Best GoPro Video Settings For Vlogging

Nolan breaks down the best GoPro Camera Settings for Vlogging.

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In this video, Nolan shares the best vlogging settings on the go pro camera. This vlogging setup video is great for beginners learning how to use the go pro.

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=================== text video ====================

— [Nolan] If you’re wanting
to vlog on your GoPro,

then stay tuned for the best
settings for getting the

highest quality video out of your GoPro,

as well as the best shortcuts
on your GoPro for vlogging.

— [Announcer] You got
to just press record.

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— [Nolan] So here’s the best settings

for vlogging on the GoPro.

First thing we want to do
is actually go to this menu

by swiping down on the front screen.

Then you want to click on this icon

and we’re going to mess with
our front screen options.

When you first get your GoPro,

it’s going to be set to this
option, which is full screen,

and you’re not able to see the full video.

So we want it to go to the
actual screen, so this is

gonna show you a better
representation of what’s

going on when you are vlogging.

I also like to leave the beeps off.

Originally, it’ll have
the beeps on like this,

but if you click it again
so that it’s grayed out,

this is gonna turn all those beeps off.

Now we’re gonna set up our video settings

by clicking on this button right here.

And we’re gonna set this up
inside the activity section.

So right here, you see
it’s called activity,

and we’re gonna click on that pencil

to make some adjustments here.

For resolution I do like to record in

5K 24 frames per second.

If your computer can’t handle it,

I recommend shooting in
4k 24 frames per second.

Now, if you’re editing
videos on your phone,

I do recommend going to 1080
and recording your videos

in 1080 to save a whole lot of space

and make it a lot easier to
edit these videos on your phone.

But because I have a nice laptop,

I’m gonna go back to 5k to get

that extra detail in my shot.

Next up for the lens.

I like to choose linear,
you could go wide screen

if you have multiple people
in your shot and go to wide,

but I like to leave mine on linear.

This is gonna give me a shot

that’s a little bit more zoomed in,

and I think just looks a lot better,

more like a YouTube camera versus

when you go to that super wide angle lens,

it just looks like a GoPro

and I’m really just going for
a nice, quality video shot.

And I feel like that linear
lens gives me the best angles.

I like to leave scheduled
capture off, duration to no limit

and hindsight to off,
as well as timer off,

zoom one times, all that
stuff is gonna be fine,

but we’re going to go
down here to Protune.

For bit rate, I leave mine at
high to get the best quality

video out of the GoPro.

For shutter speed, we’re
gonna go ahead and just leave

that on auto, because when vlogging,

you don’t want to be messing
with your settings a bunch.

You want everything to be
on auto for the most part.

If you are editing videos
on your smartphone,

you can go ahead and turn
this down to standard,

to save on some file space.

For EV COMP, we’re gonna go
ahead and leave this at zero.

And then I’m going to show
you how to quickly change this

if you ever need to when vlogging.

Our white balance is gonna be on auto,

because we just want it to automatically

adjust to our setting.

Our ISO minimum is at
a hundred, but our max,

I actually moved this down
to 800 and with the GoPros,

they really don’t have
great low-light performance,

so I like leave it at 800.

So if you leave all the way
up and it just starts boosting

the gain on the ISO, it’s
not gonna look very good.

So I like to leave it around 1600 to 800,

And then ideally, I’m
just shooting in spaces

that have a lot of light,
whether it’s outside

or if it’s inside that there’s
a lot of light coming in

and that’s the best
way to get good quality

video on the GoPro.

However, you don’t need to
worry so much about the ISO max,

because you can change it very quickly.

And I’ll show you how to
do that here in a second.

for sharpness, I’m gonna
leave this at medium.

If you leave it at low,

you’re gonna have to add that in editing

and we don’t really want
to do that with a vlog.

Whereas if you go to the high setting,

it’s just going to be too sharp.

So I found that medium
is kind of the best one

for not touching your footage

and being able to just
upload it to YouTube.

For color, we’re gonna go
ahead and leave this on GoPro.

We don’t want a flat image for vlogging,

’cause we want to be able to
just edit this and upload it to

wherever we want to without
having to color grade.

And so GoPro is going
to give you good colors

straight out of the camera.

For raw audio, I like to turn that off.

This is still gonna record your audio,

but if you turn that on,

then it’s gonna give you
a another audio file,

which I don’t need,
especially for these vlogs.

I really recommend getting the media mod

with a shotgun microphone,

however, if you aren’t using that,

just leave your wind set to auto

and this is going to give you
just your normal audio that

you would get out of the GoPro.

Moving onto shortcuts, it
really doesn’t matter where

you put these as long as
you have all four of them.

I found this to be the
most useful for vlogging.

So I have ISO max,

which allows me to quickly change the ISO.

If I feel like it’s too grainy,

I can bring that down to 200,
400, whatever I would like.

And then for the lower
right, I have HyperSmooth.

So if I want to turn that on, then I can,

I can also turn that off very quickly.

And then I also have EV Comp,
so sometimes with the GoPro,

if there is a bright spot
and it just won’t auto adjust

correctly, I’ll bring the EV Comp down

and this is going to
help darken that image.

So whether it’s my skin,
or a car, or something

that is just way too bright in the shot,

it’s going to bring the exposure down,

allowing it to be properly exposed.

And then I also have my lens
right there because sometimes

the linear lens could be a
little bit too tight if there’s a

lot of people in your shot.

So you can change that
to a wider field of view.

So when we back out,

we can see that the
shortcuts are all here.

So if we want to go in and
change, let’s say the EV Comp,

we can go in here and just
darken our image by pulling this

down, or if we want to make it brighter,

we can pull that up.

But I like to leave it just
at zero while I am vlogging.

And then I will just that overtime,

if I need to darken the image.

Click on the screen to check
out another GoPro video

and I will see you guys in the next one.

(soft jazz music)


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