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In this video, Omar reviews the smallrig universal phone vlogging kit. This video accessories kit for your phone is great for serious content creators and YouTubers.

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=================== text video ====================

— We always tell people in our community

that the camera you should be using

is the camera you already own.

And if you have a smartphone, chances are

is that it shoots incredible
video and that you can start

creating content with your smartphone.

However, you can totally upgrade things

around your smartphone
to level up the video

that it produces.

And that’s why in this
video, I’ll be breaking down

this SmallRig universal video
rig for your smartphone.

It’s just a one-time purchase

that’ll give you lighting,
audio and stability upgrades

all using your smartphone.

So let’s get into it.

— [Voiceover] You gotta just press record.

— Now, if you’re creating
content with your smartphone,

whether it be horizontal content like this

or vertical content for Stories, TikToks,

IG Lives or YouTube Lives, but vertically,

and also YouTube Shorts,

then definitely this rig
is something to look into

because of how awesome this thing is.

This legit is an all-in-one
rig made by SmallRig,

which is cool because they
make pretty high end stuff

for more expensive cameras
and things like that.

But they made this very high end video kit

that they call the Universal Video Kit,

and it literally has
everything you can think of.

So let’s just go all into
what you get in this kit.

You get a universal phone
cage that can pretty much

hold any phone that you own,
and is built really well.

Everything in this kit is
actually built pretty well.

You get a desktop tripod,
a power bank holder

that goes in the back of that phone cage,

two side handles, a cold shoe mount

that you can mount anywhere on this thing,

an LED light that goes from 2,700 Kelvin

all the way to 6,500
Kelvin and also is diffused

and just super nice,
rechargeable battery with USB-C,

a microphone which we’ll do an
audio test in just a moment,

a shock mount for the
mic, four Allen wrenches,

to be able to customize
and secure all the things,

a type C charging cable, a
dead cat for the microphone

when filming outside and
two 3.5 millimeter cables,

one being a TRS and another being a TRRS.

Another thing that was included
that was really thoughtful

of SmallRig to include is
kind of these dongle adapters

for either iPhone and/or
Android or USB-C type

charging phones and the
lightning adapter for an iPhone,

but it also has the 3.5 millimeter female,

as well as a USB cable to be
able to charge simultaneously

if you have the mic plugged
into your smartphone,

as well as the power bank that
you can mount behind the rig.

Like I mentioned, this
thing is built so well

and definitely heavy duty.

Like, this isn’t gonna
break any time soon,

even with a fall or a drop,
it’s not going to break.

And I think it’s really nice
to be able to put your phone,

something that you hold
near and dear to your heart

on something that can
protect it really well

like this SmallRig kit.

With the amount of screw
threads that they have

built around this cage, this
really could be as customizable

as you’d like it to be, from
changing the actual orientation

of this whole thing to go
vertical or horizontal,

as well as to be able
to move things around,

whether it’s putting the
light or the mic on one

of the handles or moving
it on a different part

of the actual phone itself,

to even changing the orientation
completely from horizontal

to vertical, and really
just designed to used

in the way you need it to be used.

But I want to show you real
quick how this mic sounds

in comparison to the built-in
mic of my iPhone 11 Pro.

So let’s jump into a few audio tests.

So this is an audio test
on my iPhone 11 Pro.

This is the onboard mic.

The camera in my smartphone is
about arm’s length distance,

which I typically would think
that this is kind of how

people would shoot their YouTube videos.

And let’s plug in the mic that
this SmallRig kit comes with

and see the difference.

Now you’re hearing the shotgun
mic that comes in the kit.

The brand is simorr, I think
is how you pronounce it,

but let me know what you
think about how it sounds

in comparison to the onboard mic,

if there’s even a difference.

I would even say that the
onboard mic of the smartphone

that I have is pretty good, especially

when talking close to it.

However, it’s definitely
something to consider,

but let’s see how it sounds in
comparison when we’re outside

with the wind muff on the mic.

So this is the onboard mic
of the iPhone 11 Pro outside.

There’s definitely some wind going on

and I’m using the wide angle lens.

That’s why it looks super cool.

Little life hack, why don’t you,

if you’re going to vlog
with your smartphone,

definitely use the wide angle lens.

Obviously I can’t see myself,

but I’m just looking into the lens.

Anyway, let’s see how it
sounds with the mic plugged in

with the wind muff on the mic.

And now you’re hearing the
mic plugged into my 11 Pro.

This is a with the wind muff on,

there’s a little bit of a
breeze that kind of died down,

but let me know, is there
a difference in audio?

I don’t think there’s a huge
difference in this sense,

’cause when you’re holding your phone

about arms length distance,
like I am right now,

you can get away with good
audio because the onboard mic

audio on most smartphones do pretty well.

So this is the 11 Pro
with the mic plugged in.

Let me know what you think
down in the comments below,

and if there is a noticeable difference

to actually use a mic like this.

Now the price of this
SmallRig Universal Kit

for smartphones is $170 at the
time of shooting this video

and be sure to check out links
down in the description below

for updated pricing, as well
as if you want to go more deep

on the specs of things.

However, based off of what
I think about this thing,

this thing is pretty sweet.

I know it seems pretty serious.

It’s like a spaceship, like in my hands,

I feel like I’m driving a
Tesla Model S Plaid Edition

with this thing, but I definitely think

this is for serious content creators

that are using their smartphones.

And I think more than ever before,

smartphone content is
just taking off, right?

And so I definitely think if
there’s things that you can

upgrade to level up the quality

that you’re getting out of
your smartphone, then do it.

Now like I mentioned earlier,

this is very modular and the
ability to really make it

customizable based off of your use.

I definitely think it’s
cool to actually have this,

these handles because of
the stability that it adds

to your smartphone when, when
maybe getting B roll shots.

Maybe you’re showing off a product

or you’re doing food
tutorials or things like that.

Being able to have super smooth footage

and having the point of
contacts that this gives you

is super nice, as well
as to not have to worry

about the light and the light follow it

and things like that.

I would say that this is
more of a serious rig.

You could definitely
get plastic replacements

and lower quality things,
but if you’re, you know,

a serious smartphone creator,

then this would be something
to consider, in my opinion.

I’ve loved even the fact
that they have included

the power bank holder,
which is super clutch

because, you know, using your smartphone

for long periods of time
could drain battery.

And the fact that they
give you the adapter,

as well as the mount that
will hold the portable charger

is just super thought-through.

And I really think this is awesome,

especially if you do live stream.

I think there’s a lot of
people that do IG Lives

and things like that.

If you’re gonna be right
in front of your camera,

then having the mic and the
light is super nice to have.

This is heavy duty, and I’m
so surprised at the strength

of the ball head of this
tripod and the ability

to actually put it leveled at horizontal,

or if you want to put it vertically

and it just really hold the rig in place

is pretty impressive.

(dramatic chord)

Something else to keep
in mind is this plate

is pretty transferable.

Most tripods actually have
this shape of a tripod plate

and so you can actually use the same plate

to mount on other tripods
that have the same

kind of mounting system
that’ll hold this type of plate

in place.

This isn’t a tripod height
type of, you know, tripod.

It’s definitely a desktop
or tabletop stand.

You know, it’s funny that
they actually market this

as like a vlogging kit.

There’s no way in heck am
I gonna go to Disneyland

with this spaceship.

I’d actually recommend
using something more simple

and maybe even cheaper.

And I made a video on a
smartphone vlogging rig,

and I compared three different ones.

And I know you’d want
to check out that video

if you’d loved this video.

And so click or tap the screen

if you’d like to check that one out

or check out another
video from Think Media,

and I can’t wait to see
you in a future video.


(upbeat music)


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