YouTube Shorts and YouTube Success in 2021

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This stream is to answer all your questions about YouTube in 2021. I will be focused on answering your questions you have as a creator. YouTube Shorts. How to Grow on YouTube. How to get more Views, How to get more subscribers, and more.

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we’re here we are

here and we are ready to go live i’m

once again

thankful for all of you and i can tell

you today we’re going to actually go

through a lot of great things that’s

going to really help you

here on youtube when you’re talking

about growth when you’re talking about

strategy when you’re talking about

how to make money on youtube this is the

place to be

and we’re gonna go way in depth now

before we get started i want everyone


uh to put in chat kind of what they’re

actually doing

on youtube and then also while you’re

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let’s get more people coming into this

uh we want to make this a really really


uh live stream now uh for those that

are brand new um i am derral eves and

i am obsessed with youtube i think all

of you are too because that’s why you’re


and uh we’re gonna go through a lot of

great things today

uh to really help you navigate the

ecosystem here on youtube

and really help you be more successful

on the platform

and i i can’t wait i literally can’t


for all of you to um to really

get the knowledge that you need so you

can apply that knowledge to really get

that success

and i i truly do believe that there’s

not a vertical out there that cannot

succeed on on youtube

every pla every vertical can succeed you

just need to understand

the youtube formula or the things that

you need to do

that would be more conducive for people

to want to watch

and consume your content but not only

that but they organically want to share

so really excited about that um

we are ready to roll

so what i’ve been doing is i’ve been

trying to be a little bit more


um as of late to be here on youtube

and there’s a lot that’s going on i have

a lot of businesses that i run and

i want to dedicate more time and i


what can i do to really help uh people

out there

uh get the information that they need so

they can actually take

action in the way to really succeed

and so one of the the first things that

i did um

and it’s something that i was focusing

in on uh was i wrote a book

and you can find that information

hopefully in the description below

um but basically i wanted to be able to

put everything

uh together there for you so that you

can actually consume it in a way that it

was meant to be consumed which is it’s

very organized in a very

uh proper way now a lot of people are


uh you know waiting on theirs

internationally and you know just

because of the publisher and the


we’ll get it to you i promise it’s

coming uh you know there is just delays

in in getting it to go global but uh

those that have been able to get it uh

i do appreciate first off your trust uh

in purchasing the book

i know it’s not that that much money but

you know anytime that there’s money

transferred in this i i’m grateful that

you have trust

and uh i’ve been able to get quite a few

tweets and

quite a few uh personal dms uh of people

really succeeding

um in just these small little weeks that


the book has been out because they’ve

been able to make the small

tweaks that’s necessary on their channel

to really

really uh get the big peaks in in ways

that they are able to see in

in any other way so example uh

i just got a tweet last night and it was

from a guy that was

writing um um you know some different

sci-fi novels and stuff like that and

um he was also um you know making a

youtube channel and it was on pop

culture of sci-fi

he just adjusted a few thumbnails and

titles and his channel

started to explode and it was basically

realizing hey he wasn’t really hitting

the mark

he was just kind of reactive of putting

that content out there instead of really

going through the process of

understanding who’s actually watching


and really engaging what would actually

make an

enticing and a curious type of thumbnail

that people would want to click on

and so that’s kind of the essence of

what he was able to see and then we have


you know that are having success right

now uh

because of the book but i can tell you

um like you can do it on your own i i

honestly do believe it

um you know there’s a lot of processes

you know there’s a lot of people that

can figure things out but one thing that

i would like to inspire you especially

here on this channel

uh is to inspire you to become

a student of youtube and i

truly do believe that you can succeed

in every aspect every aspect on youtube

if you will actually just become a

student and what does that mean what

does it mean to become a student

uh now those that are really obsessed

with youtube

they’re looking at understanding

everything and where i would like you to

become a student

is understanding what what you see

and if you can define patterns these

patterns of predictability

are are and what we need to do is

understand the patterns that are out


now there’s the latest and greatest

everything and we’re you know we’re

going to talk about shorts here

uh on this live stream we’re going to

talk about other ways to really leverage

and grow on youtube

uh in this but i want to take this step

back and just make it simple

when you identify the passion and

understanding of the viewer and you’re

connecting to them on

a deeper level they’re going to want to

engage with you

and really watch your content because

there’s that unique value proposition

that they would feel connected to and

that’s the natural progression is wow i

just watched an amazing video that

brought me so much value

and the you know the value proposition

is is unique to you

but it’s you know to inspire to educate

to entertain to help them unwind

and when that happens people really go

oh so and so is going to like this and i

can’t tell you how many different text

messages or

dm’s i get for people sending me stuff

at star wars because they know i love

star wars

so at the end of the day it’s all about

people and

the algorithm is built on following

people and what they do on youtube

so one of the one of the big things that

i can say

that far too many of us just create to


and we don’t necessarily look at that


and try to define who that is um and

really start breaking that down

and until you actually start breaking

down those elements

of who that viewer is um you’re not

going to hit on all cylinders and i can

tell you

i’ve seen creators do this and upload

you know thousands of videos and then

one day they’re like

huh i i actually know who the viewer is

i know exactly what they’d find valuable

they wouldn’t find this valuable and

they’re actually making better decisions

and those better decisions lead to more

youtube success

so this is what we’re gonna do um

i’ve been thinking about this a lot and


uh we are going to in this live stream

we’re going to cover

youtube shorts we’re going to go in

detail on that because

guess what happened it’s in beta now

it’s finally in beta

and there’s a lot of problems that are

going on and we’ll talk about

all that as well so that’s gonna happen

uh at the top of the live stream here

uh the next thing we’re gonna talk about

is um

we’re gonna go in depth and i wanna i

wanna take one of you

uh and i want to redesign a thumbnail

and i want to do it on the live stream

and i want to be able to show you the

contrast of how i see

and go from there that’ll kind of be mid

of the live stream

um and and then at the end i really want

to talk about

ways that we can actually uh you know

bring that value that value proposition

for our uh viewers now before we get

into shorts before we get into

uh designing that thumbnail and before

we get to that value proposition

it’s time for q a so um i

do appreciate everyone that does a super


uh it makes it worth it for me to jump

on in these live streams so i really do

appreciate it um daryl you’re a godsend

i can’t wait to tell you that i just

that i came to discover you starting

from scratch and doing

recon and research that’s what r r is uh

for those that actually

uh purchased the book or that you’re one

of my students

you know that uh recombinant research is

a critical part

of the day um a channel name i wanted is


is that bad okay so in recon in research


and and this is something uh we’re we’re

actually starting a shorts channel

and we found that a name that we really

liked uh

was taken and i’m like okay let’s make

an assessment and i’m like did they

upload a video no

okay did they uh whatever i just kind of

had all those different things that i

was looking at

the first one was are they active

because if you’re the one that’s active

on it

um and and you have you know ten

thousand hundred thousand subscribers

then it then it’s okay you know what i’m

saying so i look at it that way

um but you got to start somewhere um we

decided to go with a different name

and i and from my for my uh um

i don’t know for my humble little way to

think i think it was

a lot better of a name um just because

we had to be a little bit more creative

with it and i know

that the new name is a lot more sticky

so which

is good okay so um i do

uh so if you have a question just go

ahead and put it in the chat

uh we’re gonna be grabbing on i’m gonna

give priority to those that do the super


just because that is the way right that

is the way

um next uh we had a new member joey

thank you so much for coming remember

i’m actually revamping the membership um


once that gets rolling it’s gonna be

really beneficial as well

um and i do um know

that there are a lot of you um that are

are just

trying to grind away and you’re trying

uh to do as much as you can

and money can be tight and that’s why

you’re looking at youtube as an

uh as a opportunity

and some good news uh very good news uh

this year in 2021 i’m focusing on


on how to help creators monetize uh

you wait to see what’s happening here

it’s gonna blow your mind which is super

super exciting okay another super chat

the salon guy

i’m leaving my mcn next month

are you taking are you taking on uh new


um if so how does it work okay so um

part of uh my book i talk about the

youtube ecosystem

and the youtube ecosystem deals with all

the different

factors on um you know the you know the

the creator

and those that support the creator um

the advertiser and those that support

the advertiser and the viewer

and things that support the viewer one

of the things that support

both the creator and the advertisers is

a multi-channel network

um when it first started out it was

because youtube wasn’t providing the

support that it is today

and so they would take a pretty

aggressive cut and do

all these promises for everyone

of all the different ways that they were

going to help and they wouldn’t help you

they would help maybe one percent

of the people that you would know about


and it was very lucrative for them uh so

i i’m not the biggest

fan of mcns um but i am

a fan of mcns especially when they

are looking uh to help me create content

so if it’s like hey

hey we can get you licensing with the


uh the nba actually has an mcn i would

actually do that because if i could use

those clips i can make money on it we do

joint uh joint split

then it would be smart um i do not have

an mcn

i thought about starting one way back

way back in the day

and i’m like absolutely not like what a

nightmare like if i don’t even like it

why am i gonna convince somebody else to

like it so i’m not doing that

but i do take on students um and the

first step

to to become a student is watch this

video or buy the book

um and then two i i put on a group


and i’ll just show you that real quick

because you gotta you gotta see that um

it’s a 12-week intensive with me it’s


channel jumpstart and i’m here to tell

you guys

um if there’s ever a time

seriously that um that that people if

they really look to

they want to get a closer um you know

connection with me

and my strategies this would be it and

let me show you that

this is channel jumpstart you can go to

i don’t know if it’s in the description

but you can go ahead there but yeah this

is where

um i actually mentor you uh in in that

regard and

that’s what i what i what i really love

because i can do one on many

and really help out there so um what i

would do

is when leaving the mcn um there might

be some complications

and let me warn you on a couple of those

complications first off

it you’re gonna have to figure out the

adsense thing uh you might have to

reattach your adsense account

depends on the mcn some of them actually

pull it in

and then they pay you uh you know and so

on and so forth so

you might run into some uh hurdles there

but luckily enough

uh it’s fairly easy to do uh you just

have to go back in your monetization

settings and just

connect it to your own adsense account

uh good luck

and hey congrats yeah congratulations on

that okay so

uh here is the next one oh that was the

same one

going to the next one here um which i’m

excited for this one andrew z

okay thank you so much for last night’s

speech in clubhouse it was honored to

talk to daryl

uh andrew z from romania uh so andrew

uh um and i we spent some time i

actually started a club

in clubhouse i didn’t put it in the the

description i probably should

um the club is uh just 100

about youtube um and it’s called the


you can’t even see it the youtube club

and um i

i basically started it because um

uh you know i i was a part of you know

just jumping on and giving value and so

on and i just want something a little

bit more organized where i can jump in

once or twice or three times a week

uh when i have some random time and then

have some some time a week i could just

schedule it

where i can just bring a ton of value

andrew zero is answering the questions

thank you andrew so much on that one

okay um okay

uh we got a couple ones here uh

grill top experience your book says to

put a face in thumbnails

but in the cooking dish using food picks

we’ll say

uh with text saying what is it

okay uh missed an opportunity or a

different ball game

so the thing about it um and this is

what i want everyone to understand

is that every every genre is different

and i says that humans respond

to people they respond to the eyes

and that helps with uh you know getting

getting the click however food there are

some things that that still

trigger some things in the brain because

we consume

food and it actually brings satisfaction

and so uh it’s similar where you can use


the only difference would be is look at

some of the biggest food creators out


on youtube and see how they do it um

you know and and some of those are

pretty uh kind of

you know all over the board but i’d look

at patterns and then two

i would look at your best click-through

rates uh in your videos

and see you know is it necessarily uh

with with your face or not i’d basically

test it out

for five or six or seven videos uh see

where it goes but

that being said um just because the

the the the essence of what i was

talking about in the book

it’s more about connecting to people and

the best way to connect with people is

when they can actually see a human

uh that’s there and that’s why those

thumbnails just work every single time

that way

so okay great great great question on

that one

um all right next one here

um is i cave hey daryl i run

a daily apple news show okay well i i’m


your avatar right there what is the best


uh to uh best way to title and a

thumbnail a new show

with multiple topics each day thanks for

all that you do okay so i cave

i am the biggest apple nut been an apple


um pretty much since 1984.

um that’s when the macintosh computer

came out and realistically it was 1983

uh because i had my experience with uh

the first computer

uh that i was really able to devour

which was the apple

ii um and so i i definitely know it now

uh when when anyone’s doing a news

related content

it’s like what are your big uh

headliners um i

like to think of one like what what what

is going to be the first one

you could pull them into the story and

then you just weave in two

or three um i do there i do believe that


is something about three uh specific

segments in content that works really


uh most uh news formats like phil

defranco does a three

three discussion type of video um and he

also brings it in where it’s

you know three or two or three um uh

specific segments to

to grab you in uh for me i would try one

maybe two

uh test it out but you’ve got to say

okay which one’s gonna actually get the

most curiosity to click on it

and then what you’re gonna have is once

they consume that

how do you get them to watch the other

other two segments and so that’s

something that you’re gonna need to look

and analyze um and that’s something that

i’m obsessed with

uh 100 you could do that in analytics

but thank you so much for that

super chat okay next one coming in

make sure you don’t miss any of these um


the youtube formula has so much value

been on youtube for 14 years well hey

we’re here

uh 82 000 subscribers og youtube partner


member i’m getting a lot of great

information i’m already applying into my

channel today

what do you think of keyword research

still holds value

okay do i do you actually think that

keyword research still holds its value


for me i do um but it’s

knowing where keywords that you need to

focus in on so like for me

uh keywords are relevant um but

i’m more worried about how they respond

respond to people

and so i’m not looking to uh try to get


keywords to show up in search i’m like

how does that keyword

really connect with people um and and

that’s something that that i’m

super passionate about and uh that’s

something that most creators don’t

necessarily do

that you should actually consider

because um

that’s what um really triggers about 75

of all uh views on youtube is when

um you’re actually responding to people

and youtube understands who those people

are and they go and put your content in

front of those people and you’ll grow a

lot faster so

um you know i i definitely do believe

that um if if you really do a lot of

keyword research and you spend a ton of

time there

that that time could have been spent in

uh preparing your

title and thumbnail better uh and and

once you’re able to put

prepare your title and thumbnail better

you’re gonna actually have a higher

click-through rate

and sometimes it’s just those small

little words that if you changed out a


that had a little bit more of you know

connection with people or even

it’s a little bit more relevant in

search uh then it

could bring you more views on that as

well okay thank you so much for that

super chat

how do i go about covering multiple

games on my channel

should i just continue to focus on one

game until i get bigger absolutely not

like i i can’t tell you how many how

many creators are like

all i could do is one game and i’m like

no you just need to be able to create a

format where

it’s more about the personality of the


which is you versus the game

the game is just kind of one of those

other things that you’re able to do

one of the uh things that i look at is


what is the value when people come on

and jump on or a part of it what is that

going to be

um and there are a lot of great

successful channels that do it

uh the one that we featured in the book


a little bit which is mr beast gaming it

was the fastest uh

gaming channel to get to 10 million

subscriber fastest channel in the world

to get to 10 million subscribers um and

they play

a variety of games and it’s more

personality based

um and so they’re they’re just kind of

seeing uh they love games they love

the camaraderie of the the people are on


and that’s where they’re able to go from

there so i

i personally believe if you want uh


long-term sustainability on youtube it

needs to be about the personalities


games come and go like this uh there’s

ups and downs and

and sideways on that so thank you so

much for that super chat

so my um i i think the big

uh the big essence of of what i

make sure you got all these super chats

i’ve got a couple more here

uh the big essence of what some of the

things i look at is

um when when you’re able to to grow an

audience and connect with them on a

deeper level

um that’s that’s more valuable because

they’re going to be more tolerant

they’re like oh i really like him don’t

necessarily like the subject

and then click on the video and watch

but they’ll be entertained and they know

that they’re going to be entertained

okay so the next one um


get all these super chats coming in okay

comes from uh victor g i want my channel

to be about reviewing youtube coaches

their books their courses their videos

but i don’t know what uh what to name it


uh like just if you’re reviewing coaches

that’s great just like

um you know uh

i i think you can brainstorm a couple

names on it um

you know i i think the the big thing uh

for anything is

um is that gonna bring a lot of of

uh you know is that gonna bring a lot of

value to people

because there’s not that many coaches

out there and then once you go through

them are you gonna just go through them


you know for content-wise um maybe you

could do

review uh you know just all type of

coaches i don’t know i mean you can look

at it but if it’s youtube coaches it’s

just it’s a very small segment uh on it

um but uh my question is how are you

gonna review them

um they’re books that’s great and you

can bring those books in i think that’s


um you know and you you could

uh review some videos and and and talk

about the points that are there i think

that’s fine too

um but uh keep in mind that you know

just the youtube education segment is is


pretty narrow um and then you’re

narrowing it down even further not

trying to just discourage you

like please go ahead review my book you

know i don’t care if it’s a one star or

a five star i really don’t care

uh because i know it’s valuable um and


like i’m i’m open you know for that so

if you if you want anything

victor uh just hit me up on twitter um


uh come up with an idea for a name i i

think we’d have to brainstorm on it i

don’t think now is the time for that

okay let’s go to the next super chat

um boom here we go hanging with nikki

my personal channel is taking off more

than this channel

hey congrats i love that should i uh

change my

government name on the channel or should

i change my government name

on that channel or does it matter it

doesn’t matter at hill of beans

is it easy to remember like did people

like can

can um click on it like i i wouldn’t

really worry about it

um as you can see that my channel’s

derral eves and

i and that’s my government name

um i i would prefer to say it’s my

god-given name

um the government but anyway um

but i had to make a decision on that um

and it was when i was like okay i was

going to start a channel do i want to

just give it a

kind of a a name like something that i

can bring multiple people in

or do i want to just have it be my name

i chose it to be my name and a lot of

people thought i was nuts

for that but i wanted my name to be

associated with youtube

and associated with that not an


and and so you know that’s just really

heavy branding

and it worked for me so um i i

really don’t think you need to worry

about it um if you do rebrand do it soon

before you grow too big

because you don’t want to do that after

you know you make your decision now

okay so the next one is

thrift trader um my channel has 54

000 subscribers all right now i love


started youtube two years ago things are

going well but it took a month off and


my new videos are struggling any advice


okay so um i i do

believe that anyone can succeed

on the platform uh and they can still

take breaks

and and and it’s okay so what i want you

to do

is uh this is a tip that i i give also

in the book but also the 30-day creator


but i want you to go back and see you

know what videos are being watched right


and if those videos are even older than

um you know six months to a year

and i want you to see why they’re

performing that way i want you to go

into the analytics and look at the

click-through rate and was it a great

thumbnail was it a great title

and then i want you to look at also the


and then i would make a similar video to

one of your older

video content i can tell you you do that

for two or three videos

um and we’ll be talking because you’re

going to see immediate results on that

and it’s just being more strategic so


uh anyone takes time off and we’re

focusing in on their content one thing

that i always look at is

how we’re going to reinfuse the people

so the the next few videos that are

coming into it

need to be ones that ever want to click

um and and that’s that’s really

important because

um it’s all about keeping an audience uh

retained where they’re watching multiple

videos in your library regardless if

you’re taking some time off or not

so great great things let me know how it


tag me in um in twitter for sure

um and big thanks uh for the uh super

chat five dollars

really do appreciate it so what i want

to do is take a couple that are

non-super chat real quick

uh new creator here how many videos


you say i would have to make before i

really focus in on optim

optimization okay so um

look i i want to make great videos every


i what i want you to do is make a video

and then you’re going to

analyze it can and how do we analyze it

well did they like it how many people

clicked on it how many people got to the


those things like that are really really

important and you should be optimizing

every video so the next video you have

data now to say okay they didn’t like


in these little segments and like this

in other segments

that’s where you adjust that’s basically

what i teach in the book and you can get

that for sure

okay make sure we

grab a couple of these um all right

does a video length matter if i have a

15 minute video

with uh a 40 average view percentage

and a three minute video with the 55

averaging percentage

which video would perform better

well i can tell you this is chris

it depends and i i and i say that uh

wholeheartedly because

the reality of it is it’s like what is

your competition

you know what is um some other

engagement you know i’ve seen

lower performing average uh viewed

percentage videos

um uh or i’m sorry average view

percentage videos

and what they were doing is going out to

a broader and broader audience

and that was something i can honestly


that um you know it it their percentage

went down but it went out to a broad

audience so it really depends

there’s a couple other metrics i want to

know how many impressions

um and how many views that it has and

also the traffic sources that come

behind that

and so um it doesn’t matter the video’s


and i want to tell you it matters what

people do

so um you know it doesn’t matter if it’s

a short form video

which we’re going to talk about shorts

here pretty quick it doesn’t matter if


um you know a big video that uh

you put a lot of energy and effort in it

but it’s only 10 minutes long and

another one that’s you know three hours


it’s just more about hey did people find

it valuable enough to watch it

uh long enough that that youtube says oh

you know this is a little bit higher

than average for this person let’s get

it out to more people

but keep in mind you’re always competing

with someone uh you know and youtube

will predict

what people want to watch and if yours

is under that value

regardless of what the percentage is um

you know then youtube is going from

there but

i can tell you uh i’m absolutely still


with with good retention and uh what

this one thing that we look at

is i want it as steady as we can go and

and that’s something that we’re we’re

actively working on how to improve


if you’re doing you know let’s say 40 on

a 15 minute video well what if you did

it for 45

or a 50 i can guarantee you’re gonna get

more views

just because of the nature of what

youtube’s looking at it’s better than


and if if 40 is there you know if you

can get it to 50 60

or even 70 that’s when i truly believe


you go out to more of the masses and you

can go from there so

well cool so this is what we’re gonna do

um for those that

uh are on twitter um i want someone

to tweet me th a thumbnail like okay


you got to do it this way though it’s

like daryl’s just saying hey daryl’s


on on youtube and um he’s asking for to

redesign a thumbnail

but you got to tweet me a video of yours


it’s really important i just wanted just

one that you feel like oh i

need some help i want to be able to look

through that when we get to the

thumbnail portion of it

because what i’m going to do is i’m

going to try to redesign it

uh live for you guys and we’re going to

talk about the principles behind it and

i think

this is going to bring a ton of value

for a lot of you so you can see the

essence of what we’re actually doing but

you have to do it on twitter because

that’s the only way that i’m i’m pulling

this in

is i can do it that way and then we can

i can make an assessment from there

okay does that sound good sounds good

all right sweet uh next super chat

coming in from sandy how do okay uh

so how do you use patterns and what

should i be watching for

when i do a release uh let’s see when i


i release another video following this

pattern thanks so

the patterns i’m talking about is um do

you see consistency in your videos

of of the pattern of it just dropping

off after 15 seconds

and so you can go and see the retention

level graph and if it’s dropping off

after 15 seconds and you lose

let’s say 50 of your people or 20 of

your people

that could be a pattern uh when i go and

i want to analyze something i’d say okay

what’s happening

in that first 15 seconds or 20 seconds

and i’m thinking about what is the

viewer doing uh when they see it

so i’m like if they were promised the

title of whatever

your title is and your thumbnail was

enticing that title

and i click on it and i see that you

don’t get to

what the title and thumbnail is in 20

seconds that would probably be

that would probably say that people

clicked on it and thought

well this is not necessarily what i

thought it was and they go find another

video that’s the patterns we’re talking


and another thing would be

um another thing would be is looking at

the um the essence of

the types of videos you might see

there’s a certain type of video

that is performing really really well

and every time you put it out it

performs really really well that’s

another pattern i’d be looking for

and so what do you do with those things

well what in the first case is just hey

let’s just change out and edit or

let’s go ahead and immediately give that

value proposition of what we promised in

the title and thumbnail

uh on videos that’s there i would say

okay i would look

through all the different videos that

are performing and look at

you know why is that and then i would

make another video

on something similar in that vein and

then i would release that video

um from there but i wouldn’t do it all

the time

what i would do is give it enough time

to breathe where it can do its thing and

look for other videos that you can do

i gotta sneeze

oh wasn’t that just lovely on the live

stream there we go

thank you sandy so much um okay so if i

remove an

integration at the end of the video

after the

after the the contractual time period


to bring up retention uh would that uh

let’s see i’m sorry let me let me read

this again sorry sometimes my mind goes

a lot faster

and i’m like reading it and then i have

to go back and read it whatever

so if i remove an integration at the end

of the video

after the contractual time period ends

to bring up retention

would this work also any chance i can

get a

a quick thumbnail review i’m doing

thumbnail reviews a little bit later but

i gave the

the thing on twitter you just have to

put your video that you want to be able


have me redo and i’ll take a look at

your channel as well

uh but i’m pulling that in now um 100

i believe that you should edit out all

your integrated brand deals um

that segment when you can okay youtube

has a great

editor for this you can edit it out as

soon as it contracts out

because the whole thing is if you’re

always bringing them uh traffic off of

that one video and they only paid for a

certain period of time

you want to entice them to have to come

back and i can tell you that these

brands are watching very closely and

then two

your retention levels will go up and

let me just give you a hyper tip um if

it was me

i would adjust the thumbnail and i would

also just slightly

and i would adjust the title a little

bit just because youtube will

re-look at because you adjusted at the

title and you’ve also

adjusted the the content uh thing you

have to give it enough time to process


um to to so it’s an actual video um and


and then you’re good to go you’re golden

because youtube will reevaluate it

it’ll test some traffic you’ll have a

higher attention it’s going to go out to

more people

absolutely that’s what i would do uh

great great

question on that super chat


john is saying it’s going to take a long

time to go through those

that 300 page book hey that’s what

happens i’m okay with it john

you could take it one page at a time


okay so let’s go ahead and uh talk uh

we’re going to be doing youtube shorts

right now we’re going to talk about

youtube shorts

and then we’re going to get to thumbnail

design so you want to be able to

to put on twitter uh those great


uh because i might do more than one i

don’t know we’ll see

maybe maybe we’ll see what happens um

okay so let’s do

looks like we got a couple other super

chats coming in and

i can go from there i’m a resource

channel 20

61 000 most of the views from search and


i don’t get many comments and likes how

do i

connect better with my audience okay so

that’s a really great question

and one of the things that i look at is

you know what type of content so yeah

it’s a resource channel

and when somebody’s coming for search

they’re just getting their information

and moving on

this is what i want you to do christy

this is really really really important

i want you to now in the future when

you’re creating content

i want you to create the content make

the value you know it’s going to come

through search

you know it might be suggested but i

want you to think what

would be the best video for people

consuming this resource

consuming this this content consuming

this information to receive

and then i want you to make a video on

that so when you release the video you

can say at the end of it

if you really really enjoyed that uh let

me tell you here’s another video right


that’s going to help you in this way uh

because it goes hand in hand with what

you just learned here

um that single thing uh is gonna

get you more traffic in suggested videos

it will

now that doesn’t answer your question

because you’re already getting some

suggested videos

um and youtube’s saying hey it’s

valuable enough that these this content

is similar

so that they want to watch it how do you

connect with them well it’s like

doing bits and pieces of how you would

connect with anyone

as a person you know and for me it’s

about having them get to know you more

without being that person that just

always talks about themselves

because no no one likes that there’s no

one that likes that right

so it’s more about you know helping

helping them

and being curious like hey i hope this

helps you know help you

tell me why you’re having that problem

put it in the comments below it’s just

that human interaction

that’s going to actually make a bigger

difference on that so

good luck on that one uh next super chat

um i okay i have a video currently going


i don’t know what viral means

it’s getting a ton of views i hope okay

your book is great how do i capitalize

real estate channel

most videos over 45 average view


two month old channel okay so whenever

i see momentum let’s let’s let’s just


uh virality to momentum okay

so whenever i see momentum that there’s

more momentum happening on a certain

uh video i like to break it down of

where the traffic’s coming from

and in the book uh since you referenced

the book

i always always always go over the four

w’s okay because that gives you a great


of what’s actually happening on that

video and

the four w’s are so key the one i want

you to focus in on the 4w

is where where is that traffic coming


and is it different than where

your traffic is going on your lower

performing videos because something’s


off there’s something going on and if

it’s in real estate real estate is on

fire right now

and you know is it you know what what is

it like what is the topic

what’s going on in in that realm is it

something that that people are

finding valuable is it is it going to

talk about a future collapse of real


is it talking about you know all this

mass exodus of california i don’t know

what those things are

but you want to be able to define what

it is and then in the video itself you

want to be able to look at your


you might see some spikes and that’s

where people re-round

where they came into that moment where

they found enough value that they

hit the share button but they did it

with a time code so when

somebody comes on it gets that that

specific segment

so i’d be uh doing it from there what i

would do

um is look at doing something similar

but you don’t want to do it too early

if you do it too early uh that that

could uh cut the views in this one video

and put it in the other

um and so you know i usually like to do

it um

like you can do back to back where you

can do a video back to back and you can

kind of see some momentum

but if you do a back to back to back

you’re gonna you’re gonna

cut it at its knees and so you got to

give a little breathing room which is

like 14

21 days somewhere around there so

great great question on that one i love

questions like that that’s like one of

my favorite questions

for sure

um okay i okay so hanging with nikki

another super chat thank you so much

uh hanging with nikki i have your

membership and featured

uh your book in my amazon unboxing well

thank you so much

uh can i read things out loud to my


i don’t even know you okay

a lot don’t even know you um look you

can read whatever you want um

that’s that’s called fair use go go

ahead and read them

you know if you want to read a section

or two if you read the whole thing i

don’t know if my publisher would like


but who knows it’s all good

but anyway love it okay so

um here we go

okay so for those that don’t know

uh in a few moments uh we’re gonna talk

about shorts right now

um and in a few moments we’re gonna talk

about um how to do better thumbnails and

i’m gonna pick a thumbnail

all you gotta do is tweet me a video you

want me to replace the thumbnail and

i’ll do the design

and um you gotta be able to just kind of

just say hey daryl’s going live he’s

doing whatever

that that would be really good okay so

here is the first shorts question so if

you have a youtube shorts question

now’s the time to ask i’m giving you a

little bit of context i’ve been working

with the shorts teams

specifically with a few clients of mine


since uh ground zero um and this is way

before the beta even here in the united


it’s just really trying to figure things

out so do have a little bit of

information on that

why and this is coming uh from limo

uh why my shorts video freeze after 500


900 views okay so this

is once again a part of the

four w’s and it’s where that where

factor right

so where is that traffic coming from

with shorts just because you made it the


of what you wanted doesn’t guarantee

it’s going to be on the short shelf

and i can honestly say a lot of people

think that is so

they say i don’t know why it’s just just

topping off it there so what i would do

is go in you can see in real time where

that traffic’s coming from is that

coming from browse feature is it coming

from short shelf is it coming from

suggested videos

you know see where it’s coming it could

even come in for external you never know

uh just take a look at that um and and

then two

keep in mind that um you know

youtube’s looking at all factors when

and a lot of factors that we don’t

really go in depth on but

of what you know what value proposition

that you’re bringing to people and if it

really connects and if it really


you know they’re gonna they’re gonna

test it out to more people and you might

be able to just say okay

this is a good video we test it out here

but we tested it to this next segment

of people they didn’t respond well to it

so guess what happens

they turn off the gas and and that

happens that happens a lot and i’ve seen

uh videos that really underperform and

then 21 45 days

it just skyrockets and gets millions and

millions of views you know the whole

thing about it it

is a new feature and i want this

disclaimer to be out there whenever

there’s a new feature on youtube

it is one of the most awkward moments

because youtube can’t

they say they know some stuff but they

can’t uh

really know the full impact of what a

new feature has on the platform

they just need data and when they get

enough anomaly data then they’re able to

go and assess and an anomaly data from

one person is not going to do it so it’s

more about

giving them feedback as much as you can

but don’t do it in an honorary way

because then they just kind of push you

off to the side what you want to do is

in the right way

which is oh i noticed this or i noticed

this bug uh they’re watching they’re

listening i’m telling you

it’s it’s something that they that they

are are very very

effective on okay um

jorge um do you think

okay um sorry

okay do you think that we will get

separate analytics for youtube shorts

no um i’m getting a ton of views from


but those numbers make it hard to

analyze my regular video analytics


okay so here’s the thing is they already

have it so you can separate it um so

they’re not going to separate it

what you can do you have to do it this

way though

is if you go into analytics in the upper

right hand corner you’ll see

advanced mode that is my favorite mode

in the history of all things youtube

because you can really deep dive and

pull in segmented things and so one of

the things you can do

is show only shorts channels on it so

that you can go into that advanced mode

you can already do that or short videos

on that you can already do that you can


create a custom group or put all your

shorts in a playlist and it can sort by


it’s really good thank you jorge

okay all right so we are doing um

um shorts q a right now

um but this one came up i started a

sports card and investing channel two

weeks ago i post two times a week

but only 17 subs any advice okay so for


um once again uh anyone that’s coming on

doesn’t matter if

and i’ll answer this is a short uh short

form content or youtube shorts content

and also a bigger channel you need to


see what people are interested in uh

there is a lot of talk right now in

sports cards there’s a lot of talk in

pokemon cards there’s a lot of talk of


there’s a lot of great channels out

there that are doing some great great


in that in that regard um and so what do

you do

how do you do it um i always look at

what is going to get you to click and if

you’re the

if you’re the viewer and you’re really

really passionate about a sports card

well why why is that and then i would

look at other channels that are doing

sports card

content and i try to figure out what

they are doing to entice that viewer

to get 17 um you know subscribers

that that’s great and it’s great start

now what you want to do

is okay how do you actually get more


uh don’t worry about the subscribers and

i want you to focus in on the views and

the thing about it to get a view

you have to make it valuable for someone

and so that

that value needs to occur so for me when

people are getting

in the into the sports card arena or

the investing arena is they want to make

money right and they want to have an

understanding of value and so for me

what is the value of uh michael jordan

rookie card

you know you know and you could start

breaking this down how do you actually

analyze this where do you actually go

if someone’s coming in new to the

trading card space

how do they actually get what what’s

what’s actually happening in industry

and where do they get the value but let

me give you an idea um

this works every single time if i would

if i’m in the

the sports arena slash trade card

trading space i would think of some of

the most ridiculous

uh uh cards that are out there that are

bringing the most money

okay and basically what i would do is

you can’t believe this card’s worth you

know eight hundred thousand dollars

you know and and basically you explain

what the card is you don’t have to own

the card but you have to

you can go on and explain that why

that’s worth eight hundred thousand


like everybody’s like gonna be oh my

gosh let me look at you know the a guy

at a

a garage sale or a um you know they

could say like on saturdays you know how

everyone has a garage sale or a house

sell or whatever um

you could say this guy you know found an

eight hundred thousand dollar card at a

garage sale

you can find those stories and people

want to hear those things and that’s

that’s where it can get really powerful

and then you can bring in your concepts

of what you’re actually trying to talk

about and teach

that’s curiosity curiosity always always

gets the click okay great question

okay we are um doing um

youtube shorts right now so i do

appreciate all the questions from here

i’m gonna go from there

if even if your your super chat um is

coming in with a question i’ll get to it

i’ll try to get back to it

um it’s just i want to stick with shorts

and then i also want to stick with

uh designing that thumbnail um so if you

want to have your thumbnail redesigned

make sure you you put it on twitter okay

so if you have a short related question

go ahead and

throw it in here chris my shorts videos


sporadic and crazy and accompanying uh

with my video

i’m liking to more professional any

thoughts on contrast

and or linking so the the thing about it

um when anything is sporadic and crazy

and you’re accompanying with your other

content that is more professional

um it doesn’t hit on the same cylinders

it just doesn’t um if someone’s looking


shorts that are sporadic and crazy

they’re looking for that

that gotcha moment that that moment that

just goes oh my gosh that was so funny

or so funny

or so off the wall you had to go watch

it two or three times

and there’s no way that that’s the same

person that was gonna go watch and set a

very professional

type of connection video so keep that in


i i just don’t see that even being the

same stratosphere at all

okay um

okay here we go from tom how similar is


shorts algorithm to tick tock one and is

re uh reposting tick tocks on youtube

a good idea tom that is

probably the million dollar question

right there so

um way back when um i did a consult for

tick tock um and it was wow when was it

it was

uh uh 28 20

18 2018. uh yeah 2018

and it went into 2019. and um i can

honestly say

their algorithm to this day is amazing

it is just it’s it’s i i just there’s

nothing like it

um and you know i sent some ndas and

stuff like that i can’t really go in

depth on it but it

is like super super amazing and i love


um youtube right now is still trying to

figure out their thing

and um so to say is it similar i would

say absolutely not

um because youtube is a different

ecosystem and

people that go sucked into a short shelf

gets pulled into even another ecosystem

that is different

and um there there is some some things


are extremely different there’s not as

much content uh

ugc user generated content as there is

on tick tock

so and then two also the way that tick

tock utilizes a few features

youtube will be testing some of those

out because that’s what they do

and they’ll kind of figure things out as

they go

but is it a good idea to use content

what i would do if it was me

is try to do youtube shorts content

and then put it on tik tok because if

your tick tock’s blowing off

you know how to adjust it uh maybe


where you’re doing that not trying to

repackage a tick tock onto youtube now

there are some great creators right now

that are seeing that perform really well

but i found that if you think youtube

first for youtube

you will succeed because there are some

complications on using

some uh you know some music content or

things that would make that tick tock

even more powerful that they’ve already

done the brand licensing deals for you

where that doesn’t necessarily translate

back and then you can have a copyright

issue okay very great question

on that okay

okay so how do you translate shorts to

subscriptions seems to be much harder to

engage a short

short feed very different from tick tock

and reels it is

like people on youtube are used to

watching youtube the way that they watch

youtube for

since 2005. and so it’s different now

keep in mind the the the device the


is changing everything and you know

being sucked into it without leaving the


i think is key um and to translate it


uh regardless if you’re a video that is

long form or you’re the short content on


it’s about value when someone sees

enough of it and you’re like oh

yeah i like this channel or i like this

person or i like this this guy

guess what boom that’s where that

subscribe is i do like where the

subscribe button

is on shorts um just because it’s really

easy that

people just instinctually if they like

something that’s kind of

one of those things that they just do

regardless and i’ve seen a lot of

youtube shorts channels get a ton of

views and a ton of subscribers really


based off of that and it looks like

we got the niminati here looks like the

next uh stream is done and the nimit

audi’s here um really do appreciate nick

and the whole illuminati

crew love it love it thank you so much

for jumping over here

and the next one is alejandro

hi i want to start a channel where i

teach fundamentals of graphic design

is this a good idea to use shorts to


quick summary of each video

well i think that graphic design is


and we’re going to use some graphic

design here in a little bit of time when

we’re actually redoing some thumbnails

but if if there’s enough value for

someone and if you’re just teaching


the thing for me is people like to see

transformations so

if your video shows the transformation


that that could work really well are

they going to want to know the

fundamentals designs on

your longer form video probably not

because they’re just into it

for just that satisfaction of seeing

something go from one way to another

um one a weird channel that i found um

on tiktok that does this is

from a tattoo artist and the tattoo

artist takes

horrible tattoos so you see this ugly


that is just just just horrible

and he has to to fix it he’s going to


something you know it could be a name of

an ex-girlfriend or whatever or a really

bad unicorn that looks like

i don’t even know what it looks like you

know what i’m saying just different


and then he just redoes it so the whole


uh in in less than a minute is showing


a before and then that final after and


is super engaging you know and i even


it would be really cool to do it in

reverse where the tattoo artist shows

the the the

end and then reverses his his uh

video right so it just basically goes

back to a piece of crap

uh tattoo which would be super funny

from my i think

i think that’s more engaging because

it’s like hey this is the end result

and then it goes back to see the

surprise is how bad

that that first tattoo is but you’d have

to take a look at it so

all righty um we are doing short

questions right now we’ll get to those

other ones

i really do appreciate that um and

here we go got new nimidati a lot of

stuff like that

okay here’s one um so hope you’re doing

well it

was great i was going to ask about the

book and could the book be delivered to


uh if yes which posts should i go

and receive it so what i would do is go

to amazon

um if you’re international go to amazon

take care of it from there um uh there


gonna be delayed it’ll be kind of i

think in april

20th or something like that um you can

go to my website to do it

we’re gonna just do the same thing but

you get access to a few uh extra things

we are working on a plan right now uh to

expedite some of the

the uh international things uh so anyone

that has bought a book

uh internationally we’re working on it

we sent you several emails

take a look at it thank you so much

um oh i just did that one okay here we



i think we’re getting ready um let me

let me um

let me just kind of rant on something

real quick

um and we got a 200 super chat coming


roger uh which i’m gonna get to that in

a second but i’m gonna rant first

even though i just roger wakefield thank

you so much for that 200

super chat but let me let me tell you

here right now

um with any new feature like i said

there’s a pattern

that youtube deals with which is really

trying to figure out how it works in its


we are in the earliest phase it will be


for the next 12 to 24 months it’s going

to be awkward

and uh people are not going to make

money it’s not going to go towards

partner program

it’s not going to do all these different

things but they’ll figure it out

they figure it out 100 of the time for


it’s kind of a land grab right now and

there’s a lot of channels i

actually am starting a channel um it’s

pretty epic

i’ll be honest with you um i’ll probably

get a million subscribers and share with

you guys um that that

channel i normally don’t do it but if i

can’t monetize on i could care less

but it’s like this will be interesting

uh on it and i’ll just basically go

through that process uh so we’re getting

ready just to film

uh our first a few shorts uh it’s based

off of just knowing all the different

stuff that we like

and so really really good so here we go

what we’re gonna do is this make sure

you go to twitter and you put a video

there i’m going to do

some graphic design and help you guys

understand the theology and


the concepts of great thumbnails and for

those that read

my book you saw how i’m way obsessed

with thumbnails like seriously i’m so

obsessed with thumbnails

and it’s something that you know within

a matter of minutes you can enhance

uh sometimes it takes hours if not days

to get that right thumbnail

but before we do that before we go to


and and pick that i got to do this super


uh 200 thank you so much roger for that


super chat um and i do appreciate and i

told you this before but i do appreciate

that christmas gift

it’s a gift that keeps on giving um you

know you’re just very thoughtful

uh and i really do appreciate it and um

i i’ve been seeing a lot of you in the


in dallas uh area with the snowpocalypse

when that hit and just all the plumbing


uh it was great to see someone uh that

i’ve helped to mentor a little bit along

the way i know you’ve had a lot of

mentors along the way but

it’s great uh thank you derelies uh for

all your great information just hit

you we just hit 30 million views like

this is the first time you told me

congrats man

and should hit 30 000 subscribers next


your consult channel jumpstart and now

your book has helped me so much

thank you for the great information and

i can honestly say

if there’s ever a case study when you

when you say that there’s not a niche

that that can’t make it on youtube a lot

of people were telling roger oh you

can’t do this you can’t do that

and the moment that it clicked for him

you know and and

um and he’s he’s told me this uh several

times too

it’s just understanding here let me do a

better a better one here

um just that moment of using channel


and understanding some things that that

aren’t necessarily being taught and i

and i i

teach them in the book uh but the

mentoring program for 12 weeks is pretty

intense because

it’s all about making the small tweaks

that can go from there and then

truly once uh roger understood

uh the bucket system and we talked about

that in the book

um it was game over for him and you can


i mean congrats on that roger that’s

that’s awesome but

i do want a follow-up uh uh comment from

you roger uh if you’re if you’re

on um would you be willing

um to to jump on and on a live stream

uh maybe in a couple weeks or something

like that where we can kind of talk

about your journey

and your process from that put that in

there and then two

the question is um what was your aha


what was it when it clicked for you uh

you know that you’re like oh

this is good and how did that translate

into the money side you don’t

necessarily give the money deals because

i think a lot of people think oh just

about the views and adsense and i know

you you’re making

uh you know you’re making a money in all

different realms of it

um how did that translate over uh from

that as well because i think that would

be awesome

i think that that that would be a great

live stream whoever wants to see it go

ahead and put it in there

um and i’m i’m telling you

it’s a a plumbing a plumbing guy who

knows a lot about a bucket that’s

so good i love it i love it okay

so and and he said absolutely we’ll

we’ll do that so

uh roger let’s go ahead and connect on

that and uh

let’s see if we can get that to come up

here shortly

i think that would be amazing um maybe

next week maybe we can do that next week

that’d be awesome

okay um and one of the things that he


um was uh it was understanding uh recon

and research and pop culture

um and i i went in depth in the book but

i really go in depth on that as well

uh for that so congratulations roger on

that for sure okay so

here’s what we’re gonna do um i wanna go

over thumbnail design

um and and i i i wanna i wanna break it

down to a story

first and um

and i want to show you the difference

and this difference is the biggest

difference so the story is with me

and i want to share with you a youtube


that i actually um

am a part owner in and i have partners

and we go from it

um and i’m gonna just go ahead and pull

it up right here i’m not gonna log into

it because

i have some stream stuff going on and i

guess i guess i could do it in a


um thing but um let me let me show you

um so we just did um let me show you so


go here oh oh oh oh that’s not the right


i’m like i knew that happened okay


did the wrong one hopefully that my

stream key wasn’t in that let me take a

look okay good

it’s not okay that would have been bad

all right so let me let me let me go

back to this one um

here we go that’s what happens when you

do your own switching

okay so um this is uh uh

a company so i’m a producer and

executive producer ceo

of the chosen and there’s a thumbnail

right here

um that the video is way underperforming

and i

basically work with my team to try to


what’s going on so for me um

i think the more information and

feedback i can get by designers

the more feedback and information i can

get my editors the better it be

so we released the video and in a couple

hours i said this is not performing

please change out the thumbnail with

something is that’s more engaging

and they didn’t do it and i get busy i

can’t really do it and

it was it was just kind of a

communication breakdown

and so the next day that video was one

out of ten

all right i’m sorry ten out of ten sorry

one out of ten would have been good

10 out of 10 was bad and i’m like this

is insane

like it’s a great video uh retention

rate was like 70

but nobody was clicking on it and i’m

like we got to switch that out

and so i said please switch it out uh

they didn’t do it

um uh and it wasn’t because of that just

there was just kind of a notification

issue in in the way that we were doing

it just never got to them

so it continued to get worse well today

um i switched it out uh it was it was 20

it was 20 28 hours into the the video i

just switched out the thumbnail

and i also switched out the title um

where we just did a variation title i

just basically did the one that i wanted

instead the one that my

partner wanted we switch it out um and


it’s been up for six days and right now

it’s four out of ten and we’re on track

to be two out of ten

that’s how important titles and

thumbnails are we didn’t do anything


it was just oh no this is more engaging

to click

and that’s why it’s so so important okay

um so what we’re gonna do is if you tag


we’re gonna go on doing

um a thumbnail uh

revamp okay and i might i might hit a


too you know you basically tag me put

the video in there

um and i think there’s some of these

that are are good and i’m gonna just

kind of see if we can

um get we’ll get the first one because

this one’s not bad

um and it’s from uh sir

screams a lot okay so i’m gonna i’m

gonna do that one as the first one so

basically uh put your put your video

that you want me to kind of look at the

thumbnail and roll from there and we’re

going to talk about a couple

little rules uh that’s needed and some

things i probably won’t be able to do

because i don’t have all the assets

so i have to do like the frankenstein

thumbnail effect

okay and so um what i’m going to do now

is i’m going to show mr photoshop

because we got it we got to show mr

photoshop on this

just so that you can have the context so


hopefully you can see uh mr photoshop

does everybody see mr photoshop we

looking good let me

maybe um increase the the size here

let’s go

maybe okay how does how does that look

are we good with that um mr photoshop

looks good

senor photoshop is what it’s called

there we go

okay so um so um

sir screams a lot okay he is uh putting

up some great content

uh here is his thumbnail that he put for

me to take a look at

and um you know there’s a lot of things

that’s going on here so i notice

that he’s using the rule of thirds so

you see that right there

let me see if i can get senior photoshop

a little bit bigger because it’s like


there we go okay so

um so basically we are um

let me sorry let me just get a couple

things set up here just so i can get

this right okay there we go

um so he’s he kind of has the rule of

thirds he’s kind of in the third corner

and stuff like that so i think that the

essence is

we need we need to um we need to


uh clip out a few things just so that we

can kind of redo it

right um and so we did that one and then

we’re gonna do

i’m gonna hit a couple of these we’ll

get it here real quick in a second

okay and then i got to get rid of this

real quick because

i i get i get what the the thing is and


no smiling thing we’ll just go ahead and

go from there okay so

one of the one of the things that i

always look at um on

on on all this is what are we trying to

react to so this one is a two panel one

so a two panel

would be here is the the person here is

the reaction okay and it starts to bleed

over a little bit

but it’s a small the small things that

make uh some of the biggest differences

on it

which would be um let’s go ahead and

just strip it down

a little bit and let’s go ahead and

adjust a few of these things so let me

let me clean this up a little bit and


like i said this is not going to be uh

super perfect

in any regard this is just showing you

how we can do it before and after

um and just the small little things that

make the biggest difference

and we’re going to do a blink test after

that as well

so so i’m going to go ahead and do a

couple things here real quick

and just go from there

and this is a skill that i believe

anyone can

um can do and

okay sorry i’m just doing a couple of

things real quick and i’ll i’m just

getting set up okay

all right um so the the big thing more

than anything else

is understanding um how

people will see so for me um

getting getting the essence of

where you’re looking is is key uh this

one subtle change can make a big

difference so now

i need to do this

um and

we’ll get this going on and and i get

what’s going on here trust me i do

um but

let’s go here and i know that you always

wanted to

have a thumbnail day here today but this

is this is really really important so we

got this out

um and realistically i would probably


in fact let me just redo it because it’s

just like it’s going to bother me if i

don’t get it right

um and i and i get this way anyway so

let me just let me just go ahead and

do a little photoshop skew right here

going on

because i don’t have this thumbnail or i

don’t have this image

so as we’re doing this i basically i’m

trying to get all the elements in this

would be a lot faster if i had like a

um a photoshop file

and it was layered but we’re all good

um and i couldn’t get this one to auto

select and so we have to manually select

which is boring

but that’s kind of what we do here on

youtube when we go through the boring


um but you’re going to see a

transformation this is a this will be a

good transformation

got some ideas on this one already and

it’s just it’s just small things that

make the biggest difference when it

comes to thumbnail design

okay so um we’re pretty much

and like i said this is gonna be a

frankenstein thumbnail but you’ll you’ll

get the concept from here

as well okay okay so um

the i think the thing is is taking and

understanding what’s going on so for me

this is way too small okay this is way

too small

going on because this is like the

accentuation point right

so if we could just get that to be as

big as we can

we already know it’s a giraffe right

and and and it might need to

um there there might need to be a couple

things that

uh that makes it better um you know

to to give some options so i want to go

ahead and do a couple options to this


the the the the aspect of it um

is can we um can we

make it as engaging as we possibly can

um with what we have

okay and this might not be the answer

right here

um but we are going to do

um give me one second

i’m just gonna i just have to recreate a

few things



okay um i’m what i’m doing now is like

looking for a backdrop that would work

for us

that feels more um

you know basically it’d be like on par

with what’s happening with this um

and the other one was fine i just i just

didn’t have it and i didn’t want to

have to um to clone it back or whatever

so let’s uh go ahead and throw

that’s what i want right there found it

give me one second

okay so it does have a draft in the back

right and

we can

give me one second guys we’re gonna

we’re gonna go into this

so what i want to do

let’s see if we can get it to be

i’m not i’m not liking the um

i’m not liking

i’m going to just do it where it’s like

okay so um we have

that one and i wanna i wanna show the

the essence of

what’s going on this one’s kind of hard


and i want to tell you why this i i i

chose this one on purpose

because of just the angle of of the

thing so

right now when we’re actually designing

it and we’re actually going through

um you know through everything um

let me get the

i want to be able to get it so that it’s

super engaging

um and i want to get it so that it’s

really really easy

to um my control key wasn’t working to

hide those by the way i don’t know what

was going on

i wanted to make it really easy for uh

the the viewer to see what was happening

and that reaction so part of it is look

i it doesn’t really look like you’re

looking at the at the at the draft right

so it just looks like you’re you’re

looking out at person

and you’re not really seeing this so i

can’t fix this

i would fix it though like i 100 would

fix it because

if you’re not looking in the right

direction it’s hard

because when you when you close and open

your eyes you’re not even looking at the


so that’s the first thing that i would

react to is get one

where you’re you’re looking either

straight onto the camera right here

or you’re looking back to that other

side i i’d do straight on

uh would probably be better but

as we go through this and this is

something that i

i want everyone to to know and


is you got to be able to see even some

small directions

now your eyes the reason why i did that

is now your eye kind of looks like

it’s going towards the giraffe right and

that that subtle little change

makes the the difference right and so

you can even keep

the the the text which i don’t like to


it’s just um this would be hey this is

just weird

it looks weird can we make it where

you know you can make it differently

that um i’m gonna just go ahead and do

let’s get a different font

and i’m hoping you’re seeing some value


um and it could even be a just something

like a

you know whatever you could put whatever

you want in this but i


okay so here’s the thing i didn’t like i

said it’s a frankenstein one right

um so i can’t fix the eyes that’s really

hard to do

because he wasn’t looking the right

direction so i basically

tried to to do the direction that he’s

looking at the giraffe

where before if i would have kept this

it doesn’t even look like he’s looking

he’s staring out

out the other way it’s that subtle thing

and do you see the difference right here

of just seeing that that subtle thing um

okay so this is what i want you to do

and and this is uh this is something

and like i said this is a frankincense i

usually spend hours on something like


um and so if i spend hours on it um you

know we just spent what just a few


okay what i want you to do everyone um

this is called the blink test okay i

want everyone

uh to do the blink test and this this is

really really important it’s something i

teach in the book

uh but i want you to close your eyes

right now um and let me see if i can get

to the full screen here

before we do this let me just do it this

way um okay

close your eyes open him up where is his

eye where does your eye go

put it in the chat when you close and

open it up where does your eye go

and what’s interesting is even if we

break it down to this size because

that’s what most of

people would see you know where does the

i go so it goes to

no smiling right okay

now i want everyone to close your eyes

right now and i’m going to move it back

up to the our size that we have

okay everyone close your eyes okay eyes


eyes closed now open them up

now i want to ask you a question is

where in the world did your eye go

when you’re able to see that right now

because there is a difference between

the two thumbnails

um this this is this is huge now

for me i can tell you my i went


that i didn’t like it because i always

do the blink test right

mine went to the question mark i didn’t

want it to go to the question mark what

i wanted it to do

is pull in what was going on i

immediately went to the giraffe and then


looked really quickly a quick glance at

him going what the you know

that right there is key now my question

to all of you

which one would you click on if you had

an opportunity to see both thumbnails

in the in the feed okay or in the


or on the home page or whatever would it

be this one

or this one

this one or this one

subtle changes

what would you do now let’s even make it

better because

ultimately on mobile devices it is

smaller right

so this one or that one

see and i even got rid of the question

mark because the question mark was you


totally totally the wrong thing to do

it’s the wrong call

to make on this and so uh for me um

i can tell you i can honestly say

that this is the small little difference

now what what did we do

we moved him up he’s it’s the same face

same guy same picture

same picture for the other one i didn’t

like the background i wanted it more

blue so it could pop out a little bit

more so we use the sky background

great we did that we flipped the giraffe

around we made him

the draft bigger right you wanted to be

able to see it is that actually

perfect probably not you know we could

probably just move around with a little


but it does engage more and i can tell


um in in every regard in every regard

uh it works 100 of the time this way and

i can tell you just the click-through

rate on that that thumbnail alone

would have would have uh improved his

click-through rate and the reason why

less is more my i didn’t get confused of

where it needed to go

i could see the draft even on mobile i

could see the draft in a very very

distinct way

that drew me in to see what why is he

chewing on top of a tree i don’t get it

and then i glance over to him and you

know he’s he’s going through there so

does this actually uh does this actually


does this help you see that even though

that i had the same assets i didn’t

change anything

threw a different background into it but

i take the same assets

that it became a better thumbnail it

came a better thumbnail

now you might say oh it’s subjective and

i like the other one versus the other


i can guarantee you for for a fact

that if you saw and let’s i’m gonna okay

i don’t normally do this but let’s go

ahead and

um so

all my all my students um on in channel

jumpstart they get

tools to use okay and i’m gonna i’m

gonna just

give you a test right here okay um

i’m gonna just go ahead i gotta i gotta

get the actual

uh this this will just this will prove

my point

like i i literally um when when i do

stuff like this it just 100 percent

um and i don’t know mr screams all you

never gave me a channel so i’m gonna go

ahead and

get a channel here oh you got some good

you got some good reaction type stuff um

okay so that i just gotta i just gotta

uh get one

one other thing and then give me one

second we’ll i just gotta log into it

i wasn’t planning on doing this but it’s

gonna totally prove my point okay

um i’m gonna log in

and okay

you guys are gonna like this and and

sorry it’s not available only to my


so i do apologize um

okay let’s uh get the

first version okay um

answer spams a lot let me see if i can

find that video so i know what the title

is because we need the title




i don’t it must not come out yet okay

um because i’m not seeing it

and you have some decent thumbnails by

the way just let you know okay so i’m

gonna go ahead and just give it a title

um and it just i’m gonna just basically

give it

you know um it’s a title we’re not going

over titles right now this is just


uh but i’m gonna give it uh just one of

your titles your other titles

well i’ll just put the word test on i i

i don’t want to have to spend a lot of

time going through this go a second

and you guys will actually enjoy this

when we get to it real quick okay

okay so this is this is something

that um i 100 believe

that when we when we actually go through

this process okay so


just takes a second to pull up my my

stuff that i want on it

and then we’ll be good to go okay

so um

all right

okay all right so here is

the first one and i and i want everyone


um and i i got to change uh screens here

because it’s just uh the way that we do

it real quick

but this shows results um if you want to

see results

of of the you know how things will look

in competition uh we do this all the

time okay so here

is you can see the results so we

actually put it in search

it’s actually going through um uh

basically i i put in uh just a a

a youtube video it pulled yours in as an

association so you can actually compete

i can actually change it out

where you’re competing with other stuff

but i want everyone

to tell me uh what would you actually

click on uh when you saw this because

this is what basically people are seeing

in the thing they’re swiping up you know

this is how you compete with it

right and the reason why i did that

is when you see what the competition’s

out there

um and and also you you can see

that uh between the essence of what

you’re trying to do

um with with uh and i’m gonna gonna just

give me one second

and i’m gonna um do the same

same thing and i need to apply

give me one second um but what would you

actually do you can see that

can does anything stand out there’s a

couple of videos that stand out really


um and and what you’re trying to do is

you’re trying to compete

against all this stuff okay so i’m gonna

generate a couple uh

screenshots give me one second and and

i’m gonna

show you that i know exactly what i’m

talking about

okay because because i think a lot of

you um

you were happy with uh you know that

that content and i’m gonna prove to you

that um this this is something that you

need to consider

every single time okay okay

so let me go ahead and change the um

the formatting of it okay we’re gonna do

the exact same one

and that you’ll like this guys this is

like this is like super ninja stuff

and and i i love the super ninja stuff

so let me just get a new screen

okay give me one second

sorry i got multiple screens going up

here and

okay ready okay so

you tell me if you’re if you’re looking

at videos on mobile which one would you

click on

which one would you click on now of

course my title isn’t there because i

he didn’t have a title so it’s like

something from there which one would you

click on

where does your eye go do the blink test

on this one

you know and as you come up like just

blanket and where

where’s your eye naturally going to

i’m like oh my gosh what’s going on here


and if i was on um home page

where does your eye go to

okay i mean this is a good thumbnail

i’ll be honest with you this is a great


this would even be a better thumbnail on

this and that’s what i probably should

have done

is the you know there but you can tell

even with the other one that was there

you know

you know in showing that um it’s it’s a

huge difference and so

uh one thing that um we go

in depth on um is

this let me pull this one up here

and give me one second and i’ll all uh

get the download of this one give me a




sorry i’m i’m trying to bring some value

to you guys and this is just

something that uh

okay there we go

so we actually have artis artificial

intelligence helping us make decisions

as well um one of the things that we

look at

more than anything else is how how stuff


and let me

show you this because this this this is

just bananas when you see it


so we do a heat map so i know that the

bulk of you saw it

uh you know no smiling without even the

blink test

i know that a lot of people saw the

draft from there um

and right now we’re trying to

un-complicate the process

and when you uncomplicate the process uh

that will actually lead to better


and um we could take uh some great

thumbnails and i want to just show you

the difference between the one i made

uh i have to just uh run it through a

different thing real quick

and give me one second and i’ll be able

to throw this in here

um i’m hoping that you’re seeing value

in this um

and you’re you’re getting uh this true


but i want to show you where the the um

heat map on this one is because it’s a

pretty interesting and if we would have

had the right facial thing and like i

said i wasn’t

i didn’t have the right one for this one

because it was just redoing

a thumbnail which i should probably have

went back on to onto

that channel to do that would have been

that would have been great but let me

see if i can

do it from here

okay so this one and this heat test

right here

is pretty interesting here

get this other one

do you see how simple it is your eye is

just pulled into two objects

you know and and that that heat map is

is like off the chain so um for those

that don’t know

um yeah these are these are tools that i

give my students in channel jumpstart

um is something to give them a little

bit of an edge um

on on stuff like that so part of the

cons console is like how do you actually

or the

12-week mentoring is try to go from

there you can get more information at

all right so um let me go and i want to

do one more

um even though that i think a lot of

people want me to talk about shorts and

all that other stuff we started with


we’re now in just doing some easy

thumbnail uh recreation of it

um and so if you have it go ahead and

put something in there

um and i want to do one other

thing okay so

okay we’ll do this one this one this

one’s great

because it will actually get me um

this will actually get me

okay so this one’s with i cave so ik

we’re picking your thumbnail

and we are going to go to photoshop here

real quick

um so you can see kind of the before and

after of that

and um and then two after this we’re

going to jump in

and answer a couple of questions i’m

going to deep dive into some retention


that that everyone needs to know and let

me just go ahead

and do this okay so

um let’s go ahead and i’m going to share

my screen again

um and this time i’m doing mr photoshop

because we like mr photoshop

right and let me go pull him in here you

go mr photoshop

and let’s adjust it a little bit so you

can see it so here is the thumbnail to


okay and here’s the here’s the thing

um uh

there’s a lot of people that feel like

they need to brand their their

their their logo on it right

i get it i get it okay but

i’m gonna prove to you a couple things

okay in this one this is really really


um and and so this is what it looks like

i’m going to take the same thumbnail

and i’m going to run it through that

that uh the process that i use for my

um my students real quick so you can see

the competition

and what i want you to do um is everyone

do the blink test on this

um and tell me where your eye goes

in this thumbnail can can you guys tell

me where your eye goes

this is really important on this one


so my question is

it’s all over the place right your eye

doesn’t know where to go because we’re

getting all these different responses

in all these different ways of where

where that’s happening

right um the biggest is like the the

date the 23rd

um you know but it’s just just your i

your eye has a hard time focusing in

on um that that video like like 100


so um

and what i’m gonna do you’re gonna like


um i cave i’m telling you once you see

what i’m doing here


i’m almost done and um


so what i’m doing now is i’m going to

take that thumbnail that he

that he did and we are going to test it

to see how people are responding to it

um because that’s really really really

important okay and i do have his title

because it was a video that he released

on the 19th of march

and i can go through how does that

actually look like

um you know the um you know against


okay because the competition is really

important and i’ll throw it in mr

photoshop once it’s done but

like i i i want everyone um

to get what what’s happening here

because as soon as you you start


what you’re competing with and sometimes

we have a hard time

understanding what we’re competing with

it’s really really really hard

okay and so i’m gonna go ahead um i’m


go ahead and generate everything here


which is good and we’ll just throw it


um photoshop real quick give me one




okay all right so

with this i’m gonna go ahead and put in


the heat map so you can see the heat map

because i think it’s really important to

see the heat map

on this okay so you can see really


let me just put it right here that um if


if you did the test and you said blink

test a lot he said the 23rd

that actually has the deepest heat so

the ai predicted where

where that’s at right and and so

that being said just the difference

between the two

uh you know you can see your eye where

it goes

and um now let’s go ahead and see

what what um you know icave dave

uh is competing with um and and i think

that’s gonna help us too

on on that so let me go ahead and um

pull in

um did i not download it i didn’t

download it dang it okay give me one

second sorry guys i thought i downloaded

it but i didn’t um

so if we were in search

um give me one second

like i want to make sure that

you’re firing on all cylinders okay

and this is what you’re competing with

right here

i did it i just a kind of a a key term

on on this um and i wanted to make sure


um it was done right for you um

and then i want to show you another one

here okay and so

what what would you all click on i mean

if you’re able to do this like if you’re


at the end of the day to pick something

what grabs your attention now keep in

mind this is mobile what like what’s

going to grab your attention

um put it put in there because like this

is this is uh

um supposed to help him right okay

what would you click on i mean this is

what he’s competing with

and for me there’s there’s a lot that’s

going on

um this one grabs my attention you know

tech falls yup

i guess tech fails right but this is

what he’s competing with okay

so when when you do it from that and

you’re seeing it from this what would

you click on right here this is a

different view this is on desktop

this is on the home page what would you

click on

okay so my thing is these

are impressions right so so when we do


there’s impressions that actually happen

so you’re now competing with everybody


so what does make the difference okay

so that’s what we’re gonna go through is

like when when you see

oh my gosh my this is how my thumbnail

and title competes

and and and you you notice that everyone

on here um you know this is important

everyone on here gravitated to a certain


that’s the reason why that one’s getting


okay and we looked at multiple versions

of it

and you can say okay well it’s the color

that’s great well

i want you to know there’s other bias

factors that’s into it okay

and the other bios factor is apple apple

has its own biases right and and you

want to be able to to do this

in a way that does make sense so

if if you look at all

um at what will work uh

that’s that’s kind of the key that we’re

trying to to understand

so i’m gonna go into mr photoshop again

because mr photoshop

deserves to uh be used

because we we use him every day and he

gets a little jealous when we don’t

work on him but let me go ahead



give me one second i’m just fixing a few

things on this and then we’ll be good to

go and then i’ll bring it back in

guys sorry okay so um

so here is uh mr photoshop okay

so what we’re gonna look at is um how do

we break it down

and so the the essence is let’s strip

away with everything that’s non

um you know non-effective right and

you know there might once again all i’m

doing is taking what they what he has

and i’m gonna just make it a little bit

better uh because i believe oh this

concept could have had

you know it’s a trap i i like it you

know um

you know because that’s a star wars

reference type stuff uh but let’s go

ahead and just take away

all the stuff that’s going on here and

let’s get rid of the other one

and just focus in on just a couple items


so apparently this one is

is um is interesting

um and i i want to

i want to do a couple things here okay

so the interesting thing is um

can we even tell who this is okay

i think you can once

um you throw the logo in right

so when you throw the logo in it it

makes a little bit more sense

and so for me um it’s like

okay there has to be uh you know has to

be a

an interesting picture um

and and maybe this this is it i don’t

know um

let me go ahead and

okay found the picture you used


okay so this is this is the same

the the same uh one so i’m gonna just


build this out a little bit go from



and and the whole the whole aspect is

how could we leverage this the right way


and you’re probably thinking what in the

freak is daryl thinking about right now


okay so

okay so this is tim cook if everybody

knows apple that’s the apple fan fanboy

type type people right that’s what we’re

what we’re doing here

and give me one second here



this is the fun what you’re doing live i

mean i’m just

literally brainstorming here and it’s

all good

and we’ll we’ll figure it out um just

give me a second to throw some elements

in that we can use


so doing this and and i didn’t i didn’t

watch the video

um but there was

a date involved did they do like a

release or something

i say i’m an apple nut but i i’ve been

so busy i can’t even

follow my own passion here or whatever

um march

uh 23rd event okay

give me one second here


oh that’s even better i found a better

background um and the reason why

um is it if if they’re watching and

following something then then it’s like


that uh that makes sense and

it is let me see if i can

throw that in

because this is their event um uh

their event uh colors and



okay give me one second guys okay

okay so i’m gonna get rid of this one


i don’t like it okay nevermind um

see this is the the joy of actually

trying to figure things out sometimes

you’re like oh i like it i don’t like it


i didn’t like it um but it’s

it’s okay and i can do

normally i don’t do text but this one

definitely deserves text


there’s only a couple things that i need

to do left and then i’ll i’ll show you a


things so

sorry i shouldn’t get this picky at all

but i do sometimes i get obsessive on


okay so um you’re probably thinking okay


what is this doing where is it going


has nothing to do with whatever

might even lose that

okay so

part part of this is um

thinking creatively right and i’m just

gonna save this real quick

i would probably spend a couple hours on

this one

but i don’t have a couple hours you guys

don’t want to endure a couple hours

um but i want to just show you something

that i see

okay and this is where uh

where everything would be

and um i i get i get competition i get

what’s going on

i get the the whole apple event type


um i i took some assumptions on your

video based off of your thumbnail

um and and we can do

you know it’s a trap which is fine

um and i would probably like the first

thing that went through my mind is


admiral at bark um saying it was a trap

from you know

from i guess it would have been uh

return of the jedi but it’s like

um that’s something that i would

probably have done um

and maybe deal with him and explore that

you know explore that a little bit

okay give me one second and i’m just get

grabbing a couple of the same things so

that we have the

same type of results and then we will be

able to go through that okay so

um okay

so part of it is uh doing some complete

opposite of what everybody else does

um and i do believe this works uh once

you understand

what people are doing you’re like okay

does it respond well

um and i do know that uh

we’re gonna have to adjust the thumbnail

just just based off of it

because of two things

and this is good this is good lesson

learning here


okay so here’s here’s basically the same


um do you know what i got a better idea

let me let me let me adjust it but we

gotta adjust it because the time code is

creeping up on them a little bit so we

gotta adjust that a little bit okay

so i what i want to do now is

um give me one other thing and i’ll have


give me one second because i think this

this will help you understand


and i really want to do admiral ackbark

but if you would have done that in the

content then it would have been right in


where you could have used it as your

hook and he could have put it it’s a


you know what i’m saying and that would

have been so epic of a thumbnail but we

can’t do it because i don’t think you

did it that way

because you you don’t want to bring them

in um unless it’s unless it’s that way

right okay


let me just adjust him real quick i

can’t do that we don’t have enough time

to go through this how i wanted to but

it’s all right

okay so

that being said let me just go ahead and


save this out and we can go ahead and

take a look at it let me just go ahead

and pull

this this through um when

when we’re doing this um the reason why

i i take so much time is because you got

to see what you’re you’re competing with

right um and my my whole thing is

you’re always you always need to stand

out and this this is probably

not my best example um and that’s why i

said i would probably spend

a ton more time on this uh because

it’s that important and this is this

goes to show

why we do titles and thumbnails before

because i had an idea for a thumbnail

that could have been content in a video

um you know which is you know it’s a

trap you know and it would been right in

line now

i do get the mouse trap thing i just it

just didn’t connect with me and that’s


i went away with it um just because i

don’t believe

that um that

it i don’t know i didn’t think it was

compelling enough maybe the trap wasn’t

there maybe a bear trap would have been


um but still it was hard to understand

this one’s a little bit easier to

understand from my point of view

but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s

going to be the best performer like like

we’re always always to see um

crap i uploaded the wrong one let me try


to do


so i’m going to download a couple of

these just so you have some context of

it but it’s like

and still i’m not happy with it um

but i think that it actually

performs a little bit better than

than what i’m what i’m wanting um

okay putting this back up here we go


so let’s go back into mr photoshop

okay so um here we have uh

just basically when you’re when you’re

watching or when you’re scrolling

um do you see that

it’s simple and it grabs

attention now i really like tech fails

it was

that’s a great thumbnail i really really

like it

but apple event i see that

march 23rd was a trap you’re able to do


i don’t know if that the the image

actually portrays it

like i said i have other ideas when it

comes around that

that’s probably where i’d go um but

let’s go ahead and look at on desktop

okay does it stand out

yes i do believe it stands out you know

what i’m saying

um it just pulls you in a little bit we

used uh a couple t

strategy which is hey he’s hiding

uh there’s an arrow uh was it easy to


i don’t know but it’s like what’s going

on here that what’s

what’s going on you see apple march 23rd

as a trap

and you’re like okay what something

something’s happening here right

and so this is really really important

and i can tell you um it’s like

there’s great ways to really connect and

there’s great ways to go for it

but what if what if i

actually had um you know

gone through the process of coming up

with the title coming up with the

thumbnail first

before shooting the content so let’s

let’s go ahead and figure that out


at the end of the day um when you

when you actually uh are reactive

to your content you’re reacting to how


actually engage with your thumbnails um

then you’re you’re you’re making a big

misstep um

and you want to be proactive it’s okay

let’s come up with four or five or six

thumbnail ideas that could translate

over to ideas that

that go into your video so that for the


for my thing if you’re saying oh it’s a

trap okay

boom it’s a trap is that interesting it

can be

is there a lot of controversy around

apple sometimes are they always trying

to sell us something

yes you know there’s a whole thing but i

i would basically look at

what’s going to be the best way to grab

their attention with the title and


and i can honestly say just the small

things because

even competing against the other one um

i would 100 percent

lose um let me go ahead and pull in the


i’d 100 lose all elements that are

non okay

and let me tell you which was not


the border lose it lose this

i know this is branding lose this i know

this is branding

get rid of it and i want to tell you why

it’s competing with your eyes get rid of


just earn the click people are smart

enough now to realize

oh this thumbnail has a content creator

and they have a channel

that’s where your avatar icon comes in

that’s where your channel name comes in

don’t like just be redundant on it um

literally pull them in and and go from

there so hopefully this

makes sense um do you guys you guys see

value in just taking a little bit of

tension and time

on the thumbnails and really the titling


and so on because that makes the biggest

difference i shared with you

the showcase of what a thumbnail can do

and and go from a 10 out of 10 to

you know potentially a two out of 10


um it’s just that is the biggest

difference because a lot of your content

is really good

but if you can get them to click you can

get them sucked into your ecosystem

so um i i uh next time

we’re going to do a different thumbnail

uh but i got one last thumbnail to do

and it’s from one of my students um and

i i gotta do it because

honestly um i wanna

show you the the difference of


and i i gotta i got to let me just

download a few photoshop files

okay so here’s here’s the thing um as

they’re downloading

and let me get to


so one of my one of my students is um

is a youtube channel called bikes and

beards okay and i hope that they gave me

um i really don’t know what they gave me


i thought we had the elements of it okay

so bikes and beards

uh they’re on youtube uh you can check

them out and

um basically he had an idea

um powering his house with

a with a motorcycle can you power a


as uh having a motorcycle as a generator

great idea right

and so here is um kind of the thumbnail


okay now uh this thumbnail did not


uh for him okay which which is fine this

is something from here

um and he switched it out to this


uh where it’s like showing him a little

bit closer reacting to it okay

and honestly it there’s there’s a couple

things this just looks

this looks fake um and you could tell

that it needs a little bit of attention

right just even the lighting and stuff

like that

is is pretty bad and so what what we

want to do

is really um figure out the elements

okay so i’m going to fix this one right


um and and this is really really really

uh no

uh it’s really important to know and

sign like i got to throw this comment up

because it’s so true

um didn’t know kevin james was so good

at youtube i don’t know if you’re

talking kevin james at

kevin james or that i look like kevin



you know it’s true all right he’s my

doppelganger okay so

um pulling pulling elements in

is really important right so what are we

trying to do we’re trying to figure out

how do we actually showcase it where

we’re doing

um content

about generating a um you know

generating power

with a motorcycle now his audience

already knows it’s a motorcycle right

at the end of the day and so the first

thing that i would do

is show you the before okay let me let

me go ahead and

um i’m gonna just screenshot it just so

that we have it and i’ll throw it in


the way that they did it is not not the



and renee we actually showed your

thumbnail too i’m really excited that

your thumbnail came up in this last one

okay so we have we have the before okay

now we’re gonna do the after so for me

it just looks fake

it looks photoshopped right so we can

fix that

with a couple things so what we need to

do is

um make a couple adjustments


give me one second okay

so it’s about the motorcycle right so

you got to give enough of the motorcycle

and you need to have it there not too


on the shadow but we’ll get the shadow

here as well

now i want the motorcycle bigger because

it’s just

the main point right so the bigger the


but you gotta showcase you can’t cut his

head off

and you gotta understand what’s going on

okay right ready so that looks good

now we have our wires coming down now we

have our box we need to make our box


because it should be just

as big

as that

and let’s get rid of those let me

try this a little bit later here let me

get rid of these


this guy’s crushing it on youtube by the

way we’re just gonna get him to

get better okay great so once again

this house just looks fake right so what

we need to do

is uh get a house that

would coincide with what’s going on here


the title is um powering my house with a

motorcycle right

okay and i’m i’m okay that it cuts off

on the bottom because we already know

that it’s a generator

um and what you’ll see what i’m gonna do

and this is great um

and you’ll you’ll like it but um let’s


excuse me i’m gonna just try to find a

couple homes or something like that that

would make sense

um that

and it’s it’s definitely subjective when


when you really look at it um

and and you’re trying to

to go but i got to find the right one

it’s going to take just a little bit of

time i do apologize

uh but we’ll we’ll definitely get it um

ice he’s got to find the right style of


and it needs to be set back a little bit

this would have been helpful if i would

have got the stuff beforehand so you

don’t have to kind of

go through it well you know let me um

let me actually

show you what i’m doing um

maybe not because i think i found the

image just give me one second

basically i’m just trying to find the

right image for it

and normally we would

um try to

because because why this looks fake let

me show you real quick

is it just looks too pristine and

perfect right

and i get what they’re trying to do

and it’s just i i get it right um but

let me just uh

let me see if i can find there there it

is i found it i found i found the one

that will work

okay so um

okay so let me let me go ahead

and see if we can get

this done

and it no this might not work but we’ll



and what i don’t like about it is he

should have shot the thumbnail

outside against a house so i didn’t have

to do this and like all i had to do is

tweak a few things



because i mean i likey

give me a second

i know that looks hideous right now but

um you’ll see what i’m talking about

here in a second


you guys always wanted to watch

photoshop on a saturday huh

and like i said this like i would spend

a ton more time but i just want to show

you the concept

of before and after because there’s a

reason why things don’t perform

and i can tell you one of them

is dealing with the nature of

where that’s in let’s see

okay sweet we’re getting closer guys


okay so there is like a

let’s see

yeah i’m not liking that but anyway

we’ll get it

we’ll get it adjusted

so as as we do this we need to uh you


um really really uh

take in all the elements of what we’re

trying to do um and

part of this is like trying to find the

right the right combination

right and and the right combination the

right colors and

you know all the all the little details

oh crap photoshop just died

that’s not good give me one second

all right all right but it’s getting the

right type of color combinations and

and such and you know it it that’s where

it takes a little bit of time

on all this stuff um you know and i

this is not even remotely close to the

right one i want yet

um but let me let me see if i get a

little bit darker

all right let me uh

give you one second

so the simplicity factor is always is

always important right you’re trying to

make it as simple as possible we got it

we got to fine tune a few of these

things out

and blend a few things and

you know kind of roll from there

so here’s my problem that i have and and

it’s just i this is where if you’re

gonna power it at night you need to be

at night he’s

he’s a you know in the day so i would

have done it at golden hour

and then the light would be completely

different than where he’s at right now

right and and that’s that’s one thing i

would 100 percent

uh have told him that he needed to go


and um and and truly truly um let me

sorry let me get this house designed


i would have had him go back and really

truly uh take care of that

that lighting issue that he has um

because it’s that big of a deal

it really is it’s like that big of a


on um on this that just the lighting

just seems off and your eye knows that

it’s off

okay but the backdrop is better

um you know is it is it exactly what it

needs to be

i don’t know yet you know but the

backdrop’s a little bit better

i think this needs to come up a little

bit and bigger

taller you know a little bit you know

and then we can even

probably even go like this

okay so um i would have 100 had him

go to um you know find the right


get the right background but like right

here i

there’s not much i can do with it and so

is it is it better

than than this absolutely like this one

right here just looks super fake

what we need to do is make this as real

as possible so this is the the type of

setup so what i would do

is say okay go take out your bike i

don’t care if the videos i’m performing

go get the bike go put it in the house

position the house like this

because the the house and everything in

the background

is on this other one it’s just too

overpowering and i don’t know what it is

you know what i’m saying

and and it’s hard it’s hard to get that

concept but for this one

i would even go further i’d have the

house even further in the background

um and my my point is

um the lighting the lighting kills it

like the

the lighting is the reason why people

are not clicking on like oh it just

looks fake so

in their mind already they’re saying

oh it’s fake okay it’s fake

and and and the interesting concept is

him on a bike

i i know the other one that he’s

currently using is like he’s um holding


and um you know holding it and it’s lit

in the back

but i can tell you i’ve i’ve done so

many of these

um and let me show you this other one

and this is the one he switched out to

let me put this back in here that that

that’s that’s fine but the whole essence


the bike and everything it’s just i i

don’t know i’m more interested to see


on the bike because then it’s like

showing it in action right

and um maybe even showing the vaults or

something like that

so all this stuff it takes time

and i can say that that for me

i would have not uploaded that video

number one number two

i would have went out and shot a

thumbnail um to to get variations first

and if it took me a day to do that i

would take the day to do that why

because that’s the difference between 50

100 000 video versus a couple million

viewed video

the retention’s great when they click on

it but the thumbnail’s not getting the


um but i i personally know

by doing small little elements but it

needs to look accurate and

it doesn’t need to look photoshop it

needs to look like it’s out there so for


we always take the picture there it’s

like be in the element get the lining

just right

you know what i’m saying if the lighting

is going down on that other side

you can’t necessarily do it you’ve got

to make sure that it’s there so i like

to get the position the bike

go out there do it now it might because

it’s snow is where he’s at that’s fine

i would have included snow because

snowpocalypse and

you know that could have been

interesting content that’s the way i

look at it

and so that’s where i uh

break it down in all these elements and

that’s where it happens with with


so um what we’re going to do right now

is uh

just go over some retention techniques

um my

my my first thing is if they never click

click the video that never watched the


so that title thumbnail should be your

highest priority that’s why

i wrote everything in this book on title

and thumbnail of really making that


um and i can tell you that the small

little things that we’re going over need

to be thought about

daily they need to think about how do i

improve on this because i can honestly

say a lot of the videos that i watch

with my clients

only need a small little small a few

things to make them better

and if they’d focus in on how do we get

the click how do we get them to to

retain longer

that’s really important so let’s talk

about some retention strategies

um so in that earlier thumbnail that we


of um it’s a trap okay the march

event for apple um i always like to try

to figure out

what is going on and how can i enhance

the content to engage so

there’s different types of strategies


strategy that works really well is a

before and after strategy so you show

transformation of something that was

before and then after

with an event it’s an announcement new

products are new products being

done what was the thing is it just

coming people on tell them that we’re

doing this and it wasn’t really good

is that the trap i don’t know so

how do we how do we make it um so that

it’s engaging

i always look at the best

type of videos are called progression


like to see something transform over the

portion of your eyes that’d be great

so for me with an apple event

i would show how apple has progressively


viewers to come to us at their event and

i would showcase

okay you know apple just announced that

they’re doing a

march event this is happening uh in 2020

it’s going to be

a pretty epic but apple has the tendency

to trap people in certain ways

okay and then you could show clips of

how they trapped if people thought they

were coming on

um and they’re getting something you

know else you know so it’s a bait and

switch type of thing

hey this is kind of the stuff that

happened before online this is the


and you’re able to see that so this is

what happened with steve jobs

tim cook come on this is what happened

tim cook you show maybe four or five


um these are the best examples of how

apples actually trap people in

and guess what you now just set the

stage of

some curiosity of what they’re gonna do

for their march event

so that is the essence of what we’re

talking about guys that’s the essence of

really engaging in proper storytelling

that’s why

i went in depth in the book on this

where you have to think about it before

but you can’t just go and just

spew off information in hypothetical

things so it’s like

progression works really good

transformation works really good

curiosity is what earns the click and so

if you’re able to say look i wonder what

they’re going to do

here’s what they’ve done in the past

you’re just setting up the stage

that they’re really curious and they’re

going to get to the end of the video

because at the end of the video

you’re going to speculate right right

so that’s really cool

that’s what i do so what i want to do

right now is um

we’re going to do this for 10 minutes

we’re going to take some q a when it

comes to retention so if you have a

retention question

it doesn’t matter if it’s a super chat


we can go from there ben i just got your

book yesterday

and read half of it love it thank you

ben so much for buying the book you can

get it on amazon or wherever

um i’m really excited about this book

because it helps with a lot of the those

strategies and tactics um we got uh

uh lee from toronto i can’t wait to get

back up to your country i love

uh canada a lot um and there’s a lot of

great things in toronto area that i love

too i just can’t wait to do it

um so if you have a retention question

go ahead and put it in there i’m going

to go

back through some of these comments and

go from there



got people talking about thumbnails are

the most challenging and if it’s

challenging for you find someone to help

you out with it that’s that’s the whole

thing if you can’t afford it

then there’s so many different resources

how to become a better

uh person on photoshop or a graphic


you know there’s a lot of just just

theories and then two my book goes in

depth on some great thumbnails

um go from there okay

here is the question um will you be

doing any youtube

title tips and tricks streams love the


sir screams a lot thank you so much um i

i actually am we’re we’re actually going

to be more frequent on these live


um i want to i want to do it weekly uh

so i decided you know

uh we promised roger that we’d have him

on and we’re going to go through some

stuff from there but two

getting uh tips and tricks on titles uh

there is an exercise i do in the book so

so if you have the book go to that


you can do exercise every day i do it

every day and in fact i

you know get pings from from people uh


um you know i just got a ping from mr

beast that he wanted a couple title


uh for a couple videos that were we’re

looking to do okay

okay let’s do the next one here we go

uh so can i so can i do so that people


more than a three minute video of my 10

minute videos thank you

what can i do to do to get people to

watch more

what can you do well i always look at it


that first five seconds is key okay

how do you pull them in and if you can

pull them in

you probably have about 20 seconds worth

of retention okay

great at that one minute mark

for sure you have to pull them in even


you need to be so s you know

so sacred of those first minute

because if you can get a minute they’ll

watch two minutes

and then look at re-engagement points

usually if they watch a minute they’ll

tolerate it for another minute and a


so anywhere between a minute uh two

minutes to two minutes two and a half

minutes into it

you need to re-engage them again if you

can get to the three-minute mark

that’s where you really need to pull

them in if you’re doing anything longer

than three minutes

that’s when you’re like okay you’ve

invested three minutes with me

but the payoff is so amazing that’s the


and i explain that in the book you gotta

really set that up at that moment

where you’ve done that for the first

three minutes as you set up

where they’re going to get the most

valuable type of information

and you’re just basically getting ready

for that moment that’s where

you can have that longer form video and

i can tell you you can do that

over and over and over again um you know

and you can use that cycle of about 15


and you can do a three hour video but

you have to do it within 15 minutes is

look at it about every 15 minutes

very good question okay next one uh tall


rv reviews we do rv reviews when people

get what they want they leave or just

jump around until

they see what what they want true any

tips of getting them to stop and watch


well what do they want

so usually when you do a review it’s

going off of a specific product so

they’re going to a product you’re doing

a review that’s great

now i can honestly say that any type of

rv review you do there are other things

that they should be interested in

so if i’m doing an rv review of an rv

that’s great there’s different styles

and they’re going to come into it well

what are the top 10

accessories that anyone that buys an rv

should have

that should be a video okay

what’s the five biggest mistakes that

people making an rv purchase

make that should be a video i mean those

types of things where

it’s more than just a review it’s giving

them information that they didn’t know

that they needed to have

and and that’s where you can get them

pulling in

where if you do that sustainably we talk

about that in the book called buckets

it can be really really powerful great

great question

uh next one come from anna

i’m making an introduction to the video

to increase brand awareness

some people skip that introduction

should i keep it or not

cut it cut it out run it over with a

bust don’t ever do that ever again

the reason why is what let’s just say

that you’re using it and it’s costing

you 10

of people or 20 of the people that’s 20

of the people that says oh this is a

long introduction

uh let’s just get right to it so i would

honestly just cut it out

and look at the data the data doesn’t

lie go ahead

you already see that they’re skipping it

but i truly do believe they’re not

skipping i think their people are just

leaving it

okay because i’ve seen this over and

over again so absolutely

get rid of that okay um

boom intros are a no-go stop them


all right there we go and

yes running them over with a bus yes

let’s do that

i am literally buying a bus just so i

can run things over with the bus i think

that would be interesting

okay next one uh we have 27

000 and we found that increasing our

videos from 25 to 28 minutes

to 32 plus has increased our average

view duration

from 27 to 32

okay what could that mean for the

overall for our content here’s the thing

just because you increase your average

view duration doesn’t it like if you

increase your views

and your average view iteration you got


um i would look at your traffic sources


one of the four w’s that we talk in the

book is the where

where is those views coming from and

each traffic source has its own

average view duration don’t look

collectively over the channel you might

have one

that’s increasing the number but what

you want to do is look at it from

how many views is each traffic source

coming in and what’s the percentage of

those views

and that traffic source over all the

views and then you gauge it that way so

if you’re increasing it that way

then you actually have found how to

plan execute because you had a plan hey

what if we increase this

you executed on it we did oh but it’s

higher we’re going from a higher avd

that’s awesome that’s what you want to

replicate over and over again because i

think you might have found something

that’s going to help your channel really


all righty um let me go ahead take a

couple questions

priority will always be super chat so if

you want to do a super chat

throw that in there that would be great

um and

here we go we had some super chats that

came in

uh boom if i needed to start a short


content bucket what would you most

likely see

i’ve experimented with news hits how


unboxing highlights uh still finding my


renee please start another channel and

do that like just

just just do whatever you want on

another channel i i don’t like it on the

main channel

uh for multiple reasons um and

and and i i believe there’s still an

awkward period where you can grow both

um i would like to see um you know

interesting facts about apple that you

didn’t never knew

uh that would make an amazing shorts

channel but

i don’t think that would be in line with

what you’re doing right now

uh because it’s not as relevant they

might find it interesting but not

everyone that’s watching your content

would find it interesting

so it’s just like random things about

apple you didn’t know like like i

like you could you can get your hands on

some really really cool

um stories or something you just have a

minute to do it

um and for how long you’ve been in the

space my friend um i would definitely do


that way

uh next one andrew i think you mentioned

uh mr beast will cut out any section

where the video dips using

the youtube editor um he he will cut out


sponsorships um once those sponsorships

are fulfilled

um and i do know on occasions he’s done

a few more

things than besides sponsors but rarely

does he do it his

his um retention is pretty good um based

off of the feedback that we get before


actually upload a video um let me

make sure there’s no other super chats

before we go into this

because i know we missed a few here okay

there we go is it true that youtube is

going to start

placing ads on channels that don’t meet

the requirement yes for monetization

can you talk about this i’m just

starting my youtube journey

brian s yes they are

and why because youtube did some tests

and this ecosystem deals with

people uh watching ads and they’re gonna

do it

and they’ve announced it they’re already

doing it it’s currently happening right


and you’re like well wait i’m not a

partner that they can do that well


motivation get to become a partner get

those thousand subscribers and

those 4 000 hours watched because

youtube’s there to make money you might

as well enjoy

that okay um good

thanks for that super chat for sure uh

going back

hopefully i can hit all these super

chats let me see if i can if they

updated this nope not yet

okay very very good


some good chats happening

another one unlimited mobile gaming not

a big youtuber but still enjoy making

videos in my channel for gaming me too i

i like to game i like to make youtube

youtube videos um it’s always fun so

yeah like

like there’s a lot of people that just

post just because they love it um

keep in mind that’s all we’re trying to

do okay we got a couple questions here

next one egg free kitchen class question


don’t all youtube shorts make it on the

shelf even if they meet the criteria

because patterns

in part one of the book i talk about the

history of youtube

and why youtube introduces things and

what happens

after they introduce things every single

time it is history

that it just doesn’t work completely how

it all needs to work they’re still

working the bugs out

and it takes time sometimes years for it

to actually work

one of the biggest issues would be and

i’m telling you the easiest answer is


i’m telling you is this a short just you

know how we have to verify if it’s

not made for kids or made for kids we

just need a button this is a short

that would solve all problems the

engineering on that

shouldn’t be that difficult it just puts

it into the short shelf

that’s evil you know it’s under a minute

it’s vertical

uh you you collect that the thing boom

you’re done why

why don’t they do that i don’t know why

they don’t do that like seriously

that’s the easiest way the easiest way

to fix it you know and then two

uh i can tell you um it’s frustrating

when you put all that energy and effort

and it doesn’t get picked up

all right big old super chat five bucks

thank you so much

that five dollars well it always helps

all this little bits help so i really do

appreciate that thank you so much

um okay what is the future of content


two minute videos or long more than an

hour look the future content is content

is king

what that means is it doesn’t matter if

it’s a 15 second video

there’s an audience for that it doesn’t

matter if there’s a two-minute video

there’s an audience for that it doesn’t

matter if there’s a 10-hour video

there’s an

audience for that trust me there is i

just watched four hours

of justice league last night like

there’s an audience for it

like seriously and that was way better

than the other piece of crap that they

put out before

so love it boom

renee really really really really want

shorts in their own tablet community

look i get it i get it but guess what my


youtube has the pattern to be

resistance that’s why it says try to do

it on your own

uh like like literally try to do it on

your own another channel because

youtube doesn’t really change its

behavior i’m telling you

um yeah yeah um we’re not doing any

channel reviews i do

uh apologize we’ll put that up uh right


do apologize we’re not doing channel

reviews right now uh we’re

actually going to do a section on that

it’s coming up soon

i i found a way to actually do it so

we’re actually taking anyone that super


uh within a period of time and and we’re

going to be able to pull this in

i i want to do it more than just oh i’m

looking at the title and thumbnail

and this is this is going to be awesome

once you see it it’s coming out soon i

promise you

um youtube formula is informative easy

to engage

to read is there’s things that i’ve

learned that i had no idea about thank

you so much

uh get the book of course get the book

why would you want the book

it’s cheap okay there we go

um derelies okay here we go

thank you thank you again for the

information and i just brought you up i


um yeah there we go

it’s tooted my own horn there there we

go okay

here we go uh how long on average does

it take for youtube to recognize a video

and promote it because i have some bad

videos with a lot of views and some good

ones with none

okay so bad videos with a lot of views

and good videos with none like

there’s something that was going on with

those those videos that are getting

views you just need to figure it out

that’s why

i always say let’s look for patterns

take the bad videos put them together

start seeing what do these have in

common they had to have something in


are they still bringing you traffic if

they’re bringing you traffic guess what

youtube thinks they’re good because

viewers think they’re good because

they’re watching them

so even though that you think that

you’re you’ve actually leveled up

uh you know there might be something

that you’re you’re missing uh and that’s

why i would probably group those


okay so um will i ever receive your book

steph i hope so um for for all that

that are international we’ve been

sending you emails uh for the book

um the international people we love you

we have some extra things that we’re not

doing for anyone else if you ordered it

through me

yt formula if you order it from some

other international location

uh you it’s released april 20th i do


i did not know that when i said hey this

is the release

um that’s what the the the publisher

said all this is oh no that’s just for

the united states i’m like well that’s

the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever


because i got people that want to read

the book all around the world and

they’re like well they’ll have to wait

so this is what’s happening uh those

that bought through yt formula

i’m actually taking care of the

fulfillment you’ll actually as soon as

they come available in your country i’m


sending it over and getting there as

fast as i can however

canada i now know i can get you the


uh we’re getting that worked out right

now i’m telling you

it’s going to be epic okay


here we go any fun time should i produce

on personal or brand channels i

like brand channels the reason why i

like brand channels is because

oh let me explain a personal channel is

when you actually

can only have one login a brand channel

gives you the ability to

add editors and you know commenters and

all that other stuff you can kind of

pull that in

all the little uh hierarchy i actually

like it

because then you know you’re protecting

the the channel i always

uh have the main channel be owned by

somebody else then i always come in as a


or an editor on it um really really love



boom uh mr dude

hey daryl how you knew zhc’s

percentage that’s insane so i did a

story in the book about

a zhc going out to uh mr beast and we

were sitting around eating sushi

and i was able to understand who his

audience was and

like seriously guys i’ve been doing this

so long i just see

data i do um it’s crazy crazy crazy

um and fun as well okay

uh jorge i’ve been i have an established


170 subs doing shorts

they did good now i’m at 300 000 subs

but regular videos aren’t performing as

good as before

was it a mistake to do shorts on the

main channel look uh

i this is the love hate relationship

okay so youtube

doesn’t care about subscribers

they don’t let’s let’s let’s not kid


if they if tomorrow they could get rid

of subscribers they would

and the reason why is because what they

like we we view everything as

subscribers okay

um as creators it’s just like

subscribers equal success

well no youtube looks at views and i

like youtube look at views views equal


and and so if you’re getting the views

that’s great did you cap it where

do you have an engaged audience that’s

interesting in your other content

that’s that’s that’s what’s happening

right now yeah you’ve been able to boost


uh the channel um and it’s going great

and you had 170 000 people but now with

your newer content the other people

won’t like it

and so that’s why i’m saying is um

and this this goes back to the point of


if people are coming on for a certain

type of viewing experience

and you give them another viewing

experience that’s a very bad

proposition now there’s channels that do

it we actually had legal eagle

when i did the consulting i said do it

and the reason why

is there certain channels it works and

they’re okay with it

but seriously you gotta look at it so my

question to you

is when you upload this is really

important jorge

when you upload a video uh that’s longer


do you lose subscribers in that video

and if you do that tells us oh you have

two different audiences that want two

different types of viewing patterns and


and that’s why i always would probably

do a channel first

unless unless there’s a dang good reason

and i test it out but as soon as i have

the data

man that’s tough that’s tough

youtube will fix this i promise you they


are notorious they have the history they

will fix it but right now

it’s gonna be an awkward time i’ve been

telling you it’s gonna be an awkward

time like it’s it’s like literally the

most awkward time on youtube

uh when it comes to a new feature it

always is that way

um all right we got a 50 super chat from

rod squad

thank you rod appreciate that super chat

every little bit helps

um we’re going to be doing some fun

stuff with the super chat money that

comes in



and another super chat from nick pixel

tv thank you so much for

that super chat um i have to put this

comment because it actually made me

laugh a little bit but devin is is both

more talented and better looking than me

he’s so privately branded look you don’t

trust me

like like trust me it doesn’t have

anything to do with looks now

intelligence on the other hand

that probably helps a little bit but

yeah yeah i’ve seen some

amazing influencers that are that are

that are ugly for sure

um okay and you don’t necessarily need

to do a super chat to get it we’re just


we’re just closing up right now and so i

just want to thank everyone

uh that has come on uh i’m more

consistent now i promise you i’m more

consistent now i made that goal to 2021

to come on when i can for a live stream

now i can’t guarantee videos

my life is super hectic but i can come

on for a live stream do a couple hours

uh what makes it motivating for me is um

when you come on uh ready to go and i

i’m excited

uh for your questions i always want to

do it question and answer but what we’re

gonna do

uh this next one i’m gonna have roger

wakefield come on

if our if our calendar is uh in line

um and we’re gonna do a live stream i’ll

schedule it

and we’ll do a lot of q a’s

but roger and i will have a conversation

on some of the things that you can do


see things that you need to look at um

love roger to death

love that he’s uh contributing so much

to the community

um and his story is great i i remember

his story

um very vividly because i was there in

the story we went to

uh eat barbecue i love barbecue we went

to a place called heart eight

one of the most amazing parking places

ever um and we had a conversation

that conversation uh turned into things

that he decided to do now

i’m not gonna take credit for him he he

made it happen um

he he became a student of youtube he

goes i’m going to become a student of


and that’s what he did and once he

became a

student at youtube he went and learned

how to improve

and that’s why he was able to have a ton

of success as a plumber

on youtube come on now come on who

wouldn’t want to do that

super excited for all this guys thank

you so much for being a part of this


uh keep in mind if you really want to

improve you’ve got to use the youtube


you can get that book you can get it i’d

get it

consume it you know really get involved

with it even if it takes you time to

digest it

it’s really great i’m telling you

because i put all this energy and effort

into this

and i can tell you the more that you

leverage it the more that you’re going

to succeed

here on the platform that’s what we all

want and success

it comes with really being that student

and really looking to improve

every single video and so we’ll see you

guys on the next one thanks everyone


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