YouTube experts react to bad YouTube ranking advice.

You don’t have to look long to find some bad advice online about how the YouTube algorithm works, how to rank your videos, how to "SEO" your channel, rank number 1, and get more views. Most of it is rooted in an antiquated understanding of how YouTube works despite being promoted still today as "best practices."

I, Tim, went to a few blog posts on sites that are considered authoritative on Google SEO and pulled out some of the bad advice and most common myths I hear. I’m going to share each one with Lennon and D’Laina, two of the other YouTube Strategists on our team here at Video Creators, and get them to react.

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welcome to the video creators podcast we

help youtube creators grow their

audience and business with next level

tactics and strategies want to

accelerate your channel’s momentum be

more profitable and change the lives of

more people than ever before you’re in

the right place the video creators team

has over a decade of experience

providing youtube strategy for brands

like disney warner brothers hbo and even

youtube themselves so far our team is

responsible for helping clients generate

over 17 billion views on youtube and now

to help you here’s tim lennon and delena

hello creators how are you guys great to

hang out with you again for another

video creators podcast episode today

what we want to talk about is the bad

seo the bad search engine optimization

and ranking advice that you likely hear

and well i know you hear because i got

some of it for you for you is out on the

web all i had to do was a few

searches on how does youtube algorithm

work how do you rank your videos how do

you get to me number one how do you

quote seo them

and get more views and a lot of what i

found is rooted in

really antiquated understandings of how

youtube actually works some of it used

to be true

years ago


isn’t so much today and so i went

through some blog posts and these are

recent posts the words weren’t written

like 10 years ago these were written in


and blog posts on sites that are

considered pretty authoritative on

google seo

and i pulled out some of the most uh

some things directly from those articles

that is pretty common that we hear like

myths about how to rank your videos how

to get more views how to get more

traffic to your content on youtube and

what i want to do here today is i want

to share each of these myths with london

and elena who are both uh shouted just

here on our team here at video creators

and just gonna get them to react to it

see what they say um some of them might

be out of left field some of them might

a little unusual some of them might be

like seriously tim you’re gonna make me

talk about this again

you know but we’ll dive into it and uh

and see what comes up here and help you

guys hopefully take some good steps

forward with your channels in ways that

will actually help you rank better and

get more results through your content

before we dive in first want to catch up

with lennon and delena

lennon delana how are you guys been

lately good good good good just um

yeah i don’t know it’s been a while

since uh we’ve

well not since we’ve chatted but since

we’ve chatted here on the podcast and


yeah i know i mean we speak fairly often


uh but most of the time i’m unconscious

i don’t really know what we’re speaking

about i just kind of black out and then

uh it makes the podcast thing again


and stuff comes out

yeah nothing nothing too crazy here just

um you know kind of living the same old

same old getting used to the place and


you know getting the kids back into the

school routine and uh actually my

daughter just turned eight so that was

an event and then our other will turn


in about a week and a half so that’s the

big news here just everybody’s getting

older and um including me

and i can’t escape i was gonna say

how are you guys doing delena what’s

going on at the at the hunt hut

uh that’s called the bone abode

yeah how are you guys doing delena i’m

not gonna lie every time so lennon said

it’s been a while and every time

somebody says it’s been a while

i always think of that song it’s like

it’s been a while since i first saw it

oh wow

i forgot every single time it’s been a

while since i’ve heard that song


who is that who sings that i don’t know

is that michelle branch maybe

i think it’s no because it’s a male it’s

a male vocal it’s a male oh is it oh

yeah i was thinking college so i was

trying to remember

that’s so funny oh it’s uh stained

stained that’s who it is stained yes

with no e

that’s when they stop dropping vowels

from words

now it’s cool in technology because all

the domains are taken


well other than that we’re all good

i am

yeah i have taken on some new

hobbies i’m

reading a whole lot i’m learning about

money i want to

i already know like basic budgeting

things you know uh that my husband and i

studied whenever we first got married

but now i want to get more into



all types of different ways stocks

options things like that so i’m actually

working with a client right now whose

focus whose big focus is or has been on

options trading and so

i’m excited to yeah to dive into that

i’m definitely going to be watching more

of his videos

like i don’t really

yeah we i don’t do any like day trading

or anything we just kind of do the

mutual fund

investment thing and dump it there for

retirement and

kind of hope for the best

you know you have a financial planner

who rebalances and stuff too but

yeah you know here

i have been preparing to do something i

haven’t done in a long time

a really long time

it’s called travel

like i know that

yeah i i remember before covet hit i

spoke at

11 different events

in 11 weeks

in 11 states it was crazy

and then covet hit everything shut down

things got canceled and i also hired a

personal assistant to help me with my


as well because i was like i am not

doing a good job managing this thing

uh and so it’s been like a year and a

half maybe two years where since i’ve

done any public speaking and now coming

up here i’ve got fincon next week in

austin texas and then the week after

that we’ll be at

uh bid summit out in la with with you

guys and then

the week after that i’m not speaking but

i’ll be at the american homesteading


amer what is hoa so homesteaders of

america there we go i thought hoa was an


abbreviation yeah

and and you oh no and you guys are

coming out here to my house for a week

as well which isn’t public speaking but

it’s just like a lot of travel

that i’m not used to so it’ll be four

weeks of no three weeks of travel

three weeks for two weeks for you guys


yeah be interesting getting back in the

groove of like trying to remember how to

do handshakes or do we do a fist bump or

do we do elbow like is that awkward like

hey what what do we do now

yeah yeah we’ll get it figured out i’ve

always been awkward so i’m not too

worried about it i think it’ll be fine


vladimir i’m excited to hear your

reaction to these common myths

about ranking advice and growing on


i want to say for the listeners and just

for our own benefit up front so the

pressure’s off that we could turn any

single one of these things into full

blown episodes and we’re gonna try our

best to avoid that okay

we’re gonna

we’re gonna try to make this more of

like a quick lightning round with some

quick ideas and maybe help the the

principles be helpful for the listeners

but for any of you who are listening

here this is not like

we’re just going to kind of rapid fire

go through these and not necessarily get

into the weeds of all of these because

that could take a really long time so

uh i’ll just throw them out there and

then whoever wants to jump on it first

can go all right i’m excited

i haven’t read any of your notes

just yeah i haven’t either so just like

we’re just giving gut instincts or gut

thoughts i guess is that the deal gut

instincts get re thoughts without the

guts just off the cut react however you

want just go for it number one these are

actual quotes that i’ve taken from blog

posts okay keyword research is important

because the algorithm looks at your

metadata to decide what your video is


true or false go for it no it’s a really

old information

yeah you know how you publish in 2021

yeah well and so

well literally youtube says it yeah

whatever whenever you look at it youtube

tells you that it’s not true like when

you’re putting your metadata into your

video content it literally says this


very little part in your video getting

discovered except for and i’m

paraphrasing here like spelling errors

and and things like that yeah

yeah you’re talking about the tags yeah


should they ignore keywords


i think that you should use keywords in

the sense

not i think i know i’ve gone through

this a lot


i i think that you should use keywords

in the sense of using language that

your audience that would resonate and

connect with your audience so use the

words that would get somebody to click

on your video that makes sense to get

somebody to click on your video but

um trigger words and things for your

target audience but in terms of just

trying to stuff

as many keywords into the title or the

tags or anything in between

you are not going to see

any results from that


yeah unless those unless you weren’t

using language before


that was good for your target audience

that would attract your target audience

um and then you started using keywords

and those keywords were attractive to

your target audience and it made them



then it might help you in that regard

but it’s not going to help you rank in

the algorithm just because there’s more

keywords in it it’s telling youtube what

it’s what you’re about because that’s

not how it works

yeah well how how does it work though

like if it’s if if youtube’s not using

the keywords in the in the metadata to

know what the video is about how do they

figure it out

there’s a magic troll there’s a magic

troll that lives

inside and he actually controls


no the um yeah there’s literally decides

what the content is about

there’s yeah they answer his riddle to

pass that’s right go over the bridge

that’s what you actually have to be

putting in your tags is the answer to

the riddle

thanks for the explorer for teaching me


ai as as delena said and and

they are looking at everything they’re

actually walking frame by frame through

your video to see what is in there

they’re making judgment calls on

you know the imagery that they see to to

say like this is what’s in this video so

this is likely what this is about this

is likely who is in it this is likely

their name um and then of course as you

know it is subtitling everything as it

goes through so it’s taking all that

information and it’s combining all those

things to get a pretty stinking accurate

read of

what’s happening there and then serving

it based on

all of that information which is way

more reliable and valuable than your

keywords which could be fabricated or

used to game the system in some way

yeah if you guys want to see how this

works for yourself um i’ve actually i

just did it right now

vision this is

kind of a glimpse into the technology

that youtube uses to give you a visual

of what lennon’s talking about what i

just if you scroll like halfway down the

page a little widget you can upload just

one just a

an image a jpeg png whatever

so i have this meme i just picked the

first one the top of my downloads folder

it’s a meme uh forest

uh i actually don’t know if it’s forced

gump it’s not forrest gump some movie

with tom hanks


and i just uploaded it and immediately

the first thing it says is it identifies

it geolocates where that clip is due to

the mountains in the background so it’s

showing me exactly on google maps where

this shot was taken

i wish i wish you guys could see my



yeah so it’s showing me here’s the

landmark geo like on google maps here’s

the exact location of where this shot

was taken

i didn’t give them any information they

scan the image and figure that that out

for themselves so i feel like we’re

already camping out in this too long but

the point is youtube does not need our

metadata they will look at it frame frey

frame they will figure out what they

might even know what brand glasses

you’re wearing



the the brand of the jacket that you’re

wearing and

who’s speaking and who’s saying what at

what times it’s crazy uh cool all right

number two here a couple of keywords and

then get some other stuff here number


you need to use the keyword

of your video in the file name

in the video title in the description

and in the script for captions

yeah it’s a it’s false i i mean i feel

like it’s kind of leaning into the same

thing we were just talking about

you know and and maybe at one point

there was a time when

this might have mattered to google

itself in the way that you know it

surfaced something on google but for

most of us we’re not

looking to get that to like google

search to be our

our main traffic source for trying to

get youtube to be our traffic source and


um yeah these are just again just dated

information um in in that regard yeah

the ir the ironic part for me is the

blog post that was from specifically

said that you don’t need to use keywords

in your tags anymore because youtube

only uses that for misspellings and i

was like

how did you get that part right

the rest of this

you know it’s kind of a swing and a miss


all right number three

if you use the same keywords that other

popular videos are using you can rank

next to them

is that how it works


so if if i just use pewdiepie a whole

bunch of my content i won’t show up next

to pewdiepie is that what you’re saying


that’s exactly what i’m saying has it

worked because we’ve been trying it on

the back end of your channel i don’t i

haven’t seen it

i mean i’ve been using dude perfect

instead and still getting nothing

no that that that won’t do anything i’ve

seen that

yeah a lot of creators try that and it

does it does nothing just because a

creator’s name is in

the dis

tags or title or whatever does not mean

that the

the viewers who watch that channel are

also interested in the content that

you’re creating um so

that’s where

i would take that energy

and put it into creating better titles

and thumbnails instead because that’s

what’s going to get a viewer to care


clicking on your content or not um


the best way to target a creator that

you’re trying to target their specific


is to make topics that either go off of

a video like like would make sense for


to watch this video after they watch

this super super specific video from

this creator like maybe the creator

answered one question and then the next

natural question after that question is

answered you make a video on that that’s

a great way to target their audience

and then the best way is also just to

create videos that their audience would

be interested in topics that their

audience is watching for



youtube doesn’t

position videos together because they’re

using the same keywords they position

videos together because it’s a video

that the viewer would be interested in

and it’s possible that someone who’s

maybe getting into pewdiepie or do

perfect or something like that

would be interested in watching

maybe cbs’s interview with how do

perfect got started which would be on a

different channel so that could be

positioned as a suggested video but it’s

not there because

the keywords were the same it’s there

because the user

the viewer is interested in watching

that content as indicated by the viewer

signals that youtube’s collected by the

people watching the content


it can look like it’s the keyword

matching but it’s the viewer behavior is

what’s driving it because there’s plenty

of videos that have do perfect in it

that are not ranking next to do perfect


um so they’re

so they are now you could use it to your

advantage if you created like


like every blooper and do perfect videos

and if it creates more curiosity with do

perfect audience then that could

position next to it but again it’s

because of the viewer signals and the

behavior not of not because of the

keywords the

youtube search and discovery systems

follows the viewers

and reacts to content based on how the

viewers react to content not based on

the keywords and the titles and the

metadatas and certainly not the video

file name they’ve

you two themselves have said that’s not

a thing years ago so

all right the next ones here move away

from keyword stuff and move into some

other things number four

make sure you enable ads on your videos

because youtube favors videos that they

can monetize over videos that aren’t


the conspiracy weeds here



all i can say to this

is that i understand

this argument right

is that i can understand why people

might think this because youtube is

trying to to make money or whatever



we’ve got the good fortune of seeing so

many different channels


hearing so many different creator

stories that say i refused to turn on my

ads until i got to a certain level

because i didn’t want to

give the viewers a bad experience

and that actually helped them you know

in their mind like that was part of

their strategy

um because they didn’t want to cut

people off too early

and you know the adsense is so small

that in the beginning if you’re just

getting a few hundred few thousand views

like it’s not really worth it it’s

better to to do it the other way and we

see tons and tons of creators


you know without um without running ads

all the time and um


yeah i mean

just it it wouldn’t make sense for them



to favor one over the other um

i think that there are favorites that

are happening in the ad world i mean

that’s pretty common knowledge that the

bigger creators do get


specific ads that make them more money

and so

i think it seems that to my um vision

that like that’s how they’re sort of

offsetting that idea

what was that one channel tim a

blackjack apprenticeship or something

like that oh yeah

that they didn’t run any ads on their

content because he didn’t want his

competitors to get in front of

his videos it was also kind of

considered gambling which was

he wasn’t gambling he was

there is mathematically teaching people

how to beat the game of blackjack


but yeah so he just disabled ads or not

yeah you disable that and still get

millions of views a month and growing


yeah i think youtube’s response to this

has been that it’s a little

short-sighted to say that we would do

this because they are more interested

they’ll just get them on the next video


this i think presumes that youtube shows

an ad on every video to every viewer and

that’s not true like if you have i have

youtube premium so i am really thankful

that exists it’s totally worth the

whatever it is 10 13 a month to remove

ads but uh for for people who who are

seeing that youtube is like


if we showed an ad on every single video

we would lose a lot of people really

fast you know and so even if your

content is monetized they’re still not

putting an ad on every playback that’s

why you’ve seen your analytics there’s a

difference between monetized playbacks

and how many views you’re actually

getting the monetized playbacks is

significantly lower because youtube’s

not showing on a mad every single time

they have a new impression on a video

it’s just uh

um and so even if it is monetized they

might not monetize every viewer on it

anyway so if a video is not monetized it

doesn’t care they don’t care they’re

more interested in giving people good

experience on the platform so that they

come back and watch more well they will

inevitably hit more monetized content

than they would have just on that one

video that wasn’t monetized number five

the average number of likes

for the second position of youtube

search results is 72 percent less than

the average number of likes for the

first position

so get people to hit the like button if

you want to rank higher



no she’s like i don’t know where to

start oh my goodness i’m going i’m going

to agree

with a caveat

that what they’re saying what they’re

saying is

get them to press the like button and

and what they’re they’re saying it is a

call to action like

please press like because it helps the

algorithm we hear that a lot


what i think we would maybe

twist that and say yeah get people to

hit the like button but they’re going to

do that naturally when they actually


the content so it’s that causation

versus correlation is that what it is so

it’s like yeah you know

if people are hitting like it’s because

they enjoy

the content


um that yeah so these averages may be

true but you telling somebody to do it

is not the the end-all be-all um you

know make stuff that really connects

with people so they wanna engage and

they wanna hit like and they wanna

comment you know are you including

people as a part of the conversation are

you making them

feel uh emotionally invested you know

all these things that get them to feel

like if they do this it actually does

matter uh those are things that that are

way more important than hey don’t forget

to like and subscribe because it really

helps me out here you guys

yeah i i was really thinking like

maybe it’s number one because it’s a

better video

and got more likes

rather than the fact that they got more

likes and thus became number one yeah

yeah i i feel the same way about this

that i

i think the same way about this as i

think about whenever people say oh

they talk about view velocity if i just

pay for views whether that’s through

youtube ads or whether that’s through

some other service that gets fake

viewers onto your

um videos

uh view velocity like there’s this big

belief behind that

can you imagine

what kind of platform youtube would be

if that were the case and how much

crappy content would get surfaced to you

if that were the case because it would

be so easy


game that like so many people just it

would just be whoever has the biggest

pockets could surface their content on

youtube and that’s not the case

my pockets are small


sorry i don’t even have pockets oh wait

yes i do my straddle jacket does

there you go strata jacket

nice number six

45 of videos on the first page of search

results have a duration of three to five

minutes so keep your videos that length

if you want to be more likely to search

rank in the first page of search results

on youtube

i can see the wheels spinning

i’ve seen a lot of videos that trend

number one on youtube

that youtube trending that are way

longer than that


in terms of search results i’ve also

seen way more 10-minute 15-minute videos

than i’ve seen

three to five minute videos that rank

number one


i don’t think it has anything to do with

how necessarily how long your video is

it more so has to do with


much people actually care about the

video and how much of that video they

watch so basically it comes down to are

you making a video that’s valuable to

them and so they’re watching

the whole thing uh because that will

give more positive signs to youtube than

just making a shorter video i think

ah i i feel like the gears are turning

because there’s like all these different

angles of this question

you know

because the other side of it or were you

about say something lenin no i just

totally agree there’s just like so many

ways you could spin this i and i just

did a search on how to make a turkey

first one’s 12 minutes and 40 seconds

second one’s 10 minutes third one’s five

minutes fourth one is 18 minutes turkey

yeah 18 minutes you’re gonna make a

turkey all right

cook a turkey

i said how to make a turkey that’s okay


i’m glad you you’re gonna be a great dad


i’m glad youtube uh search intent is a


hey i never said i may have never said

in a female turkey

listen i’ve i said it in our meeting

yesterday that english is my second

language and i only know one language so

uh i do feel like the other angle of

this is that

you should if you can only hold

somebody’s attention for

three to five minutes

in your video no matter how long it is

then maybe your video should be three to

five minutes long and i think that


that’s um


more of kind of what they’re probably

seeing in those analytics

is that average view duration of being

three to five minutes cool if we can

compact all of that into three to five

minutes because that’s how long viewers

want to watch that type of content then

that’s probably what we should consider

so i feel like this kind of teeters into

a gray area where like okay could be on

to something but not really

yeah the the thing that stands out to me

in these statistics

is that

it’s it seems to forget

or at least not take into consideration


search results are highly personalized

just like home page and suggested videos

are there’s not one person who has the

same home page there’s not one person

who has watching the same video will

have suggested videos search tends to be

a little less personalized but they


are looking at the type of content you

are more likely to engage to maybe

there’s a good result on a channel

you’re subscribed to then that video

might be more likely from that person

to be in front of you there on that

first page because you’ve already

indicated you like that person maybe you

just watch a lot of animation videos and

youtube just figures you know here’s a

search result this is an animated

version of the information they’re

looking so they’ll be more likely to you

know it’s

it’s so personalized um so

i think that principle you mentioned

elena is right on like if if you have a

three-minute idea make a three-minute

video all right don’t don’t stretch it

into ten or try to cram it into one just

you know

do justice to the content and serve the

viewer well

number seven

you need to make sure that your videos

are as visually entertaining as possible

because a video of just someone talking

isn’t very engaging and won’t get enough

watch time to perform well i would say

that for

that’s like a yes and no

because if if they’re just sitting there

going down a list of bullet points

then yeah they’re probably not going to

watch that content if there’s no visual

stimulation to go along with it because

it is a visual platform


more and more podcasts are showing up on


being repurposed to youtube

uh live streams and

uh if you tell a really really good


in and you have no visual stimulation i

can’t tell you that’s why story time

videos are such a big thing on youtube


definitely had a big face but that same

principle still applies moving forward

even though people don’t usually really

use like the story time term as much now

um the same we see the same thread going

on there which is that they’re sitting

down and they’re telling a really good


with no visual stimulation uh bailey

saryan is actually a great example she

does murder mystery makeup mondays where

she tells of true crime stories

no no

b-roll or anything like that sometimes

she shows an image of like the people in

the story but that’s about it other than

that it’s just her sitting there talking

and doing her makeup that’s it

while she’s telling the story not very

visually stimulating at all

there’s a creator i think his channel’s

inactive now but um olin rogers

just sit on the edge of his bed and tell

stories you know that’s it i remember

cedric a a former client of ours

uh he would

he would have a crew follow him outside

and he would make these high

production value videos and his channel

was just kind of stuck so we started

working with him and

was it you dillionaire or someone i

forget but

yeah he’s worked with him


he’s like you’re telling me that i

should just tell good stories and not

that focus on fantasy editing

and so i remember he he took that advice

and he wanted to like he wasn’t trying

to be

antagonistic he just kind of wanted to

see if it worked so his next video was

just like 18 minutes no cuts him just


telling three stories back to back

and if i remember right it like it blew

like his previous 10 videos out of the

water by like 500 percent



performing like double or something like

that i don’t remember exactly what it

was but it was insane the amount of

amount more of watch time that he was

getting compared to his other videos

so i think the principle here is oh go

ahead and we’re probably gonna say the

same thing is like

these you know these are all skill sets

right that i think

you’re having to learn whether it’s am i

doing good videography or am i being a

great storyteller and i think that they

can go totally hand in hand or

you know if you don’t have

things to lean up against like

videography or good

good imagery then yeah i mean then you

need to be a good storyteller and that’s

that’s a simple idea that’s that’s hard

to execute and so

you know depending on where you’re at

don’t beat yourself up on that over that

but uh know that that’s a skill that is

more and more

needed uh

we completely believe on on the platform

and it’s going to be a skill set that

is probably going to serve you better


being a great editor uh in the long term


that’s that’s my thought i i believe


story trumps

production value


i think if you do both of them well

you’re getting like mr beast you know

type of

realm like it’s it’s great


we’ve seen plenty of examples of people

who just


have lots of fancy editing i have a

video i have a video on my channel that

was edited by the same guy who edits

american ninja warrior

and it looks like a netflix quality


he did a great job with it i did a poor

job with the story

and so the video still isn’t really

performing that well uh because of that

all right number eight here we go

there’s a clear correlation between top

performing videos and how many comments

they get the more comments you get the

better your video will perform so make

sure you get viewers to comment

kind of like the same principle as the


question which is like hey the top

videos have lots of comments so unique


is that what’s going on


with clear anytime it’s like it’s

there’s a clear correlation

like uh oh let’s be careful what are we

getting into here

that’s unfortunate because i say that

with my clients

i like looking at their analytics and

i’ll be like look there’s a clear

correlation between these types of

videos that you do these types of videos

these types of thumbnails that you do

these types of themes


yeah but i hope i’m not making them


there’s just data like with data points

you know if you have data points that’s

one thing

versus just like here’s one thing and

and you’re right tim this just kind of

this i don’t know that it’s even worth

like beating into this too deep because

it’s just kind of the same thing as the


the likes yeah correlation versus

causation is the issue here that you

mentioned lennon

so and again yeah what type of platform

would it be if that were the case like

content that you people would not like

it would not be a very enjoyable


we work with creators who are targeting

50 plus year old i got some in my video

labs class right now they’re targeting

50 60 plus i think year old people


if they had to depend on those people


i mean they would they would be they

would be struggling but you know look we

think of like shelly who would work in

video labs a few years ago um

was it 50 fabs or

uh fab 50s or fabulous 50 something like

that yeah fabulous 50s

yeah she’s targeting women a lifestyle

channel over 50 years old and

she’s got over a million subscribers now

and doing great you know so thankfully

it’s not just about

about comments

every episode we want to leave you with

a quick power tip something practical

that you can use in your channel right

now and today

let you know that there are now stories

metrics in your youtube analytics you

can now uh see story views comments

added likes and subscribers right there

on the overview page of page of your

youtube pages the overview tab of your

youtube analytics and

it’s story you know we’ve been talking

about shorts here a lot we’ve been

talking about um we’ve talked about live

streaming recently we should probably do

that again but


but stories is still like one of those

underutilized ways you can stay in front

of your audience without having to

produce a huge

video and edit it and upload it do it

straight from your phone and

youtube’s investing more and more into

that and

now we’re getting started to see some

analytics and data around that content

which is great so just go to overview

tab on youtube analytics and you’ll see

it right there in front of you

thank you guys for hanging out with us

it’s been great we will see you guys

again next week for another video

creators podcast episode see you guys

then bye