YouTube Studio Mobile Analytics: Understand Your Video and Channel Performance

The YouTube Studio mobile app provides at-a-glance and in-depth Analytics to help you analyze your videos and your channel. All of this data can help you better understand what affects your channel and video performance, which can help inform your business or content strategy.
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The YouTube Studio Mobile app

provides analytics
to help you better understand

the performance of your channel and videos.

From the YouTube Studio mobile dashboard

you’ll get a quick glance
at your overall channel analytics.

Here, you can see your current subscribers

and a summary of your Views, Watch time

and Subscriber change
in the last 28 days.

You’ll also see your estimated revenue
if your channel is monetizing.

Just below this, you’ll see
the performance of your latest video

compared to your typical video performance.

You’ll see its Views

Click-through rate

and Average view duration

with comparisons against
your typical video performance.

The analytics page will give you even more
detailed information on your performance

both for your channel overall

and for individual videos.

To get to an individual video’s performance

click Go To Video Analytics

after selecting a video
from anywhere within the Studio Mobile app.

The Overview tab

is your starting point
for any channel or video performance reviews.

This tab will give you high-level insights
about your recent performance

along with information about your Views

Watch time

and Subscribers
compared to your typical performance.

And if you’re monetizing

you’ll see your estimated revenue.

Aside from the Overview tab

you’ll see the Reach,
Engagement, and Audience tabs.

And if you’re in the YouTube Partner Program

you’ll see an additional
Revenue tab listed in Analytics.

Note, that you can click into any card
in Analytics to change the date range.

Let’s first go through the Reach tab

which is your central source for data
on how many viewers you’re reaching

and how you’re reaching them.

This includes Impressions

Click-through rate


and Unique viewers.

Impressions are counted every time

a viewer comes across
one of your video thumbnails on YouTube.

Click-through rate shows you
how often viewers clicked into a video

after seeing an impression,
which results in a view.

And Unique viewers shows
the estimated number of different people

who come to watch your videos
over a set time period.

The Reach tab

also shows various information
about your video’s traffic sources

and the services
driving viewers to your content.

Next, the Engagement tab.

This provides data on viewer attention

including Watch time

Average view duration, and Playlists.

Average view duration

will give you the estimated
average minutes watched per view

on a piece of content.

This allows you to know
how long viewers are watching a video

before moving on to
another piece of content.

The Playlist and Cards data here

provides information on what elements
are best resonating with your audience.

At the video level

this is also where you find
information on audience retention

and “likes” versus “dislikes”.

Now, let’s walk through the Audience tab

which you can use to learn
more about who is watching your videos.

This tab will show you
a breakdown of Returning and New viewers

Unique viewers

and Subscribers.

And if you have channel memberships

you’ll see the change in members
in the last 28 days.

You can also see data
for when your viewers are on YouTube.

These metrics all give you
an idea of the size of your audience

as well as their level of engagement.

This tab also gives you information
on the viewers watching your channel

like their gender

age group

where they’re located

and what languages they speak.

It will also show you
watch time from subscribers

and other videos and
channels that your audience watches.

Finally, if you’re a member
of the YouTube Partner Program

you’ll see an additional
Revenue tab listed in Analytics.

Here, you’ll be able to review
revenue data such as, Estimated revenue


and Playback-based CPM.

You’ll also see
your monthly estimated revenue

your top-earning videos

and a breakdown of your revenue sources

top ad types

transaction revenue

and top geographies by CPM.

All of this data
can help you better understand

what affects your channel
and video performance

which can help inform
your business or content strategy.

Check out the Help Center articles
linked below.

Thanks for watching.


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