YouTube, why are you giving us a keyword research tool?

While we love most of the updates YouTube is rolling out lately, some of them have us scratching our heads while others just downright annoy us. Either way, the updates help us understand the direction YouTube is taking as a platform and what their goals are so we can make better videos that align with their goals and see better performance than they otherwise would. Today four of the YouTube strategists on the Video Creators team sat down and reacted to many of the updates YouTube has announced and started rolling out while we also discuss what it means for us as creators who are growing our audiences here.

0:00 | The importance of new YouTube updates
1:06 | Who we are at Video Creators
1:55 | Welcome to the podcast!
2:39 | Creator Spotlight
13:45 | Meet the team
17:41 | Update 1
22:42 | Update 2
28:48 | Update 3
37:02 | Update 4
38:43 | Update 5
43:09 | Update 6
52:17 | Update 7
54:48 | Update 8
1:01:13 | Update 9
1:09:52 | Power Tip ⚡️

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3. A.I. content is spam:
4. New way to create and watch YouTube Shorts:
5. Add a subtitle editor to your channel:
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7. Set channel guidelines:
8. No more option to sort oldest to newest:
9. Timed comments, and now timed reactions:

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=================== text video ====================

every time youtube makes an update to

this platform it is a signal for us as

creators to get a better idea of where

youtube is going what goals do they have

what are they trying to accomplish how

are they trying to craft this community

in this platform and those updates those

signals help us to craft better content

that reaches more people changes their

lives and grows our businesses all at

the same time and today what i want to

do is with the other strategists on my

team there’s a whole bunch of new

updates that came out from youtube over

the past few months and we’re going to

look at some of those and give you our

reactions because some of these are

surprising to us and like

we kind of do a little face problem like

youtube why

i don’t get this this doesn’t make sense

we try to wrestle with like okay where

is youtube going with this why does this

matter why are they providing these

tools these resources this information

this new data and analytics like what is

this doing for us

and other ones we’re like obviously yes

right so i’m looking forward to diving

into this conversation with with my

strategists here and with you as we all

work together to reach more people

change their lives with the content that

we’re creating here on youtube


welcome to the video creators podcast

we help youtube creators grow their

audience and business with next level

tactics and strategies want to

accelerate your channel’s momentum be

more profitable and change the lives of

more people than ever before you’re in

the right place the video creators team

has over a decade of experience

providing youtube strategy for brands

like disney warner brothers hbo and even

youtube themselves so far our team is

responsible for helping clients generate

over 17 billion views on youtube and now

to help you here’s tim lennon and delana

hello creators how are you guys my name

is tim schmoyer it’s great to hang out

with you again for another video

creators podcast episode like we do here

every monday on youtube apple podcast


wherever you listen to your podcast we

love just hanging out with you here and

and giving you the information that you

need to be able to grow your youtube

channels reach more people to change

more lives and grow that business that

you’re growing around it we love

specifically designing this type of

content for people who have like a

business mentality around what they’re

doing on youtube you got like an online

course or you’re trying to be like a

thought leader or establish your

credibility or authority in this space

and your niche on on youtube and using

this as a way to not only reach more

people and change their lives but also

change your life with the goals that you

have for being here before we dive into

all these updates and changes that are

happening on on youtube what they mean

for us as creators i first want to

introduce you to ingrid when the youtube

shout out just on my team she sat down

with a former client of ours hannah and

hannah through working through our

system through our process and she saw

that 90 of the people were still

watching at the end of her hook at her

opening like she only lost about 10 of

her audience in that opening sequence

we’ll talk to her well ingrid we’ll talk

with her about what she did there and

then she kept that retention high around

60 percent of the people who click play

were still watching by the end of her

content and it was making such a

difference on her channel growth and in

her community and and how she grew so

ingrid sat down with her to talk about

how she did that and what that looked

like so that hopefully you can take some

of the insights that hannah has and do

those on your channel as well

the harsh reality is that there’s no

magic switch to instant youtube growth

it’s not just about learning what to do

but also how to apply that to your


then it’s about analyzing the mountain

of data that youtube gives you so that

you can not just adjust but spot

opportunities for growth honestly it can

feel overwhelming today i’m chatting

with hannah from the youtube channel

life without kids she’s built a

supportive space for her community but

wanted to connect on a deeper level she

wanted to bring in new viewers and

create content that her audience


wanted to watch and listen to she

recently spent eight weeks with luke and

myself in video labs


immediately started applying the

foundation blocks that she’s learned and

she has seen immediate results but don’t

just take my word for it let’s talk to

her hello welcome hannah how are you

i’m doing good thanks how about you i’m

good i’m good tell us a little bit about

yourself and how you got your start on


like most people i watched a lot of

youtube and i kept running across people

that were like if you watch a lot of

youtube you should start a channel and i

kept hearing that over and over and one

day i was like i’ve got a little free

time on my hands and i’d like to

challenge myself and so i started a

youtube channel i didn’t really know

what it was going to be about exactly

but i started a youtube channel

i love that i love that you’ve actually

been on the platform now for four years

uh i would love to know uh what you kind

of bumped up against as you’ve as a

creator growing a channel

well i think when you don’t really have

an idea of what you want your channel to

be about if you don’t really have a

niche you’re going to bump up against a

lot of things because you don’t know who

your audience is and that’s kind of how

i started my channel i thought well i

love cleaning so i’m going to make a

channel all about cleaning my house but

i didn’t want to show my face because i

was really you know i’m kind of shy and

a little bit introverted and so i would

do these cleaning videos and i wouldn’t

show my face and after doing a few of

those i thought well that’s kind of

boring and so then i would kind of you

know go into a different tangent and do

something different so i was all over

the place and so i didn’t grow very much

very quickly

now as you started to figure out what

exactly you wanted to hone in on you

know what niche what topic did you


with anything there growing that topic

oh for sure

once once i decided what my niche was i

had a more clear picture about what it

is that i wanted to create for people

obviously but there can be times where

you’re creating things and you think

it’s the most amazing video ever and

then like 10 people watch it and you’re

really discouraged

or you’ve done a thumbnail and you think

like yeah that’s an amazing thumbnail

and then you check your click-through

rate and like five people watch it so

you’re like oh okay maybe i don’t know

as much as i think i know or i’m putting

my efforts into the wrong areas in

making my actual video

yeah i can totally relate with that now

i would love to know your path into

video labs what prompted you to take the


i think it was a few things i watched

tim’s channel a lot so i got a lot of

his free stuff and i always found that

really valuable and then he did a pitch

for either 30 days to a better youtube

channel and it was i think it was around

christmas time or near the end of the

year when it went on sale so i thought

oh that’s perfect i’m gonna go ahead and

grab this

and so i went through that it took me

longer than 30 days but i did go through


and i started applying some of those

principles and i saw some growth in my

channel and then after working on that

for a bit i thought you know what i

think i’m gonna pay for a one-on-one

consultation because i’m kind of stuck i

feel like there’s some areas where i’m

really not seeing growth and i feel

discouraged sometimes and challenged and

i knew there were things i wasn’t doing

right or i wasn’t focusing on the right

aspects maybe of my channel

and so i wanted a little bit of feedback

and so i ended up scheduling that and i

had a session with luke actually

i love that i love that

and you you just spent the last eight

weeks with us in video labs and it’s

really been uh fun honestly for us to

watch you

take this newfound knowledge these

foundation blocks and really kind of

start to piece things together i’d love

to know what some of those ah aha

moments were for you from that


well you always hear people say you need

a good title and thumbnail and you know

you know that intellectually and you

think that maybe that’s what you’re

creating but what i realized is one of

my huge aha moments is that you know

some of my thumbnails let’s be honest

they suck they were confusing they

weren’t confusing to me until i studied

other people’s thumbnails that did a

really good job at creating a story and

enticing people to click and then when i

when i would look at those and i come

back to my channel i’m like oh i

understand why people are confused

because this really doesn’t make a lot

of sense

it’s always a huge eye-opening moment

for me and titles as well i tend to give

made these really long titles that got

truncated with a lot of information in

them and i think part of the reason i

did that was because my

my you know to maybe make up for my lack


a thumbnail making ability maybe


those were two things that right away i

recognize these are some areas that

really really need work and when i’ve

applied some of the principles that i’ve

been learning

my click-through rate is better and my

watch time is improved so

you know magic i guess

not really magic but yeah

i like to think of it as hard work

because you have worked really hard and

it’s been fun even seeing you dig into

storytelling and a couple other um real

strengths that you have uh put to use on

your channel i’d love to know what kind

of an impact some of this has had on

your content and your channel as a whole

for you i’ve definitely seen some of my

metrics improve and that’s as a creator

i think that’s really encouraging

because when you go through video labs

it’s a lot of information it’s a lot of

good information but it can feel a

little bit overwhelming so what i

decided to do is i literally made myself

a list i love lists i’m a huge list

maker and so i said these are the areas

that i feel like i need to start working

on first

and so

i started working on those areas first

like we talked about titles thumbnails

and to have a hook at the beginning of

your video and i think that made a

really big difference because before you

know at the 30-second mark there was

maybe 65-70 of my audience still

watching and when i implemented having a

short hook not a long hook

i i saw that skyrocket up into the 80 85

percent so as a creator i mean that’s

huge when you see that you’re

implementing these strategies and

they’re working it’s incredibly

encouraging to be like okay

what’s next on my list i want to

implement something else and see that


i love that i love that and it is so

true and it’s been and if i’m correct

even one of your last videos you even

got up to 90 at the end of your hook and

that is truly something it’s been fun to

see you just kind of stretch that new

muscle and get those reps in for sure

so now that you’re armed with all these

new foundation blocks that set you up

for success as a creator what one thing

would you say to a creator that is maybe

struggling or looking to grow their

channel or even their business on

youtube just like you

i would say yeah i mean definitely

consider video labs because it is i mean

it’s an investment global prime

but it is it is so worth it because i

feel like it gives you so many areas

that you can dive into and i think one

of the areas that i like the most are

analytics because analytics when you

just look at them on your own i mean

some people are really good at looking

at something and figuring it all out on

their own i needed a little bit of help

and so video labs i found did a really

good job at letting you know these are

the analytics that you should focus on

and you know if your click-through rate

is five percent try to get it to six

percent um they were really good at

honing in on the aspects of analytics

that count because sometimes i think

there’s a lot of people out there

telling you a lot of things and it can

get really overwhelming and you don’t

know what you’re supposed to be paying

attention to

so that was a huge a huge um eye-opening

moment for me that these are the areas

that you need to hone in on to get the

results that you actually want to get

i love that and you’re absolutely right

there is just a mountain of data and

just so much information and just like

you said it can feel very overwhelming

and as you know as a creator a creator

can be a very lonely place so it’s nice

to have a good solid space where you

have a

opportunity to get your questions


learn something new apply that and

really kind of stretch those muscles in

a new way i love that

hannah i have to say seeing your

confidence grow and how to approach your

youtube strategy taking all the tools

that you’ve learned putting those

together to create a solid plan a

checklist like you said for yourself has

really been amazing to watch

you’ve done the work over the last

several months and i know you are

already seeing the immediate impact with

those results i mean seriously i said 90

at the end of a hook that’s crazy i know

that you’re getting high 60

retentions in your videos you are not

just doing all that but you’re making a

difference with your community

and you are truly reaching more people

and changing their lives i’ve linked

hannah’s channel life without kids in

the description below feeling confident

in your youtube strategy learning to

spot opportunities for growth and

demystifying youtube is everything video

labs will help you get the answers to

your questions you’ll learn in a

supportive environment alongside peers

but most importantly our team is also

there to help you you can find out more

about video labs at

forward slash video labs one word you

can also click the link in the

description below i’ll see you in the

next video labs


all right you guys ready

ingrid delana luke yes first of all

maybe before we dive into these nine

updates on youtube and i get your

reaction to them um why don’t you just

go through and introduce yourself real

quick for people who might not be

familiar with who with who each of you

are is that good english you know i

might not be familiar with you there we


go ahead and you go first

all right i’m ingrid blackburn and i am

one of the strategists here at video



i love art love youtube and love

strategy that’s pretty much it

pretty soon north carolina have a brand

new patio you’re hanging out on

it’s not really that new although we do

get to use it now for the full summer

which makes me really excited so nice



delana people should know you but just

in case

in case you’re new around here i’m

delana i am another one of the

strategists on the video creators team i

live in texas with my three cats and one


and uh

yeah that’s me

yeah you say

three cats but

you have like a herd of cats

kind of right

yeah who was it that was it somebody on

our team or did somebody else say it to

me that they were like are you growing

catnip in your

face that was dana my wife yeah


because it’s true we we feed the the

stray cats outside and we just slowly

adopt all of them so

so it’s like a soup kitchen but for cats

yeah pretty much

and luke

hi i’m luke uh i’m in texas near the

dallas well i guess

in the dallas area near dallas

and i’m one of the strategists on the

team and where i spend a lot of my time

is within consultations and video labs i

am an interactive person so i like

answering questions and like giving

people feedback just

helping people strategize what they’re

doing on youtube


and uh you’ve been around the podcast in

a little bit here a few other episodes


so uh for people who don’t know do you

want to share your news

oh yeah i don’t mind doing that at all

yeah so i’m luke and i’m on my way out


so see you guys good to meet you no i’ve

been i’ve been with the company for a

little over a year now but i’ve recently

been offered a position at a company

that my my father-in-law runs and so he

pursued me pretty heavily and it wasn’t

an easy decision to make because i

really love video creators but

um here in a couple of weeks i’m going

to be transitioning away from video

creators and get back into

where i think my interactive talents are

probably going to be put to best use you

know actually dealing with customers not

from just behind a camera but actually

getting to work with people one-on-one

so it’s been a really really cool

position to be in here but i guess i

should say

i’m on my way out but it’s kind of sad

but really happy at the same time

because it’s a good opportunity it is a

great opportunity for you and to work

with family and things i i think it’s

yeah i think it’s great

um we’re gonna miss you we’ll be sad

that you’re that you’re gone but yeah it

is a it’s a good opportunity for you and


we’ll start hunting for a replacement

for you here sometime soon let’s see

what happens there

all right you guys ready to dive in

um so i was just catching up on all the

news that’s happening on youtube and

i’ve got nine different updates some of

them you might have already heard of and

be familiar with some of them you might

not be familiar with in fact some of

them i know you’re not familiar with uh

unless you

in fact could be wrong actually because

i i don’t want to say that i know you’re

not but um

that sounds arrogant when i say that but

uh i i think some of these will be good

good discussions here so so number one

you guys can find the links all these in

the show notes if you want to dive into

any of these updates with us and see

more information about them uh number


have you guys ever used you guys know

what picture in picture is

like on tv you guys remember where that

is just like yeah old school thing

okay someone explained to delana what it

is so you could watch something else on

another channel while commercials were

playing and then when your program came

back on you know to toggle back over to

the original channel

yeah or if you wanted to watch like two

games at once type of thing or something

like that yeah


youtube tv

came out a few weeks ago with a picture

and picture update uh do any of you guys

subscribe to youtube tv or just me

just me okay

yeah we subscribed to it and uh so

basically what what i can do now is

while i’m watching youtube tv is i could

be watching one program and then i can

swipe up on the app and then the video

just floats on top of my screen

and i can move the video to wherever i

want on my screen and then open up other

apps and do other things while the show

continues to play

in front of me on my screen right so i

think that’s pretty cool um because it’s

not out for youtube

yet but they are working on releasing

that for

premium and non-premium users alike

where you can

have a video playing in a corner of your

ios device while doing something else

now i think that’s already been a thing

on android and i don’t mean this as a

this to the android people i knew this

was coming i’m sick but i’ve been using

this for liking



from what i read and i don’t have an

android device it sounds to me


uh this is way

smoother and

then on android devices so i thought i’d

just throw that out there everyone was


works way better on ios and android um

now i have been using it on the regular

i’m not sure how i got grandfathered not

grandfathered in but like access to it

or whatever but

i must be one of the people they’re

testing it with

on my device and

i do use it a lot

usually if i’m watching another video

but i still want to play a game while i

kind of watch but mostly listen uh it’s

kind of like in between just listening

and just watching it’s like having it be

in a corner and i can float at the

different corners and still play the

game or sometimes i have a video playing

while i’m catching up on news articles

or something something like that so it

makes multitasking a little bit easier

do you guys have any opinions or

thoughts on how that product might

change strategy

and and what that might mean for

creators and clients is that something

that we need to consider or like no

business is normal

as usual


i think


i think it’s business as usual honestly


i do that a lot with netflix because

netflix has that feature

um so i’ll just like i know what you’re

talking about where you can like watch

it while you do other things so i feel

like youtube is kind of catching up in

that regard um


yeah i think i think for the most part

it’s going to be business as usual i

think that’ll be super

beneficial for uh creators that have


video podcasts on youtube exactly that’s

what i was thinking i’m holding up to my

my phone up to my screen right now if

any of you that you’re listening can’t

see it i’ll try to describe it i have a

video playing and all i got to do is

just swipe up on the bottom

and see how the video now pops up into

the window i can go to different apps i

can drag it i can move it around my

screen i can do other things

on my ios device while i uh

i can still use listening controls i can

exit out and just be done or i can tap

the corner it goes right back into

youtube mode like that right so

yeah that’s exactly how i’ve been using

it and it’s generally longer form

content it’s not i don’t know exactly

obviously with shorter videos so but for

things that are you know

getting more towards that hour mark it’s

been actually very helpful for me i’ve

been able to really just kind of do

whatever i need to do on my phone

and then still tune in

yeah the long-form content i think is

where where it’s gonna like like content

like this where we’re most most like of

the value here is an audio

but we’ll put it on youtube and have and

watch our record the video version too

just so that it’s

something for youtube but most people

who are even watching this on youtube in

fact if you’re watching this on youtube

comment if you have this in a background

tab right now or minimized

you know well or off in a separate like

a little corner of the screen while

you’re or what you know our faces don’t

demand that much attention is mostly the

audio you’re getting here right my face

demands a lot of attention just because

that haircut does that new haircut

sick man

all right number two uh this is

something that i’m yeah i’d love to hear

what you guys think about this


this won’t be a surprise i don’t think

to us but depending on how people think

about search on youtube this might be a



youtube on i’m sorry on google and

google search they they introduce a new


called multi-search and what

multi-search is is that combines text

and images together for search so it’s

an it’s an ai that let’s say you’re

looking uh let’s say uh delena you’re

you’re shopping for a new dress right

and you’re you’re in the store and

you’re like oh i really like that dress

but i wish it had like a different style

a different color or something does

someone make that

that would be really hard for you to

describe as a text query inside of

google to figure out but

if you could take a picture of the dress

and search for that based on that image

and it’ll scan the dress and figure out

oh this is the fashion you’re looking

for and then you add the text purple to

it instead of like yellow maybe and then

and then be like oh i want this style

dress but in purple and now you get

search results based on that photo and

text combined

so does that make sense

first of all

okay so

so i think this is pretty fascinating

because i think this could have an

impact on video search which literally

contains somewhere between


to hundreds of images per second

of content right so i think it’s

interesting on one level one that the ai

exists where they now you can take a

picture a photo of something and combine

it with text and get better results than

you could have before for things that

you didn’t even know how to put words to

in order to do the search but i’m

curious here from you guys as you think

about what type of impact knowing that

this type of artificial intelligence now

exists and is being used for search what

type of impact do you feel like that

could have on youtube if that technology

was brought over to the video space

what do you think people would search

for that would produce results that

you’re getting excited about

well i’m thinking for example uh it

wouldn’t just be like here’s another

place you could buy the dress but it

could be like here’s a whole bunch of

fashion reviews of this dress you know

uh or

on people wearing it at different sizes

you can see what it actually looks like

on on someone yeah uh you could it could

be uh

what is this maybe it’s not a dress

maybe it’s a technology

device and you want to see what would

this thing look like hanging up on my

wall and there’s already um augmented

reality that will let you

kind of do some of those things but you

could see it on other people’s walls and

go straight to a video of it because

people are taking a picture saying i

want more of this and that right now

they’re just showing you other images

but i feel like that could be that those

types of search results could be quickly

associated with

video as well


i think it just goes along to confirm

what we’ve kind of uh

searched yeah you go ahead and say i’ve

been talking enough go ahead oh i was i

was gonna say i just hope that this



help creators know that keywords uh

research and all like

keywords don’t matter in your titles you

know and if they’re gonna matter even

less with this type of stuff um because

all of the search is based off of


just the ai

scanning the images and so i st i

personally think we’re probably still a



maybe 10 years before people fully leave

the keyword things but really that long

wow yeah i think so

but um

yeah i think that

i’m excited for it because of that

reason like it’ll help creators to even

more so have more of a reason to not

focus on keywords like okay i just need

to make good content

that’s it well and it yeah i was

thinking of a lot of the how-to niche

you know and being able to really put a

lot of this stuff into practical use you

know and you’re interested in a product

and then boom all of a sudden ai knows

well here let me show you exactly what

you can do with that here’s a video and

serves it right up to you because it’s

all based on what humans do so and i

think it’s really cool in that like

what if i wanted to go with the dress

example you know there’s a lot of times

you want to search for something but you

don’t know what it’s called you know

what i’m saying yes and so it’s like

let’s say i have this dress and i love

the dress i love how it was made blah

blah blah blah i want to find out what

brand it was from and i have no idea

because the tags fell off you know and

or i bought it from a thrift store and

and never got the tag so

i um

so then i take a picture of the dress

and then i find it and then i find out

somebody who did a review on it they

tell me the brand now i get to go shop

for the brand um

so i think it’s really cool for users in

that regard and for creators because now


gaining so many more um search inquiries

from that that they wouldn’t have

otherwise ever gotten had this ai not


i have a a solar paneled uh electric

fence charger for some of our our

animals and it’s not working and i’m

thinking of this of like oh because i

open that thing up i don’t know what i’m

looking at it’s just wires and circuit

boards and stuff so but i think i know

like this is the part but i have no idea

what this like like what this part is i

know which i think i know a part is the

culprit i have no idea what to search

for so if i could just take a picture of

that and then get introduced to a video

of like here’s the part and how you

change it or fix it i’m like boom yes

yeah give me more of that

yeah so okay so i get a little excited

here because that charger is driving me


i’ll get it fixed though eventually

all right number three uh story number

three here is this isn’t really an

announcement that was made um


uh this is more of a google another

google announcement but i think watching

the announce not the announcements this

is more of a something google recently

said that i think um

can help us better understand how they

think about search and how that impacts

what we’re doing

on youtube as well although the the

correlation isn’t directly one to one

but i think this was interesting uh

you guys i don’t know if you’ve been

watching too much of the russia ukraine

conflict stuff on youtube ingrid you

have luke you have i have yeah uh i have

been as well

and i’ve noticed that some of the videos

i’ve been clicking on and and watching

are like more automated type of videos

in the sense of like it’s not i can tell

it’s a robot talking like narrating

something and just a bunch of b-roll

that was kind of

uh in an automated fashion stitch


but it’s still getting millions of views

because the story is still good and i’m

still watching i’m getting the thing

that i need and uh that that the


um and there’s a few different ones out

there but that the system that they’re

using to automatically create uh um

newsworthy stories very quickly because

if you’ve got to get someone in front of

a camera you got to plan it you got to

edit it that reduces the amount of time

until you’re like

first to youtube with that time

sensitive information and story right

yeah so i haven’t been turned off too

much by those types of videos however

you two google


buckled down buckle down i don’t know

those right word but they they’re like

there’s a lot of new news agencies and

people that are


content with ais artificial intelligence

and they’re saying that no matter how

convincingly human that type of content

might see

they are classifying it as spam

which is interesting to me because i was

kind of thinking that

youtube didn’t really care

as long as it was providing value and

viewer satisfaction was high and people

were watching and you know so so so why

would it matter

if it’s ai and it seems like the reason


this is uh this is what they said

there’s simply no way to verify the

efficacy of an ai generated report

unless you have capable journalists fact

checking everything the ai asserts

due diligence comes down to human

responsibility and google does not allow

many publishers to use ai generated

summaries of new article oh no google

does allow many publishers to use ai

generated summaries of news articles

and ai aggregators to push posts but it

cannot be content that is generated by



i’m kind of curious if you guys think

about that is it

is it okay if as long as the content

serves people and i’m watching it i’m

getting what i want like does it matter

if an ai made it or is it like no that’s

considered spam


an ai report on new stuff like that

really needs to have a human involved

curious hear what you guys think

i lean towards the human because of uh

i mean i don’t i don’t think that that

means that it’s not gonna happen but

honestly my first thought in that was i

was like okay if ai is putting this


what is the ai getting

its information from and when because a

lot of times like

it’ll take like the things that people

are most responding to and put them all

together and so i’m like is that gonna

give an accurate

accurate news story or is it just gonna

give the most interesting story

yeah and elicit the most uh reactions

and signals from people that cause that

content to perform now the best

might not be the most accurate yeah yeah

yeah and for me i was thinking you know

if everything’s based off humans right

that’s the goal is for the ai to think

like a human so i mean

i don’t know i think you have to things

that that give those positive viewers

signals i i don’t know i don’t have a

problem with it i don’t have a problem

with it it doesn’t bother me

i think

i think the

human accountability is necessary

because if you train a program to teach


it’s hard to design ethics in a in a


and i think that youtube because they

focus so much on the user’s behavior

that human element

i think it’s

i think it’s crucial to keep that

involved because you don’t want to mimic

artificially stimulated results from

content the whole point in creating

content is to get in front of people and

present something that’s of value right

and if that’s just being generated by

something smart


i i’m not a big fan of that i’d but you

know i get mad at the toaster when it

doesn’t do what i wanted to either

does that have nothing for you

not too many times hey listen when it

gets out of control it’s time to take a

stand you know

i also think that uh

and this isn’t really like

a critique of the ai itself

but it’s more just like a

uh i don’t like

that creators are being replaced

exactly that’s the other aspect of it is

if a computer can do

yeah even if the even if the the content

is good let’s say that the content was

perfect it was good it was accurate

everything in between um

just the fact that like creators that’s

less of an opportunity for them i don’t

like that


i feel like

it goes against

what um fighting words but i feel like

it goes against a lot of youtube’s own


of what they support and why they

started the platform

yeah i don’t think this applies to too

many of our listeners but i have done a

few consultations with people in the

past who are growing channels primarily

based on ai generated content

and they tend to be news channels but

not always one of them was a kids


that was

and this is a little bit different but

they were using

an artificial intelligence to take one

video and cut it like a hundred ten

different ways and publish it all of

them to see which one of the ones

performed the best right and that’s

that’s a little different that’s not as

much ai as much as that is um a content

farm is how youtube classifies that as

someone that’s just

spitting out tons of

duplicate content and just to kind of

hope that something hits right so that

still is considered spam that’s more

clearly considered spam i thought it was

interesting that they’re saying no a


needs to be involved in this process in

order for us to

for this to not be at risk of being

taken down

yeah now what would be interesting is if

from the data that that ai produces if

that ensured because i know currently

there are extensions and add-ons for

browsers that allow you to see

the value of keywords not to get into

that discussion or anything like that

but like

it could be something that when you see

how humans interact with content and you

can tried and true you’ve got a formula

to put in and go how how can this

perform that could be advantageous as

long as it lines up with youtube’s

viewer signals which are based on that

human element

and so it could be a cool thing as far

as trying to understand what’s effective

at some point


all right let’s go through a couple i

think the next few here will be

relatively quick and short i don’t know

that we’ll have i think we’ll be like

that’s nice youtube next you know

but uh just in case i’m wrong some of so


shorts creators will now be able to use

one to five second segments of any video

with the short sampling option enabled

so when you upload a video or edit an

older video you can opt into having your

video being

resampled and remixed into other

people’s content and so

this is this is uh up an update since

previously you could only

use a segment of audio clips oh you

don’t think it would be sample but now

you can do video as well in short so

it’ll be first available on ios devices

just throwing that in there


i’m sorry i’m good

it wouldn’t be nearly as fun if you

switched it i hope you never switched to

apple’s ecosystem because this won’t be

really ever crossing that line

because because

this won’t be nearly as fun if you do

but you’re going to start to see pc

messages all around me constantly every

day i’m going to change okay i’m gonna

have to stop watching


uh so first on ios and then on android

devices uh they said later this year um

and kind of along with that and i don’t

i don’t think this is like a major

announcement because i’m like hasn’t it

been like this for a little while but

like the shorts video player is now

available on desktop and mobile browsers

and on tablets

i think i’ve been using it on desktop

for a while now haven’t i yeah

yeah yeah i don’t really like it as much

on desktop

no it’s just a really big blown up


you’re like wow that’s a big portrait



yeah all right number five

uh new channel permissions now if you’re

using the

uh what’s it called studio permissions

for your for your channel a new one that

they’ve added is called a subtitle

editor role and that lets you give

access on your channel

um for assistance and adding subtitles

without giving access to any other

settings or information on on your

channel so


really love what youtube’s doing with

the per different the how granular some

of these permission settings are getting

with studio permissions


last week i i finally i had to go back

to uh um

brand what’s it called um

google brown like thank you yeah brand

account uh manager uh which is only like

uh what’s it it’s owner it’s manager and

it’s like a communication like that’s it

and so it’s like access to everything or

almost nothing is what they’re doing but

so far in the permissions that on the on

the studio permissions for your channel

they don’t let people no one can unless

you’re a manager and a brand account you

still can’t edit playlists

and you can’t access the community tab

and so with my with stephanie my

producer i’m like yeah i want you to

post these things on the community tab

and i want like and she needs to make

new playlists and change playlists based

on other content we’re publishing and

things and she can’t so i’m like i’m

sorry that’s a deal breaker i got to go

back to brand account stuff so

i did but i do like the direction that


that the

studio permissions is going after still

updating and adding more permission

levels there so

yeah i totally i totally agree with you

there because i feel like

you know as channels and creators start

to scale

you know those are like those things

that you could very easily hand off to

somebody and the fact that you can’t do

that kind of feels counterproductive

so i don’t really understand what’s

taking them so long to be able to get

those things in place are you listening

to youtube come on get with the program

they do they do listen i i get emails

from uh youtube employees sometimes

telling me thank you for saying it this

way and post you know promoting that and

things like that those real real youtube

employees or those ai messages yeah

well i’ve met some of them in person so

i think they’re uh i think they’re real

it could be you know some sort of star

trek type thing going on here maybe but

uh for anyone who’s not familiar with

what channel permissions are delena you

want to bring them up to speed

channel permissions where you can um

channel permissions are just where you

you can give someone

access to your channel of multiple

different levels um

so if you’re under like youtube studio

permissions it’s uh manager no there’s

owner manager


editor what’s the other one editor thank

you um and then viewer there might be

one on top of that

unlimited one


limited um

the editor is just like they can still

go in and edit and upload content but

they can’t they can’t be signed in as

that account and be watching

youtube videos on that account um and

whereas a manager or an owner could like

actually be signed in as that account

and browse youtube and stuff like that


a viewer is just i can go in and i can

view everything this is actually the

permissions we request from our clients

because i can go in and i can view

everything but i can’t add alter or

delete any content so um that’s usually

the most safe if somebody doesn’t need

to be uploading things uh for you then

viewer access is really good limited i’m

not quite sure i’ve never played with

that one do you know

what limited it is i think the the main

difference though is who can see like

monetary things too

you know because oh yes you don’t really

want because at the viewer level you can

still see like adsense

but at low levels below that you can and

when you start to scale your team you

know that’s kind of some information

that you might want to keep private


yep it makes sense cool

all right this next one i

oh my voice cracked a little bit

real nervous about that

hitting puberty here again guys

uh i i

really curious to hear what you all of

you have to say about this one

yeah um have you guys seen

the new research tab that youtube is

rolling out by the end of april

i’m really excited about this one

all right why don’t you explain to us

what this is ingrid and i don’t know it

completely because i don’t have full

access to it but i love that you can do

keyword research and that kind of stuff

on your audience right this is real i

feel conflicted okay before i get into

my feelings about this yeah i see luke

taking the face like this

that’s pretty interesting i had to say

no i know okay so uh why don’t you first

just summarize what it is ingrid that

youtube is rolling out here across go

ahead basically

you go to your analytics you have these

tabs at the top of your analytics and

they’re adding a new tab called research

and this is tab

is a new feature for planning content

and it helps you explore what other

people are searching for on youtube and

gives you a whole bunch of insights into

what they’re calling content gaps which

is like


a search query on youtube

here’s how much search volume it has and

is there a gap here in like an

opportunity here

in this content so you can see

uh specifically what your viewers are

searching for on not just like general

kind of like what we get today but this

is like the people who are watching your


here’s like content gaps that you either

have on your channel or that are out

there that you could that that of what

your audience is looking for it’s not so

it’s not generic across all of youtube

and and then so you can see what some of

those searches are

and then you can also see um like what

keywords are being used uh in your own

do some of your own research with your

ideas that you have that you want to

make so you can look at your viewer

searches or you can just look at

searches across youtube

based on like topic and then you can

save some of these searches as well

you can filter some of the results here

based on like content gaps here uh based

on the language they speak based on the

country the viewer is in uh there’s a

lot of really interesting things here

where you can be like okay the

competition here is high medium and low

so i’m looking for those low competition

with maybe uh what youtube’s identified

as a content gap uh you can filter out i

only want to see where content gaps are

filter it’s like

it’s kind of like


to me

that youtube is providing this


for the purpose of making content so

i got opinions but i’ll hear yours first

well why why wouldn’t they like youtube

for years has been relying on creators

to get people onto their platform so

this is a a really practical and useful

tool to understand where that low

content could be

on a channel for a career i think it’s

really exciting

i i think there’s a lot of opportunity

and anytime youtube wants to give me

more information

actual data about my audience and the

things that they are doing or watching

in those terms

i’m all for that however

i still don’t feel like that should

drive everything i think that it can be

a useful tool

but i still think that you really have

to stay true to a lot of the things that


want to put out in your content the

things that you have crafted around your

target audience and the things that you

have i mean there’s a lot of other cool

things that they have going out that are

a little bit more human-based


that i’m hoping is on this list there’s

a couple things um but i think that that

really carries a lot a lot of weight i

think this is a great tool i don’t think

it’s the end-all be-all so yeah that’s

that’s actually what i i was gonna say

is i was like

i’m not that excited about it to be

honest i think that um the whole keyword

research of you know

high mid low

results and where the content gaps are

i’m worried and i just know that so many

creators are gonna go to that and

they’re gonna be like this runs my

channel this tells me what content is

concerned and and i don’t like that

because who our our client anthony yoon

who made plastic surgeon reacts to

got millions of million what is it at 8

million views or something like that

right now

that would have never showed up in those

results and so no nobody would have even

searched for those things and so

um i i

think what ingrid said

but like

emphasized in the sense of like you

should just it should have this much

weight in what you decide to do


very little oh yeah sorry i have visual

signals over here

very little not the hand signals but the

audio people need some help i think

i think

something to add to this is

i do think it’s exciting but this trap

is very clear and the trap is gonna be

very similar to the one that i see with

creators who go

well when i ask hey who’s your target

audience and they go well analytics

tells me and i’m like


you can cultivate you should be

cultivating your own target audience

because of a unique value proposition

and understanding who they are and so

while i am excited about it for the

people that have problems brainstorming

and for people who have maybe a hard

time really defining what their audience

is really into that can yield some

helpful and useful information that i do

think is practical i won’t back down

from that but that trap still exists

and if you’re gonna be a slave to


that’s not authentic content creation

i think it’s gonna be so hard

to to like help people

keep this tool in its proper place yes i

i think it’s valuable i think it’s

great information i think there’s

lessons to be learned here and good

ideas we can get


i’ve just seen that the propensity of

many creators

is just so driven by keywords and search

that this feels like it’s going to put

them down that path even more

and i am

yeah i i’m a little bit surprised

because i know that youtube ha having

worked on youtube with some other

analytic uh releases in the past one of

the questions that they do ask

internally is okay

we could release this information and it

could be valuable to people but what

impact would it have

like like how would people actually use

this information and sometimes like i

remember when we were working on the um

impressions and click-through rates uh

analytics that came out that we were


uh we were


the main question that we were really

thinking of is like okay is this gonna

cause people to now resort back to click

bait and because people tend to get

really hyper focused on like one thing

and maybe in this case it is just on

on uh titles and thumbnails and now

people are just measuring impressions

and click-through rates and not so we

tried to we as if i had all the

everything to do with this but you two

tried to then like visualize that in

terms of like the funnel that’s on your

dashboard and analytics which is like

it’s impressions the click-through rates

to views and watch time to you know that

whole funnel like like try to make sure

everyone understood this is part of a

viewing funnel and not just like an

isolated metric so i think they

mitigated some of that with that with

that metric with that funnel

but this is like a standalone tab and

it’s just focused on search

and it just makes me feel like

come on like guys think bigger

i just think that it just needs to come

with a warning

you know well there’s not one on there

right now

i know i know but hopefully you know the

more creators listen to us because i

think we’re we’re

there’s not a lot of us out there that

talk about how you know keywords you

know optimize for humans not robots you

know really keywords

they have their place in

in topic ideation but you can’t rule a

channel like that you know if you drive

your content by that it’s it’s

i think that crafting for humans is just

a way better way to go but yeah again

i am totally open to youtube giving me

information and data on my audience

that’s my biggest my biggest takeaway

from that yeah information i didn’t have

before number seven guys uh this one

might not be a huge deal to you guys in

terms of what we do with creators and

what creators need but channel

guidelines they they rolled this out a

little while ago but going out to more

and more channels where you can set

rules for how you expect people to

behave on your channel and before

someone makes a very first comment on

your channel

they will have to agree to these rules

to these community guidelines on your

channel and they only accept it once and

then they can go in and comment so it’s

just kind of like

some communities on youtube get a lot of

hate they get a lot of backlash they get

a lot of like whatever and so this is a

way for the creator to have a little bit

of voice here and say like this is not

tolerated here if this happens these are

the rules and this is what happens you

know if you do this there’s this

infraction these are the consequences

um or people just use it be like hey

guys be nice be friendly so it kind of

gives people a heads up that if you

engage like this your comment will be

deleted um and so people hopefully don’t

put as much time into making nasty

comments or you know things like that so

um the main update here is that it’s

being rolled out more broadly do you

guys have any thoughts or reactions to

that one

i mean

from a community standpoint i think

that’s kind of cool it reminds me kind

of like a facebook and groups like you

have they have like their little rules

and stuff that you gotta accept prior to

but uh

yeah i think that’s kind of cool because

at least you know if you’re trying to

set a positive precedent or whatever for

your channel um

i think

i think it’s a cool thing yep i haven’t

enabled on our channel

i don’t remember what my rules are


i did it oh i did it a while ago

if you want to find this on your channel

you go to your

studio on the left side bar you click on

on settings down at the bottom and then

settings window that pops up there’s uh

in the left sidebar there’s community

and then after you click on community

and the tabs at the top there’s channel

guidelines so you can add three

guidelines people must acknowledge

before they try to comment or

participate in a live chat for the first


and so i have a welcome message that

says i love it when people like you

share your thoughts with the community

here and my guidelines are pretty simple

questions and feedback are welcome bring

them on

number two

no self-promotion or spam including sub

for sub or mass replies and number three

be civil and respectful everyone here

deserves it

so pretty simple what mine are anyway

number eight


this one annoys me a little bit guys

because and i think i’m one of the few

people that annoys because

uh because as youtube strategist we’re

probably the person who uses this

feature more than most people do on in

general on youtube so i get it

but there’s uh so i love part of this

and i hate part of it the part that i

don’t like is

you know how you click on you go

someone’s channel click on videos and

you can see all the recent videos in

reverse chronological order right there

right and then over to the right there’s

a drop down menu that you can sort

based on how popular how many views the

video has you can go newest to oldest or

oldest to newest right they’re getting

rid of the oldest to newest

one yeah

okay so it’s not just it’s frustrating

it’s not just you and it’s not right

because it’s not just because i’m a


i always use it just like when i’m

before i get into a session with someone

i’m making my notes and prepping for

that consultation i often will sort by

oldest just to see like how did this

channel start what’s the story here and

get to know try to understand the

creator a little bit better

and i find that that’s pretty valuable



you know for me as just a viewer just

finding a channel and especially if

they’ve been on the platform for say a

decade there can be a lot of videos and

i know youtube says that you can just

keep scrolling but after a while and

maybe this is just my pc and my android


i was i see i’m saying

this is gonna bog down doesn’t it

it stops and i can’t go and i actually

like to sometimes see where somebody’s

come from

you know where they started because

that’s like raw and just real and you

know that’s where people are learning

and that’s just

and sometimes people kind of shift and i

just i just think if i’m gonna become

part of a community why shouldn’t i get

access to everything and if i can’t

scroll to get there or if it’s going to

take me a year to get there give me a

little shortcut to get there


what they are adding though which i

because we’ve been saying this and i

kind of like saying that i’ve been

saying this and here it is right so is

that youtube’s been working really hard

to try to figure out how to layer normal

on-demand videos with shorts and live

streams and audio first content all uh

like aka podcasts all on one channel

and have them all live together as

opposed to what people have been doing

which is creating a source channel

creating a live channel creating

different channels based on the style of

content and i i know youtube’s been

working really hard to try to

make it so that a brand could all just

be in one place but it but people could

still get the type of content that they

just want and so this is a step in that

direction it’s not the full solution but

there’s a step in the direction that

they have new filters where you can

filter out and see only the on-demand

videos or you can see only their shorts

or only their live streams so if you

only if you want to filter out the other

content you can see just shorts you can

see just live you can see just uh videos

and i think soon hopefully i don’t know

this i’m hoping that there will be audio

first content would be

a filter in there as well especially for

people like us who pick content like

this on youtube longer form audio first

content so

i think it’s an indication that this is

going the right direction and hopefully

we can see more solutions like this

coming out but any reaction to that one

from you guys i just don’t understand

the purpose of removing the old to new


i just i don’t

a lot

that seems like

i don’t know they put someone on that

task for i don’t know i just for why

it feels like wasted money to me

everybody was enjoying that feature for

the people that used it and it wasn’t

hurting anyone else so

just let it live let it loose

but um yeah

i am excited for uh the

the filters of the shorts versus live i

really want them to also have a podcast

one um

on top of that so and i i think it would

be cool if creators could like

check a box or something to select that

like this is

meant to be a video podcast

um whenever they’re uploading it so that

youtube knows that

that it’s not just a long on-demand

video it’s a video podcast i mean you

can figure that out too just based on

like hey it’s the same four people on

the screen for an hour and just you know

and they’re not really moving sometimes

they blink you know

yeah i’m sure that they

can figure it out but um


specifically classify it like kind of

the way they do like youtube shorts if

you upload it from the youtube shorts

app you get uh or uh yeah in the app you

get a special badge on there but if you

just upload it as a sort directly you

don’t have the sorts badge now they

still put it in shorts but it doesn’t

get that bad for some reason

yeah and as great as youtube ai is um

it’s not perfect and so i’m sure that

there will be podcast episodes that

don’t get marked as podcast episodes

when they are um

now that’ll be the few and far between i

don’t want to say all of that and then

everybody’s concerned about like oh my

my podcasts are not going to be

recognized it’s few and far between that

that would happen but even so i think

it’d just be easier just make sure it

happens every time let us check a box

you know or select something

check a box or a hashtag podcast kind of

like there’s the hashtag shorts i mean


and sounds like they will incorporate

that then they’ll probably have to

leverage what kind of ads they run for

what kind of content right


um for people that are seeing seeing ads

and and specified video content

that’s probably going to be a different

pitch for advertisers than ads that come

across on audio because then it’ll be

more like a podcast ad and probably have

different weights of value when it comes

to views and retention and things like

that so we’ll just try to see how it

plays out yep

number nine here last one

so last year youtube started

experimenting with this thing called

timed comments which are comments that

pop up at a specific point in the video

and it wasn’t on all videos it’s just

for some some videos


it was the idea was like there’s

conversations happening around this part

of the video and other conversations

happening around this other part of the

video can we time comments so everyone

who wants to talk about this point in

the video is having that conversation

versus something else so this sounds

like a new thing but it was actually on

a platform called viddler

um before was even a thing

right so prior to youtube days i don’t

know if you guys remember back that far

viddler was one of the in vimeo some of

these other early uh

platforms that’s that’s how it worked it

was a little clunky um but it was a

thing and i did i did always kind of

miss that so i’m glad that that’s coming

back however or at least they’re they’re

testing it

however they’re trying something

different now with this

and youtube is expanding it not to be

just comments but to include emoji

reactions these are called timed

reactions and they’re now available on

some videos not everyone’s channel not

all videos but it’s an experiment that

that they’re running and you get a few

different emojis to select from kind of

just like on facebook you get a crying

emoji a laughing emoji a heart a 100 and

a shocked cat face just for you dylan


so you made that one for me

yeah so if you’re if you’re watching a

video that is a part of this experiment

they say this is on a forum post they

made on their support forums you can

react and see crowd reactions by opening

the comments section of the video and

tapping into the reaction panel

and they say the test will also show you

which moments other viewers are reacting

to which will be anonymous size so they

you know we we won’t show who sent which


okay so here’s what i’m thinking is this

just another


that he’s like hey you know what people

really need they need to use emojis more

when they watch they watch videos

and people just they’re just not active

enough when they’re watching videos we

need to give them more things to tap on

while they’re watching


i just got a great spot nestled next to

the go ahead like subscribe comment hit

the notification bell and all those

other reactions that creators ask their

viewers to do all the time and make sure

you do the heart emoji at three minutes

45 seconds six minutes yeah stay tuned

in this video three minutes and 46

seconds i want everyone to have a

shocked cat like

so i think

that this is actually a really

good way

for youtube to start collecting

emotional signals

about the video people are watching

or is it yeah

or are the laugh reacts gonna eventually

be categorized as dislikes because

people tend to mock each other on the

internet and the reason they removed the

viewed dislikes

is because they felt like that was you


in some ways a personal attack against

creators and i appreciate that they want

to protect that but

what how is laugh reaction is going to

be different if people think that it’s

poorly created content or a bad take or

anything like that like

that’s feedback that i think people are

going to struggle with in a similar way

does it


some emotional feedback but

will it will it stand the test of time

these are all emotional in the sense

that they’re none of them are critical

you either are agreeing loving laughing

surprised or crying with empathy

presumably right so there’s no there’s

no like thumbs down there’s no

you know fist

you know type of

thing here but yeah angry red face emoji

yeah i think that

this is a good way of going beyond what

youtube does with satisfaction surveys

where where youtube is collecting like

one of the biggest metrics in case

you’re not aware

watch time is certainly one of them but

the one that doesn’t get talked about

nearly as much is satisfaction

signals that youtube is collecting from

the satisfaction service where they’re

literally just asking people what did

you think of this video give it a star

rating and why did you feel that and

they give you a series of emotions to

select from in that survey and they’re

collecting millions of those surveys

satisfaction surveys across youtube

every day

and they’re

really really good at being able to

predict based on how your viewing

profile overlaps with another person’s

viewing profile that and they can start

seeing how consistently like you’re

giving satisfaction with someone else’s

and they can make really good

predictions of other people who have a

similar viewing profile this is how

satisfying this video will be for them

right and now this is getting a little

more granular instead of it being just

about the video overall and it’s

something that people react to at the

end after watching video in other words

it interrupts the video their viewing

session and causes them to stop and take

an action before watching another video

instead this is a great way i think for

youtube to collect emotional

satisfaction surveys that youtube can

collect from viewers while they’re

reacting or while they’re watching the

content and in getting a deeper

emotional response i don’t


i i feel like like so one part of me is

like well this could be so easy to game

where someone’s just like gonna get

their audience to be like everyone give

the heart emoji at this this and this

point and let’s see what happens but the

other hand i think there will be

outliers who do that

but most people probably won’t and if

most people don’t then i think the big

the data might actually become valuable

yeah which is why they’re testing it i

think right now but yeah any any

reactions to that i’d be curious how

we’re going to see that on the back end

you know in the actual data where is

that going is it going to be in the

retention graph well i mean somewhere in

there you know where are we going to get

that information

um be

i think it’ll be in correspondence with

the retention graph yeah and then how

can we use that

to help craft i mean i think it’s again

it’s more data and i think that that’s

always a good thing and especially

around how people are interacting with

our content i think that’s

valuable information


like luke said it is also something that

can be game too so

i’m not against it as much as i’m

reserved going ah we’ll see how it plays

out because i i agree with them i think

it can be manipulated at one level but

maybe those are just outliers and most

people won’t do it but

i don’t know when they got rid of the

dislike i understand why but now that

they’re offering other emotional

reactions i’m kind of like

maybe there’s value in it

we’ll see

i’m curious as a viewer

not as a creator but as a viewer if you

guys are watching a video and you can

see that


six minutes and 58


there’s just a ton of emotional

reactions at that point in the video

does that create more curiosity for you

to stick with that video and see what

happens or does that prompt you to be

like yeah skip ahead and see what’s skip

ahead 100

anytime there’s somebody in the comments

that goes hey intro’s over at two

minutes like

that’s helpful

you know i feel like i would be more

likely to be like a creator i think i’d

be more likely to hang in there because

it makes me feel like there’s a payoff

if i do


yeah that’s what i think i would do more

often than not

unless it was like a video that has like

what luke is talking about like very

specific segments and they don’t

necessarily correspond maybe there’s

like three different stories in it that

i might skip ahead to that story you

know but

um like a news channel or something like



so yeah i might skip ahead to that story

and not listen to all the other ones

prior it strikes me like whenever google

search results will display chapters for

you and go i think this is the clip that

you’re looking for and like as a viewer

that’s really convenient as a creator

it’s just like okay thanks for taking my

legs out from under me because you know

i might have given a value proposition

before that point i might have had a lot

of other like time otherwise watched had

they not suggested a chapter so

we’ll see

yeah yeah google search traffic almost

never leads to channel growth in my

experience right yeah



every week we like to wrap up this

episode with a youtube power tip

something that you can take and use very

practically on your channel today and i

want to introduce you as to the keyboard

shortcuts i use the most on youtube as

someone who spends a lot of time

evaluating people’s channels and doing

consultations and watching content i

have found these keyboard shortcuts to

be invaluable for me but i think the one

that i use the most is the greater than

symbol on uh and the lesser than symbol

on on the keyboard so you hold down

shift and hit greater than or less than

and that’ll either speed up the content

up to like 2x or slow it down and so i

find that often when there’s just

talking heads or people are just talking

i usually go to at least one and a half

but usually 2x and i and i feels like i

i feel like it holds my attention better

i feel like i get through the content

faster and i use that one all the time

but i also go up here to the the j k and

l keys the k key pauses and starts and

stops the video it pauses and plays the

video and then the j key will will skip

back 10 seconds and the l key will skip

forward 10 seconds so sometimes i’ll you

know shift uh greater than and and speed

up speed it up a little bit and just get

it like 2x and then as i’m watching like

okay i kind of get it and i hit you know

just hit k or l

usually i’m just hitting l sometimes i’m

like whoa wait wait how i gotta go back

i’ll hit j and so i’ll navigate i’ll

consume content really quickly and get

an idea of what’s happening in this

content just by using those keyboard

shortcuts there’s a whole bunch of other

ones if you’re not familiar with them

i’ll put a link in the show notes that

you can go click on that’ll give you all

of youtube’s keyboard shortcuts that you

can use to better and more quickly

navigate youtube and save more time

while consuming more content i guess

that’s a good thing but anyway go check

it out thank you guys for hanging out

with us for another video creators

podcast episode and i’ll see you guys

again next week see you then bye


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