Best Editing Software for YouTube (Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere Pro)

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6:18 The Good with Adobe Premiere Pro
7:06 The Good with Final Cut Pro
7:48 The Bad with Adobe Premiere Pro
9:08 The Bad with Final Cut Pro
10:45 Final Thoughts

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In this video, Omar and Nolan compare Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere Pro. This video answers the question what is the best editing software for youtube.

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=================== text video ====================

— If you’re looking to
upgrade your editing

for your YouTube videos,

then some of the best
softwares are Final Cut Pro

and Premiere Pro.

— I’ve actually been a Premiere Pro user

for about 15 years now.

— And I’ve been using Final
Cut Pro for nine years,

and so today we’re going
head to head to find out

which is the better editing software.

— You got to just press record.

— Hey, what is up?

It is Omar and Nolan with Think Media,

and we’re all about helping
you build your influence

here on YouTube.

And so we talk about
the best tips and tools,

whether it be cameras,
audios, and lighting,

as well as editing videos,
just like this one.

So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing.

Now, as we break down these
two editing softwares,

we’re going to look at a lot of things.

We’re gonna look at price,
features, kind of ease of use,

but there’s definitely
something to note in regards

to the filter we are saying all
of this information through,

and that is through the lens of YouTube.

You know, both softwares
are incredible, you know,

as a professional standpoint goes,

but they’re also awesome
for editing YouTube videos.

So let’s jump into the
first thing, which is price.

— Now this is one of the big differences

when it comes to the two programs,

and it just depends on
what you’re going for.

I prefer the way that
Final Cut Pro does this,

which is a $300 one-time fee.

So you buy the app and it’s
yours for life, which is nice,

but that’s not the case with Premiere Pro.

— So as far as Premiere Pro goes,

it’s more or less a subscription model.

There is no one-time fee.
They used to do that,

but the once-a-month fee is $31.50.

However, you could save about $11

by just paying a year upfront.

And so, for $240 a year,

which comes out to around $21 a month,

you can get Premiere Pro,

and all the upgrades that
would come during that time

if you were subscribed
to Adobe Premiere Pro.

— When it comes down to it,

if you want to do YouTube
over the long haul,

and really commit to YouTube,

then buying something like
Final Cut Pro is the way to go

versus doing a monthly plan.

That’s just going to end
up costing a lot more money

in the long run.
— Yeah,

but I would say that as we talk
through some of the features

and the bigger picture of
what could be useful for you

to justify that, you know, monthly costs,

I’m sure you’ll be able to get that out of

the next few sections.

— Now, what kind of computers can you edit

with these programs on?

Of course, with Final Cut
Pro, this is owned by Apple,

it’s an Apple product,

and so you can only edit on Mac products.

So I have an M1 MacBook Pro,

and that’s what I edit Final Cut Pro on

and it runs really, really well.

And I know, Omar, you have
a Apple computer as well,

but you use Premiere Pro.

— Right, so I have a M1 Mac
mini, as well as a M1 Mac Air,

I kind of went all in with the M1 setup.

But Premiere Pro is
actually cross compatible

in the sense that you don’t
need an Apple computer

to actually use Adobe
Premiere, and you can use a PC.

And so that’s really one edge

that Premiere has on top of Final Cut,

is that you don’t need a Mac
system to be able to do that.

And here at Think Media,

we have multiple editors and creators.

And because some of us have Macs,

some of us have custom built PCs,

all we have to do is
send over Premiere files,

and we can actually, you know,

collaborate on workflows
and things like that.

So that’s kind of like an upside

when it comes to compatibility.

If you’re a PC user,

then Final Cut’s kind of out the question,

but if you have a Mac, you know,

they have truly optimize the
editing software in Final Cut

to be used with a Mac.

So that’s just something
to take into consideration,

that if you are PC, you probably
just want to go Premiere.

— Now, when we talk about the ease of use

growing up in high school, I
was actually using Premiere Pro

to edit some of the videos.

And it was so overwhelming
to me as a new editor,

because it is like a
professional editing software.

And what I ended up doing
is, I had an iMac at home,

and I was using iMovie,

and it was really, really easy to use.

And I learned it and I learned
everything I could do in it,

and really pushed the limits of iMovie.

And eventually, I got Final Cut Pro 10,

and it was a really easy step-up

because you kind of have
everything the same,

you just have a bit
more tools to work with.

And that’s something unique I think about.

And especially since iMovie is free,

and you can upgrade to
that Final Cut Pro 10

once you’re ready for that.

And it makes it a really
easy step to learn editing,

whereas Premiere Pro,

it’s like just jumping into the deep end.

And you just got to learn how to edit

inside of the software.

I know that they do have some, like,

mobile apps and stuff like that,

but can you touch on that, Omar?

Is that, like, a good way to get started

or do you just recommend that people

get started in Premiere Pro?

And they go on YouTube, they
watch some tutorials, you know,

we have some, we’ll leave
links in the description.

But what do you recommend
when it comes to actually

learning the software?

— Now I think regardless
of whatever program

you look to choose and invest in,

you should invest your time into learning.

And so I definitely think
there are some ways, you know,

I mean, I think I’m a little jaded

because I’ve been using Adobe Premiere Pro

for quite some time.

And so Final Cut seems hard to me

because I have to learn it. But you know,

definitely investing your
time in learning the software

and the basics, buy a course
on the basics, you know,

search YouTube for tutorials.

That’s how I’ve actually
gotten proficient in editing.

Generally speaking is simply
when I run into a problem

or if I think I can do something faster,

I go to YouTube university,

I search my question and
then I find a tutorial on it,

and then usually it sticks from there.

— So coming up, I’m going to
talk about some of the things

that we love about Final
Cut and Premiere Pro,

as well as some of the things
that we don’t really like,

and we wish they would improve on.

But first I wanted to thank
our sponsor Epidemic Sound.

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— Dude, one of the hardest
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Let’s get back into the video.

— Now, before we talk
about what we don’t like

about these softwares, we want
to talk about what we love.

And for Premiere Pro, as a user,

I definitely love the simplicity of it.

I do think it’s simple. It may
not look simple, but you can,

it can be as simple as you want it.

And like I kinda mentioned before,

you can get as complex as you want as well

to customize your
experience when using it.

So things like custom
shortcuts on your keyboard

or things like that, as well
as assets on the internet.

Because Premiere has been
around a little bit longer,

there’s such a huge wide
range of assets and plugins,

whether that be transitions or, you know,

moving texts and things
like that, which actually,

a lot of these things make
editing easier in Premiere Pro,

and quicker.

And so I think in that sense,

it’s kind of a thing I
love about Premiere Pro,

that it’s never too hard to find a plugin

or something like that.

But Nolan, what do you
love about Final Cut Pro?

— Well, I hate to do this to you,

but I’m going to have to
argue with you a little bit.

This is a versus, and so
here comes the battle.

But I obviously think
Final Cut Pro is better.

I do feel like it is faster to
edit inside of Final Cut Pro.

But honestly, what we might
need to do is make another video

where we, like, edit the same
video and it’s a challenge,

— Yeah.
— and we see

who can finish the video faster,

and then the loser gets pied in the face.

(Omar laughs)

I don’t know, well, maybe
put it in the comments,

let us know if you want to see that.

And what happens to the loser?

Maybe the comments will decide.

But honestly, I feel
like I can edit so fast

inside of Final Cut Pro, and
I just know it inside and out.

And so I love that for
editing YouTube videos.

— Which kind of does bring up

what I don’t love about Premiere Pro,

and that is, that it is
a steeper learning curve.

I’ve just found a lot of
more beginners like Final Cut

when people who’ve tried both.

And so that’s just something
that I’m not hugely a fan of

when it comes to Premiere.

I don’t know what they can do to do that.

I’m just, I’m too jaded
because I’m too deep.

But the second thing is the
render speeds and the workflow.

Like mentioned earlier,

Final Cut is a native
software to Apple computers.

And so, you know, as more
advanced cameras come out,

4K, 10-bit, and 8K, this
and the other, you know,

you’re not going to have
too much of an issue

scrubbing through your footage.

Whereas Premiere, in my 15
years, I’ve always struggled

with a little bit of like
(imitating robotic sounds).

— Well it’s funny because
especially with these M1 chips

inside of the new computers,

it is so fast to transcode media.

So if you want to make proxies,

or if you want to export a
video, like, it is so fast.

And I love that about Final Cut Pro.

Another thing that I love about
Final Cut is it’s evolving.

So they’re adding things
to it, little things,

not like major changes,

but they’re definitely adding things to it

that make it better, so that
it’s a better editing software.

And yes, there are some things
missing that we’ll get into

that I wish they had,

but they are continuing to
update and make it even better,

which I love.

As far as the things that I
don’t like, and maybe, Omar,

you can touch on if Premiere
Pro has these things,

but one of the things that
I wish Final Cut Pro had

is more effects, and more
transitions and text effects,

stuff like this.

You have to get certain plugins

if you want to do some really
cool stuff in Final Cut Pro.

And yes, those cost money sometimes.

And I don’t like that you
have to spend more money

on a program just to get
some really cool effects.

For example, if you want to
do like a zoom-in transition,

zoom-out, or certain text things,

you have to get plugins
and that kind of sucks.

It’s really easy to install,
and so I’ll give them that.

And I liked that, but I
feel like there’s just

more cool things that you
can do inside of Premiere Pro

than you can do inside of Final Cut.

— Yeah, similar in Adobe,

you can get assets and
plugins and things like that.

However, they do supply you

with a kind of a library of things

that you can use from
the get-go that are free,

that are integrated.

So, but, I would say, maybe is limited

because if you want to get more

on the professional side of things,

you do have to invest or get
it somewhere on the internet.

— Right, and a good example
I can think of is, like,

LUTS for color grading,

you have some inside of
Premiere Pro that you can use

that are really nice.

Whereas in Final Cut Pro,
they don’t give you any,

you have to go and download them online.

And there’s a lot of free ones

and good ones out there that you can buy.

And then another thing
would be like keyframes

inside of Final Cut Pro.

If you want to, like, do a scale effect,

there’s just some weird
things that are happening.

Again, you need to buy a plugin

to fix this weird scale issue.

But overall, I love Final Cut.

These cons definitely are
not making me want to go

and switch to Premiere Pro.

I love editing in Final Cut,

but those are some things to think about.

— Now, as far as which
one you need to go with,

I’m just going to be
straight up and honest,

cause I’m an honest person
and I don’t like to lie.

If you’re just starting out,

and you have an Apple
computer, get Final Cut.

It’s just going to work so much
smoother with the, you know,

whatever camera you have,

or if you’re even editing
smartphone footage.

It’ll just be so much faster to edit,

and so much faster to render.

Now, if you have a PC, you
obviously cannot get Final Cut,

but there is something to think about

if you really are committing
to YouTube, you know, you know,

buying a M1 Macbook at around 1000 bucks

and a $300 program right upfront,

and you never have to make that,
you know, investment again.

It’s not a bad investment
being that your iPhone

or your smartphone was
probably the same price.

And so, I think that’s another
plus side about Final Cut,

you don’t have to worry
about reoccurring fees.

I do think if you are
thinking really wide and big

and broad, that because
Premiere Pro is cross platform,

and you have, maybe, multiple
editors or something,

you know, there’s sometimes entrepreneurs

that watch our videos that is
getting into content creation.

I know people that have
editors and content creators

for personality,

then Premiere Pro is actually
great for that sense.

But if you’re just a solo creator, man,

Final Cut in my opinion
seems to be definitely

the better option to go
if you’re a beginner.

— Omar, I totally agree with you,

especially in investing with a Macbook,

because if you get a Mac, you
get iMovie installed for free

on that computer and you
can start editing right away

without the initial cost of
buying another editing program.

And then it’s going to
prep you for when it’s time

to invest in Final Cut. You can do that,

and it’s going to be a really
easy step into that software.

One thing I do like about Premiere Pro

that I would tell to an editor,

is if you want to do YouTube and, like,

make some really cool professional videos,

and even use something like After Effects,

or even get hired to work on a team.

A lot of people, when
they’re using big teams,

are using Premiere Pro for the
reasons that you mentioned,

you know, just so easy to send projects

off to another editor,
have them finish it up.

And this is something that
I would tell an editor,

if they’re really wanting
to learn Premiere Pro

and After Effects and all
of the ecosystem Photoshop

that goes into that, it’s
actually really valuable,

especially if you want
to get hired as an editor

or a graphic designer.

And another thing that I
want you guys to hear is that

both of these programs
are really, really good.

And a lot of professional
editors are using

both of these programs.

So, if you choose Final Cut Pro,

don’t feel bad that you
don’t have Premiere Pro

and vice versa, both of these
are going to get the job done.

And really, it comes down to storytelling

and how you use these programs
to edit your YouTube videos.

— Yeah, Nolan, I agree.

But, you know, when it comes to editing,

there are some principles you can apply

regardless of what software you’re using.

In this video,

you’re going to learn
some of those principles.

So if you’re editing on your smartphone,

or if you’re using another software,

you can level up your videos,

so click or tap the screen

and we’ll see you in another video.

(outro music)


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