Beginner vs PRO Camera: Can You Tell the Difference?

In this video, Nolan compares a $700 Camera to a $4400 Camera. Can you tell the difference? ****** Check out the Sony ZV-1 Camera HERE ➡️ ***** Check out the Sony A7Siii Camera Here ➡️

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1️⃣ Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera for Content Creators

2️⃣ Sony Alpha 7S III Full-frame Mirrorless Camera

3️⃣ Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 for Sony Mirrorless Full Frame E Mount

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In this video, Nolan shares the sony zv-1 vs the Sony a7siii. There is a HUGE price difference in these two Sony cameras let us know in the comments if you can tell the difference.

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=================== text video ====================

— In this video,

we’re comparing a $700
camera to a $4,400 camera.

That’s a $3,650 difference.

A pretty expensive difference.

With that big of a price difference,

we’re wondering if the image
quality is that different.

And that’s what we’re
gonna be looking at today

with the Sony A7S III
versus the Sony ZV-1.

— [Man] You gotta just press Record.

— Hey, it’s Nolan Molt with Think Media,

where we bring you the best tips and tools

for creating YouTube content.

With that being said, this
comparison today truly is

for the YouTube content creators.

So, if you wanna make YouTube videos

and you’re looking at
buying the Sony ZV-1,

maybe you’re looking at
spending a bunch of money

and buying the Sony A7S III,

well, this is the perfect video for you.

Obviously, there’s a lot of differences

between these cameras.

One has a really tiny battery

and the other one can shoot
10-bit video recording.

Now, without getting into the weeds,

I really wanted to look at
these two cameras side-by-side,

focusing in on the image quality.

I wanna find out for myself

and if you guys can
truly tell a difference

between this expensive
camera and this cheap camera.

And I’ve been using the Sony A7S III

for about six months now,

creating these YouTube
videos on this channel

and that’s what I’m using right now.

Or is it?

I’ll tell you later.

Okay, let me explain how
this test is going to work.

For each camera, I am
going to use them the way

that I personally would use them

and I think most people
would use them as well.

On the A7S III, I’m gonna use
it to its full capabilities.

I’m gonna use 10-bit color,
4K recording, and S-Log3.

Now, on the ZV-1,

I’m gonna use this the way
that I would shoot vlogs

or YouTube videos just like this.

I am not gonna be using S-Log on the ZV-1

because it’s just way too noisy

and the 8-bit video really
isn’t made for S-Log,

so it just does not look any good.

Now, a lot of people would just shoot

in the standard creative style.

It looks pretty good when you
open it up out of the box.

This is what it comes as,

and you can hit record and
start recording just like that.

But you can actually get
more out of this camera,

you can get a lot more dynamic
range out of this camera

by tweaking a few settings.

For example, this was shot on
the standard creative style

with the default settings.

And to me, it’s just way to
contrasty and a bit too sharp,

so I’m gonna make some tweaks.

If you wanna do this too,
you can grab your camera.

All you gotta do is turn
your contrast down to -3,

put plus +1 on the saturation,

and then the detail is gonna be at -5.

Now, I think this actually
looks a lot better.

Even if you do no color grading

and you upload this straight to YouTube,

it’s still going to look really good.

And I think it looks even better
than the default settings.

I am gonna color grade the
A7S III to the best that I can

and then I’m gonna try and
match the ZV-1 to that look.

To make this a bit more fair,

I’m gonna use the Tamron 28-70 f2.8 lens,

which is about the same focal
length that you’re getting

with the ZV-1 with this
lens on the camera.

However, I’m not gonna shoot
at f2.8 on that Tamron lens

because I want the depth of
field to be pretty similar,

so I’m gonna step down the lens,

so we get a similar shot.

As you check out this test footage,

let me know in the comments

before you get to the end of the video,

which one do you think camera A was

and which one do you think camera B was.

(camera shutter clicks)

(gentle upbeat music)

Hey, hey, hey.

(gentle upbeat music continues)

Okay, it’s time for the final results.

If you have not commented
yet, pause the video,

go comment, and then hit Play.

Camera A was…

the Z…


and then camera B was the ZV-1.

For me, one of the biggest differences

between these two cameras
was the dynamic range.

You could really see a
lot more in the highlights

and the shadows on the A7S III,

whereas on the ZV-1, we just
didn’t get a lot of that detail

that was in the highlights
or in the shadows.

We still got a lot of detail,

but just not as much as the A7S III.

Now, as far as color goes,

both cameras are fantastic.

They both have beautiful colors

straight out of the camera,

you’re gonna get a nice image out of it.

But if I am going to nitpick,

the A7S III definitely had better colors

and just more beautiful
rich colors in the image

than the ZV-1.

Overall, I just like the image better

on our expensive camera
versus our cheap camera.

However, the ZV-1 held
up really, really well

to our expensive camera.

And honestly, I was really surprised.

For just a fraction of the price,

I was really surprised the image quality

that you could get out of this camera.

Now, if you’re just looking
to do YouTube videos,

whether it’s vlogs or sit
down videos like this,

you can definitely skip on the A7S III

and pickup a ZV-1.

You’re still gonna get 4K video recording

and get amazing colors

and a great video quality
out of the camera.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

But honestly, the A7S III
is a fantastic camera.

It’s probably the best
camera that I’ve ever used,

but it’s very, very expensive.

And for YouTube videos just like this,

where you sit down, talking to the camera,

the ZV-1 does the job
and it looks beautiful

for a fraction of the price.

And I even shot this video
all using the Sony ZV-1.

Click on the screen to
check out our ZV-1 playlist

with our review, tutorials,
best accessories, and more.

I’ll see you guys in the next video.

(gentle upbeat music continues)


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