YouTube NEEDS This Feature for Creators! #shorts

YouTube needs to add a thumbnail split testing tool to allow creators to get higher Click through Rate, so creators can make more money.

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youtube needs this new feature to keep

creators happy while making the creator

a lot more money now imagine uploading

your next youtube video and you have

more than one option for a thumbnail you

could have six to eight different

thumbnails you can actually upload as

you release your video youtube can

determine which of those thumbnails

actually has the highest click-through

rate and ultimately youtube could select

that one to be your thumbnail now this

is a strategy that works really well on

netflix that basically netflix gives the

option and changes out the thumbnail

quite a bit to increase that

click-through rate they have a lot of

data on that but i also want to mirror

netflix in the sense of changing the

thumbnail based on the demographic and

also the traffic source that’s kind of

nerdy but ultimately that’s going to

lead to a lot more views and also a

personalized experience to get that

viewer to actually click if you like

this feature idea go ahead and put it in

the comments and also share the video

share it with your partner manager

because i really believe


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