💥This One Device Blew Up My Editing Workflow (Blackmagic Atem Mini Review)

In this video, Omar shares about the Blackmagic ATEM Mini and how it changes the game when it comes to video editing. ****** Check out the Blackmagic ATEM Mini HERE ➡️ https://amzn.to/3kiZPyP

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1️⃣ Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini

2️⃣ Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro

3️⃣ Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro ISO

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In this review, omar shares the blackmagic design atem mini as well as the pro and iso. These atem mini switchers are great for recording and editing multicam videos. This blackmagic atem mini iso will change your editing workflow.

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=================== text video ====================

a lot of creators would agree that the

most difficult or even the most

time-consuming part about creating

videos has to be editing the videos but

what if i told you that there was a

product that you could invest in that

could potentially remove editing out of

your workflow altogether well that’s why

i want to talk about the blackmagic 810

mini switcher that when used right could

potentially remove editing out of your

workflow completely so let’s get into it

right now you got to just press record

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for yourself

now the blackmagic 810 mini simply put

is a video switcher which allows you to

plug up to four devices or four cameras

and allow you to switch them in real

time however depending on your specific

needs it could save you so much time

when creating content now when typically

i shoot a video i would actually use a

roll so i would be shooting like the

talking head like what you see right now

and then we take separate time to throw

b-roll on top of that a-roll and then in

post when you’re editing it you would

then add that b-roll at the specific

moments you’d need now let’s say you had

two cameras and if you were talking to

the main angle and it looked like this

and it was the talking head angle but

you could switch to the tighter angle

and show off maybe a product or

something you are now eliminating that

process in editing allowing you to move

faster and create more content i

actually use the blackmagic 810 mini in

this way when i live stream when i go

live i have my main shot on my canon m50

mark ii and then my secondary shot is a

tighter angle which allows me to show

something more up close and it really

makes a live stream more engaging when

you’re able to do something like that

but it also could speed up your workflow

if you do it when shooting regular

videos not live streaming when we

initially bought the blackmagic 810 mini

we actually bought it for our think

media podcast which is a multi-angle

podcast with usually up to two people in

the video but we had three different

cameras and i wanted to save time and

editing by being able to switch the

cameras in real time depending on who

whatever was talking or what have you

now it is important to note that

blackmagic has made three different

versions of this specific switcher and

they all look the same however they

aren’t priced the same and they all have

specific features for specific needs now

regardless of which atem you would get

they all have the same amount of ports

behind it you’re gonna have two mic

inputs for 3.5 millimeter uh female

there’s four hdmi inputs that will allow

you to plug up to four cameras maybe you

want to do a monitor source or even an

ipad or so you can do that into these

hdmi inputs and then you’re gonna have

an hdmi output which is used for your

video feed that if you have a monitor

you can actually see your program and

all the angles based off of the inputs

used and then be able to see what you’re

switching to in real time which is super

nice if you have another monitor then

you’re gonna see the usbc out which can

be used for multiple different things

based off of the version you buy next is

the ethernet port which allow you to

control the blackmagic atem using their

software on a computer and then lastly

is the power port which is really nice

because it has a screw tight so you

can’t you know accidentally pull power

from the blackmagic a10 mini

so the first model of the blackmagic a10

mini is going to be geared toward live

streamers that’s going to be the main

purpose that this this version would be

used for and at the time of shooting

this video it cost 295

and i want to put things into

perspective in just a second as far as

the price goes but this will allow you

to plug up to four cameras and switch in

real time honestly what i love about it

is it’s so plug and play and so easy you

know you can just literally plug in your

cameras and then one cable goes into

your computer or laptop and now you have

hardware to be able to switch and to put

things into perspective if you wanted

multiple camera angles

for a live stream you would have to get

multiple like cam link devices or video

capture cards and something like this

which is reliable costs about 120 or 140

bucks so if you start to multiply that

based off of how many angles you have

you could start running into problems

and you’re gonna have to rely on

software to be able to switch between

your cameras which one of my favorite

things about the blackmagic a10 mini is

that it’s hardware based it makes it

physical you have physical buttons that

you can press it lights up to tell you

whichever input is being used and i just

love the tactile features and when

you’re live streaming you definitely

want less friction when it comes to

anything hardware based and so making it

a hardware switcher is super nice now

the next version of the blackmagic a10

mini is the pro version and this is

gonna cost you around 495 dollars at the

time of shooting this video here in the

us and the biggest feature difference

when it comes to the last one versus

this one is the ability to capture on a

hard drive so where the usbc is located

you can actually plug in a hard drive to

the blackmagic 810 mini and then capture

on a hard drive whatever you’re filming

and so this would be the first entry

level switcher if you don’t plan on

using it for live streaming but you plan

on using it for you know shooting video

and having multiple angles whether

you’re doing a video podcast with

multiple angles or maybe you’re doing

you know product review videos and you

want to change to a secondary angle or a

top down angle if you’re doing art or

cooking but the second version allows

you to do that at 500 and so if you

think you’re gonna do it beyond live

streaming this would be the first one to

invest in now the next one is the

blackmagic 810 mini pro iso and this is

going to cost you around 895 dollars at

the time of shooting this video here in

the us and this one being called iso

really the biggest differentiator is

that it captures all four angles at the

same time when you’re conducting

whatever filming you’re doing whereas

the previous version that i just

mentioned gives you one file this

version actually gives you up to five

files so let’s say you have four cameras

plugged in and then you have the live

switch version of that show it actually

gives you all four angles so if you

wanted to make changes in post you can

and one real reason being is that they

also give you an xml file that can open

up in most editing softwares like

premiere pro or final cut but

hypothetically speaking let’s just say

you had a video podcast that had three

different angles and while that video

podcast conversation was happening

somebody was switching in real time and

at the end of that video podcast when

you’re done recording the hard drive

that you have plugged into the pro iso

version would give you all three angles

the main video file that has all the

cuts in it and a project file that you

can open up and then make changes to all

those angles which is super nice if you

plan on tweaking a little bit in post

still saving a ton of time when it comes

to editing but that would just kind of

be the biggest differentiator when it

comes to the second version versus the

third version and honestly if you made a

mistake in the live switching portion of

filming you can actually go back in and

then edit it later which is super nice

now like i mentioned all the atemps have

an ethernet port that will allow you to

plug into a computer or a laptop and

essentially their atem control software

allows you to adjust colors a little bit

it allows you to dial in your file names

for the you know files you’re gonna

record onto a hard drive and then you

can adjust other things like audio and

volume but honestly you can go really

deep with a product like this which is

what i appreciate with products that it

could be as simple as you’d like it to

be but then it can get as complex as you

need it to be which is super nice when

you’re making an investment like this

but really when it comes down to it at

the end of the day it is a simple video

switcher with bright red buttons that

allow you to change angles as needed now

let me know down in the comments below

if this is something that you could see

using in your video workflow uh totally

in ours especially with our podcast is

something that allows us to move faster

when using multiple angles but also let

me know if you have any questions about

the blackmagic a10 mini down in the

comments below and i’ll do my best to

answer those questions and if you want

to see how i’ve actually integrated this

switcher into my whole live stream setup

you can do so by clicking or tapping the

screen and i can’t wait to see you in a

future video peace




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