Best CHEAP Camera Accessories for Your Smartphone!

Check out my 5 favorite cheap smartphone accessories for video! ****** Learn how to make a YouTube Video with Your Smartphone HERE ➡️

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📒 Show Notes 📒

1️⃣ Deity D4 Mini Shotgun Mic
Deity Lav Mic
Lightning Adapter

2️⃣ ZHIYUN Smooth-X Gimbal

3️⃣ Wide Angle Lens Kit
$45 Premium Wide Angle Lens

4️⃣ Smartphone Mobile Monitor

5️⃣Anker Wireless Power Bank

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In this video, Omar shares his 5 favorite cheap smartphone accessories for video. These iPhone video and photography accessories are great for beginners trying to make youtube videos.

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=================== text video ====================

— One of the best cameras
you could be using

to create content online
has to be your smartphone.

It’s so easy to use and
straight out of camera,

video looks incredible.

However, you can actually accessorize

your smartphone’s camera to
get even better video out of it

and level up the production value.

And that’s why in this video,

I’ll be sharing my five
favorite cheap accessories

for video like this lens kit

that you can add on for under 30 bucks.

But we have so many
things I wanna break down,

so let’s get into it right now.

You gotta just press record.
(camera shuttering)

Hey, what’s up? It’s Omar
Eltakrori with Think Media,

helping you build your
influence with online video

and on this channel,

we always talk about
the best tips and tools

on how you can build your
influence, especially on YouTube.

Just like this video,

we’ll be sharing some of the best

accessories for your smartphone.

And I’ll be sure to post everything down

in the description below as
well as to some alternatives

and also some special notable mentions.

And I want to encourage
you to click those links

because sometimes on Amazon, specifically,

you can buy used and save.

And what I love about Amazon
is they actually warranty

their used stuff oftentimes.

And so, be sure to check out those links

down in the description below.

But the first thing I wanna
talk about, hands-down,

has to be your audio upgrade.

We say 50% of video is audio.

And I wanna shout out Deity
Mics because specifically,

and they’re not sponsoring this video,

but the Deity D4 Mini
and the Deity lav mic.

Now both of these mics
come in at under $50

at the time of shooting
this video here in the US

and what I love most
about both of these mics,

is they require no battery.

They plug straight into your smartphone

and then they work great.

Now, it is important to know the use cases

that you may wanna use this with.

For instance, if you wanted
to use this shotgun mic

for vlogging, it’s a great setup,

because you can just vlog
and it’ll pick up the audio

really nice from you.

I’m actually using a very
similar mic like that

to shoot this audio as well.

And I love it because it
plugs straight into the camera

and it sounds good.

And that’s what’s also
cool about this mic,

is when you graduate from the smartphone,

you could still use it on
whatever camera you use,

if it has a mic jack input.

It is important to note,

that you may want a adaptor based off of

whatever smartphone you have.

So I have the lightening adapter.

But this mic sounds so
good and it’s so clean,

but is best when you use
your smartphone for vlogging,

or if you’re doing some talking
head video, up close to it.

This works best the closer you are to it.

As you saw the one right here,

it’s literally right out of the frame.

The second mic I wanna highlight
is the Deity V.Lav Mic,

which we absolutely love
here at Think Media,

and it has a super long
cable, about five meters long,

and you can plug it into
a smartphone or a camera.

But what’s cool about this mic,
is it clips onto your shirt.

And so, you don’t have to
be close to your smartphone

or camera to be able
to pick up good audio.

You just need to clip it
up close to your mouth

in this general vicinity

and you’ll be able to
capture really good audio.

And I do love how long the cable is.

Sometimes it can get kind of
tangled in your bag and stuff,

but nonetheless for $50 and
you’re leveling up your audio

very simply, but also effectively,

is just one of the best
investments you can make

when it comes to creating
content with your smartphone.

Now, the next cheap accessory
is the ZHIYUN Smooth-X.

This is a $30 smartphone gimbal.

Yes, I said $30 smartphone gimbal

that keeps your phone stabilized

when you’re doing any moving
shots, or if you’re vlogging.

You can also put it in
vertical mode like so.

Literally under $30 and you
can have a two axis gimbal.

Now this is a two axis gimbal,

meaning it doesn’t do any
tilting, but for the most part,

this is one of the best selfie
sticks you could ever have.

And this is not the only thing,

it literally extends
out and it bends back.

So you’re literally
having the most smoothest

ability to vlog and stuff.

Now it’s $30 for just the gimbal

and if you wanna pay a little bit more,

you can get the little tripod
legs that come with it.

I just got this.

I took a gimbal to Disneyland
and it was just so fun

to be able to get super
cool cinematic shots.

But more than that,

I think just to have a
stationary selfie stick.

So if you are gonna vlog,

this is not a bad thing to pick up

and especially at its price point.

Other competitors are definitely up in the

$100 range or more.

But knowing that this is a two axis gimbal

is something to note.

So if you wanna do some tilting action,

you may wanna get something like

the DJI Osmo version of this,

which is a three axis camera,
or a three axis gimbal.

But nonetheless, has a
nice little joystick,

has a nice little app that goes with it,

but this is definitely a
cool little piece of tech

that I think everyone
can have in their kit,

knowing that if you’re
gonna get some cool shots

or even down low shots,
because of the selfie stick,

you can bring it down to the ground

and kind of follow
really low to the ground

without having to bend over too much

and keep the camera stable.

And so that is the ZHIYUN
Smooth-X, a gimbal under $30.

The next cheap accessory I would recommend

is this $25 lens kit for your smartphone.

This lens kit comes with a telephoto lens,

as well as a macro
lens, a wide angle lens,

a super wide angle lens,

like those Beastie Boys
music videos videos

and stuff in the ’90s.

But super affordable and
definitely levels up your video,

especially when you use the newer iPhones

with cinematic mode.

It’s literally incredible
and blows my mind

what you’re able to produce
now out of a smartphone,

but adding a different look to it

by adding a lens on top of it,

can definitely level it up
and is a very inexpensive way

to get a cool, clean look.

Now, I got two more accessories
I wanna share with you,

especially one being one
nobody really knows about,

and I’m excited to show it to you,

but if you’re getting value in this video,

hit that like button.

But let me know down in the comments below

what camera or smartphone
you’re using currently,

to create content with and
what, out of these accessories,

you like the most.

Would love to know down
in the comments below.

Now, kind of what I was
mentioning just a moment ago

about the rear camera
being the better camera,

when you use your
smartphone to film yourself,

it’s kind of hard to see
yourself because you can’t,

because you’re looking at the lens, right?

But what’s so cool is I
found this mirror accessory

that comes in at around $25,

that if you have a cold shoe
Mount on your smartphone clamp,

you can actually Mount this mirror

and then you can see yourself
while you’re filming yourself.

And this is really nice to know

that your camera is recording,

that you didn’t run out of space

or your battery didn’t die mid record.

So what’s so cool about
this Niceyrig Mirror Monitor

is with a couple of hinges,

you can literally have a
monitor for your smartphone

and it’s just a really
neat thing that you can buy

if you’re creating content

and if you wanna get the
best out of your smartphone.

But it is important to note
that you want a cold shoe mount,

to make sure that you can put it on

whatever clamps on your phone.
So just be sure you do that.

And we’ll link one down in
the description below as well.

The next cheap accessory
is kind of unexpected

’cause it doesn’t directly help you film.

I just think it’s important
to have a power bank,

if you are using your
smartphone to create content.

We already use this to do
text messages and phone calls

and having something that
can juice up your smartphone

is really key.

And I love this Anker Mobile Charger

because it has wireless charging.

So, if I turn it on and
then I put my phone on it

and my phone’s charging

and I could just lay this
on the table and it charges.

Oftentimes, I don’t wanna
carry around a cable,

a lightening cable to plug into my phone.

Omar, you’re so lazy,
just get a lightening.

No. I don’t want it. I’m
a minimalist. All right.

No, I’m just kidding.

I actually wanna be a
minimalist, I try really hard,

but I fail all the time

because my wife likes to go shopping.

You can just literally lay
it on a surface like this,

but if you wanted to, of course
you could plug in your USB

and charge up.

But just a neat thing, again,
when we went to Disneyland,

I wish I had something
like this that I can just

charge up my phone
while we’re hanging out.

This comes in at under $50

and it holds an incredible
charge. And I think, hands down,

if you’re creating content
with your smart phone,

you should have a power
bank of some sorts.

And so, I would encourage
to go with this one,

especially if you have wireless charging.

And even if you don’t, you probably will,

by the next time you upgrade your phone.

So invest into something
that is future-proof

for your smartphone.

Now, those are just some cheap accessories

to level up your smartphone’s
video and production value.

However, if you wanna learn
how to create better content

with your smartphone, be sure
to click or tap the screen.

And I can’t wait to see you
in a future video, peace.

(upbeat music)


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