YouTube Keyword Research — You’re Doing it WRONG!

In this video you are going to learn what YouTube keywords are and how to use the TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer tool. You will also learn the reason why so many struggle. @Daniel Batal

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📖 Chapters:
Intro: 0:00 — 0:10
Keyword Explorer Tool: 0:35 — 0:45
Understanding how YouTube Works: 0:48 — 1:00
How to Use Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer? 1:01 — 9:00

So, what is TubeBuddy?

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=================== text video ====================

if you’re using tubebuddy’s keyword

explorer to help create and optimize

your videos and not getting the results

you want that’s probably because you’re

doing it wrong

my name is daniel bateau i’m a silver

play button content creator software

consultant and channel growth strategies

coach i’ve helped countless channels

find success on youtube along the way

i’ve also helped develop some of the

tubebuddy tools that you might be using

and i have to tell you honestly nothing

bums me out more than when creators

struggled to use those tools effectively

today i’m going to teach you a better

way to use tubebuddy’s keyword explorer

now i need you to understand that

tubebuddy is just a tool and tools only

work when you know what you’re trying to

build and how to use that tool

effectively the very first step in that

learning process is understanding how

youtube actually works youtube is a

platform of prediction at any given

moment it’s doing its best to predict

what to serve a viewer in order to get

them watching videos and keep them

watching videos as for the keyword

explorer it’s ultimately designed to

help you do two things learn what your

target audience seems to be interested

in and help you figure out what video

you might want to make next tubebuddy is

all about tags and i hear that tags

aren’t all that important that’s

probably the single biggest response

that i’ve heard creators say that’s the

biggest mistake they make for

understanding seo and video optimization

it all begins with a simple

misunderstanding of what tags are and

what keywords are tags are a youtube

feature the tag box is a simple area

where you can add descriptive words to

help you to better understand your video

content but youtube has specifically

said that tags themselves play a minimal

role in your video’s discovery but

here’s where a lot of creators get

confused you can also add descriptive

words and phrases in lots of other

places besides the tags box like your

title or your description you can even

put them in your thumbnail that doesn’t

make these descriptive words and phrases

tags they’re actually what we call

keywords keywords are just simply

informative words and phrases that help

represent to youtube and your target

audience the significance and concept of

a video’s content no matter where you

choose to use them where creators often

get confused is keywords can be used as

tags and tags are often keywords but

keywords themselves are not tags

that’s a little confusing let me try

that another way this is my 1966 mustang

keywords that might readily help

describe this car could be things like

red or 1966

or mustang or even the longer keyword

phrase red 1966 mustang keywords only

become tags when i choose to put those

descriptive keywords into the tags box

feature on youtube if i use them in the

title description or thumbnail they’re

still just keywords they’re not tags

does that make sense as creators we’re

often trying to find relevant keywords

and phrases that best describe our video

content whether we use tubebuddy tools

or not what the keyword explorer does is

help us understand the kinds of relevant

words and phrases that viewers on

youtube are either using in conversation

or in actual searches when they use

youtube as a search engine it also helps

us find something we can’t find without

the keyword explorer and that’s

opportunity let’s use my car as an

example should i make a video about this

car are people even interested in it

which keyword should i consider focusing

on to give my video the best chances for

discovery are there already a lot of

other videos that have strong relevance

performance and satisfaction metrics on

youtube that will likely get recommended

to those viewers before my video making

the competition for discovery on the

platform harder for my channel size

these are all questions you need to

think about when you’re using the

keyword explorer my advice is start here

forget the title tell me what your video

is about i’ll start with the keywords


ford mustang i’m going to start by

choosing what i think of the simplest

descriptive words that would connect

with the broadest target audience

possible in fact what i’m doing here is

trying to learn the language that my

target audience speaks or more to the

point how they tend to type those words

into search queries when they use

youtube as a search engine if they’re

looking for this type of car or

interested in content about it now i’m

going to say something pretty

controversial right here forget about

the score

that score is just a quick reference to

help you understand if something is

completely awful as a target or maybe

something worth looking a little deeper

into don’t ever use these tools to turn

crafting a title into a high score game

or you’re really going to be missing the

point the areas of the keyword explorer

that you want to use to make a quick

decision about your target are right

here the search volume for this target

which is actually excellent the

competition of other videos which have

been made for the same target which is

actually a little lower than i’d like it

to be but not terrible and the

optimization strength meaning how many

of the highest performing videos

currently ranking actually use the words

1966 ford mustang in that exact order in

their titles in the upper right this

data comes directly from google and it’s

telling us that the interest for this

target in the last 30 days on youtube

meaning how many people have actually

typed these exact words in this exact

order into the search bar it shows that

there’s actually some activity and

that’s a good thing when i looked at the

bottom the target mark tells me that

there’s a video ranking in the top 20 on

youtube for this very keyword target

that has this amount of views that helps

give me a rough idea of the kind of

views my video might need to drive if i

wanted it also to rank somewhere in the

top 20 on youtube search when i click on

the results tab i can actually see the

videos that are well optimized for this

target because those keywords when

they’re in the exact order will be

highlighted in bright yellow when only a

portion of that keyword target is in the

titles of the top ranking videos it’ll

show up highlighted but in a much

lighter yellow color think of these

videos as being semantically similar

meaning they’re using some of the same

keywords in their title but not the

exact words in the exact order and

that’s what we mean when we talk about

keyword optimization now i’ve always

been a fan of simplifying wherever

possible so let me make one change and

try exploring the same target but

without the word ford just 1966 mustang

as you can see the search volume is

still excellent but the competition has

actually improved and the optimization

strength shows opportunities meaning

that there are videos ranking that

aren’t using these exact words in this

exact order in their titles what i’m

really liking about this target compared

to the last one is that the google data

is showing me on youtube the interest

over time in the last 30 days is

actually better than when the keyword

ford is included here’s a great example

of me actually learning the language of

my target audience when it comes to

searching for this vehicle it seems more

people tend to type in the year in the

model but leave out the word ford that

might be because it’s faster for them to

type it that way or maybe they assume

that people know that ford makes the

mustang so they leave the word out no

matter what the reason i’m just here

trying to learn the language that they

speak and where opportunities might

exist so i can apply that keyword

research to my next video title when i

scroll to the bottom i can see that

there’s a video ranking in the top 20

with a lot fewer views than the last

target meaning there is more opportunity

for my video to rank in the top 20 if i

can just outperform the lowest

performing video that happens to be

currently served by youtube for this

target based on relevance performance

and satisfaction when i look at the

results tab i see that far fewer ranking

videos actually use the words in that

exact order without separating the two

again what i’m really seeing here is

opportunity when i title this video it

would make a lot more sense to have the

words 1966 mustang inserted into my

title without any words in between them

that’s it that’s all you really need to

do at this point the next step from here

is just trying to craft those keywords

into a title and make that title

compelling enough for the viewer to

notice it and have it connect with them

based on their interests in this

discussion i could try a variety of

title variations based on that keyword

research my point is that when i’ve done

the keyword research it’s time for me to

put my own creative twist on that title

and bring some imagination to the

packaging and the message i want the

viewer to grasp in an instant and stop

them in their scroll i’m trying to think

like the viewer and represent what’s

actually going on in my video in a way

that will connect with the viewers who

are interested in this conversation at a

glance and hopefully win the click now i

hope this has showed you a better way to

use tubebuddy’s keyword explorer but if

you have any questions feel free to drop

them in the comments section below and

if you want to learn more about how to

use tubebuddy to grow your youtube

channel click on the video that’s on

screen now or the one that i’ll link

down below



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