take away

from any of the consistency of audio.

And so you definitely wanna think about,

obviously how things sound
because we’re talking

about audio here but how things
look and then the use case

of how you’re actually
capturing your audio.

But with that being said,

let me know down in the
comments below which mic

that you would actually gravitate toward

based off of the look of
the mic and your use cases,

would love to know.

And if you got value in this video,

let me know by hitting
that like button as well.

And if you have a camera laying around,

you can actually potentially
use that as your webcam

and level up the quality of
video that you’re putting out

for whatever use case you’re using,

whether it be live streams, games

or even be a conference calls.

And so if you wanna learn
how you can actually use

your camera to live stream
with, be sure to click or tap

the screen and I can’t wait
to see you in a future video,


(bright upbeat music)