YouTube Privacy Q&A

Failing to take privacy seriously on YouTube can keep your channel from growing to it’s full potential!

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=================== text video ====================

hey everybody welcome back to another

vidiq live stream

two in one day who knew

um we had a technical issue and we use a

software called streamyard it’s why we

can do all this fancy fun stuff with the

screens and and bringing in savage and

you know all that cool stuff bringing up

your questions


what happened was

when savage left

he made a savage exit and took the whole

stream with him

apparently that hasn’t happened before

and when that happens

it closes the old stream which means we

need to start a new stream so that’s

what i had to set up and that’s why we

are here now for those watching the

replay though what this is is the rest

of our q a we talked a lot today about

privacy that was the previous live

stream so please go and check that out

if you’re joining the recording and

you’re like what the heck is this weird

stream that came up

please go check it out we’re going to be

answering more questions here from our

live audience about privacy on youtube

and joining me for said conversation mr

viper’s here how’s it going i found my

way back i found my way back

um yes and uh emily will be returning in

just a moment so if you would like you

can ask your questions with the hashtag

question and we’ll be able to see them

in chat and

address them accordingly i’m still

working in the background on getting

everything back up the way it was

so bear with me here but please do ask

your questions uh again if you’re

watching this on the replay there was a

whole live stream about privacy on

youtube i’d highly recommend it but we

are going to continue answering some

questions with miss emily baker how’s it

going shh there she is

but oh she’s

muted again

that was fantastic thank you

i uh yeah it i i took a moment

it’s always it’s always good to get a

moment uh so not an expected moment i

didn’t expect

that at all

nobody did nobody did um but it was

we had a good laugh about that in the

background uh

so do apologize for the second link uh

all right so

uh we’re gonna be answering some

questions yeah i think let’s see we have

a whole bunch of questions that came out

i got one that i wanted a question i was

about to answer before we got eated i

saw mijad art say i was totally confused

i mean same all of us

yeah we were all confused did you

already say what happened yes

yeah yeah we got

savage savage dead yeah basically so the

question about to answer before we gotta

eat it uh somebody was asking about

doing parody sponsorship

and this is interesting because you know

when you’re a new creator and you don’t

have sponsorships


it can it can kind of be a good idea to

do like like practice runs you know

because even though you don’t have

sponsorships in place

brands are still going to watch your

content and if they see that and you

they see that like that parody


they may have a good idea of how they

can fit you into their plan now the

important thing to note is that if

you’re going to do that make sure you

make it very clear that it’s not our

actual sponsorship but you’re just it’s

just like a it’s a parody because you

don’t want to be pretending like you

have an actual sponsorship when you

don’t but doing like practice runs

that’s actually a pretty cool idea i’ve

heard of creators doing that in the past

there’s a i can’t remember what it was

called now there’s a podcast i listened

to it was like a you know those uh

murder mystery podcasts it was a parody

one and so they did

like they did say the stream is sponsor

this podcast sponsored by so and so and

they were using the names of real


and uh

they were doing these hilarious ad reads

and i i was wondering the whole time and

i probably couldn’t go and look this up

but i never did are these are they

really sponsored and do they have a deal

with the marketing team on this company

like by the way i’m going to like make a

mockery of you or are they just

saying they’re sponsored you know

because the podcast was pretty big so

they could have legitimately been

sponsored but uh it would be clear if

they were just making a mockery of them

and they didn’t you know weren’t really

sponsored it was very clear it was

parody and i’m sure on the legal side on

their website or wherever there was

probably something that they had put in

writing you know to try and like defend

against that though with some

sponsorships they say you can

you can add as much of your own

personality your own context your own

whatever to it and i’m

very clear with sponsors and happy to be

doing more of them like look this is my

content this is the way i talk this is

what my audience is um if i can’t be a

little bit cheeky with it we’re probably

not a right fit and you don’t

like my audience isn’t a right fit for

your company anyway and that’s you know

cursing on well cursing in life is just

who i am but cursing on my channel is a

choice and you know that there are some

sponsors that are like that will never

work for me and there are some sponsors

who are like

uh we love it just

do whatever and so it it really

it really depends on the brand and

that’s what finding those good working

relationships are and i rather have a

longer working relationship with a brand

than just somebody going oh can we just

do this um just a one-off and then move

on so it matters

um and to answer the question now uh the

our contract was very quickly renewed

once we agreed never had to have you on


our streaming contact contract with

vidiq was renewed instantly


that’s glorious that’s fantastic i love

live streaming

calvin asks is it okay to give opinions

slash review a product that i found

really useful or do i have to ask

permission first from the company as a

very tiny youtuber

no you can make clear that these are you

know something that you bought on your

own opinion

the entire beauty genre of youtube would

would crumble so would like the planner

community and the subscription box

community there are so many review

communities reviews are absolutely a

valid use of a product whether they are

glowing or whether they are critical and

you can say this isn’t sponsored i paid

for this myself and you can always say

but if you want to i’m down and then

share that video out share it at the

company at them when you share your

video um i’m sure viper has stories of

not just himself but creators he’s

worked with who have found giving those

type of reviews as a way to get your

foot in the door with companies you want

to work with yep

there there is a uh creator we talked to

on the podcast who touted the same thing

they basically were making

straight up like

ads for different products people they

would like to work with and even if

those particular companies weren’t on

board with becoming a sponsor of his

content or affiliated with him it was

still a great portfolio piece like this

is what i i’m capable of doing with

these products you know so as you go and

approach other potential sponsors for

your channel like this is what an ad for

your product might look like so yeah

it’s i wouldn’t do too much for free

just as a a rule i guess but that that’s

just me the the more free work you do

like you know there’s a i think there’s

a balance there the other thing is that

if you buy a product or whatever but if

you buy the product or service yourself

you i have full car brands to pretty

much do whatever you want however what i

will say is if you are going to put your

thoughts and opinions on review out

there about a particular product or

service you better make sure your

information is 100 correct because

you’re out there giving the wrong

information when it’s going to become a

problem but as long as you’re giving

accurate information you can do what you

want to do



all right calvin that was a great

question yes thank you calvin great

question hashtag question if you want

your question answered we’re taking q

and a we’re doing q a for another 15 or

so minutes

yup um

let’s see here

um i saw yo music asked question how

useful is an official artist badge i

don’t know what that is also you can ask

once it’s okay don’t try to distract the

add member on the the stream we don’t

we’ll get it don’t worry we’ll get it

yes i don’t know what that is

um that is the little music icon some

music channels get next to their name i

don’t know personally because i don’t

know enough about music channels how you

acquire that i’m guessing

it could be the fact that maybe you

publish songs on

the you know the youtube audio library

but i’m not i’m not too sure it does it

does kind of look cool it makes it it

has adds this like layer of like

legitimacy like this is a music channel

i just don’t know the steps to get that

and then from there what you unlock with

it if anything i feel like youtube has

like two completely separate parts of

youtube or like three like youtube

originals feels like one place on

youtube youtube music feels like a

completely different youtube and then

there’s like the youtube that i live in

with tech channels and makeup reviews

and commentary and actual like creators

that i follow and then there’s like

youtube shorts youtube i feel like it’s

kind of all of these like different

platforms where you kind of fall down a

rabbit hole depending on what your mood

is but i’m always look when i hit 100k

yes i was excited about the play button

yes i was excited to hit that level of

subscribers yes i’m still surprised that

many people watch my channel and i love

it but the little tick

by my name meant the most to me just


when people try to sell you some kind of

crypto saying that they’re me you now

know it’s not me so

for me the things i’ve done to build

trust with my community it’s really

important that there are ways for me to

show that it’s actually me and that

little like icon tick that verified um

helps me

maintain you know maintain my channel

and be protective over what i share and

what i put out i imagine that the

official artist badge is the same thing

it helps you build trust with your

community if twitter and instagram would

just get on board it would be it’d be

epic that’d be great it’s likely because

you’re on the youtube music app because

there is a separate app for youtube

music itself and similar spotify similar

service maybe if you are an artist on

youtube that’s that’s what that means

like you could they can find you on that


because they are two integrated services


sorry if i return system i’ll just say

written really real emily please stand

up that’s right

we like look

i’m not gonna lie when i say there are

times i very much appreciate a little

bit of external validation and the

little verified check mark on youtube is

external validation and

i appreciate it i also love the little


badges every week and every month i live

for those

external validation is very motivating

it’s why i like video games it’s like

look big guys leveled up

they’ve gamified it yeah like those


uh tactics that youtube and other

platforms use


you know that who who doesn’t want to

work towards the 100k

plaque absolutely it works i my only

problem as you know people a lot of

people with adhd also do very well with

like reaching for those bench

markers and

mile markers because novelty helps our

brains be like oh there’s this thing

that i’m shiny that i’m going after and

i find that youtube’s gap between 100k

and a million to be way too long for

validation it’s like can’t where’s the

middle ground come on youtube it’s like

there i i need there to be middle ground

of things that you like levels you

unlock i don’t know yeah maybe it’s just

me 500 subscribers for the community tab


uh 10 000 for stories

that’s very cool and then 100 000 for


um play button so it’s kind of like

these weird gaps and then the community

tab will eventually be open to everyone

i’m bet i’m betting stories will

eventually open up to more people too if

they keep doing it stories and shorts

are so similar it’s weird

um but yeah youtube’s a definitely a fun

place when it comes to gamification it’s

it is very

strangely segmented


uh all right so this one i think you or

viper are probably better prepared to

answer this than i am i have a company

sending me products to review should i

have gotten something in writing

at least an email

i mean if they’re sending it to review

what their expectations are what if you

don’t like it would they prefer you not

make a video um

i don’t always

receive and accept free product for the

purpose of hey we’ll send you this to

review um without saying if i’m going to

review something it’s going to be my

honest review what have you but making

sure there’s a communication at least an

email helps so that there’s clear

expectations because what you don’t want

to end up doing is have them send you a

product to review you film it you edit

it you get ready to upload it

they see it and it’s already been live

and gotten views and they’re like oh we

don’t love this can you change that and

you’re like wait a second we didn’t talk

about whether you would approve it

before it went live we didn’t talk about

what your expectations were so making


there are clear expectations if the

expectation is we’re going to send it if

you like it you do if you don’t you

don’t that’s fine then that is something

in writing so as long as there’s some

communication email can be enough and um

making sure that you save those is


emily is better than me please emily is

better than me because

it’s not getting that deep if it’s just

a review if you send me a product review

i’m going to review it we’re not we’re

not doing all back and forth in all this

jazz now if you want to pay me money

then we can go go back and walk right

through all that jazz but there’s

companies that will do that to creators

and if you don’t know as a creator to

say no that’s not what you said when you

sent it to me

you can feel like as a creator

especially if you’re a newer creator to

getting stuff sent to you

for free you can feel obligated and end

up spending more time and energy than

what you would have just paid for the


at in the first place um and so i’ve

seen creators

in very unclear brand deals that are

doing three and four re-edits of things

and it’s like no that’s

this is now costing you money to do this

thing for this brand and that’s not okay


communication clear communication is key

in all things

and it’s okay

i would rather lose a brand deal because

i’ve asked for clarification than go

into it not being exactly clear on what

i needed and i’ve gotten better at that

as a creator saying oh well what do you

mean by this and what do you mean by

that and is there exclusivity and how

long is that for i want to know these

things at the beginning and most brands

are happy to say oh this is what we mean

and clarify it for you

don’t feel badly asking a few more

questions and if they’re like ugh this

is too much hassle they’re not the right

brand to grow with you in your channel

yep all right so square table degenerate

podcast as how do you feel about the

youtube generated thumbnail for real i

think they’re perfectly fine for live

streams a screenshot from the

interviewer to show

um yeah it depends um for

non-live stream videos no no absolutely

not um you should always make a custom

thumbnail because as i’ve told you guys

over and over on these live streams the

thumbnail is the first impression that

you made to a potential viewer and if

you’re just using a random generated

youtube thumbnail then that shows that

you don’t really care about the content

and why should a potential viewer care

about the content if you don’t care

enough to put an actual custom thumbnail

in there so uh i would not do that for a

live stream i mean

i would almost i would almost consider

making a custom thumbnail for watching

but to be completely transparent with

all of y’all i don’t make custom

thumbnails for my livestream

i just throw the channel banner up there


my last youtube channel i’m not really

trying to i’m not really care about

growing it so that’s why i don’t really

put that much effort into it but if i am

if i am doing like an emergency stream

or i am running really late i’ll just

let it be the channel banner but i

generally make custom thumbnails when i

know my topics and sometimes i’ll go

back and fix them after the live stream

if i don’t get to a topic or add another

one but i find that when youtube and i

can see it now in my analytics when

youtube starts sharing out my stream

that it is live i can now see

um when it starts getting picked up and

seeing what that click-through rate is i

believe that for my channel having a

custom thumbnail with the topics that

i’m talking about helps grow my streams

and my streams average

about 5 000 live viewers

over the entire course of about a two to

two and a half hour stream so i feel

like i know something about streaming i

love streaming but i think that the

thumbnails really help i’m actually in

the process of going back to my older

live streams and adding custom

thumbnails to them because at the

beginning i did not do that um and i’ve

experimented with it and i would say

experiment with it yes youtube’s not

going to punish you for trying it this

way then trying it that way and doesn’t

vidiq have a split testing feature

i don’t

and thumbnails i think you do

do we i’ll i’ll double check that

because i never i that’s the thing i

never i would never use it if we did

just because i never think about it it’s

that represents making two thumbnails

that does require making two thumbnails

that you can and in vidiq you can also

look at how your thumbnail will perform

against other thumbnails in the segment

we definitely have that what’s going to

stand out but i think there’s there i i

would have to go back and look at it

because i don’t have the time to make

two thumbnails anyway look when we were

at vidsummit and mr beast is talking

about spending ten plus thousand dollars

to make the right thumbnail and how much

thought goes into it i’m like

and this is why you’re mr beast and i am

not because my thumbnails reflect the

type of channel i have which is a live

streaming channel we move quickly my

thumbnails have a similar vibe so you’re

going to know it’s my channel sometimes

my face sometimes not but you should be

able to look at my thumbnails and know

oh this is what she’s talking about

today these are the people that these

are the lawsuits that she’s talking

about and that does improve that

click-through rate for me especially

with an interview show

um highlighting your guest is a benefit

of coming on your podcast then

because it also helps them grow

all of the advice i’ve seen from people

who grow streaming channels

the best advice they can give no matter

what it is you’re streaming is your

stream should have a just like a video

it should have a clear purpose uh for

gaming it’s a goal right like so you

would tell your audience up front today

we’re going to


survive 10 days in minecraft hard mode

hardcore mode right like and if we don’t

something terrible will happen you would

then want your title and your thumbnail

to reflect that goal so that people

potentially new people who’ve never seen

your channel before

see that and they don’t have to question

like th is this just another person

playing minecraft with no right no no

discernible goal

or is there something interesting is

there something at stake and on youtube

versus other streaming platforms you

have a very unique opportunity to use a

custom thumbnail because it’s a thing

you don’t get to do on twitch right like

you can’t you on twitch you are

subjected you’re subject to whatever

freeze frame it picks in the moment when

somebody goes onto the browse page to

look for you there’s no custom


but on youtube there are and so you get

to be in control of that and i think

that sacrificing that control of your

content and letting whatever pop up

there is

fine if that’s what you want to do but i

i personally like emily said i’ve tested

this as well i’ve tested on this channel

i’ve tested on my personal channel and

when i do the right combination of title

and thumbnail i’ve noticed the

concurrent viewerships of streams go up

i’ve noticed the view the play the

replays go up and if you’re not putting

them on your streams in the moment but

you’re leaving up as replays you are

advised to then put a thumbnail on it

because it’s surviving on your channel

as a replay so you’re gonna have to make

one anyway and you should have a clear

goal during your stream anyway so why

not just get that thumbnail out of the


i do understand it represents more work

and it is that whole twitch verse

youtube thing like well if i streamed on

twitch i wouldn’t worry about it

but the reason youtube’s discoverability

and they’re so far ahead of twitch and

discoverability is because of things

like thumbnails that’s why people love

youtube for streaming because thumbnails


search you know so it’s a it’s a

discoverability function that you are

free not to use they put something there

for you they put your banner there for

you and you don’t have to think about it


in emily’s test and my tests i’m sure

viper when you do experiment thumbnails


you gotta say like when the stream is a

clear goal and a clear purpose that

means that means a lot more to a viewer

a potential new viewer who’s never seen

you before and if you’re not streaming


the sake of growing your channel then


so that’s my opinion i mean when i do

when i do my podcast i do have a

thumbnail of me and the guest and the

thumbnail just so people can know what’s

going on so yeah

yeah it

i i can totally relate have covers that

aren’t just a blurred page of text yes

it’s too it’s to bring you in and kind

of give you

it it sets the stage and it sets the

expectation i just i


early on in streaming when i didn’t have

time i didn’t do it i’ve noticed a huge

increase since i have done it it’s

always worth testing i don’t think you

have to spend mr beast level time on

thumbnails if you have time there’s a

lot of nuance of thumbnails you can dial

down i tend to look at

what the other thumbnails in my space

are doing um and then make sure that

mine will

stand out but have a similar feel so

people are like oh i’m in the right like

oh i’m in the right place it’s the

reason businesses have signs outside i’m

in the right place and that’s how you

want your audience to feel just make it

easy for them yeah you have a podcasting

channel so

it’s super important i think because

discoverability for podcast channels can

be really tough it’s super important to

to think about these thumbnails to test

out different things if they’re not

working uh because with a podcast

especially if you have guests on that

are not very well known people you then

have to frame it in a different way like

yes it could be a picture of you and

your guest but if no one necessarily

knows who your guest is in the in the

wider sphere of that community then

what else could you put there related to

the conversation you’re about to have as

a podcaster you’re probably doing prep

for these interviews go into your

questions and think about like what’s

the coolest question here that i’m going

to ask or what’s the coolest topic we’re

going to cover and make that the title

in the thumbnail it doesn’t have to be

the whole podcast the whole podcast can

consist of 100 questions but pick the

best one pick the most intriguing one

and and focus your title and thumbnail

on that and once you kind of reverse

engineer the thumbnail creating process

in your head then it doesn’t become as

intimidating and then you’re kind of

like oh okay cool like i can i can

definitely put together a thumbnail on

this topic that we’re gonna cover today

all right so we have time one more

question and it’s going to come from

viper could i have a question from emily


emily can you tell us the story of how

you arrived at the color purple

how i arrived at the color purple um

i was chatting with my audience as my

channel was growing and last november my

channel grew by over 55 000 subs which

feels like a lot when you go from a 5

000 subscriber channel to like a 60 000

subscriber channel in a month and we

were doing different little milestones

as we hit uh kind of subscriber targets

just to celebrate with the community and

i made a joke on a live stream like what

are we gonna do at

100k and i’m like you know i feel like

we should do something crazy like just

dye the hair purple or whatever and the

lawners were like yes and i was like oh

yes and um

it feels like i should have been born

with purple hair i love it the most um

it’s very clear now that i am not a

lawyer that goes to court any longer

i’ve done that i’ve lived my best life

and now i get to live a second career in

my best life doing legal commentary and

i love it so that’s how we got to purple

we have plans for 200k so the hair will

change substantially at 200k and then

whether i go back to purple or not i

don’t know but i just i love it so much

and um i’m gonna leave it it takes a

little bit of time and effort but i

don’t care i love the purple hair


when you’ve got 10 lawyers giving legal

commentary um when you’re the one with

the purple hair that has purple lights

in the background and i go to blue when

we do vidiq stuff but um it definitely

stands out and i

got numerous text messages and emails

when i was doing that stream because of

course the the legal

uh commentary streams hit 80 to 100 000

viewers each time i was that we were all


i got

so many messages like oh my god

i looked up at my screen and there you

were with the purple hair on the stream

that i was watching instead of the news

i was like yes so so i used to not have

purple hair and now i do

epic [ __ ]

thumbnails i know i need to change i

need to change my channel banner now

that i’ve changed my hair

um i i but i left i i don’t know that’s

my og channel banner so like part of me

is kind of torn and part of me is like

no it needs to change my my personal

channel banner is so outdated every time

i go to my front page i’m like oh crap i

forgot again that i need to update that

it’s just so in the back of my mind

oh man well this is emily i feel like

it’s retro and i should just

i should just leave it but yeah my older

videos are me with not purple hair

uh this is emily’s channel it is linked

down below um

emily thanks so much for being here

thank you so much oh it’s already time

it’s time it’s time

i have to hop off because i have to get

on a call so

y’all all right i have to say goodbye i

know we normally get to chat afterwards

but i will email you

i appreciate all of you thank you for

being here leonards

thank you vidiq for always making the

best [ __ ] to grow your youtube channel

thank you thank you for being here thank

you everybody we will see you next time

thanks for dealing with the technical

glitches as well

catch you later everybody the tech

glitches were

special that was fun mm-hmm

it was savage