YouTube Comments Guide: Filtering, Moderating & Replying

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0:00 How to Pin a Comment on YouTube
0:57 How to Interact with Comments on YouTube
1:35 How to Remove Comments
2:22 How to Reply to Comments
3:03 How to Filter Comments
6:20 How to Moderate Comments

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In this video, Nolan teaches you how to moderate comments and filter inappropriate comments from your channel. You’ll also learn how to reply to comments on YouTube.

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=================== text video ====================

— In this video,

I’m gonna tell you
everything you need to know

about YouTube commenting.

We’re gonna go over filtering, moderating,

replying to comments, how to heart them,

like them, pin them,
all that kind of stuff

coming up right now.

You gotta just press record.

First of all,

we’re gonna cover how to
interact with comments.

So right now I am on
a video on Think Media

and down here you can see
that we have a pinned comment.

So how do you do this?
Well, it’s pretty simple.

All you have to do is type
in your reply right here

we’re gonna say pin this comment.

I’m not actually gonna
comment this right now,

but once you comment something

and you have something actually
down there ready to pin,

you can go over here
to the right-hand side,

you have these three dots.

What you wanna do is select
that and you can hit pin.

Right now this is going to
unpin it, but I can select that

and that is going to pin it

meaning anytime someone
comes to this video

and they scroll down to the comments,

they are going to see this
as the very first comment.

Keep in mind, you can pin
other people’s comments.

So if I click this right
here and I hit pin,

this is now going to make
this the pinned comment

and replace my think media pinned comment.

Now there are a few things that you can do

to a YouTube comment for
example, we can like the comment,

we can dislike it.

This doesn’t even show
the amount of dislikes

but I guess if you want it
to start disliking comments,

you could on your own video,

but we don’t really ever do that.

You can also love the comments,

so you can give a little red heart,

and this is going to put
your profile picture,

your avatar with a red heart next to it.

And this notifies them. And it says, hey,

Think Media loved your comment

and so this is a great way

to encourage people to comment more.

If you are hearting and
liking and responding to them,

they’re gonna wanna come
back and communicate with you

and have that interaction with you

and to the right we can reply

and we can simply add in our reply.

Let’s say there’s some mean
comments on your YouTube video

and you wanna get rid of those,

I’m gonna show you
actually how to save time

and just kind of filter through comments

that have a specific word

and just kind of hold those for review.

And I’m gonna show you that later,

but if you just wanna get rid
of a comment really quickly,

you can go down into your comments.

Now, just like how we did pin,

you’re gonna hit those three dots

but this time you can
either remove a comment,

which we’re not gonna remove this comment.

This is a nice comment, okay,

but you can remove the comment,
you can report the comment,

or you can actually hide
this user from the channel.

So if you have a specific
person that’s constantly

maybe leaving negative
comments on your videos

and you just wanna hide
them from your channel

that is something you can
do right here very easily.

Before we get to some of those filters

that are gonna make your comment
section a more safe place,

let’s go check out the YouTube studio

and see what other
things we can do in there

that actually makes
commenting a lot easier.

Inside the YouTube studio
on this left hand side,

you do see we have comments
so if we select that,

this is gonna show our
comments on everything.

This is gonna be on our videos,

this is gonna be on community
posts, ads, whatever it is,

all our comments are gonna be right here.

And then if we click this,

this is going to be our mentions.

So if someone asks us in a
community post or a video,

something like that,

this is where we’re gonna see

if people are mentioning us.

But back over here in the comments,

there’s a few really
cool things we can do.

Right here we have published comments,

but we also have held for review

and that’s gonna be
stuff that gets flagged

maybe it’s inappropriate,
maybe it’s mean or something

and it has a keyword that you didn’t want

to be in the comments

and it flagged that and
it’s holding it for review.

so it’s not gonna post that live.

We also have filters so right
here, if we type in filter,

we can search for something specific.

If we’re looking for a
specific comment from someone,

we can search that in.

If we’re looking for
comments about lenses,

we can hit apply lenses and
this is gonna pull up comments

that has that keyword lenses in it.

So somewhere in here
in all these comments,

the word lenses is in this.

This is a great way to come
up with video ideas as well.

But I’m going to remove this.

There’s a few more cool
things you can do in here

contains questions so these
are gonna be questions

again great for making videos

where if there’s some sort of question,

this comment is going to
have a question in it.

We can also decide it to
filter by public subscribers.

So people who are publicly
subscribed to Think Medium,

we can click that and we can
start hearting all of their

and liking you know, if
you’re not subscribed

you should subscribe to Think Media.

And we can reply to the people

who are publicly subscribed to us.

You can also filter by subscriber count

and in here you can kind of
pick if you want it to be

above a million, above 10
million, above a hundred thousand,

and you can apply that
and see who is commenting

that has above a hundred
thousand subscribers

on their YouTube channel.

Keep in mind that if you
have above the number

that you’re setting, for
example, we have over a million,

all of the comments that
we have responded to

are going to show up in this.

I wish YouTube would fix
this, they probably will.

They’re really good about
fixing little things like this,

but just keep that in mind.

Down here we can also
see our super thanks.

So if we go live or do a video
and someone sends us money

and they’re thanking us,
maybe asking us a question,

we can see what comments that they left

on the live stream or the video.

And lastly, down here, we
have a response status.

So if we just want to
see only the comments

that we haven’t responded to yet,

I’m gonna select I haven’t responded,

I’m gonna apply this and
then a really cool hack

that you can do is if you
go back to this little icon

and click this,

we can actually set this
current filter as default.

So now this is set as default

you can see down here it is set.

What this means is next
time we go to the comments

it is going to have this as the filter.

So it’s only gonna show us the comments

that we have not responded to yet.

Now this right here is
gonna save you so much time

when it comes to responding
to people on YouTube,

especially if you’re
getting a lot of comments.

What you can do is in
this comment section,

if you scroll down,

you’re actually gonna see
some of these templates.

And this is a really
easy way to just respond

to a specific comment.

Of course, you still wanna
read it and pick the one,

but then you don’t have
to actually type it out.

You can just click on the
one that you want to comment

and you can hit reply.

Now this is something
they’re continuing to develop

so you’re not gonna see this
on every single comment,

but you are gonna see this

on comments where it makes sense.

You’re gonna see some
really good smart replies,

and it just makes it really
easy to hit this button.

You can add an exclamation
mark if you want,

you can hit reply

and that saves you from
typing a whole bunch of words.

Now, a really cool thing that you can do

is if you click on this vidIQ button,

if you have vidIQ installed, if you don’t,

we have a free month that you can use.

If you go to

or just check the link in the description

and you can actually get
the free version as well.

But if you click on the vidIQ icon,

once that’s installed
into your web browser,

you can actually set templates

and all you have to do is click new

and this is gonna be the template name.

So let’s say this one
is going to be thanks

and our template is
gonna be thanks so much.

We’re not going to hit create.

What’s cool is you can add a few of these

so If you don’t want to say the same thing

every single time, you don’t have to.

you can create a few different ones.

So when you click on the icon,

you can select which one
makes the most sense.

and then you can insert,
apply and hit reply.

Okay now let’s get into

some of the deeper commenting
settings that we can do.

So down here in YouTube
studio if you hit settings,

we’re gonna go up here

and we’re actually gonna go to community.

And right here, we have automated filter.

So at the top, we have moderators.

These are users that can remove comments,

which will appear in your
held for review page,

and also moderate your live chat messages.

To add someone to this list,

all you have to do is paste
the channel URL of the user

and this is going to add
them once you save this page.

Down here we also have approved users

and comments from these users
are automatically published

and they’re not gonna be
filtered for blocked links,

blocked words, or inappropriate content.

So these are people
that we trust to comment

and that way nothing’s gonna get flagged,

nothing’s gonna be weird.

If we’re trying to add links,
trying to help someone out,

these are the people
who are approved users

on the Think Media channel.

Now if you scroll down
just a little bit more

we’re gonna have hidden users,

we’re also gonna have blocked words.

So if you wanna block specific words

that people keep repeating,

maybe someone keeps
making fun of your hair

and you just don’t want them
to comment on your hair again,

you can actually block
certain words like hair

or whatever word it is
that you’re trying to block

you can add this in there.

Now every time someone
comments that specific word,

it’s going to be held for review

and it’s not gonna show up
publicly on your YouTube channel.

This is the same with hidden users.

So if you have someone
who’s maybe bullying you

or something like that,

and you don’t want them to
comment on your channel,

you can paste their channel URL,

and this is gonna make them a hidden user

so that they’re not gonna show
up publicly on your channel.

And lastly down here we have block links.

So if I wanna select this,

that way if someone is
trying to scam someone

or add a link to their
own website or something,

and you just don’t want that to happen,

then you can select this and hit save.

Now keep in mind though
note for live streams,

this is automatically going
to be sent to held for review.

Now, another way to do this is
if you go to upload defaults,

and then we go to advanced settings

and we scroll down a little bit,

we’re gonna have comments right here.

And so each video that you upload,

if you just know that you want to,

instead of having allow all comments,

you know, that you want to hold

potentially inappropriate
comments for review,

you can select that and then make sure

before you do any changes, you
always hit this save button.

So we’ll hit save

and that is gonna save
everything for the future.

But what if you wanna
change stuff for the past,

this is how you do that.

You wanna go over here to content,

and then what you’ll do,

if you just wanna change
every single video

to hold potential inappropriate
comments from here on out,

what you can do is hit select all

and then this is gonna select
all 30 on the front page,

but we want to select all videos.

So this is gonna change
the hundreds of videos

that we have on our channel.

When you select that now all your videos

on your channel have been selected.

Keep in mind, this does
change your public videos,

as well as any private or unlisted videos.

When all videos are selected,

that means every single
one of them is selected.

And now how you actually do it

is you wanna go up to edit,

and then you’re gonna go to comments,

which is right here, and now we can set

to hold potentially inappropriate
comments for review.

So if something comes through
and the Google AI deems it as

inappropriate, it’s
gonna hold it for review.

Of course you can always go
in there and you can say, no,

this is fine to be on my channel.

You can click the check mark,
or you can hit the X and say,

Nope, don’t want that on my channel

and so that’s gonna hold
everything for review,

if it is inappropriate and then make sure

when you come up here, you’re
going to hit update videos.

And then it’s gonna ask if
you’re sure you’re about to

update the selected videos.

This update cannot be
stopped once it has started,

you understand, and you update
the videos and then this way,

it’s just gonna take a little bit of time

and it’s gonna bulk update
all of those videos for you.

If you wanna find out the six ways

to monetize your YouTube
channel, then click on the screen

and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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