Best Cyber Monday TECH DEALS for YouTube Creators Under $50

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4️⃣ (Video) Best Cheap Mic for YouTube under $50! — Deity V.Lav Review

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In this video, learn what the best cheap youtube gear is on cyber monday deals. These cyber monday deals are perfect for YouTube creators.

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=================== text video ====================

it’s cyber week and we are looking at

the best deals under 50 dollars for

content creators so let’s get right into

it this is one of my favorite uh

headphone hanger hooks this one’s 43 off

right now and this comes in at 8.49 so

this is also a good stocking stuffer

maybe you’re shopping for a content

creator or anybody because a lot of

people use headphones

for gaming or at their setup you know i

built out a studio recently and you can

see that the this is the headphone uh

hanger hook i’m using under ten dollars

that’s a super cool find this 31 off

neewer selfie ring light is kind of cool

if you like that white aesthetic

um you can mount it doesn’t need to be

mounted it’s got the stand so you can

set it behind your laptop and good for

tick-tock kind of selfie reels type

videos or

just live streaming from your phone or

using it as a light source for

teleconferencing kind of cool um this

uber size sophie ring light we’ve talked

about a lot here at think media 20 off

and you can see this video here we’ll

link this up in the description nolan

molt built an entire youtube studio for



and so what’s cool about this if you

notice on screen you can go vertical for

youtube shorts tick tock reels you can

go horizontal for just shooting your

youtube videos

great way to accessorize your smartphone

and the deal on this

is 20 off so super affordable and

there’s a lot of good deals from

ubersize to check out now of course um

i’ve got all of these links summarized

if you expand the description box you’ll

find my affiliate links down in the

description so you can go straight to

these deals

next up is the deity lav mic we’ve

talked about this at length it’s

probably our favorite lav mic the list

price is 60 dollars it is

29 off or 35. i’m not sure if i got the

percentage right but definitely check

out the deity lab mic um we also if you

have questions about sean what are your

favorite recommendations at think media

we summarized all of our top 10

questions we get about tech at which will also help

you find a lot of videos here’s omar

testing out the deity lav mic in fact

let me know in the comments not only uh

what are you shopping for this season

but also what microphone are you using i

know a ton of people in the think media

community have actually picked up one of

these deity lav mics so definitely check

that out

and uh the other one that’s cool is the

dd v-mic d4 now i know this is over 50 i

promised you in the title of this video

a lot of deals right under 50. this one

comes in at 68 right now it’s still 24

off but the thing with the dd lav mic

right is that’s going to connect to your


and it’s going to have a cable this is

going to be that more vlogger shotgun

type of mic they really were innovating

with this though because you are able to

actually record from the back of the mic

and the front and kind of switch between

those because as a vlogger a lot of

times you’ll narrate from behind the

camera and then maybe you’ll go selfie

and you’ll want to record your audio in

front of the camera we’ve tested this

mic at length and uh can absolutely

recommend it and so a super cool buy to

check out and notice that it’s very

small on screen here but amazon will

tell you

if it’s the lowest price in the last 30

days not all deals are necessarily a

great deal and so um definitely when you

see that tag you can know that it’s a

it’s a pretty good deal um so what video

gear is on your list this year what are

you shopping for let me know in the

comments section and today’s cyber

monday stream is actually brought to you

by stream streamyard i am using

streamyard right now boom i’m able to go

full screen super easy i’m managing the

stream all by myself this is a web-based

software we’ve been using it for years

now absolutely love it so big thanks to

streamyard for sponsoring this video and

if you want to actually get ten dollars

off use the link in the bio um or you

can go to stream with think dot com

great way to build out your live

streaming battle station and set up for


mac trim professional camera tripod 62


and uh

this guy is coming in at 23 off now

something to notice about a

tripod like this let’s go to the actual

post you can see the discount i wanted

you to see all the different versatility

of the setups of this including um

some of these that allow you to go

upside down notice this how you can

actually take the center column out flip

it upside down for some overhead

photography or for some kind of macro

photography so these style of tripod are

pretty cool because they’re pretty

versatile um that guy again 49

we’ve used a lot of mac trim tripods

before so

we’re pretty confident in the brand

there but this one really stood out to

me this is a vikicall uh tripod it’s got

great reviews can’t say we’ve tested it

but it comes in at just over 50 dollars

but here’s what i want you to see

it is 80 inches

one of the biggest mistakes people make

when getting a tripod especially if

you’re a tall person is you go what the

heck dude this is like shooting at my

waist i need this to be like eye level

when you’re maybe standing outside and

doing a talking head type of a video or

something like that and so um for 51

dollars at a

uh we’re talking 25 percent off discount

no miss there for


and this one even a little bit more

versatile because you’ve got the monopod

notice that you can see you can pull off

one leg turn it into a monopod which is

kind of cool

and you’ve got the panning head which is

nice those usually are smooth you can

angle you could get close to the ground

and um you also could do the macro

photography so i think that’s a pretty

good buy again i would dig into the

reviews but tall versatile tripod great

budget tripod so i saw that one i

thought yeah this is this would be a buy

that i’d go after if i needed the deal

now mind you this is actually a

lightning deal right now at the time of

recording this there’s only eight hours

left on it so there should be plenty of

time only 45 percent claimed 5119

for a tripod and if you’ve noticed a lot

of these tripods they just slap

different brand names on them k f mac


you know


kial like a lot of times

we like them i’ve never actually

encountered one that i didn’t really

like so it’s kind of seems like it’s

like some kind of a company uh in asia

and china somewhere right and then

people are kind of white labeling them

but this would be one to check out

now let’s look at some desk mount camera

and light stands if you’re going to live

stream in 2022 you want to build out a

battle station as we call them at think

media see i’ve got a desk lighting

tripod or rather

stand and then there’s also you can do

this for your camera as well uh for

cyber monday 30 off this e-mart e-mart

camera desk mount stand so maybe you

just want to take a camera you already


mount it to the back your desk you could

use this stand for a camera you could

use this stand for

a light that you maybe already have but

here’s the thing

one of the missing pieces of a stand

like this is going to be

the ball head right you want to make

sure that you actually don’t have your

camera just forced looking straight

ahead you want to be able to

pan the camera and angle it a little bit


this is a cool find for cyber monday 31

that’s 20 off and there’s an extra two

dollar off coupon

and it’s uh onazi i bought a couple of

these these are the ones that i’m using

in my seattle uh live streaming setup

and so um a little fancier in in terms

of you know you’re gonna get the budget

what’s the stand 20 bucks this is 31.

now you’re at 50

but to save you some money if you don’t

want a more robust notice quick release

plate the cool thing about this is you

can pop the camera on and off with a

quick release plate so you don’t have to

unscrew the whole camera right each time

from the thread but you literally that’s

hence quick release plate and you also

have a little mount on the side just a

little more obviously

this is a great mount so it’s a lot more

features here but this small rig is just

an alternative

27 you get everything you need you’ve


you’ve got the ball head but notice you

have to screw your camera on and off

each time which is fine especially if

you’re just going to leave it there

right and you’re just going to kind of

leave your live streaming setup set up

and uh it’s 20 off and so um definitely

uh something to think about are you

playing do you live stream already i’m

curious and are you planning on live


in the coming years another thing to

notice just to some tips as you’re

shopping cyber week

is um you see the cyber monday deal you

see the percent off you might see some

extra savings now small rig is a brand

we love here at think media and if you

click the applicable promos you can kind

of cut in and see

they’ve got you could get an extra

five percent off their video vlogging


which is 10 off right now but if you

throw both of those things in your cart

then you’ll get a little bit of extra

savings so on amazon i’m always looking

for okay what’s the percent off is there

an extra coupon and is there additional

promotions and i like to look through

all those things as i’m checking out i

prefer to shop on desktop

because um you can see those best but

mobile works as well and so let’s keep

it going and hit the like button if

you’re getting value out of this video

so far now check out this double ball

head ball arm


uh this is a

kind of a niche thing but a lot of

people asked me about this when i was

talking about my live stream setup this

is 30 off and you can grab it for just

seven bucks eight bucks but here’s what

i use it for if you see

uh my live streaming setup here in


there’s a clock that i use and i love

having a clock a big old red clock

shouting at me to keep me going and keep

me moving when i’m live streaming when

i’m creating content um if you’ve ever

you know it’s kind of something that

speakers on stage use too so that you

actually don’t get off track right and

so the way i mount that clock as you can

see i connect it with this little boom

arm to


desk mount light stand or my camera

mount light stand so this clamps on

there allows you to pop it off the side

you could use this for a lot of things

you could put this on a tripod and mount

your audio recorder to it or something

like that and for if you’re curious this

is the clock that i use it’s actually a

fitness timer for gyms um it is on sale

for cyber monday 20 off and there’s an

extra coupon on it at extra five percent

off kind of niche but if you plan on

live streaming uh then that’s something

to definitely um consider as a pro thing

to level up and as a reminder

we are doing tech week all week long uh

what that means is we’re giving away a

complete youtube studio so we’re giving

away a sony zve10 uh lighting kit all

that kind of stuff and we’re just doing

a viewer survey so we can make the best

content for you in 2022 that’s at we actually have 80

off of our youtube made simple course

that’s at we also have

our top 10 faqs

talking about lighting cameras because

obviously i can’t get to all of your

questions right here so i encourage you

if you haven’t visited

and you want to enter that giveaway

definitely check that out

um someone is here saying this isn’t


uh but but it is live jack and i am live

right here and uh

i guess you might have already left but

i’m live good to see you but you might

be out here on the replay in that case

i’m no longer live if you’re watching

this on the replay um all right next up

we’ve got a

nazi st14 smartphone tripod mount now

you can get some very affordable tripod

mounts i mean uh smartphone mounts but

this thing is is super pro so i actually

am in love with this guy i have it on a

much more expensive joby

uh gorillapod pro the aluminum version

and i use this all the time

specifically for instagram live and i

kind of walk around and put on my desk

here put around here selfie around

the the house or the home office uh but

if you’re looking for a pro smartphone

uh phone holder we’re talking 20

off um and uh it’s i can highly

recommend this if you want something

that’s just going to absolutely deliver

for you and it’s not going to be like

those plastic like lower quality

smartphone holders another huge key and

warning is that a lot of these

smartphone holders and smartphone tripod


uh don’t have really this this ball on

the back to allow them to be both

vertical and horizontal so if you’re

shopping around and you see one

sometimes they’ll call it a vlogging kit

assuming you only want to shoot vertical

i mean horizontal assuming you only want

to shoot like youtubers when a lot of

times you might want to shoot youtube

shorts tick tock instagram reels so just

make sure that you can flip it to both

sides and you can also make sure you do

the measurements in case you have a

larger phone um but this is a

again lowest price in the last 30 days

highly recommended

and uh that’s definitely something to

check out this is the la led streaming

key light desktop k7

we’ve talked about this on think media

lowest price in the last 30 days there’s

some real cyber monday deals out here um

this guy’s 26 off and if you buy two of

them they will kick in an extra 10

off i know i’m throwing a lot of

information at you so remember it’s all

summarized in the description down below

um and

um if you um hit like and uh let me know

if you’re um

what you’re shopping for this season uh

drizzy says what are the best deals on

mics i encourage you check out

um because we have uh deity we just

covered it the couple dd mics or what’s

on sale today i’d highly recommend all

of those but at we

have our top 10 questions so i can’t

answer all your questions here but i

have pre-written and done a ton of

research and linked to some of the top

think media videos we just wanted to

summarize it all in one place so that’s

something definitely to check out uh

cheers nico good to see you and uh

microphone started if you’re just

joining watch the replay because i

actually started off the stream with a

lot of microphones um if you want to

learn more about my live streaming setup

and you’re thinking about buying a

battle station building a battle station

in 2022 click or tap the screen to watch

my video all about that check out links

in the description down below including

a more robust list of our best cyber

monday deals on and in the

meantime keep crushing it keep smashing

it and we will talk soon peace