BEST Camera For YouTube Beginners 2021

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4️⃣ Canon M50
Mark I:
Mark II:

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In this video, Nolan & Omar break down the best cameras for YouTube Beginners. These Cameras are great for starting your YouTube Channel and will allow you to learn as you go.

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=================== text video ====================

— If you’re looking to start
creating YouTube videos,

chances are, as you don’t need a camera

that’s gonna make it harder

for you to actually start creating videos.

So that’s why in this video,

we’re gonna be talking about
some of the best options

when it comes to cameras for beginners.

I’ll be talking about some pros and cons

as well as some features

that you need to know
about with these cameras

so that you make the right purchase

and buy the right camera to
start creating YouTube videos.

Let’s go.

— [Narrator] You gotta just press record.

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to you by StreamYard.

Hey, what is up?

It’s Omar Eltakrori with Think Media

and this channel is all about helping you

with the best tips and tools

to help build your influence on YouTube.

And now when it comes to buying a camera,

I really think about
two things to consider.

First, it’s that the camera you go with

gives you what you are looking
for and is easy to use.

The second thing to note

is that the camera you end up going with

gives you the ability to grow with it,

and what I mean by that is,

the ability or maybe potential
to swap out the lenses

or add some accessories like
mikes or lighting to it.

All these things come into play,

especially with different use cases

like if you’re going to live stream.

Now, I’ll be going through
five different cameras.

And as I talk about these cameras,

I’ll actually be using them

so that you get a good example
of what they look like.

The first camera being the
smartphone that’s in your pocket.

So I really love shooting
videos on the smartphone

because hands down it’s
the most easiest way

to start creating content

because it’s simply just
turn on the camera and go.

I’m actually using my iPhone 13 mini,

it’s like the cheapest
version of the iPhone

that you can get.

And I have the wireless mic hooked up.

And that’s what’s cool about smartphones

is you can totally accessorize them.

And another cool thing about smartphones

is that they have two different lenses.

So right now I’m using
the wide angle lens on it

which in good lighting looks really great

and it’s awesome for vlogging.

And so if you’re looking to
get more of a tighter shot,

you can turn on the other lens,

which this is kind of like the main lens,

the medium wide lens on the iPhone mini.

But I know smartphones go up
to three, four lenses nowadays,

which is crazy.

All that to say, shooting on a smartphone

is just one of the easiest ways

to just get started making YouTube videos.

In the past, I would say that
smartphone’s biggest flaw

was that they don’t really
give you a blurry background,

but as of late, not only do they…

Like the last shot you just saw
has a nice blurry background

when using that main lens on an iPhone 13.

But now this iPhone has
implemented cinematic mode,

which gives you an artificial background,

not a real blurry background,

but an artificial blurry background,

which is what a lot of
people are looking for.

And so when we’re talking about cameras

that you’re looking for

that will give you the
look you’re going for,

an iPhone 13 is one of the best options.

And I have the cheapest one.

I know what I’m saying generally speaking

the smartphone will allow
you to do all these things,

but I would say if you’re
considering making YouTube videos,

not a bad investment would
be to get a newer smartphone

because you’re actually going to use it

as a workhorse camera.

So I actually invested
into an iPhone 13 mini,

which is the cheapest,
however, I did get more space.

And so with that being said,

I would say the biggest con

to using your smartphone to create content

most likely will be that
this is your smartphone,

you use it for phone calls,

you use it for text messaging.

And so it might fill up in
space and things like that.

So planning ahead and
investing in a smartphone

you know you’re going
to use to create content

is not the worst idea

and I think is actually a great idea,

especially being all the things

you can do with a smartphone.

You can get good lighting and a good mic

and it’ll sound and look phenomenal,

especially if you’re out and about

and you have good lighting
even with the sun.

And another incredible thing

about using your smartphone
to create YouTube videos

is that it’s probably the only 4K camera

that you can film videos in and edit them

and then post them.

You’re talking like the entire
process of creating YouTubes

could be done on one device,

which I think is something
to take into consideration.

But although the smartphone

is one of the best ways

to get started creating YouTube videos,

if you’re ready to make a
purchase and you watch to do

you just want to buy a camera

and you wanna go legit from the get go,

there are some great camera options.

So I’m actually going to pass it to Nolan

from the Think team,

and he’s going to talk about the GoPro

and the best use cases for that camera.

Take it away Nolan.

— Thanks so much.

Now, I totally agree,

the GoPro really is a
fantastic camera for beginners

mainly because it’s automatic.

So I can just pull this out,

I can hit record and I
don’t really have to worry

about shutter speed and aperture ISO.

If you don’t know what that means,

it doesn’t really matter on this GoPro.

What you’re seeing now
is the GoPro Hero 10,

and it’s a $500 camera.

You can get the GoPro Hero 9 for $400.

So that’s gonna matter

if you are in the price range
for buying a camera like this.

But really this camera is gonna be great

for those adventurers.

If you’re someone who likes to hike

or you like to go surfing
or do really cool stuff,

this is a great camera
because it’s waterproof,

it’s dust resistant and you can
just kind of throw it around

and do a lot with this camera

which you can’t do that with most cameras.

Now, I also like the colors
that you get out of the GoPro.

Right now this is just ungraded.

So this is the colors you’re gonna get

straight out of the camera
and it looks pretty good.

You’re also able to shoot
in 4K resolution and up.

So if you need to crop in a little bit,

you can definitely do
that with this camera

because you have that extra space there.

Now, if you are someone who
does like to go on adventures

and you just need that action camera,

this is definitely the
perfect camera for you.

When it comes down to it,

this isn’t really the
best vlogging camera.

‘Cause right now I have a
shotgun microphone, a cheap one,

and the media mod,

and it just kinda builds up

when you start to add that stuff on it

and it’s kinda needed

because the audio on the
GoPro isn’t the best.

However, if you are someone
who just wants to go on hikes,

you wanna record cool memories

or get really cool underwater shots,

the GoPro is a beast
when it comes to that.

It’s really small and it packs
a lot inside of this camera.

Now the cons would be that

this camera doesn’t really
give you that blurry background

that you can get with other cameras.

However, it does have 4K so
you’re able to kind of punch in,

but that can be a con if
you don’t have the space

to actually edit 4K.

If you don’t have a great computer,

then these file sizes might be
a little bit too big for you.

And those would be some of the cons

of when going with the GoPro.

But overall for a beginner,

this is a fantastic
camera and it’s super cool

in all the different ways
that you can use this thing.

So I definitely think

that the GoPro deserves to be on the list

for the best cameras for beginners.

— Thank you so much Nolan for the GoPro.

Man, the GoPro is such a cool camera.

I just think it’s one of
the easiest cameras to use

’cause there’s not too
many things going on.

And if you’re definitely one
that travels or does fun stuff,

a cool way to capture
that is with a GoPro.

But the next camera I wanna
talk about is the Sony ZV-1.

This is a point and shoot camera

that comes in at around $748

at a time of shooting
this video here in the US.

And what’s so cool about this camera

is that similar to the GoPro,

you kinda get everything in the package.

Like this isn’t a camera that
you could change the lens on,

it is a camera with a lens built into it.

And it’s a very versatile lens being that

it’s a 24 to 70 equivalent lens,

meaning, I’m about 24 millimeters here

and I can zoom all the way into 70

just like you see right here.

But I don’t know if you want
to see the pores of my face.

That’s kind of weird.

So I’m not going to do that to you.

But this is an incredible camera

that straight out of the
box looks incredible.

Shoots 4K video, has no record limit,

has a great image straight
out of the camera,

and is also great for
live streaming as well

because it has a clean HTMI.

So if you plan on leveling
up maybe your live streams

or even your video conference calls,

the ZV-1 is a great camera to do so.

Another cool feature about the Sony ZV-1

is that there’s an internal
ND filter inside of the camera

so that when I am filming outside,

I can actually put on that ND filter

and it will give me a
nice blurry background,

which for a camera this small

to give me this much blurry background,

I think is pretty sweet.

And the camera also has a
flip out articulating screen

so you could simply see yourself

when you are filming yourself.

Another cool thing about the ZV-1

is that it has incredible auto-focus

specifically eye auto-focus

and its ability to really track your eye

no matter where you are

is just really impressive in my book.

Another really cool feature
about Sony cameras as of 2020

that I don’t hear much people talk about

is their intelligent auto modes.

This isn’t just your simple program auto

like other camera brands.

No, Sony does an incredible job

at being able to identify a scene

and adjust settings accordingly.

So if you wanna just keep it

in intelligent auto video
mode or even photo mode,

you’re gonna be super
happy with the results.

However, I would say the biggest con

when it comes to this
camera is the focal length.

The fact that you cannot change the lens

might be something that
you may struggle with,

but if you like what this looks like,

and I’m about arm’s length distance,

maybe a little bit closer to
the arm’s length distance,

and you’re gonna be okay.

But most people who like to log typically

like more of the wide shot

to show off more what’s
happening around you.

And the only way you can
do that with the ZV-1

is to buy this accessory that’s about $50.

Some people would say
it’s a little impractical.

I think it’s a pretty cool accessory.

I used to have it on the camera itself.

That is the Sony ZV-1,
an incredible camera.

And I actually, I will post the links down

to every camera I talk about
down in the description below

as well as some of the videos

that we’ve made around these cameras.

So if you want to get
deeper into any camera,

be sure to check out those
links down in the description.

So this next camera, I would
just be straight up with you.

It’s also a Sony camera,

but this is probably my favorite camera

for creating content.

And that is the Sony ZV-E10.

This is a $798 camera.

So it’s just about $50
more than the Sony ZV-1.

However, the biggest difference 100%

is the fact that it has
interchangeable lenses.

So if you’re looking to get

a different look out of the camera,

you can simply change the lens

and get either a more wide
shot or a more compressed shot.

Right now I’m shooting on the kit lens

that comes with the camera
at this price point.

But I love this camera
for so many reasons.

One reason is that it’s small,

It also has a flip out screen
so you could see yourself.

It also has the mic jack,
so you can plug in a mic.

It also shoots in 4K.

It also has awesome autofocus.

It has all the things that the ZV-1 has

and just a little bit more.

One of the absolute coolest
features about these ZV-E10

is when using it for live streaming,

all you need is a USB
cable, no special software,

no special hardware,

just a USB cable plugged
into your computer or laptop,

and you can use this camera

for live streams and Zoom
calls and things like that,

which leads me to talk about
the sponsor of this video,

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StreamYard is how we go
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StreamYard makes it so
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You could share your screen
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But probably one of the coolest features

is that you could bring
on guests so easily,

so you can conduct interviews
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And really it’s one of the best ways

and the most easiest ways to live stream.

Shout at the StreamYard
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And if you wanna check them
out and try them out yourself,

be sure to check out the link
down in the description below.

I think the Sony ZV-E10

is definitely one of my favorite cameras

and is like the number
one camera I recommend

most new content creators

who are looking to get into
creating YouTube videos.

Now there’s just one more
camera that I wanna show you

and I would say up to this point,

it is the most popular
YouTube camera of all time.

And that has to be Canon M50 Mark I

or the Canon 50 Mark II.

These are both small cameras from Canon.

The best-selling camera
I think of all time

when it comes to creating
content and YouTube videos.

The Mark I comes in at $664

at the time of shooting this video,

but let’s make sure it’s clear.

I got a faster car now.

All that to say,

this is a very affordable
mirrorless camera.

Like these ZV-E10, it’s
also a mirrorless camera.

What’s cool about this camera is that

it is also interchangeable lens cameras,

and so if you wanted to upgrade the lens

and you wanted to start vlogging

and get like this lens right here

which I have, it’s an 11 to 22.

If I zoom out, I got a super wide shot

and it really makes creating
content a lot more easier

when you have this much room to work with,

especially when it comes to vlogging.

It also has a flip out screen.

And just without a doubt,

Canons are just really good for beginners

because they’re super easy to use.

There’s even beginner modes
with these kinds of cameras.

So it actually kinda like

teaches you how to use the camera

and get the most out of
it, which is what I love.

I would say the biggest
con of the Canon M50

is that it doesn’t shoot good video in 4K.

It’s kind of like unreliable.

The super big crop, the autofocus is gone.

Like right now I’m shooting in 1080

and I’m scaling it up to 4K
because all the other cameras,

including my smartphone shot in 4K.

So that’s just something
to take into consideration.

However, it is important to note

that most people watch
their videos on their phones

and you can’t quite necessarily
watch 4K on your phone yet.

So even though I upload a 4K
video file on Think Media,

if you’re watching this on your phone,

you’re watching it in 1080.

So you wouldn’t really be
able to know the difference

in that sense.

However, it is important
to note that nowadays

you can get 4K on your smartphone

and the 4K and the M50
isn’t that reliable.

Now I’d love to hear your thoughts

on which camera you like the best

and which one you think

would be the best for getting started.

As far as my opinion goes,

I guess to answer the question,

what is the best camera for beginners?

I definitely think the smartphone

is what you need to get started with.

Like start creating videos
with your smartphone.

Creating YouTube videos
has so many implied tasks

and the chances are

is most people who
actually invest in cameras

before getting started

end up being paralyzed by all the things

that come with using a camera.

But just hitting record on a smartphone

and just getting started is
what you really need to do.

Now, if I were to choose,

if I started YouTube today
for the very first time,

especially knowing what I know now,

the camera I would actually
invest in is the Sony ZV-E10.

I really believe that’s the best camera

and value you get for the price.

This camera, not only is it easy to use,

but it gives me the
look that I’m going for,

and it gives me the ability to grow,

knowing that I can change
the lens to get a better look

or I can film long form videos.

Like if I wanted to start a
video podcast or something,

or even shoot long form
videos if it’s like this,

and the ability to live stream so easy.

And so I can level up my Zoom calls

as well as my live stream.

I mean, really it’s
probably the best camera

that checks off those two boxes

that I mentioned earlier in the video.

But that would be my thoughts

and I’d love to know your thoughts.

And if you’ve got value in this video,

let me know by hitting that like button.

And we really do believe
that making an investment

is what you’re doing

because you can actually use
YouTube to make some money.

And we teach how you can do that

in our free one hour YouTube class

which you can find at

and I’ll post the link down
in the description below

if you’d like to check
out that free class.

But if you want to go deeper

in any of these cameras
that I talked about,

make sure to check out
the description below

as well as some accessories I used

as far as mics and things like that.

But if you want to check out another video

from us here at Think Media,

be sure to click or tap the screen,

and I can’t wait to see you
in a future video, peace.

(upbeat music)


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