YouTube Shorts Fund, Kids Content Best Practices, Improved Insights, Bugs, and a New Creators Site!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re back with a bunch of updates including the YouTube Shorts fund, updated guidance for kids content, bugs, and more.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

0:00 Intro
0:10 [Bug] Ads showing without YTA updating
0:36 [Experiment] Evergreen video insights in monthly channel analysis
1:01 Newly refreshed YouTube for Creators site
1:31 Updated guidance for Kids content
1:58 Shorts Fund update

YTA Bug-
YouTube for Creators Site-
Updated guidance for Kids content Help Center-
Updated guidance for Kids content Forum-
Shorts Fund-



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=================== text video ====================

— What’s up insiders, this
is your weekly news flash.

You’ve just tuned into a set of updates

from the product team, from the
policy team here at YouTube,

everything all of these
teams have been working on.

Let’s get started.

First up we have a bug
that we’ve since resolved.

Recently, we discovered an
issue whereby ads were running

on monetized videos,

but YouTube analytics wasn’t
reflecting the revenue earned.

We have since resolved the issues.

and there are two things to call out.

First of all, creative revenue
wasn’t actually impacted.

And the second thing is that
YouTube analytics now shows the

most up-to-date estimated revenue.

We’ll leave more about this
in the description below.

Next up let’s discuss an experiment.

An experiment where
we’re trying to improve

the monthly channel performance
analysis we provide to you.

How are we doing this?

Insights around evergreen
videos as additional drivers

to help you understand how
overall channel performance,

specifically views,
are changing over time.

If you’re a part of this experiment,

you’ll see the analysis in
studio and leave us any feedback

in the comments below.

Next up, we’re happy to
announce that we have refreshed

our creator site.

What’s new about it?

Well, we’ve organized it into
a couple of different sections

just for you.

Sections that will tell you things like

how to get started on YouTube,
how to grow your channel,

how to understand the
policies and guidelines,

how to make money on YouTube,
and answer your top questions.

We’re always here as backup
in case you want to drop

any questions into the comments box below,

but for everything else
about our newly refreshed

creator site you can find it in the link

in the description below.

Next up let’s talk about kids’ content.

We’ve heard from a lot of you
that you’d like a little bit

more guidance as to how you
can make great quality content

for kids on the platform.

Well, we’re trying to provide just that.

We’ve created a new help center article

which you can find where,

in the description below this video,

that will outline best practices

as well as guides to why
something might be considered

high quality content
versus low quality content.

Now, next up let’s talk about money.

Starting this month creators
can earn a bonus payment

from the YouTube shorts fund,

a hundred million dollar fund
designed to reward creators

who make creative and unique shorts.

Now those bonus payments
are going to range from $100

to $10,000 US and the
payment will be awarded

based on the channel’s
total shorts performance

in the previous month.

And now, next steps.

Starting next week if you
qualify for this bonus

from the YouTube shorts fund,

you’ll get an email from us
as well as a notification

in the YouTube app,

letting you know the amount of the bonus

and how to claim it.

And the best news I hear you ask,

if you don’t qualify for it this month,

we’ll be evaluating who is
eligible for this bonus payment

on a monthly basis.

So if you’re not in the mix
this month, keep an eye out.

You may be in the mix next month.

Now we’re going to leave a
little bit more information

in the detailed YouTube creators video.

You’ll find that in the
description below this video.

And that’s about it for me.

This has been your weekly newsflash.

I’ll be back again this
week to discuss harmful

or dangerous acts,

how the advertiser friendly
guidelines tackles them

and what would be considered green icon

versus yellow icon content.

Thank you so much from
the creators of YouTube

to YouTube creators, it’s
been a pleasure as always.


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