Best 4K Drone for the Money! (DJI Mini 2 Review)

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In this video, Nolan shares the best 4k drone under $500. This DJI Mini 2 Review will give you the answer to the question, What is the best drone to buy for beginners.

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=================== text video ====================

the dji mini 2 was released one year ago and 
is still one of the best mini drones to buy if  

you’re looking to get into the drone space the 
reason the dji mini 2 is so popular is for a few  

reasons first of all this drone is really light 
weighing in at 249 grams this means you don’t have  

to register the drone and you don’t need a license 
to fly it recreationally it’s also a very small  

drone which makes it very easy to travel with and 
thirdly the price is quite affordable coming in at  

450 dollars if you’ve ever shopped around for a 
drone you know that the prices can get expensive  

fast and lastly the camera on this drone is 
really impressive you can shoot beautiful 4k  

video you can also take raw photos really it’s 
a great drone for the online creator or for the  

hobbyist who wants to get their first photo or 
video drone this drone does have some unique  

features that make it really professional and 
easy to use so i’m gonna break down why this  

drone is a great purchase for the price who should 
buy it and overall my experience with this drone  

the things i really like about it and the things i 
don’t all coming out you got to just press record  

so first off i want to talk about the camera 
and the image quality and as i show you footage  

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all right so what did you think of the image 
quality for 450 dollars i know for me i was super  

surprised and i was really impressed with the 
image quality that i was getting out of the video  

on this drone like i said you can shoot 4k up to 
30 frames per second you can also shoot in 2.7 k  

up to 60 frames per second and you can see 
right here it still looks really really good  

it looks sharp and you can slow it down to get 
some nice slow motion you also can shoot 1080 up  

to 60 frames per second but the quality just 
isn’t as good as the 2.7 k or the 4k on this  

drone you’re not going to have any color profile 
so you just have one standard look that you’re  

getting out of this drone but the cool thing is 
you can still grade it kind of add your own touch  

to it in post though i wish it did have a flat 
image profile you still get a really good image  

out of this drone just out of the standard colors 
now when they announced this drone they said that  

it’s going to have a four times zoom and that’s 
not really true so let’s talk about that first  

of all in 4k you are able to zoom in two times 
however after looking at the footage side by side  

what i realized is it’s not really a 4k two times 
zoom happening and you can see this because if i  

take my regular 4k footage and i just scale it 
200 add just a little bit of sharpness to it it  

looks the exact same so really this zoom that 
they are doing is completely digital adding a  

little bit of sharpness so it does look sharper 
but you can do the exact same thing if you just  

shoot everything in 4k and then zoom in in post 
and these tests turn out the exact same for the  

2.7 k which zooms in three times and the 1080 
which zooms in four times and then all my tests  

you don’t get any more detail by using the in-app 
zoom if you just scale your 4k footage you are  

going to get the same exact detail as doing it in 
the zoom using the remote control so for me this  

feature is kind of useless because i’d rather just 
shoot in 4k and be able to crop in if i need to do  

that now i didn’t have any filters for this drone 
but if you do want to buy some nd filters you can  

buy them for this drone now let’s talk about the 
ease of use and just kind of my impressions with  

using this drone and what you can expect first of 
all i have to say that i had so much fun flying  

this drone it really was a blast i was just 
out there kind of flying it around getting cool  

different shots one of the cool things because it 
is so small is you’re able to fly it through into  

tight spaces and i was able to do this to get some 
really cool shots or even be able to fly it close  

to the ground to get a really cool perspective 
now this drone does not have obstacle avoidance  

so if you’re going to fly it into something it’s 
not going to stop itself automatically you do  

have to be very careful with this drone that’s 
very typical when you see these drones under 500  

they’re not going to have obstacle avoidance 
however when you do lower your drone it is  

going to sense the ground and so it is not going 
to let itself just smack into the ground directly  

below it when you’re trying to land it you can do 
this very easily just by holding that down button  

it’s going to reach its point and then 
it’s going to slowly land the drone  

i was also surprised with how quiet the drone is 
and i think this is a plus because you don’t want  

a loud drone at a park just gathering a bunch of 
eyes you kind of just want to be doing your own  

thing and because of this most people don’t 
notice the drone until it comes close enough

now as far as connections go i had no problems 
connecting my phone to the remote control and  

then connecting it to the drone itself the 
whole process was really fast and easy to do  

and when you’re actually up in the air you have a 
very strong signal i was flying the drone pretty  

far away and i had a perfect signal no drop frames 
no glitches nothing like that everything was  

connected perfectly and this is because of the new 
ocusync 2.0 so the previous version had a wi-fi  

extended range type of connection which is 
not as reliable as the ocusync 2.0 and this  

gives you a 10 kilometer range and that is a 
long distance and i didn’t even need to take  

my drone that far i literally probably couldn’t 
even see it at that distance but it will stay  

connected and i had no issues flying this drone 
a great feature too is when your battery gets  

low you actually have a return to home option 
and this thing is just going to send your drone  

straight up into the air that way it avoids 
any trees or buildings so if it gets too low  

and you’re really far away it’s not just 
gonna fly back at the level that it’s at  

it’s gonna go up to its maximum distance to avoid 
anything from you know hitting and then it’s gonna  

go all the way over to your home spot and then 
come straight down and land at home and this was  

really really accurate seeing the whole thing 
happen return to home when i had my low battery  

it actually made me feel really good i knew 
that if i went out and i lost the drone and  

the battery was dying and i couldn’t see where it 
was that this was going to save me if i needed it  

so i was really impressed with having that 
feature on this drone at this price range  

as far as the build quality this drone is high 
tech i’ve used a lot of dji drones in the past  

and this is no different when it comes to their 
drones they are built really well even though it’s  

really small and compact this is gonna do just 
fine in some winds of course if it’s crazy windy  

i wouldn’t want to fly my drone out there but 
if there are winds outside this thing is gonna  

do just fine the build quality for the controller 
is no different this thing is fantastic and i love  

how big this is because the battery is big on this 
thing and with that let’s talk about battery life  

and for the controller this thing lasted all day 
long now i had three batteries for the drone and  

then you have the battery that is just built in 
to the controller itself and the controller lasted  

all day long and outperformed all the batteries if 
you plan on flying your drone a lot i definitely  

do recommend picking up those extra batteries 
you do get about 30 minutes of fly time which  

is pretty good and so i was getting that i was 
filming a lot i was moving the drone around and  

i still got about 30 minutes with each battery 
however if you’re going on a hike and you want  

to stay light i think i could see myself just 
bringing one battery maybe a spare battery so i  

have an hour flight time which would be enough 
for me to get all the shots that i needed if i  

was just going on a hike or going somewhere where 
i wanted to get a couple cool shots but one of the  

really cool things about this drone is you can 
plug usb-c into it and start charging it so if i  

was on a hike i could get 30 minutes of shots and 
then i could take it down put it in my backpack  

plug it in have it charge all day long 
and then i could go out and shoot again  

i think this drone is perfect for someone like me 
who wants to get really cool video but they don’t  

want to carry around a huge drone the camera is 
amazing it’s portable it’s small it’s reliable  

it’s really a great drone a beginner drone for 
most of the people out there and i say beginner  

drone because you can always upgrade over time but 
this is a great drone to get started if you just  

want to get in under 500 now if you’re someone 
who’s looking to create videos for youtube then  

click on the screen to check out our best camera 
for youtube and i’ll see you guys in another video