YouTube Shorts Monetization is here and you could earn up to $10,000 a month from YouTube Shorts! How does it work, who is eligible and when do I get paid? Find all the answers here!

0:00 — The BIGGEST YouTube Shorts MONETIZATION Yet!
0:46 — The Shorts Creator Fund
1:30 — Who is eligible for the YouTube Shorts Fund?
2:00 — How many can you earn from the YouTube Shorts Fund?
4:08 — YouTube Shorts Fund ‘Requirements’
5:55 — How do you get paid?

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=================== text video ====================

from the moment youtube shorts were

launched creators have been asking this

very simple question can i monetize them

and how much will i make well today

we have the answer


you’ve surely heard of this creator fund

by now 100 million dollars worth of cash

to be shared out between youtube

short creators it was announced almost

three months ago and since then we’ve

heard nothing

until now that’s because youtube have

just released their full explainer video

on how they’re gonna monetize youtube


and i’m gonna summarize it in this video

with a few sprinklings of my own

thoughts and opinions i’m rob by the way

welcome back to

vid iq educating you on your youtube

journey today’s lesson is all about how

to monetize your

youtube shots the plan is for youtube to

share 100 million dollars across the

creator community that produces shorts

over 2021 and 2022.

to give you an idea of the size of the

youtube shots creator community

millions of creators are creating tens

of millions of videos

and according to a recent news article

15 billion youtube shorts are viewed

every single day it’s clear then that

shorts are here to stay and youtube is

trying its very best to incentivize


to keep on making them and the very best

way to do that is through

these canadian banknotes because they


literally indestructible

actually i’m lying because canada isn’t

one of the countries eligible yet to

receive the creator fund as you can see

here but as with everything youtube will

slowly be rolling this out to more and

more countries in the future

however when it comes to eligibility

this is the biggest thing you need to

try and wrap your head around the

creator shorts fund

is not part of the youtube partner

program there isn’t anything you need to

apply for you don’t have to be part of

the existing youtube partner program

in short youtube will contact you and

when they do

you could earn as little as 100 per


or as much as 10 000 per month

yes that’s right folks there is an

earnings cap which does make sense given


limited amount of funds there are to go

around the creator community

the amount you will receive will be

determined by the performance of your

shorts and the geographical location of

the audience who watches them

this of course sounds very similar to

how youtube ad revenue works

but don’t expect to go into your

analytics and find information on your

estimated playbacks

and cpm for youtube shorts there’s two

reasons for this

youtube are still testing out ads on

short so i don’t think

the views you earn are directly related

to ad revenue and of course

this is all still at youtube’s

discretion you’re not entering into an


partner program where you can earn as

much as humanly possible that’s why

there are caps in place

now asda actually who is going to

receive these invites and payments

is a complete mystery if you divide this

100 million

over 18 months which is a remainder of

2021 and the whole of

2022 that’s five and a half million

dollars every single month to be spread

across all of these

shorts created now let’s just say there

are 250

youtube shorts creators out there

creators of the caliber of jake feldman


are gaining hundreds of millions of

views every single month

and they earn ten thousand dollars the

top rate

well that’s two and a half million

dollars gone already from the monthly

allocation of that creator fund on the

other end of a scale if

10 000 creators earn 100 a month

that’s a million dollars i don’t know if

youtube are going to be very selective

with the

volume of creators who earn payments or

we’re going to try and spread it out


as many people as possible i think in

any case a hundred million dollars

is not going to go very far and many

creators are going to be left somewhat


but on the other hand it’s better than

nothing it’s a start

the good news is that eligibility for

youtube shorts payments refreshes every

single month so it’s up to you to create

great content that gets their attention

but at the same time this will create

some uncertainty as you’re not going to

know from month to month whether or not

you’re going to be paid now although


shorts creator fund isn’t technically

part of the youtube partner program

there are still some eligibility

criteria you do need to have

uploaded a youtube show within the last

180 days

and of course all of your content does

need to follow standard

youtube community guidelines also and

this makes me so

so happy youtube is about to leave a

smackdown on content

that shouldn’t be on the platform if

you’re ripping content from tiktok

instagram reels or any other video


that contains an obvious watermark the

content simply won’t be eligible so i

think this is a

fair warning if you’ve been let’s be

honest about this

stealing content from elsewhere and

putting it on youtube you expect to be


you need to clean all of that stuff up

right now now of course there may be

those of you who are legitimately

repurposing your content

from another video platform onto youtube

but you’re leaving in the watermarks

i’m afraid you’re in the same boat your

content needs to be clean

and it needs to be original to youtube

and the same goes for re-uploading

copyrighted content from movies and


don’t expect to be paid for it the one

thing i’m not 100 certain about is

whether using popular music through the

shorts camera would impact eligibility

since it’s technically

copyrighted music i assume that because

you would be using this

through youtube built-in tools it would

have no

impact this after all is why youtube

signed up so many music labels so that

you could use

short clips of them but remember you

will only have this copyright claim or

strike protection

if you use youtube’s tools to play the

music i think it’s fair to say that

there are

one or two youtube shorts creator fund


that you need to jump through but let’s

say for argument’s sake that you

successfully navigate them all

what happens when you receive a payment

well you need to claim it between the

8th and the 10th of each month

youtube will email you to let you know

if you have a short

bonus to claim so that’s key point

number one

make sure the emails from youtube are

not falling into any of your spam


if you don’t see the email you’ll simply

miss out on the bonus payment because

you have to claim it by the 25th of each


and you have to do this every single

month eagerly await the email

and then claim your bonus which leads us

on to key point

number two make sure any emails you


are from youtube and that they are

legitimate the last thing you want to do

is click on a button

that compromises your youtube channel i

think youtube are already wary of this

being a potential problem as their

support page on the shorts creator fund

linked in the description tells you that

youtube will never ask for your password

through an email

and to check the email is sent via

youtube or google gavin

although this youtube shorts creator fun

bonus payment

isn’t part of the youtube partner

program in order to

cash in this bonus payment you do have

to go through a couple of steps that are

very similar

to applying for the youtube partner

program those include accepting terms

and conditions as well as connecting a

google adsense account to your youtube


if you haven’t already done this as part

of your youtube partner program

application the main difference here is

that when you apply for the

youtube partner program your channel is

then reviewed to see whether or not it’s

eligible for that program on the other

hand when it comes to this

short creator bonus payout youtube has

already reviewed your channel

and accepted it so if you receive that

email you just need to cash it in

and follow the instructions the payout

process is the same as the youtube

partner program in that any revenue

earned is not actually paid into your

google adsense account until the

following month

the youtube explainer video runs through

this in quite a bit of detail

so do make sure to check it out so then

as of time of recording

we find ourselves at the beginning of

august 2021

i’m really fascinated and excited to

know whether

any of our community is about to receive

one of those youtube shorts creator

bonus payments

in a couple of days time do let us know

in the comments below

or indeed share it on social media if

you’re willing to do that

and of course congratulations and i

don’t know if any of you watched

my previous video which was all about

youtube shorts and we were talking about

justice for jake that didn’t take very

long did it


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