Best CHEAP Cameras For YouTube Videos ($500 Budget)

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1️⃣ Canon DSLR
Canon 80D
(New) (Amazon)

Canon SL2
(New) (Amazon)

2️⃣ Canon M6
(New) (Amazon)

(Video) Canon Ef-M Lens Buyer’s Guide ➡️

3️⃣ GoPro Hero
Hero 9: (Amazon)
Hero 10: (Amazon)

4️⃣ Sony a6300

5️⃣ Canon M50

6️⃣ (Video) Best Vlogging Cameras Under $500

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In this video, Omar shares the best cheap cameras for YouTube.

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=================== text video ====================

when looking for a camera to create

youtube videos chances are is you don’t

have to break the bank if you know what

you need when it comes to the type of

content you’re creating but that’s why

in this video i’ll be sharing five of my

cheapest cameras for youtube all under


so let’s get into it you got to just

press record hey what’s up it’s omar

with think media and i just want to

pre-face all the cameras that i’ll be

sharing in this video are going through

the lens of it being used specifically

for youtube videos and so that’s the

understanding that you may do some

talking head videos kind of like this

maybe you’re going to be vlogging maybe

you’re going to be live streaming uh and

then you’re going to be potentially

using the camera to create thumbnails

and so taking some pictures that is the

lens in which i am recommending these

cameras for and i also want to let you

know to be sure to check out the links

down in the description below for

updated pricing as i will be sharing

some cameras that would be best bought

used to save the most money and with

that being said let’s get into the first

camera which is a canon dslr and

actually i have two of them and the

first one is the canon sl2 other known

as 200d or the canon 80d now what makes

both of these cameras great for youtube

videos is that they have great autofocus

they have canon’s famous dual pixel

autofocus where you can simply tap on

the screen on your face and then it’ll

track your face and keep you in focus

speaking of tapping on your face you

actually also have a flip out screen

which is great to be able to monitor

yourself while you’re filming your

videos or vlogs which is a nice thing to

make sure that your shot composition is

good and that you are in focus both of

these cameras have interchangeable lens

capabilities so you can upgrade your

lens later on or you can change your

lens even when you buy the camera and

one thing to know about a lens in

particular is it’s the lens that

actually gives you the look of your

video and so if you want a really wide

shot you’re going to want to get a wide

lens and so if you’re going to do vlogs

with one of these cameras you’re going

to want to look into a lens that will

produce that look or maybe you want

something that’s more on the medium

tight side that gives you a nice blurry

background either way the ability to

choose is a cool thing about these

cameras both of these cameras have a mic

jack input so you can upgrade the audio

and plug in an external mic whether that

be a lavalier or a shotgun mic that you

would like to put on top of the camera

or boom it so you can get great sounding

audio which is kind of what i like to do

i have a mic boomed right out of the

shot and so that’s something you can do

with these cameras as well both the sl2

and 80d are easy to use cameras and

canon just does a great job at creating

cameras for beginners and so if you are

just starting out these cameras are

great for that i would say the biggest

cons or negatives about these cameras is

that they are dslrs which is kind of

phasing out as we move on which is why

you can get them at such a cheap price

but it’s also that they have a limited

recording limit and you can only record

up to about 30 minutes with these

cameras but all in all both these

cameras are great for creating youtube

videos the next camera i would recommend

is the canon m6 now this is the first

mirrorless camera i’m recommending in

this video unlike the dslr cameras that

i just mentioned this camera is

mirrorless meaning it is just smaller

in nature it does produce a very similar

image but maybe you need a smaller

camera the m6 is a great option the

canon m6 shoots in 1080 and also has

dual pixel autofocus and it also has a

flip up screen as opposed to an

articulating flip out screen uh which

i’ll talk about the con a little bit in

a moment but being able to see yourself

right behind the camera is a super nice

and convenient way to film yourself this

camera also has a great stabilization

features it’s a digital stabilization

but nonetheless really great for

vlogging now this camera does have

interchangeable lenses and they would be

canon efm mount type lenses but there’s

a ton that are offered and actually made

a buyer’s guide for this kind of

camera’s lenses and you can check that

out down in the description below if you

want to look and maybe price out some

lenses because maybe you want to go with

the canon m6 because it is a great

option however i would say the biggest

con with the canon m6 is that because

the flip up screen you’ll just have to

invest into a special plate or cage that

would relocate that cold shoe mount but

definitely would be an inexpensive thing

that you can get for the canon m6 now i

got one more camera that i want to share

and maybe something to consider other

than buying any of these cameras uh

however if you’re getting value in this

video hit that like button and if you

ever wondered how you can make money

with youtube i want to encourage you to

take our free one hour youtube class

found at you’ll learn the

secrets on how you can actually use

youtube to create a part-time or

full-time income and how cool would it

be if you invested in one of these

cameras and then you just looked back a

year from now and this investment made

you so much money i want to encourage

you take that one hour free master class

again found at

or check out the link down in the

description below but the next camera i

want to talk about is the sony

a6300 some of the best things about this

camera is that it shoots in 4k

resolution which gives you a nice sharp

and clear image this camera also has

interchangeable lenses and an audio

input so that you can upgrade those

things as well it also has really great

autofocus and it makes it super easy to

stay in focus while you’re filming

yourself one cool pro feature it has is

that it has a clean hdmi and that simply

means that if you want to use this

camera as a webcam you can simply invest

into a micro hdmi cord and a cheap

capture card and actually use this

camera for your zoom calls or live

streams really taking your webcam

quality to the next level however with

its small size i would say the battery

life isn’t that good it really dies


however you can invest into a continuous

power solution for a very inexpensive

price which is one way to work around

that another con of this camera is it

does have a tendency to overheat in

warmer conditions and sometimes you

would think the condition you’re

shooting in isn’t even that warm but yet

it would still overheat it just has a

tendency to do that especially when you

shoot in 4k so that is something to keep

in mind and another con would be is that

it doesn’t have a screen that flips out

towards you so it doesn’t have a flip up

screen or an articulating screen where

you can see yourself you’ll actually

have to buy an attachment that you can

put on the cold shoe but that’s another

investment in order to see yourself but

i would say just for the price you’re

probably gonna get the best image out of

all the cameras that i mentioned in this

video and then the final con i would say

is that it just doesn’t have any

stabilization technology in it so if you

are going to use the sony a6300 to vlog

it’s probably gonna be a little bit

shaky uh maybe you can get around it

with certain lenses that have optical

steady shot or that are super wide but

nonetheless i would say this camera

really shines when using it in a

controlled environment and not

necessarily outside vlogging and doing

gnarly things like that the next camera

is a gopro hero 9 or 10 and we’ve

covered the gopro a ton on this channel

and nolan has covered different

accessories for it the best settings for

it and it is a great camera particularly

for vlogging and so if you need a camera

setup that you don’t have to think about

the settings but you want to capture

what’s going on then the gopro is a

great option and i would say that this

camera is the cheapest camera that

produces the highest resolution i

wouldn’t say necessarily it looks better

because you can’t get a blurry

background with the gopro which is a con

because it’s a fixed lens and so you

can’t really change the lens out however

it does produce high resolutions which

is nice for being able to crop in and

out of your shots the reason i do

recommend getting the gopro hero 9 maybe

over the 10 is because you now have some

money to invest into some accessories

and i would encourage for sure to invest

in an external mic solution which would

cost you right around eighty dollars to

be able to do that and so maybe the nine

would be better in that case because you

want good audio out of your videos now

because this camera has a very small

sensor because of its small size it

doesn’t do too well in low light and so

you’re going to need really great

lighting conditions to produce a great

shot and so it really works best with

the sun being your light source but if

you have a studio setup kind of like

this i wouldn’t recommend getting a

gopro however you can use a gopro like

this you’re just going to need to supply

a lot of lighting if you want it to look

good with whatever you’re filming but if

you think that you’re going to be

creating vlogs like lifestyle videos for

your youtube channel then i would

encourage you to check out nolan’s

breakdown of the best vlogging cameras

under 500

and i’ll post a link to that down in the

description below or you can check out

that video at the end of this video now

the next camera is kind of the legendary

youtube camera and that is the canon m50

now this camera doesn’t retail at around

500 but you can totally buy this camera

used for under 500 and i would say is

one of the better cameras that i talked

about in this video because it is

reliable it’s proven and it is just a

great camera for youtube it has

everything you would think you’d need it

has the mic jack input the flip out

screen the great auto focus the small

form factor now it does shoot in 4k but

i wouldn’t recommend to shoot in 4k

however it is an incredible 1080p camera

and i definitely think it’s a great

camera to consider i really think hand

in hand it would be like the a6300 or

the canon m50 when it comes to this

price point and really when it comes to

these two i think the deciding factor

would be reliability and canon cameras

are just a lot more reliable than the

older sony cameras and so the canon 50

100 a great option if you are under the

500 budget however however i have one

more thing i want to tell you about and

that is to potentially use 500

to invest into your smartphone

smartphones as of late shoot in 4k they

also have great autofocus they’re easy

to use they do technically have mic jack

inputs and you can totally accessorize

them and make them shine a lot of people

don’t think that they can use their

smartphone to create youtube videos but

you get an awesome light a wireless

microphone a wide angle lens a gimbal a

tripod literally everything you need to

film videos for 500 and that would be on

the side of getting quality equipment

which you can use once you buy a camera

and so i definitely think that there is

something that you need to ask yourself

and that is if you want to use your

smartphone to create the content because

it is the easiest way to do it because

if you buy a 500 camera that is a little

bit outdated you still have to buy the

other things because all these cameras

that i just mentioned in this video

won’t shine unless you have a good audio

and light solution as well as a tripod

to hold it up and things like that so

that’s something to take into

consideration that when you buy a camera

for youtube there’s definitely some

other things that you’ll want to

consider when investing in one but all

that to say whether you’re vlogging or

creating talking head videos consider a

smartphone studio investment if you’re

looking to move faster and also make the

right investment upfront of lightings

and mics but if you want to check out a

video where i break down that 500 dollar

setup around your smartphone then you

can click or tap the screen or check out

that other video that i mentioned that

nolan did about vlogging cameras under


you can click or tap the screen and i

can’t wait to see you in a future video





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