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This stream is to answer all your questions about YouTube in 2021. I will be focused on answering your questions you have as a creator. YouTube Shorts. How to Grow on YouTube. How to get more Views, How to get more subscribers, and more.

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i hope that all of you are doing well

today we’re going to talk about youtube


we’re going to talk about growth on

youtube we’re going to talk about things

that will help you really succeed

in 2021 now for us to get going go ahead


put your uh channel in the comments like

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one great thing

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uh and this is a great book for you and


i had the goal um the goal was to

write a book um i was like just

formulating and really going through the

process and i knew that this last year

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i had a publisher reach out uh you can

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also the bad news the good news is i get

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the bad thing is is like getting it out

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um you know we we were surprised by this

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be mentioning from there so here’s the

thing um if you have the book

i would really love for you to really

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put a lot of time energy and effort

into this book and i wanted to be able

to do it in a way that would help you

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and uh this uh you know this desire to

get more views and visibility

can be in all different forms and i know

that uh some of you

are wanting to really start to grow

and you’re looking at new opportunities

that’s why we’re going to talk reports


and also we’re going to do it from a

lens that you probably haven’t heard


because um because of the nature of what

youtube is

um and i truly do believe that there’s

opportunity to really grow

and uh there’s ways to really leverage

it the right way and i think a lot of


they see this as a land grab they see

this as uh you know

um the next big gold mine you know the

gold rush whatever it is

and it’s true there’s a lot of

opportunity but there’s a lot of

principles that

we learn from this and that’s what we’re

gonna actually uh go into that now

big uh shout out to our super chat dan


channel good morning daryl can’t wait to

get a copy of my book uh

thanks for putting out such great

helpful information yes

you’re gonna love it i promise you

you’re gonna love it so

um okay you know um here’s the thing

um i’ve been on youtube since 2005 and i

seen a vast amount of people come and go

now youtube actually started to monetize

that’s when i was really interested

because now you can actually

make the business out of this there’s a

lot of business opportunities

and the cool thing about it is that once

that happened

then there’s like people actually

putting effort

into their videos um and not saying that

they weren’t before but it was just a

different caliber

of things and as specific partners were

were receiving money they were kind of

growing and there was a lot of big

opportunities now

i lived in an area um where youtube

was early adopted it’s in utah

uh we actually had a group it was called

the youtubers group

and it’s not spelled like youtube first

it’s ut like ut

youtubers group and it was starving

started by devon graham

devin and he would actually get


all of us together and we’d talk youtube

we talk strategy we talk collaboration

we talk

things that we learned along the way and

um one thing about it was he was going

over the

uh monotone um of of youtube

and we had shake carl with um you know

uh the shaytards

that was basically talking about these

new opportunities that are coming to


um and so what in our area there were

people making money at it

and entice other people making money and

it was like

this very very interesting thing so we


uh one of the biggest uh community of

creators in the world

and it all happened because of devon

graham uh i’ve mentioned quite a bit in

that book

and uh you know we we go in depth on

that now you’re probably wondering

well how does this have to do with

growth today on youtube what does this

have to do

with youtube shorts well youtube follows

a very specific pattern

and when you understand the pattern that

it’s using

and utilizing you’re able to see okay


when youtube really uh you know take

takes hold of a new feature or new


uh then it’s gonna it’s gonna follow a

specific pattern

now here’s the thing there is an


that was created on youtube so you have

the viewer which is

by far the most valuable thing that

youtube looks at

it has the advertiser okay and then you

have the creator so that’s kind of

the the essence of what the youtube

ecosystem looks now

keeping in mind there were a couple

things that uh

was able to add to the ecosystem because

a lot of the

creators were using content that was


and then that’s where the copyright

holder came in and like wait wait a

minute and they were taking some

monetization and everything from there

and so

there’s so much to to learn from but the

pattern of what youtube does has not

changed they’re very

very very very predictable so

when um when youtube looks at where’s

the future of youtube

it looks at the rising generation that’s

coming up and gen z

is that that generation that they look

really really closely at

and they noticed that a lot of eyeballs

were leaving youtube

and going to musically at the time

and when musically got purchased and

transformed into tick tock it

really leveled up um and it’s an amazing


and i’ve said the last couple of years

you know it’s gonna just crush and it

has it literally is crushed because

that’s what youtube used to look like

way back when where anyone could create

content and they could ex do


and so the thing that um youtube sees it

says oh here’s all these eyeballs that

are going off

we need to counteract that and if you

look at anything that they counteract in

the past like

live streaming stories i mean we can go

through all these details from here

they follow the same pattern which is

they get uh some

department r d department to really

start figuring out okay how do we

integrate this

their platform is very massive and

they’re trying okay how do we actually

do it

and not disrupt the the viewing pattern

because we don’t want to

to overcome the objectives of or we

don’t want to make more

hurdles for people that are viewing and

confuse them because simplicity and what

they’ve been used

to is really important and they start

throwing resources behind it that


is individuals and also money

and basically they always always always

do what they call a toe in the water

campaign that that means they do a sp

small experiment

and they take the data and then based on


the data they expand the experiment

um and one of the first countries out

there that was able to

um uh to to enjoy

this experiment was india india

was uh by far the first one that um

you know that was able to come in and uh

use the features that are there and and


uh they just announced a couple weeks

ago uh

that they’re gonna be doing the beta

here in the united states

and that’s where uh i want to talk about

because i think that this is the

the the new opportunity for a lot of


um however you need to still have uh


uh metrics of what you need to look at

and so

um the the key to this is responding but

responding in a in a very proper way

so uh there’s going to be uh and you can

hear it from my mouth a very

awkward period uh we’re seeing the

awkward period i made a youtube short it

doesn’t show up in the short shelf

that’s the shelf where you go into the


ecosystem start viewing content a little

bit differently than what you do

normally on youtube

and i’ve seen videos for no rhyme or

reason not show up there and then others

that actually show up there

immediately and so there’s like that

awkward moment that awkward

issue and two how does it deal with the


ecosystem and structure of the ai

how is it actually going to get content

in front of people

um and that’s a really big deal because

the way that it works

is youtube is uh built on a search

and discovery type of of experience so

search would be when someone’s searching

for a keyword where is this at

uh they’re seeing that search and then

they find

where discovery would be oh i come to

the homepage and youtube

based on my viewing patterns and

behavior is recommending com

content for me to watch and based on

what i do

will refine feedback for the ai to

suggest other piece of content out there

that’s how it works now also when you

watch a video it’s going to recommend

a recommended suggestions where it’s

called next up

and that’s either on the side if you’re

on desktop or

also mobile which would be down below

the videos and so you have that type of

ecosystem now

what’s different is this is a new

feature it’s a different way to consume

the way that they’re consuming right now

is they have to go

into the short shelf and then it’s

basically you’re swiping up

similar to tick tock that’s not how how

you do it on the normal youtube

so it is a different pattern uh there’s

a lot of views that are happening

billions of video views are happening

every day with short form content and

there is a need now

i can tell you youtube’s going to put

all the resources that it possibly can

to counteract

what’s going on they they want creators

to create here on the platform

and so the first thing that they’ve

always done i’ve seen it

i’ve seen it with every feature out

there they give it

extra love extra visibility

and let me tell you why because if you

can immediately see

success on the videos even when the

videos don’t even warrant

um them to actually be promoted uh

you’re more more motivated to create

content like tell me

that’s not true because like at the end

of the day

if you had a video take off and it was

like like you could even the subpar

video but it got you

you know say 100 000 views you’d be

motivated to make more videos

right and so that’s something that is

really really important so uh the um

the key to this is understanding that

youtube’s always going to promote

and also they’re going to try to figure

out how to

actually uh recommend content for people

and that’s that’s going to be one of

those things

that’s going to take some time and i’m

telling you youtube

is going to make a lot of mistakes and

people are going to be super mad

uh and that’s what that’s the pattern

that’s basically what happens

every every single time and so what we

need to do

is really um really focus in on

how to create the opportunity and seize

the opportunity the right way

so a lot of you that are interested in

shorts a lot of you that are interested


really uh getting that exposure now’s

the opportunity for that

but we need to keep best practices and

things that would engage because

you’re gonna put a lot of energy and

effort and if you want sustainability

which that’s what i talk very very

specifically in the youtube formula

uh that sustainability comes from

creating content

that people want to consume over and

over and over again

now uh just before we get into this um

i’m going to go ahead and uh dude uh

tmad tv

no issues with shorts as long as i

upload it on mobile

um sometimes it works sometimes it

doesn’t so i mean

i’m glad that you’re able to to get that

very specifically on mobile

um it just really depends on where it’s


i know we had another super chat here

thank you so much for the super chats

um and there’s another one hi one of my

shorts did uh

31 is that minimum or million

views in 65 days so um

hey look if it’s uh 31 million that’s a

really good thing

uh if it’s already one minimum i don’t

know it looks like a million

um but the the thing is is there a huge

opportunity out there

uh with shorts and we can actually

uh take opportunity to have a strategy

and plan now

um i’ve been working with several

channels that have been doing short

channels i’ve worked very closely with

the youtube shorts team

on doing some case study and i’m telling


there are so many different

opportunities for creators now

i want everyone to really look at

what do you do do you actually create a

brand new youtube channel

or do you integrate it into

uh your channel and that’s usually the

first question that most people ask me

and i always say it depends on your


um and i can tell you that most people


creators uh create content and they do a

really great job creating content

and people watch and subscribe

because of the content and if you take

them out

of what they’re used to that could lead

to drop

off or what they call churn rate but i

want to give an example there is

a youtuber he does legal

reviews and education wants people to

think like a lawyer

he reached out to me and he says daryl

you know we need to figure this out

you know what should i do and uh he

had an amazing idea about creating uh

very uh timely news and do it in short

form content

he was excited about it and the whole

thing would be

okay experiment experiment putting on

your channel see if it disrupts

everything else

it actually enhances his channel because

you know people are craving for that


and it’s not disjointed in um

in that sense and so the reality is is

you have the ability to

really take a deeper connection with

your audience

through short form content because it

can be easier to create

um but also it’s a way to

have more connection points uh with your

audience and those connection points

are are key so for his case 100

you know you want to be able to uh do

those things now

i can tell you uh i’m actually um at mr

b’s office

he decided to go a different route he

wanted to do his a short

youtube channel and go a different

direction because he didn’t want to


what type of pattern people were

watching on his main channel

and that worked for him too you know and

so there are

opportunities and i think that at the

end of the day there are some strategies

and tactics that you can do

to leverage it where you’re pushing

viewership or

you’re growing very very quickly so

let’s go ahead um if you have a question

go ahead and put it in there we’re going


start jumping up um

do okay well look at this one is quiz

making good niche

daryl please answer yes i i

quizzes trivia stuff works all the time

works really well

um i think it’s a great niche as long as

you’re bringing value where people want

to come back and and see what you’re

doing so

uh next one is coming from uh chris for


are short uploaded or tagged differently

than regular videos okay

so short short videos um like i said

there’s an awkward period

and that was one of the first questions

i’m like how does

uh youtube know that it’s a short and i

was actually talking to the dev team

and they’re like well and then they kind


you know him hot around i’m like okay

come on okay he says well

to try to increase your predictability

you got to put a hashtag in the title

and a hashtag

tag in the description for now and i’m

like okay that’s

that’s good enough and some would show

up and some didn’t

uh and i i do believe that

um when when they introduce the mobile

be more integrated

get people going there um and it’s so

much easier

uh once we’re in beta for that in the

united states

i think you’ll also see on desktop


that you can actually hit um uh you know

probably a check box that’s kind of like

hey this is

a short form video uh it’s under a

minute vertical

you’re good to go so great question um

and i i don’t worry about uh the only

tagging structure would be the hashtags

that i just mentioned there

uh and you can go for that okay

hmm put shorts on a different or second

chance sounds were uh

we’re looking at um we’re actually in

let’s see what’s today in two weeks

um i’m actually starting a shorts

channel it’s gonna be my one of my um

like every year um company we start uh

two new channels and partner two with

two new channels and that’s how we’ve

been able to grow

and get you know all the different gold

play buttons and stuff that we have

um but um the uh the new one is is i i

i had an idea for a bigger channel and

we never

really pulled it off because i’m like ah

it’s just gonna take too much time i

don’t have time to designate to it but

it’s gonna work very perfectly

for um for this and so what we’re gonna


is we’re gonna grow it to a million

subscribers and then i’m gonna show the


of how we were able to do that that’s

gonna be a fun one fun fun fun

um i did see i uh like

like the niminati thank you for rating

this uh

love it love the nimidati love nick and

dee they they’re

great great people uh really appreciate

the raids coming in

uh this community is awesome um i just i

love what what

nick and dee’s all about and

realistically i got my niminati shirt

i really do okay um let’s go ahead we

got a couple super chats coming in

uh sam should i put my shorts on my main

channel so sam

uh i answered this question it all

depends on your viewer if it takes the


where they’re like what the heck did i

just see and they’re like

starting to disconnect with your main

content um i would be very hesitant i

actually have a student of mine uh that

that started to put it out on his main

content and his his audience didn’t even

like we don’t want this like like go put

it aside

so it’s not that it’s a bad idea but it

might not resonate

with what expectations are for the

viewer and what we’re trying to do

keep those viewers and retain them and

retention doesn’t mean just retaining

them to the end of the video but

retaining them into the community uh

very very great question

all righty um looks like we got another

great super chat com coming from the one

the only

benji travis oh man benji

okay i have been uploading shorts for

about a month and getting thousands up

to uh 40 000 views took exactly three

weeks to catch the short video algorithm

and now it’s skyrocketing you can cut

your book you can earn it this weekend

you’re gonna love it benji and do you

know what what book

is uh recommended with this one youtube

secrets that says hey these are actually

bought the best together

and so i’ve seen it on amazon i think

it’s awesome

um here’s the thing uh when when we

were going through the process of

creating short form content

um i did notice that it took about three

it was like 21 days ish um before some

of that content was picked up some was

immediately some that

it wasn’t so what’s happening on a lot

of content is

you’re getting views and those views can

translate into money because it’s being

picked up

on suggested videos it’s being picked up

on browse feature those are traffic


uh but where it really takes off and

really skyrockets when it’s on the short


and the short shelf is where you know

youtube is consuming it right now um


you can’t really monetize but i can

guarantee you i know youtube

youtube will figure out a way um if they

already haven’t

you know and right now they mentioned oh

there’s an applaud button

and you can kind of tip people that’s

one way we’re going to see how it goes

but youtube’s going to definitely try

that so

definitely follow benji uh uh him and


i’ve done a great job at really

supporting the community in so many

different ways

love love benji and what he’s doing out


okay next one is uploading daily helps


so when when it comes to short form


um i know that there are people putting

out 15 16

17 videos a day okay

and you’re like okay they just want to

over saturate everything we want to

over saturate the whole youtube shorts


that’s the worst thing you can do

because you might only have one video

pop off

right so it’s better to instead of put

all that energy and effort to make a

better video

like at the end of the day and if you

can do that consistently daily then go

right go right ahead and do it daily now

for me um i would and this is what i’m

going to do

is we we are planning we’re getting

ready to launch

we’re going to edit our videos we’ll

probably have a week’s worth of videos

ready to go

that’s what we’ll do is we’ll do it

probably every day if not

the the first week but the second week


and then i’ll probably uh go to every

other day

uh just based off of having better

forming content it might be every third


i don’t know i it’s something that uh in

the book that i teach

about which is you put a plan together

you execute on that plan

and then you uh you analyze the data and

then the data points what i needed

because i’ve seen

uh some channels just explode for only

one short video

uh a given week uh and others that

really explode even

even deeper so really really excited

about that now

what what’s interesting sorry my um

headset just kicked out and i need to

get that a little bit tighter there

there we go oh

okay give me a second sorry this is

called an ifb

and i will have some guests come on in a


um okay there we go okay there we go

got it got it got it how awkward was


is that good give me a thumbs up for


there we go okay perfect um

moving on okay so um


um okay uh professor nez

i i just did a podcast with uh professor


loved it uh it just uh gives me freedom

to create more without worrying about

uh my main channel you know it’s true

it’s like

this is a creative outlet like shorts

can be an amazing creating

a creative outlet for a lot of you um i


um you know for me it’s about timing uh

and i have a lot going on

and just know oh i can still creative i

know what the hook can be and that hook

is a short form video which is awesome

so okay

um it sounds like we’re getting some lag

um are we

hope not

okay all right so let’s go ahead and

go for the next one so uh when you’re

actually doing

uh this strategy of of working

with uh your youtube journey

and and creating content it’s like

figuring out the balance

and sometimes content creators like

stop what they’re doing and focus in on

the next shiny object

what i don’t want you to do is really if

you’re making money on your main channel

look of how you can actually enhance

what you’re doing and being more

strategic strategic-ness

is is so key um it’s really really

uh you know important that you actually

look at

how you can engage uh that

that uh that viewer consistently to

bring that value now

where there’s not uh a massive amount of

money in shorts

at the moment it can be a struggle there

for as well okay

um it looks like small horn thank you

for the super chat i’m going to try

the a shorts channel that’s it’s fine

i’m telling you

uh doing content i think this is a a


method for a lot of content right now

they get it kind of in their

in their jam they love creating and this

is something new that they’re able to do

so very very cool okay um

so um

we have

all right so this is a great question

and i i know a lot of you

are are looking for uh ways

uh to grow so joshua i feel like is

is like a lot of creators out there most

of most of you

have been situated before what’s your

advice is

uh in all starting a youtube career in


how to motivate yourself and how to deal

with negative people

um so josh this is a great question

because i think at the end of the day

all of us really would like to have

success right

and um i do not believe that youtube is

oversaturated at all

i think that this is just you know

groundbreaking and there’s an


to really succeed and i do believe that

with enough creativity and your enough

focus you can succeed that i mean that’s


i wrote the book is to help people like

you to do that

now how to motivate yourself um like i

i want to tell you uh last night i was

on a plane

and i flew all the way to caroline and i

got into

about one o’clock in the morning and

then i got up at four o’clock in the


and why did i get at four o’clock in the

morning because i’m motivated i’m

excited i love what i do

uh for me i think motivation comes from

all different aspects

of people for me i just love the grind

i love the setting great goals

and taking where uh take taking and

doing things

that that stretch me in in that regard

and so

um you got to figure out what motivates

you yeah it could be

you know getting in the right mindset in

the morning i do that where i do a daily

devotional and really think of my goals

i’m a goal setter

and i look at what can i do to level up

my goals and level up my life

and i i take very specific action each

day to do that

so um you know i don’t like to listen to

negative people

um let me tell you what i call joshua we


uh negative nellie’s and toxic teds

i like to stay away from both of those

types of people personality types

because um it can really really really

bring you down when you focus in on what

what people are saying or doing and

they’re more critical but they’re not

doing what you do they don’t have uh

the the background or or your your

history you know it’s

very very difficult um to uh be

surrounded by that and stay positive so

i like to just kind of

pull them out of my life and not look

back okay moving on

delicious food okay tag needed to be

given in every video tell me so yes

um when you’re talking about youtube

shorts you need to use the hashtag

shorts hashtag shorts put it in the


put it in the description for now um

that youtube will have better

uh with with the um with the play i’m

sorry the beta program

they’ll actually give us more

information they always do they’re gonna

give us a guide

they always do that’s the pattern that

you follow they’ll give us some case

studies they always do

and uh you know one of those things will

be best practices

and you’ll see videos that come out from

youtube about best practices with shorts

i would just totally understand what

they’re trying to do okay

all righty um next one is i heard shorts

should be no longer than 58 seconds

um okay so you have it up to a minute uh

it needs to be vertical format

and also that doesn’t mean that you

should use the full minute like

make the content what it if it’s a 15

second short

and it’s so engaging in that 15 seconds

keep it a 15 second short

you know you don’t need to go to 58

seconds and in in fact

a lot of your content that i that i’ve

been watching on shorts

is good but it’s not as good as it could


uh one that i was watching today uh was

a full minute

a full minute short uh but it was

uh chess in a minute and it was it was

done to to music the beat of the music

it would just kind of move to the beat

of the music

and they sped it up it was really cool i

liked it i watched the whole thing

because i’m i love chess so that’s

something we can do

uh so don’t worry about that um i i what

i would say

is uh definitely definitely uh look for

those opportunities

uh to create the content that engages

and then don’t try to

add more content when it’s not needed

okay okay next one

uh a new york city based travel channel

how can i use

youtube okay okay youtube shorts

well there’s a lot that’s going on in

new york city

there’s a lot that’s going on in the

world um i think you could do shorts

in locations and i think it could be

really cool where

uh you could take vertical content and


what times square looked like three

years ago and what it looks like today

it’s totally different thing i can you

could go down broadway

you could do a short where it’s before

and after uh before of what broadway

looked like

uh three years ago and where it looks

like today uh

that is interesting stuff you know and i

think you can find some footage


some stock footage that you can use and

then just make sure

oh i know exactly how to stand you have

that and you can do kind of before and

after that can be really powerful

and you can travel around there’s a lot

of businesses that are close a lot of

businesses that are open up

i think there’s a lot of cool things

that you can do um you know in

in this short space for sure okay

next one block fact um

all my shorts are 27 seconds and it


great 20 if you can get in 27 seconds

that’s great

question to you is how’s the retention


uh on your 27 uh second videos for all

of them

you know are they really super amazing

are you getting 120

retention that means they’re watching it

more than once you know like look at

that data because i think

everything can improve just don’t be


uh you know your video pops off okay

let’s say your video pops off

and then it dies okay uh how do you

bring it back to life or is it just dead

okay so that’s funny that they said pops

off and i said that

um some foreshadowing happening here on


uh so when when youtube uh promotes


um you you gotta look at where the

traffic comes from so

one of the things that i’m the most

sensitive to and i can tell you the

reason why i

wrote this in the book is because

youtube is extremely

sensitive to traffic and

every traffic source is an algorithm


that youtube is working with and it has

specific goals

um sometimes when it pops off uh you

know it could be picked up by

multiple different traffic sources it

could be the

browse feature which is usually the

youtube home page or subscription feed

uh that that when that happens that

usually gets you the most amount of

views in the shortest amount of time

okay uh this also gets picked up by

suggested videos it’s like being

suggested by something else

uh you can get a ton of views there uh

usually that’s more evergreen

and you’re constantly getting

recommended out there but it does have

its own cycle of things uh and then


uh the short shelf uh the short shelf it

can pop in you get a whole bunch of


and then it’ll kind of go down um i

don’t necessarily know

all the patterns because this is a new

uh traffic source i and

and when there’s a new traffic source

youtube has the history of modifying


and so um you know everything might be


and best practices now and it might

change in

a week or tomorrow that’s just do what

they’ve been known to do

with every new feature as they get data

they make data-driven decisions of how

to actually amplify that feature and so

uh that’s something that that i look at

very specifically and i try to find

patterns in that

that’s why i spend a pretty big portion

of the book talking about

making data-driven decisions and how to

analyze the data so

um to bring it back to life uh you know

you’re gonna see its own uh cycle of


cycle of people engaging with it and so

um you’re going to be able to have

specific patterns i think it’s a little

too early

to know what you can can’t do with a


of choice i don’t even know um if it is

even recommending based off of your

viewer preference yet or it’s just

taking viewer preference off

of uh what you’re watching in your own

watch history and then kind of going

that direction

there’s so many unknowns right now and

so what i would say

is do what normally would happen like

make some content that would be somewhat


um that that engages someone to that

level and then take it to the the place

that you can um have youtube be able to

say oh they like this one they haven’t

seen this other video

maybe that will pop off there so that’s

a great great great question there

okay going on the next one living on a

dime to grow

rich all right i love frugality

i really really do if you upload daily

should you put your uh

put shorts on daily too or should you

just put shorts on the day

for that day um look daily content

is is very difficult um i

i do not recommend uh daily content for

my clients

because how how sustainable can it be

um and i’ve seen people just burn out

from it

however if you build a team to make it

happen daily content

is completely feasible um you know and i

like to see it long term now what is

what do you do

do you if you’re doing daily content on

long form if you make short form that’s

two pieces of content a day

what i would do if it was me is i would

experiment and

maybe if you upload at eight o’clock in

the morning then eight o’clock in the

evening do something or look at when

you’re when your audience is actually

watching on youtube

and there might be a time there might be

a place that you can actually

release content uh that makes sense uh

that being said

uh just keep keep in mind that you’re

gonna disrupt the the pattern of what

you’ve been doing

but that might not be a bad thing you

might be able to grow from there who



here we go yeah shorts are working for

me at the moment on my second channel

and that’s good that’s what second

channels are for you can

kind of experiment doing things uh you

know in

in that regard what’s your advice

getting the same or close to the same

amount of views on longer videos that

are not shorts

okay so look um there’s

bass lines that actually happen on

youtube and

if you’re always putting out the same

type of content the same type of

visibility the

same type of things that you’re doing

and getting the same results

you have predictable results and a lot

of people are happy with that

i’m never happy with it that’s why i

wrote the book and the reason why i

focus in on analytics is because

we wanted to see what worked what didn’t

work because in the videos

people were either engaged or disengaged

at certain points

i want to know what those are i want to

be able to see them in groups of videos

and make a good decision on hey why

this is a hypothesis why did they do

this and i want to make an assumption of

how to counteract that and then i’m

going to do a new video

i’m going to create a new video i’m

going to release it and i’m going to see

the data and if the data supports it

then we just improved the content so if

you’re getting people

that’s watching um you know to the end

of the video and it’s like 30

or 50 of the people well what if you

took it up

by another eight percent you’re going to

get more views i can guarantee it


it’s eight percent higher than what you

normally have been doing or ten percent

higher than you’re normally doing

um we we actually partner with uh

channels uh a lot uh we’ll go

on or go buy into a company and and then

we we help them scale

um and one of them you know just by

editing and looking at the audience

uh that we kept the same video uh

length um that they normally do they did

12 to 15 minute videos

and we really looked at who how they

engaged and we

probably spent three three weeks four

weeks of just analyzing the data

that i teach you like in the youtube

formula and

once we were able to do that we were

able to increase

all videos after that after we edit it

by two minutes 34

seconds that’s a huge increase

huge increase um all right

next uh when does the pre-order of your

book and

um i we’re now into orders it’s like we


uh i believe till wednesday and then

the pre-order stuff is is shut and then

it’d just be ordering

uh they do for a week

of promotion i think this is why some of

you haven’t got

um your tracking number yet is because

when you go through the website it goes

out and finds a place to get it


and then then it ships it out to you and

the reason why we do that

is to have a diversity of different

places that picked up the book

and um it looks like we’re on track

we’re on

amazon bestseller in four different

categories and

it looks like we’re going to be on a

couple bestseller lists uh right now

uh which will get more visibility and

more you know ways to talk about that

for sure

um moving on to

um yes so if you have a question go

ahead and put in there

question if i get a thousand views in no

time on my shorts but suddenly views

stopped coming i have audience retention

of 55 to 60

any tips to get to convert you know a

thousand views to 10 000 views okay so

the thing about it is don’t be satisfied

with 55 60

that’s that’s low for shorts and so if

you want

more like this is where i started in the

beginning of the the

the live stream is good content is good


and even though that um some of this and

this is like a

gonna really demoralize a lot of

creators because it has in the past this

is the the pattern of the past

where they come in they they get some

artificial inflation

of hey your video’s really good when

it’s really not it doesn’t have all the

indicators for it

yeah it’s getting the views but you know

youtube’s putting a little bit more

energy and effort in getting it out to

more people there’s not a lot of content

out there

so you got to refine your content you

got to make it better so my goal for you

is get it to 80 because 55 65

is good 80 is a lot better 100 is even

better that means 100 of a month all the

way through the whole video

and some of you watched more than once

to get that that retention rate up and


really look at it that is an indicator i

know that that youtube’s gonna see

hey how many people actually um

uh did did two things uh number one

watch it more than once

uh and i do believe that the

shareability of the video is gonna be a


big deal because that’s one of the

triggers that tick-tock has and they are

watching like a hawk

that as well okay next one uh are the

random times on short shelf

always the same length of times

typically typically

six to seven hours look um i

it’s too early to tell on the patterns

of happenings

uh on the short shelf um it seems like

they’re always just changing things once


feel like oh i got this pattern down it


whether i don’t have enough data set to

understand it and then

translate it over um i still think it’s

in its infancy but when when i was

talking with the shorts team

they made it quite clear that they’re

going to be experimenting

and uh things are going to change and

what works today won’t work for tomorrow

and what they recommend today might not

be for tomorrow because

it’s an evolution thing and so

very very good

all right wanted to show some love

looking forward to getting your book in

the mail

sharing it with an audience thank you

for the tip

thank you for buying brendan sparks

appreciate it man

like i i can’t tell you um how excited i

am for you to read this book

because uh this has been a lot of work

and i know it’s gonna help a lot of

people and i do believe

that if you’ll adhere to why youtube

started in the first place how they


you understand the platform the

ecosystem how the ai controls algorithms

with an s and then to the opportunity

that’s part two

and then part three is the uh the

youtube formula which is a data-driven

human-centered formula

uh that’s basically the hum of the the

youtube formula

is a data-driven human-centered formula

when you understand that

and you’re making decisions and how to

analyze how people react

the ai is looking for those same

patterns and that’s where a lot of

growth can come

thank you so much appreciate that

question here

your thoughts on using shorts as a

teaser for long long-form content to

another channel

look i do believe that

that will be a traffic source i believe

very very very um

good short form content can recommend i

want to

dive deeper into that i think it can be

a trailer i think it can be a teaser

but keep in mind when someone’s in the

mode of watching content

you know they just want to flip up and

see what’s next um

this this really delves into uh the


of the viewer um and i go in depth on

this of

you know who is the viewer what are they

watching what would bring value

into their their life um you know why

are they on youtube

what you know where are they at from the

world what time of the day that they

actually watch youtube

um and then we go through the psychology

of you know

why they’re on youtube and also the

psychology of who they are

and so the psychographics is really

important for me what they do online

what they do offline is really important

um one of the things that i noticed

is tick tock is is

pretty aggressive at helping people

cure boredom and so a lot of people go

onto a platform because they’re bored or

they want to de-stress

uh there’s a lot of stress in the world

today uh there’s a lot of stress in your

life there’s a lot of stress in my life

uh and people will go and engage

with that uh with a content that way

to de-stress so at the end of the day

that’s that’s what’s happening and so uh

i think it can be

and if they’re looking to de-stress they

might want to dig deeper into a specific

uh entertainment

value proposition or education value


or inspirational value proposition

that’s great so

um okay let’s go on


i just used tic tocs to learn what i

need to do

to succeed at shorts so tick tock

is uh really really disruptive

and let me tell you why it actually uses

artificial intelligence to help you

become a better editor

it lines things up very very good and

has transitions

uh where it’s using artificial

intelligence to do that and then it’s


uh it’s all about the sound too and the

video content so it’s really interesting

uh when you make those connections and

i’m just hoping uh with this beta

because i don’t have the beta i know

some people that do

um just because you’re having the

feature what makes the

the tick tock uh and i say the tick tock


more appealing is because it’s really

easy for creators to make amazing videos

um and i don’t know if that’s going to

happen with the with the tool set that

we have in youtube yet

at this time so but good

it’s good for ideation there’s a lot of

creativity you’re like oh this is really


i find myself sharing a lot of short

form content a lot of tik tok videos

um and it does inspire you it inspires

you okay this could be really cool on

youtube as well

okay um moving on

um do i

have a favorite shorts channel i

actually do

um okay so i have been obsessed over the

last little bit with chess

and so has an amazing

uh short’s channel and there’s some

other other creators that are in the

space i like it

it works really well for me um they just

take moments that are happening in a

bigger video i’m just seeing these epic

moments and

that’s all i need i if i didn’t want to

watch the full game so

all righty okay um looks like we grabbed

all the super chat so far if i missed it

i do apologize

um wait no there should be another one

let me go back

um okay here’s here’s one when will the

book get to the philippines things um

so i don’t know uh all i know is this

uh if you made a a purchase um it will

get to you eventually

united states and canada parts of the uk

is getting it right now

i know that the distributor is getting

it out into all locations the


is is definitely my love um and i want

to make sure that

the people in the philippines actually

get it as well so that should be coming

uh hold hold tight it’s coming so

all right let’s go back i think i missed

one and i want to make sure i get that

super chat so

um this software that i’m using

sometimes doesn’t allow you to

do that appreciate uh best brands

perfumes for the super chat

uh we’re gonna get going in on um

looks like i missed a few here um okay

uh blaine said hey daryl i have a

printed copier book but need the audio

for accessibility reasons how do i get

included audio version for the book so

what happened is um i have a publisher

and they publish the the book i have

another publisher for the audiobook

um i want to read my audiobook so it’s

going to come out in june

uh and i and i do that because i want to

make sure it’s done right

uh if i put this much effort to write

the book i want to be my voice behind it

so you can hear

me like pulling in and says take a look

at the persona breakdown and

shown in figure 11.3 so that’s what’s

gonna happen but it will be in june i

did sign the contract with the audio

uh publisher so we have that that will

be interesting

there’s a couple of them that did not

show up like dan o’channel

what’s a good length for shorts um i

want to get to that one dan i tried to

figure out where your super chat was

thank you for the super chat

but a good length is the length that it

needs to be for the content and

i say this on regular form uh content

too not just for short form

if it only warrants uh seven seconds

then it’s a great seven second video if

it’s more of a thirty second to forty


do it now don’t think watch time think

of how many people complete it

and how often do they watch it and so uh

you’re gonna be rating against other

content creators in that in that same

space as well okay

all right so we’re moving on here and

um if you have a question um

okay let me do this do you have uh any

things for the international

audiences kind of sucks waiting more

than a month i do apologize

i really do i didn’t know that this is

going to be this way it’s news to me so

this is what i’m doing for international


i will make it public right here i had

a lot of people purchase through

and the international audience there

there’s going to be a

sepa separate training day uh that’s

just only for international and we’re

going to talk about international

struggles and things like that i’m

really excited about it i do a lot of

travel so i’ve been all around the world

but i’ve also lived outside of the

united states and i know

sometimes most times we get the the


that way right and so i want to make

sure that you’re taken care of so i do


a date um you should have received an

email about that notification

and then i think next week next monday


is when the email goes out it gives you

the exact day of when that is

and it’s only exclusively for

international people and i promise you

i have some big big things that i’m

going to share with you because

there’s a lot of opportunity

internationally that i wouldn’t


talk about on the regular training day

but i want to give it to a training day

that actually makes sense so thank you

so much for that

do mr cook mr cook

it’s been a while uh excited for the new

book and learning from you

you can get it uh this book is amazing

it’s a thick one

here um i i i’m getting a lot of people

kind of sending me texts and stuff like

that they’ve known me for a while

and um you know there’s a lot of stories

in there and

you know i try to tell it in a way that

you can understand my mindset when it

comes to these things

and uh really really excited about that

so you’re gonna enjoy it mr cook

all right fly ride hey man how’s it

going it’s been uh a minute or two

what do you think about uh teespring

adding digital projects to the merch

shelf i’m stoked

love seeing you uh often in clubhouse um

if you guys haven’t

followed me if you’re in clubhouse

definitely follow me there i’ve been

spending a lot of time there i really do

like it because i can

jump into it really quickly in just

spare moments

and it’s been been super fun um let’s

talk about digital products on teespring

um look i am 100

positive that um youtube is going to

go all in on helping creators make more

money in so many different ways one of


is uh partnering with with people like

teespring that they can do other things

outside of just the normal things

they’re doing and digital products is

huge it’s like

hey if you want um you know anything

that that can be done digitally

it can now be included on the merch

shelf and that transaction is really a

big deal

because it’s going to make a lot more

creators money like you could do a

digital ringtone

that can go on your your mobile device i

mean that’s huge

you know stuff like that is big i’m

excited about it

we’ve been using a lot of that in

shopify uh as just kind of like an

add-on or a bonus

made a lot of great opportunities uh

which is money

opportunities is money uh by by doing

that as well so

really really grateful for that um and

then two um

i’m gonna do a plea if i can uh for

those that uh are on instagram

i am so close to getting ten thousand i

just neglected my my instagram forever

uh go ahead hit that follow button i’m

almost at 10

000 people i just put it in the comments

um please because i i definitely want to

swipe up for stuff and

i’m like oh i should have been i should

have done that a long time ago but i i

just don’t post much on instagram

i don’t have a face for instagram do i

have a face for instagram

i don’t think so


but anyway okay sweet um

all right um

make more money by writing books make

more money that turns into excels okay

so let me tell you about money in books

like you there’s not a lot of money in

books but

the the thing for me um that uh

that i want everyone to know is kind of

the the rationale

uh for that process that the reason why

i started

uh you know writing book a book was

um i’ve done a lot of videos i do a lot

of other stuff that i wasn’t able to

really discuss

i actually use a lot of case studies

here and i wanted to prove

that my teaching that i’m doing here can

work so a lot of the case studies are

actually my students

i do a mentoring program and they’re

they’re the students that that are in

that mentoring program and they’re

crushing it

on youtube in so many different ways so


great great oh

ashley says i do have a facebook uh

instagram let me see

do i post make sure you follow me on

instagram all right

um yeah i’ve i’ve neglected my gram for

a while

i need to get i need to get better i i

do want to do more

uh content so my goal uh starting in


is to do a lot more content on youtube

and i just want to level up all across


you know the internet and so um i

it’s really important for me to have a

good mobile

system because i travel a lot for work

and i’m in different places like

right now i’m in north carolina in


and i i definitely

love having a good setup i don’t have

good lighting in here right now i could

have set up good lighting but i didn’t

but i just want to be able to have a

mobile setup that i can take anywhere

and i’ll be honest with you what i’m

doing here right now is probably going

to happen a lot more frequently is just

doing some live streams

wherever i’m at in the world and i’m

really loving uh these saturday live

streams if you’re loving it too put it

in the comments

love it okay um okay so how much is your

mentoring program yes i bought your book

last week so

the mentoring program is you can go to a

website called channel jumpstart um

i don’t normally um it’s like an


um experience and it’s not that i’m just

trying to keep it

well hidden or anything like that um

it’s just we we do different

um trainings at different times but

basically what it is is a 12-week

uh uh process so here you can see it


um 12-week process

uh let’s see here to do oh

i’ll have to it’s not like doing you go

to uh i’ll put it in in


link there but basically it’s a 12-week

mentoring program

with me i teach all the principles that

i teach in the youtube formula but i

mentor you

and give you specific advice of what you

need to do

um uh on on youtube uh

specifically and audience development

growth and give you very tactical


of where that’s at so really really

great program it is expensive you’re

working with me and my team we have a

huge community

uh we can only work with so many people

so that’s kind of where

it can get expensive but you can go

through the process do an application

and and we can put you on the list uh

and right now we just barely started one

we have another one happening in april

so you might be able to get on that one

for sure

all right um i’m in the uk is planning

on ordering

uh the book on amazon if i get it from

amazon so you still get the added

bonuses too that’s a great question so


the um in the book

um there is uh a mini course

everyone that gets the book gets the

mini course that’s what you get

the people that buy it through it’s gonna some of them

it’s gonna take a little bit of time to

get to them

uh but if you do it there you get the

added bonuses there that’s

the the pre-order bonus i can only do it

fulfill it there

um look i’ll take the cell wherever it

goes if you get it from amazon that’s

great but the the added bonuses that you


are exclusively at

all right um

what do you think of my channel name

daily fish chat

i like that are you chatting about fish

you like fish

hey if that’s what it is it’s a pretty

good name because it’s very simple to


uh and easy to remember for sure

um okay here we go

struggling with viewer predictability

took the 30-day challenge cannot uh take

channel jump start

uh we’re in japan time should i do a

one-hour consult um

the reason why i do one-hour consults is

um you know i do know

that every situation is different and

i’m expensive guys i do apologize

that’s why i come on here for freako on

clubhouse for free um

is to to give back as much as i can i

created that 30-day creator challenge

for free

uh just because i wanted to be able to

help a lot of people succeed in fact

a lot of people right now are able to

succeed with that

so um i do have the ability to

uh do one-hour consultations

um i used to have

an assistant she was my assistant for


that spoke perfect japanese because she

was from japan

and uh but yeah you can definitely do it

um at consultation

uh you can get that there so very very


um let’s go on to the

next one because this is a very big

question because a lot of people

are saying can i repurpose content

is using clips in existing video is a

good idea for short videos

i think it can be if you make it

a short video experience so just taking

clips one thing but

taking a clip that was meant to really


is great um i found that a lot of


um they edit a lot of their stuff out

and there’s a lot of really great

amazing content that could be in there

as a standalone content so i always say

look in your back

library first that could be that teaser

that can take them to the main video

but also in shooting content there’s a

lot of stuff that’s

really really good but it’s taken out

because of the edit

that could still be used so really use

that i think it’s a great idea

however nothing beats when you’re

actually planning for a short form

of content because you’re going to think

differently and that will be a lot

better content for sure

all right here’s the next one question

please advise would you recommend using

timelines for short form videos

two to four minutes or longer than eight

to ten minutes

um look uh okay there’s a difference


short videos and then shorts shorts is

under a minute

so yes you can have kind of your

your um your journey in the video for

anything up to a minute uh and then

shorter videos would be you know two to

six minutes

you know and yes i i definitely would


a set structure like the best videos out


uh doesn’t matter if it’s you know 15

seconds to

you know 15 minutes there’s a structure

to it finding that structure to really

connect is really big

boom abc facts how would you how would a

short channel generate income through

ads if shorts are

short then how is an ad it’s uh

unavailable to to

convince the customer do we need short

ads then thanks

okay so look um just because of the

ecosystem between

the creator the advertiser and the


um there’s not the same type of viewers

viewing experience and so

like on tiktok what happens when you go

to tiktok

there’s an ad always that hit so

whenever you go into tick-tock there’s

an ad that fires

and then they create a creator fund that

they give money out

based off of viewership and so on if

you’re a certified partner with them

on youtube your video can be

you can make money and i’ve made money

on short form videos um and we’re

talking shorts okay

uh but that’s not on the short shelf

it’s like picked up in browse feature

suggestion and they just throw an ad on

and it’s sad that the ad is longer than

the the video

that hits okay so that’s the frustration

that the viewer is going to have

so the short shelf um right now they’re

testing out

applaud so they can actually give a tip

and it could be more uh

uh community-centered um however i know

this for a fact

youtube will look at every aspect to


people that are creating short-form

content uh make them more money

it’s just going to happen i can tell you

yes um like this is true i made 20 bucks

on my million

video short yes that’s true uh where did

the that

that money come from guaranteed as

browse feature a suggestion you know

just just the

way it is now um okay boom

uh reading your book now would love to

hear your first thoughts for a video

when you

hear helping gamers get fit i need i’m a

gamer and i need to get fit

i’m like literally toying this year is

uh i need to

take take control over my weight for

sure because that’s like out of control

um and i i need to to get fit so i think

this is my year for it

um and i’m making some goals on that

which i’m excited about uh

but um look when when you’re creating


it’s it’s all about understanding your

audience and understanding your viewer

and making stuff

uh interesting um and for me

uh gaming and getting fit uh

could could be in the same sense of uh

you know punishment so like if you

you die then you’re doing a hundred

push-ups or a hundred burpees and

that that’s interesting for the viewer

to do it now if your goal is to get the

viewer to do it

um that’s where you’d have to engage

with them

that they’re doing that along with you

while they’re watching and so

uh or that they’re inspired by it and so

i think it’s

a great uh opportunity to test

but the data will tell you if if people

are going to be responding to it if they

want to see you do it

then it’s all about transformation how

was it before

and what’s after and then two the

mechanism and this is a key thing is

getting the mechanism to

to actually connect that mechanism is


as well so the mechanism to um

get you you so when they see you uh

you’re gaming but

then it triggers whether you you uh die


get you know whatever respawn and you

have to have to do those burpees

so all right moving on to the next one

simplified gardening i made a short


when it launched uh didn’t want to

affect my my stats

should i integrate shorts now on my

channel then now it’s getting

1.2 million um look um

yeah i i it’s it’s tough

you can uh definitely try to integrate


i i will guarantee you youtube will

figure out a way to blend channels just

just based on past

uh what they’re trying to do and then


like you might want to check to see uh

you know take some of your best

performers and put them on your new


and maybe re-edit them or whatever but

it’s just take

taking the data and see if that’s that’s

something you want to do on the main

channel but

maybe the main people that subscribe to

you doesn’t want to necessarily

um watch that longer form content um uh

on the short forum and then vice versa

so it’s kind of a really hard one

uh to to see only the data will tell us

on that and that’s why we do data-driven

decisions that’s why i spent a lot in my


talking about data-driven decisions

on one of my videos i made a custom mrbs

ps5 controller

but i feel that the thumbnail is is too


advice on thumbnails thank you

well um look i i do believe simplicity


but it still needs to grab your

attention um what i would have done

if i was making a controller is actually

do the same thing that mr beast does for

his thumbnails

i would pick one where you’re taking a

shock look of mr beast

and i know it’s kind of clickable but

you’re showing

the controller to him kind of like what

his credit card video is

like that’s a really good thumbnail

because you’re getting you have a shock


or you even do it where you’re shocking

someone there

uh that it could be the average viewer

for mr beast that’s seeing that


that’s there and you could just kind of

be inspired by

uh one of mr beast’s thumbnails for sure


i take a full section when you see the

psychology of

break down uh in in thumbnails

yeah yeah

okay next one uh why uh don’t youtube

give a bell

after subscribe on shorts please reply


so look um when youtube brings in a new


um it it it kind of tests out

specific things and i can tell you right

now bell notifications is not a part of

the ecosystem

for youtube shorts at the moment uh it


but realistically when people come into

the short shelf and how they’re

discovering you

and subscribing to you uh they don’t

they’re not coming in

through a notification yet um and so

is that gonna happen i don’t know um i

know that youtube tests

everything and they take they do it

where they do it on a small sample size

and then go bigger and bigger

and if it’s a very positive thing that

bring people into youtube then that’s


but i can tell you this right now i i

want to make it quite clear

okay youtube’s all about making money

and if it doesn’t make money

through youtube shorts um you know it’s

going to figure out how to do that

and i can tell you it it’s going to look

at all data points

and one of those things if the getting

people to come onto the platform

and engage they go to the shorts then

you go on to youtube

they will track that and if that’s a

positive thing

in the sense that gets youtube to make

more money guess what’s gonna happen

they’re gonna have that feature because

if that’s something that that youtube

does brings people on the platform

um yeah yeah okay all right

um so here is um let me see here

make sure i get all the super chats

thank you so much for the super chats


it’s been so good um for all those that

don’t know with my super chats i’m going

to make a special video where i i give

it to

one of the one of the people here uh

that contributes to the community

and i’m going to do something special

with them

i think we’re up to a couple thousand

dollars or something about that

and it’s like i don’t use this channel


uh monetization anyway so i’m like oh

it’ll be an easy way to

make some good content so and adding to

that super chat

is tommy t uh hey daryl watched uh your

12-hour live stream

wow that was a long one and took some

advice updated my titles and it sound

and they sound better but my views

dropped uh 30

the next day did i freak out the system

by doing that okay

so one of the things that you want to

look at is knowing what to

adjust for me i never never mess with

something that is actually bringing me

video views i will make modifications on

things that are underperforming

so the tip was to do it for

underperforming videos and new videos


out uh but to change everything all at


is is a very uh could be a very

difficult thing because youtube’s like

okay what’s going on here and they

changed all the titles

but i i like to do it uh small sample

sizes and see how they perform

but don’t freak out like i i wouldn’t

worry about that just

going for better titles you have the

ability to uh

change the titles too back to what they


um you know it’s totally up to you but i

i definitely

don’t like to do things drastic where

you do

everything all at once i like to do it

smaller um and very

tactical for sure

all right um let’s see

uh i learned so much watching all did

you guys really watch all live

12 hours that’s crazy that was crazy

crazy times okay so

what i’m gonna do here is take a minute

or two and talk about

uh shorts uh from my perspective and i

got a couple ideas

uh that’s gonna really help you really

succeed um the first thing is

this is a digital gold rush there’s a

lot of people going into it but i’m

telling you

quality content over quantity content

quality works every single time i would

rather know what really engages you as a


and that’s the type of content that you

want as a creator and so

spend the time put in the energy and

effort into leveling up your content

um regardless if it’s a short form

content or it’s a it’s a

content that um

is is on your main channel the next

thing is

um really see what’s going on here see

what your audience really likes see what

they care about

and then do predictable content in the

sense that they know oh

this is a zack’s king video zack’s

really good at short form content he’s

like really really good it’s

you know that you’re going to be

surprised it’s going to it’s going to be

an illusion of some sort

that’s really great predictable content


um coming in with uh this other one uh

can you please make

it live only on travel niche i would

look at this let’s see could you please

make it live only on travel niche i

don’t know what that means

uh i think it would be helpful for every

small travel

channel like me i don’t know if that’s

the suggestion for youtube

or what i don’t know i don’t know what

that is but

uh thank you so much for the five dollar

super chat um

but when you are really taking it to the


of making better content uh it would

actually connect uh with people

looking forward to your videos and yes


digital rush is there uh you’re getting

some big mainstream creators that will

probably be getting

uh some stipends from youtube to make

short form content

that’s the second thing that usually

happens uh and i can tell you what

when that happens that’s gonna really

elevate uh

the type of creativity that’s coming in

there and there’s a lot of people that


uh a following on youtube they’re on

tick tock right now and

they’re transitioning over and more and

more people are doing that where

they’re using the same type of content

getting it picked up here

and building a massive audience so

really really cool


shorts came out randomly should everyone

do them i don’t think so i don’t think


is meant to do short form content i

think that it will make sense

if you’re looking hey i want a creative


i i own a lot of youtube channels and

we’re just barely

starting a shorts channel we consulted

for some uh

did some some launches for others for

their clients and students

but we’re basically starting ours from

scratch and i waited

for a specific reading a reason i get

some data points

uh in uh the data points that i wanted

to know is

how is it gonna be engaging um and then


youtube’s now gonna have the the digital


beta program in the us and i do think

that it’s a little bit more solidified

and i’m ready to go after it after that


all righty i love it how you

didn’t watch but you listened for 12

hours with bluetooth

that that took a long time that 12-hour


you know that 12-hour uh live stream it

took a lot out of me

um hey i’m a dj i do live shows last


uh and at the la at the end i lost 30

thumbs up

and 50 views any thoughts look don’t


thumbs up some downs as as gospel what i

would do

is just enjoy what you’re doing if

you’re doing a live show

and you’re doing it from there realize


hey the the people are watching and

listening are engaging with you

and so just learn from it see where they

engaged with it

you have it all live so you can go back

and say okay they engaged here they

didn’t like that

maybe it’s even bringing the element of

who who’s actually

uh you know i don’t know if you’re just

doing it in your

your house or if you’re out about doing

it i don’t know

it could be really cool but i would say

how do you level up your content and how

do you make it a lot more interesting

than just

spinning music so cool

yes um you did great honestly surprised

that you managed to do it well

my brain would shut off in three hours

yeah my brain literally shut off it was


luckily dee nimmin came in and and saved


at the last hour because i needed it

okay so here’s the thing i’m really

excited for

a lot of stuff that’s going on if you

haven’t had a chance to get the yt


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um so here’s the thing is uh

like i’m going to be doing very

consistency uh

a live stream um i know i’m lagging a

little bit here i do apologize for some

things that’s going on we’ll fix that


but this live stream is going to be

weekly um if not twice a week and i’m

going to start me putting out content so

in the month of march what i’m going to

be doing is featuring creators here

uh that subscribe and it’s on the live

stream um and i’m going to give out

uh all the super chat and i’m going to

make someone you know

some creators life you know in the sense

of you know getting

camera or whatever um and and i’ve done

this before

and it’s it’s been very well received

but uh if you’re interested

in uh doing this is really important if

you’re interested

in getting a chance to win um all the

super chats

on this video and and throughout the

month uh go ahead

follow me on instagram i’m trying to get

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um so every month we’re going to be

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uh it’s so amazing i i really put a lot

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guys so much and we will see you guys

on the next live stream the next video

the next live stream and video who knows

what’s gonna be next

but make sure you hit subscribe we’ll

see you then


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