YouTube Shorts AMA with Robert Kyncl — The Creator Economy

YouTube’s Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl sits down and talks about the Creator Economy in this new AMA video series. This time around, it’s all about YouTube Shorts!

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hi my name is robert kinsel and i’m the

chief business officer at youtube and a

couple of weeks ago i posted about this

series where i answer your questions

about youtube and this week i’m

answering your questions about youtube

shorts sorry when do i pick up the phone

the first is if shorts works better for

some type of creators than others the

reason we built youtube shorts is that

we wanted to make creation on the phone

right in the app super easy and it has

worked really well for creators of all

shapes and sizes whether it’s

entertaining sports educational

lifestyle there are use cases to use

super short form content that you’re

creating on the fly and uploading to

your channel should i put shorts on my

existing channel and that adds to

something else that i hear all the time

why should i invest time and effort into

making shorts the answer really depends

on your content strategy and your

audience strategy if you’re using shorts

to expand your reach you will employ

different tactics than a creator who may

be using shorts to test out new concepts

before they spend their time on bond

it’s really difficult for us to tell you

exactly how to do that because it’s very

specific to the type of a creator you

are i wonder if i should do like a

different seating again on like

different pose

right next we saw a lot of questions

from creators who are wondering about

how they can make money from shorts and

how we’re thinking about shorts

monetization now and into the future

well i can’t see into the future

so i cannot really answer a question

about the future but i can talk about it

now and what i know is that we’re

averaging 30 bill

it’s 30 billion right we’re averaging 30

billion views every single day and

growing and we’re also very busy working

on monetization of shorts however you

don’t have to wait until we figure it

out we have launched our 100 million

dollar shorts fund in addition to the

fun we’re also looking at other ways of

monetizing within shorts whether it’s

ads brand connect super chat or bringing

shopping directly to shorts one thing

you should know is that we care about

monetization for creators tremendously

and we’re working on it very very

visibly and the last question is is how

creators should think about how to use

shorts to grow their business and

there’s no one better to answer that

question that my dear friend an amazing

entrepreneur and creator cassie ho

cassie what do you think thanks robert

such a great question creators should

look at shorts as an avenue for creative

freedom and i say that because i’ve been

on youtube for over 13 years shorts has

brought the joy back into storytelling

and i just love being able to experiment

with my content it’s so much fun and

it’s really fun

connecting with all types of people

different people who are now interested

in seeing this new type of content thank

you cassie and congrats on all the

success that you’ve been having i’ll

send out the topic of my next

installment soon so please keep on


thank you guys and most importantly keep



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