You’re successful, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be

It’s all wrapped up together: your YouTube channel, your business, your passion, your dreams for life, everything. Sometimes we get everything we wanted and, when we do, find out it’s not really what we thought we wanted. Other times the success we’re looking for feels unattainable. In both cases, the culprit is often an unclear vision for what we really want and a false assumption that the thing we think we want is the thing that will grant us peace and satisfaction.

We started this conversation in an earlier episode titled, "The hustle mentality kills your soul. Invest into these 5 efforts for growth instead." You can listen to it here:

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This is the follow-up based on questions and feedback we received from you about it. This is real life stuff, so we’re excited to dive in.


00:00 — Intro
04:00 — Catch up
09:22 — The Problem with the Hustle Mentality
16:33 — How do I cast that vision statement for myself?
28:00 — Tim’s personal vision statement
30:23 — How do you balance the 5 capitals?
43:57 — Creator Spotlight
47:47 — Power Tip

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=================== text video ====================

i’m warning you guys we get a little

life coaching

in this episode


is an important topic

in conversation to have as creators when

you you have this big idea you have this

goal this vision for what you want your

channel to become and what he wanted to

do and the role it plays in your

business and it’s working and you’re

getting the views you’re making the

money you’re reaching more people and

you’re impacting their lives the

business is growing everything’s great

and then you look up you’re like this is

everything i

wished it would be and hoped for

and more

but it still doesn’t feel as fulfilling

as i thought it would or

i’m still now just trapped in this thing

and can’t stop working or this thing has

taken over my life like

there’s pros and cons to this type of

life but i’ve found consistently what

happens is we get stuck in a successful

channel and a successful business


and and then we see like the thing i

thought i really wanted is not really

the thing i actually wanted and the

thing i thought i wanted isn’t really

working out how i envisioned it too and

whether you’re having success on youtube

and in your business or not

that success thing is really elusive

even when you think you’ve got it you

when you get there you’re like i don’t

got it

and i think it’s really important that

we talk about that because as we work

with more and more creators

uh this this is this thing is real and

and the reason i think it’s more

important is because

no one wants to waste or i’ll use the

word invest not waste that’s too strong

invest years and years of their life and

their resources their time and energy

into creating something only to get

there and find out like

i think

if i were to do this again i think i’d

do this differently i’d want to be in a

different spot than i am right now

and it’s frustrating and it’s really

disappointing and it’s the

disillusionment all this stuff so

this episode today

is a little bit of a different angle on

on all that uh it is a follow-up episode

to an episode we did a few weeks ago it

is called the hustle mentality kills

your soul invest into these five efforts

for growth instead we got a lot of

positive feedback from this episode a

lot of questions you guys submitted and

i went back to the people i interviewed

and got your questions answered

and i want to dive into those with you

guys here today


welcome to the video creators podcast we

help youtube creators grow their

audience and business with next level

tactics and strategies want to

accelerate your channel’s momentum be

more profitable and change the lives of

more people than ever before you’re in

the right place the video creators team

has over a decade of experience

providing youtube strategy for brands

like disney warner brothers hbo and even

youtube themselves so far our team is

responsible for helping clients generate

over 17 billion views on youtube and now

to help you here’s tim lennon and delena

hello creators how are you guys welcome

back to another video creators podcast

episode where every week we got a new

show here just to help you

grow your youtube channel grow your

business reach more people change their

lives starting with your life here

that’s that’s what our goal is we want

to change your life help you reach your

millions of people on youtube and in

your business so so that their lives are

impacted and changed by what you’re

doing and the whole world just becomes a

better place right it’s awesome so i’m

really excited to dive into this topic

with you here today i think i’ve already

sufficiently set it up uh here in the

intro so let’s just dive in and uh first

open up like by introducing you to the

other my two other co-hosts ingrid and

delena delana ingrid good to see you


again here today for if you guys who

don’t know uh they’re both youtube

strategists on our team here at video

creators and they’re gonna be the ones


the thunder today i don’t know what that

means but

it sounds exciting

i i had uh when i was interviewing at a

church once back in my ministry days um

there was one church that asked me like

they’re like tim we just want someone

who can bring the thunder can you bring

the thunder every week and i’m like

i don’t know if i want to

i didn’t

go there had to network

but i was like that’s the kind of

expectation we have i don’t know this is

going to work out too well but anyway

um delana how are you doing

i’m pretty good i am trying to

keep my head above the water with all of


new routine my doctors put me on with

like diet and supplements it’s crazy

guys i have like half a page of like

something i need to take every single

day with every meal and so i’m still

very much getting used to it because i

still forget to do things sometimes just

like i did right before this episode i

was like hold on before we record

i have to go take my supplements

so um

yeah i’m still getting used to it but uh


and i’m supposed to see my doctor again

tomorrow so we’ll see how everything’s


but yeah i’m i’m excited to feel better


am i will say i’m on the up

swing yes

whenever you change your diet it takes

so much time to like really start to

feel the effects other than the drawback

i do feel

i have to say though i with this diet i

feel a little bit like

triumphant in the fact that like i’ve

beat my sugar cravings that every

american has like that sugar addiction

and i’ve

you know having to be on this diet has

required me to beat that sugar addiction

that we all have and so i feel a little

bit like have you seen that tick tock

where where the sound and they’re like

am i better than everyone

yeah i quit sugar years ago and i

remember the the how hard like the it

hit the crash hit me so hard for like

two or three days i was just wiping out

on my floor couldn’t think i didn’t


every meal and snack that’s why i needed

snacks i was just going from one sugar

rush to another and that was my energy

level i just took away

man i was just so tired

is that why you said to me the other day

when i said i ate carrots you said

there’s a lot of sugar in that probably

yeah i’m really

yeah no veggies that was my source of


yeah ingrid did keto for a while too so

you know that you know that feeling as


yeah yeah yeah yeah and uh just really

wanting to go back to eating less carbs

yeah summer’s coming i just i don’t know

carbs make me sleepy

yeah and good for people who might not

know you i think you’ve been on that on

the show a few times gonna be more

regularly here

going forward but uh tell people who you

are what you’re all about

well i am ingrid blackburn nice to meet

everybody or talk to you i guess

nice to talk about nice to meet you in

your earpods inside your head

i am the voice you hear


um i am a strategist here on the team i

work closely with delana in the action

plan and i live in the raleigh area

and i’m really looking forward to the

summer i gotta say the warmer weather’s

been coming up so

um michael and i are gonna be hanging

out outside a lot and playing full full

game yahtzee

tournament all summer long this is what

we do i forgot you guys were you guys

were really into dice type games right

yeah love it all day long listening to


and we we fight a little bit there i

like to listen to the classic rock and

he likes that too but then he forces me

to listen to oldies all the time so uh

you need to listen to video creators

podcast all the time you got to tell


michael this is the good stuff right


that’s right that’s right

well i got this beard going on


i got this beard going on uh first i’ve

ever tried to grow a beard uh what did

you call me earlier



um i’m uh gonna go be on the show called

the chosen that daryl eaves is is

running up a friend of ours and um i

need to have a beard for

the character so

first time yep you gotta be a scruffy

man so my personal itchy but i am i am


admiring other men’s beards with a new


which sounds super creepy when i say it

that way

but i actually did compliment one guy on

volley um this video uh app that we a

lot of our community people are on and

like that’s a good like yeah whatever

you said was nice but that beard was

like i know what it takes now that’s



maybe i’ll be a real man one day and be

able to match it but for now i just

admire from the fire maybe one day maybe

yep i know i was teasing you earlier

ingrid about listening to video creators

podcast but

uh did you either of you happen to watch

or listen to the episode a few weeks ago

about the five capitals with um

uh with was it mark and

steven the title is called the hustle

mentality kills your soul invest into

these five efforts to grow growth


did you guys know

okay that’s okay

most people are saying this maybe didn’t

hear it uh someone recap it here anyway

um because we got a lot of good

reactions to that one of the things that


that we want to talk about here today we

got a couple of people leaving voicemail

messages about it that we want to

respond to and come to a follow-up the

the episode was basically

about it was for someone who had this

dream when they started their business

of being able to go

um full-time on their youtube channel

and on their business and they got there

through working really hard and a lot of


but then they start the the dream they

thought they were pursuing though didn’t

actually turn into the dream turned into

a dream it turned into like

feeling stuck

inside your work feeling stuck inside

your job and not being able to take a

break and having to always hustle and

grind and keep moving it forward because

if you don’t no one else will and if

you’re not moving forward you’re moving

backwards and and it becomes like this

trap that people can fall into and and

the vision what they thought they had

for their life as a result of starting

this youtube channel this business with

it doesn’t really become the reality

they get there are some benefits to it

that they enjoy but for the most part it

was like

the nine to five wasn’t that bad

actually like i could leave my work at

home or work at work and go back home

and uh and and so there’s some

disillusionment settling in and like how

do i get get out of feeling stuck i

thought i was gonna have all the success

and i have it now but it’s not exactly

what i thought it was going to be

so in that episode i talked with my

financial advisors actually and they’re

and what they they think about not just

the youtube but from money that

responses apply there it which is um

most financial advisors will help you

with your money like hey what’s your

goal and then you say what your goal is

and then they’ll do what you think your

goal is but then when you get that goal

you find out that wasn’t really your

goal and that wasn’t really the thing

that you wanted that was going to bring

you happiness and fulfillment and now

you’ve got in their case all these

finances lined up to do something that

you got the thing you thought you wanted

but now you realize it’s not what you

wanted or in our in our case you grew

the channel you thought you wanted but

now you feel stuck and you feel a slave

to the system you got to keep publishing

you’re kind of tired of talking about

the same thing over and over again it’s

not converting as well other people are

going faster than you like whatever the

case might be

and so they talked about five capitals

um in in in this in this content where

everyone needs to have five capitals and

they put them in order uh five things

they said the the bottom thing that you

should be thinking about in capitals in

terms of like like finance capital like

resources that you need to have in your

life the bottom one is financial they


um that one is the money is what it

becomes a tool that drives all the other

things um but money’s not not the goal

so the bot and you need it’s just very



it’s a

in order to do some of the other things

you just need need money but money is

not the top

rung the goal that most as most people

are going after um the second one you

need though is intellectual capital

which is the ideas you have the things

that you know

um to help others


and i yeah ideas and

uh intellectual capital the third one is

physical capital which is how you what

you can do with physically with your

body and in the space and the

environment that you have so if there’s

intellectual capital and then you can

maybe help people physically with that

intellectual capital the second one is

relational the relationships you have

the depth of those relationships are

really important

in friendships and then the top one is

spiritual which uh depending on where

you’re at faith-wise it could be like

eternal values that drive you but it

could just be like an internal fullness

and a peace that you feel like that’s

kind of at the top that that internal

fullness and peace that you have is the


the top uh capital so he says uh so

they’re saying like financial capital is

what most people go after but it’s way

easier to make a buck than it is to make

a lifelong relationship

right so making money is easier than

like having a lifelong friendship

and so that’s why they go in that order

so the goal of the finances is to serve

the other capitals so that we get the

things we actually want in life and so

they gave a lot of different ideas on

how to discover that goal for our life

and how our business and youtube

channels serves that i don’t want to

rehash everything that they talked about

here just kind of given a quick summary

for people who maybe missed it

including you guys because we got some

good responses to that and

i’m interested in ingrid dylan and

hearing your responses to some of these

questions and follow-ups that we got to

it just kind of with with that with that

context that the main if i was gonna

like the too long didn’t read uh the tl

dr of that is like the we don’t know if

we’re winning unless we define what

winning is like what the goal is

and just because we have a goal though

doesn’t mean that we hit that goal that

actually is going to give us the

internal fullness and peace and things

that we actually want at the highest

level of capital was our spiritual

capital so you have to know what your

vision is you have to know what you’re

trying to accomplish and most people

default to measuring that with dollars

because that’s just an easy way of

measuring it but you can get a lot of

dollars and still feel unfulfilled right

so you need all five of these capitals

so does that make sense before i move on

to the first question yeah and a

response that you guys have just based

on that what’s going through your head

when you hear him reached

i was thinking of a lot of the clients

that we work with quite honestly

yeah it seems like a very very relatable

thing to youtube

yeah i think it was i was listening to

it again prepping for this for these

follow-up questions i’m like oh man


i love that episode that might be my new

favorite podcast episode there’s a link

to it in the show notes i’d highly

recommend you guys go listen to it on

double speed

like you should be listening to

everything but uh

i i pay attention better on double speed

it holds my attention uh when it’s a

single speed my mind wanders

for me double speed is a little too much

i i i can’t really go past 1.75

yeah new skill for you to learn yeah

yeah all right well kyle uh asked a

couple questions and what i did is uh i

got us questions here i’m going to play

them for you a second and then i was

like that’s a good question actually and

i went to steven because it was mark and

steven both in the podcast and i’m like

hey can you here’s some questions you

might answering these and he sent me

some follow-up so we’re going to play

those but i also want to hear from you

ingrid and elena just kind of what your

reactions are to these and because i

know you do a lot of similar work as

this like this with your clients per

your your comment ingrid um so it was

curious to hear what you guys think too

right here’s here’s the first part of

kyle’s question

hi tim my name is kyle and i am a

student as well as an entrepreneur who

has not yet found the success i know i

am capable of i have decided to follow

your advice in writing down my vision

statements and i have two questions for

you regarding this even though my vision

statement has helped me tremendously

working almost like a guiding compass if

you will i feel as though it is still a

bit of a rough draft that needs

perfecting do you have any advice on how

one could structure or go about setting

up a vision plan in a way that would be

most beneficial or efficient for success

or perhaps some do you have some do’s or


regarding that so what they talked about

in the episode is one of the places and

they do a lot of practical how-to stuff

so it wasn’t all this ethereal like high

pi in the sky type of stuff uh here’s

what you should do they gave some

suggestions um and the biggest one that

sells to me was one just give yourself

some head space to think about it like

not the thing that you’re you’re going

after is because it has practical

implications for you financially but how

does that help you then get to the thing

you actually want which is that internal

fullness and peace and things so

um it’s a very helpful practical thing

so it sounds like kyle’s trying to go

after that he’s like i and i’m trying to

do this but can you give me some tips

how do i make this like actual even more

practical tangible how do i cast that

vision for myself that vision that


it’s like the through line the guiding

factor for the finance the intellect the

physical the relational and the

spiritual like that the through line

that puts all those moving forward in

the same direction for me so let’s uh

hear steven’s response to that and then

i would like to hear your your reactions

to it hey kyle it’s stephen and uh

first thing i want to say is what you’re

saying about a vision statement is right


i think you’re you’re doing great you

referred to your vision statement as a


and that’s exactly what it should be

your vision statement should describe uh

in detail specifically the thing that

you’re going after and it should be so



it could tell you the things that you’re

not going after obviously and

your vision statement should will

if it’s if it’s good working

it’ll um

tell you where your money should be


it can

help you decide the things that you

should be learning and thinking about it

can even describe and should describe

the people that you should be spending

time with

because if this is the direction that

i’m heading

there are people that can help you along

the way

in mine and mark’s practice we think

that a family vision statement is so key

to all of those areas

and we don’t feel like we can help

somebody with their money unless we know

what they’re about

that i actually created a course to help

people through that process with our

clients i either i will either

personally meet with people to help them

through that or i also give them this


as a resource for so they can walk

through things and we also

make that course available to other


i talked with tim


because my heart went out to kyle

i’m going to give

video creators the largest discount

we’ve ever given anybody for this course

so i’m going to give you guys 75 off of

what we charge um for our video course


in creating your family vision statement

the idea is if you give us three hours

you will come out at the end with a

vision statement um that will be useful

to you so you can find uh the course at

outpost academy dot net

and you’ll see a place to put in a promo

code and if you put in

the the word as one word video creators

you get 75 off of our course just for

this crew i hope somebody takes me up on


um anyways back to you kyle

you asked for some tips and i would just


again do make sure that it’s specific

so if your vision statement describes

everybody you know and it’s something

like well i want to be a honest person

and uh make the world a better place

that’s too general

it applies to too many people when i

read your vision statement i should

think to myself well that’s not me

that’s you um that’s what you’re

supposed to be about so

it should also as i said before tell you

what not to involve yourself in


just two other thoughts one one is that

it should it shouldn’t just describe who

you are and what you’re doing now it

should describe who you believe that

you’re designed to be

so it should sort of describe a goal for

you that that

i want to be heading this direction with

my life

and my last tip is that somewhere in

your vision statement there ought to be

a phrase

i i like vision statements to be really

as short as possible so that they can be

sticky and memorable

but there ought to be a phrase or maybe

even a whole sentence in your vision


that describes others that is what is

the effect i’m going to have on the


what is the impact i’m going to have in

those around me so just some tips you’re

doing great kyle this video is getting

along there’s a lot of stuff in there um

i’m curious ingrid and delano what stood

out to you as you were hearing that what

what comes to mind either in terms of

how you help creators figure that type

of stuff out for their their channel and

their business

or even for yourself personally

for myself personally

i have not thought about this stuff in a

while not gonna lie like i just have

really taken a step back and


just kind of like i felt like it was

really healthy for me to just kind of

live like moment by moment and not

because i used to always hold myself to

a goal and like i gotta reach this goal

and on to the next thing and it was

putting me in the mindset of like

always needing the next thing to keep me

happy and so then i like pumped the

brakes you know therapy teaches you the

stuff so pop the brakes and just like uh

started to learn how to just live moment

by moment and i’ll get back to

i’ll get somewhere in the middle you

know like i feel like you have to fling


two opposite directions to find the

happy medium

uh but so that’s where i am personally

in terms of working with clients

we don’t so much set up vision plans

with clients but we do

very much the thing that stood out well

there’s two things that stood out to me


is that he said

if your vision statement could apply to

anyone then it’s not good enough and

that’s something i immediately thought

of all the conversations that we have

with our

creators the creators that we work with

our creators we own them

the the creators that we work with and

their value propositions because

a value proposition is a big topic of

conversation with almost every creator

that we talk about because if you don’t

really know why people are coming to

your channel or why you want them to

come to your channel then it’s going to

be really hard to craft a content

strategy that will attract an audience

at all

much less the audience that you want to

attract and so

whenever i heard if your vision

statement could apply to anyone i was

like how many value propositions i’ve

heard that that could be applied to so

many different channels and it didn’t

feel specific to the channel and that’s

usually what pings me to like hey this

is a this

value proposition technically has value

in it yes it proposes value but it’s not

really specific to you this isn’t

telling me why i need to come to your

channel over somebody else’s so

we have usually a lot of conversations

about that obviously it’s not within the

context of a vision plan but it’s the

context of


it does play into the vision for the

channel so

so i think that’s incredibly important

and i love the way that he put that like

if this could apply to any other cooking

channel or any other vlog channel then

we’re not there it’s not it’s not honed

in enough i landed on the same place

that you did with value proposition

delana 100 with clients and you know and

i kind of think of myself personally and

also you know like on youtube and

working with clients as well

um you have to know what the why you’re

doing anything is

right that’s what really stood out for

me is the why and what drives you

to do that because if you

don’t understand that and and also have

to realize that that changes

you know where you started why you’re

doing something in the beginning may not

necessarily be the same reason

seven years later 10 years later

sometimes that shifts and people get

caught up in that i see that happen with

creators especially long-term creators i

think tim you’re you know for you even

you’ve struggled with that right


you know and then just even beyond that

there was something that he said he said

that thing you’re going after


and and what you’re not going after and

that reminded me of creates and beliefs

mm-hmm you know

and that’s just


yeah yeah


yeah when we were working when i’m

working with classes i’m not sure how

you guys do it maybe do something

similar but it’s not uncommon for a

creator to come into a session and be

like you know what i really want is um i

really need to grow

my audience my youtube channel


that’s the that’s what the stated goal

is but i try to like what’s the actual

goal by asking something like okay great

well if you got we have more views and

subs here what would that do for you

and then they’ll say i’m making this up

now it kind of depends on the client

sometimes they’re like oh well then i


be able to um

more successfully launch this online


that i’m about about to launch like oh

cool if you what would that do for you

oh i would and sometimes it’s like oh i

get more money or i would feel more

confident or i would uh you know

whatever and you just kind of get to the

point where you’re like ah that’s the

thing you really want and the and and

the views and the subscribers and the

money are just tools for getting to this

other other thing



which is great it’s just fine so now so

now i have a better idea of sometimes

it’s like okay if that’s the thing you

want views and subs is

like um not necessarily the way to get

there or what you don’t actually need is

views and subs what you actually need is

a better business model around the views

and stuff you already have or something

right it just kind of depends on what it

is and if we just kind of took surface

value of like here’s what they said they

want then we’d miss the bigger

opportunity to actually help them get

what they actually want right

so that if you got that what would that

do for you that’s a question i

ask myself i have a yeah i have a

personal mission

i’m gonna share here it’s a little bit


vulnerable um i think youtube both well

i know both of you two have heard it

before in our team retreats and things

uh and this year

your vision plan

yeah for me for myself personally uh my

our family has one as well


our business has one and things too i

just have a hard time operating without

without one you know i kind of need that

that direction


uh so this one for me uh yeah this is

i’m gonna be honest with you guys i’m

just gonna read it to you

uh but this is just me this doesn’t

reflect on anybody else and their mind’s

pretty uh dripping with a lot of

faith-based type stuff because that’s

part of me but

this is only me like i don’t expect

anyone else’s to be like this other than

me and

uh and i only wrote it for me too i

didn’t actually even come into this

episode planning to share it so i might

have uh

there’s some language in here that might

i don’t know it’s not disclaimers let me

just read it

i i multiply glimpses of the kingdom on

earth by creating content developing

systems and building relationships that

equip others to multiply the

fruitfulness of their lives for the

kingdom so that’s got kingdom language

in it but in video creators language

that is reaching people and changing

lives is what that is right and video

creators is one way

that i try to create content and develop

systems reproducible systems that

continually allow us to do that and

other people to do that

and building relationships but it all

comes down to equipping others

it’s kind of like the

key the key phrase there to

see their lives become even more


and uh video creators and and this

podcast and and the clients we work with

those are all different expressions of

that for me



yeah and that’s but it also looks a

different way in our in our family how

do i equip my kids and my wife to be

fruitful and what kind of systems do we

develop in our family that multiply the

fruitfulness not like just add more but

like i’m looking for multiple x factors

here in

in the in in the in the results that

come from this so

i don’t know i don’t need anybody to

react to that necessarily just

i don’t even know it’s good or not

that’s just kind of what i’ve

everything from video creators to our

family to having seven kids in eight

years to everything has kind of been

birthed out of that as like the through

line as i look back over my life and

everything i’ve done kind of comes from

that so

okay so that’s helpful for anyone i

don’t know

kyle had a follow-up question uh as well

my second question is regarding the five

capitals you mentioned spiritual

relation no

physical intellectual and financial i

believe there were

do you use any specific method when

attempting to balance these five

capitals or perhaps do you have some

advice for for us or helpful signs to

look at

thank you there’s that word bound i’ve

never heard the word balance i’m like oh

this is going to be hard

and then i think is the goal even



not and steven has a response to this

too but go ahead all right uh delano

where you say what are the five

uh so the bottom is financial i’m

working my way up

financial then intellectual physical

relational and spiritual

spiritual being the ultimate one that is

like internal fullness and peace the

eternal values that drive you


and they’re all also kind of in order of


how important they are to us too but

does that make sense yep

all right so stephen uh also one of the

guys in the previous episode

he had a response a little bit longer

but here’s his response to that now

we’re going to get on to the

bigger question which is about balance

in the five capitals

it’s a really important issue i have a

lot to say on it i’m going to try to be


first the way that we

first build capitals is from the bottom


so no child who is struggling with


spends thought on a college education


the gnawing that they feel bodily

consumes their thoughts we we have to

build on

the lower of if the kid is hungry that’s

a physical problem but he has to solve

that problem by going even lower and

going where would i get the money to buy

food so money’s at the bottom

and then we get to intellectual that’s

problem solving then the physical

that would be food and shelter getting

those things taken care of you notice

that we’re going up maslow’s hierarchy

of needs this is one way of thinking of

five capitals and then you get to some

sort of uh spiritual realization which

happens uh first through relationships

and then through something like prayer


we build those things from the bottom up

i i took a relationship uh it was it was

actually communication class in college

and uh we learned that you shouldn’t try

to communicate with somebody or have or

i should say have an important

conversation like with a spouse or a

business partner if you’re hungry


lonely or tired

h-a-l-t so you should halt for good

communication if you’re hungry angry

lonely or tired don’t try to have an

important conversation and what that

tells you again is you got to get those

lower things taken care of and then you

can deal with a higher register issue

like a relationship or spirituality so a

little that’s a little uh

establishing comments about the balance

now moving forward with the balance

what we want to do is we want to have

lives so that the lower things are taken

care of

moving up to say

physical and then so in relational and

spiritual we can invest ourselves there

that’s really where satisfaction

deep satisfaction comes from


um and spiritual engagement spiritual



people work so hard at at the lower

levels money

physical space money physical space that

they get on a treadmill

and they find all of their meaning here

and they never they never

achieve escape velocity

they spend their whole lives getting a

bigger pile of money so that they can

get a bigger house with plusher lazy

boys and a big old suv guzzling more gas

and more expensive gas than anybody

that’s actually not a really satisfying

life so

what we what we want to do is spend as

much time as necessary on the lower

things so that we can spend time on the

higher things

and uh kyle i know that when someone is

building a business

there’s an imbalance

so you can feel it that your

relationships and say a spiritual

contemplative life suffers

because you’re building a business and

it requires a lot of your time and a lot

of your brain power same thing if you


training for a marathon

your family and your relationships are

going to suffer because four times a

week you’re going to be going out and if

you have 16 mile runs that takes some


and so relationships are going to suffer

work might suffer

traveling is going to be a problem for

you to hit all those runs which

all i would have to say about that is

all of that’s fine it’s fine to have

seasons of imbalance it’s not fine for

that to go on forever and to have

permanent imbalance it’s not good for


so um just some thoughts i’d have to

know more about the specifics of where

you are

um to speak more specifically

um and be very helpful but just some

thoughts on we all need to look at our

lives and consider what is the balance

of my life and am i spending uh


uh time on those higher register things

and if i can trade i’ll just say one of

our little anecdotal this is in closing

one of our little analytic tools we give

people is if you look through those five

capitals in your life again they’re

financial intellectual physical

relational and spiritual

which of those in your life is

experiencing the most pain right now and

if you can name that that capital that’s

experiencing the most pain

one tactic would be to use the other

capitals to try to alleviate that pain


you can do that you can you can turn

money into um

physical health if you apply it

correctly you could turn ideas into

relationships yeah you can do that so


that’s one way to think about whatever

pain points you’re experiencing hey

let’s all

try to focus more on getting better

balance between these five capitals in

our lives thanks everybody uh what comes

to mind for youtube as you guys hear


well it’s interesting because i started

to think a lot about um a lot of things

that we talk about a lot of struggles

that uh some creators come up against to

um just even you know translating this

entire thing over to youtube kind of uh

like even thinking like three bucket

strategy and community strategies and

things like that that people just miss

and i think of like the funnel how

everybody brings people in and they try

to sell to them but they miss

cultivating the connection and the

relationship part

so for me he kept talking about you know


you know the relational the relational

capital right he kept talking about if

you focus so much on the other ones

you’re never going to get to the top so

it’s the same thing to me with youtube

people focus on just one thing or

everybody comes to you from you know

maybe some big video that hit on search

but you don’t talk about

any of those primal branding things for

yourself you know which cultivates

relationship and connection

so i feel like that those are those

things that sparked for me i’ve been

listening to that conversation what came

up for me

is as i was evaluating my personal

mission statement the spiritual’s in

there the relational is in there the

intellectuals in there very strong and

heavy and hard but the physical and

financial aren’t in there so i’m like

what does that say about me

that there was nothing in there about

the financial side of things or even

the physical space

type of stuff

so i don’t know i don’t know if that

says i just kind of noticed that while

he was talking

and maybe it doesn’t have to have all

five in like the statement you know that

probably makes it longer and longer too



but i will say that personally

i care a great deal more about

relationships and spiritual stuff and

intellectual stuff than i do about my

physical property like i like using my

physical property for chickens and a fun

time but

um and even the financial stuff isn’t

something i think of a great deal unless

there’s not enough of it


um i don’t know to me that’s just me but

i feel like it leads to it don’t you

so maybe it doesn’t necessarily need to


overtly right there yes yeah yeah

yeah it’s hard not to have something i

mean it was you creating youtube content

have some intellectual stuff

and they have some physical space to

shoot that in and create this business

and they’re creating

parasocial relationships of nothing else

with people online

and there’s usually a financial goal i

think the main thing is to have people

really identify what the internal

fullness and peace feels like and looks

like for them like what

what makes them feel that way and then

evaluating is the way i’m living my life

and the things i’m doing in my business

and on youtube actually getting me to

that that top level of capital

so i think it makes sense that your

vision slash mission would be primarily

spiritual intellectual and relational


i think especially the spiritual part

those are the things that you’re in the

end after and then whenever you reverse

engineer it okay have this vision plan

of you know this spiritual outcome this

relational outcome intellectual outcome

whenever you

reverse engineer that all right how do i

get there then you can’t get there

without bringing in the financial and

the physical you know what i’m saying

um so i think it makes sense that a


plan or a vision

i don’t know about the plan part like

the plan sounds like it would have to

have the financial and the physical in

there because that’s the practical part

of actually achieving the vision but in

terms of writing out the vision and the

mission i think it makes sense why the

more practical part wouldn’t be in there

unless you were taking that vision and

then turning it into a plan which you

have done but we’re not talking about

right now

well yeah they kind of boil this up is

like boil this up boil us down

i don’t know

i don’t know

it’s like when

success on youtube and in life in

general just kind of feels a little bit


then i think the thing we need to do

next is really define well what would

success look like for me

in relation to these five capitals and

not just in terms of financial one or

something or the physical one that’s the

default one but in terms of all these

together and then asking that question

well if i got that what would that do

for me and then if i got that what would

that do to me dude for me until i got to

this point i’m like ah that that’s it so

i would highly encourage you guys go

listen to the first the part one

of this i guess the other the other

episode um in fact

sandy left us a voice message uh saying

this about it tim i just wanted to tell

you that that video was just

amazing i needed to hear that

because that’s exactly how i’ve been

feeling you know the channel’s up it’s

almost a 68 000 subscribers

i’ve taken a lot of your

classes and different things and

i think i might have to sit back


and i just appreciate the video so much

and your guests were great

tim thanks so much from suburban home

center wyoming arizona

there there’s your pitch guys so link to

it in the show notes uh go check it out

also put in the show notes say

and the promo code video creators for 75

off that course to

develop a vision around for your family

and your life um i’m not sponsored i get

absolutely no kickback from that


so it’s just totally up to you guys if

you want to check it out or not

and you’ll also find links down there if

you’d like to leave a voice message for

us if you have a question about uh next

week’s episode’s actually me answering

your questions so if you got questions

you want to submit to us that we can

tackle for you feel free to do that go

to speakpipe.comvideocreators

and also check out a link down there for

volley because uh we these these

dialogues these discussions continue

after the episode uh over there so go

check it out and love to see you and

hear you face to face and your reactions

your thoughts and your comments the one

thing i don’t like about podcasting is

that it’s kind of like a one-way

piece of

content and uh and getting into volley

as a community platform lets us have a

more two-way conversation face-to-face

so looking forward to meeting you guys


for this week’s creator spotlight we’re

going to follow a little bit of a

different format i asked a client of

ours josh uh josh goldstein from the

immigration station channel on on

youtube he’s an immigration lawyer and i

just said hey you want to be we’d love

to have you be on the podcast would you

just mind sending me a clip introducing

yourself to to the pod squad the people

who listen to us out here and he was he

was like i’d love to so he sent me this

little clip i’m going to share with you

just telling uh telling you a little bit

about his channel what he does and as

well some of the results that he got and

i i really like i’ll talk about more

about this here in a second but the

impact that growing his channel had on

his business here’s josh i’m josh

goldstein i’m an immigration lawyer and

a youtube creator

i came to work with video creators

because i wanted to grow my channel and

i wanted a bigger audience

but i really wasn’t sure how to get

there and

before i worked with them i thought the

key to youtube was

maybe improving the production values

getting a different camera or maybe it

was some sort of seo thing titles or the

description but what i learned was that

from video creators was that is not the

case really what i needed to do was

improve my messaging and optimize my

videos for

human connection

which was kind of mind-blowing and gave

me a lot of insights into my business

and my strategy and how to how to

rethink my approach

to connecting with people and through

through video and through other means i

had a couple thousand subscribers when i

started and i hit 30 000

after working with video creators i give

them a lot of credit for that most of

the credit really and i also made a

video that went viral and got over 900

000 organic views i shot it with my

iphone in

15 minutes it was kind of crazy how that

worked and it did weird things to my


i would highly recommend video creators

to anyone who’s really serious about

doing the hard work and putting some

thought into how to grow your channel

really the right way thanks when he says

that that

video that 900 000 view video uh

impacted his business it like it

he was doing youtube to grow his

business and all of a sudden his

business boomed

uh to the point where he’s like ah like

this youtube thing i gotta focus on the

business again now just gotta keep the

business going and uh it was it was so

fun to watch watch that happen so

youtube can be really powerful for

growing your businesses josh is now very

well aware and i would love you to

experience something like that as well

we’d love to work with you just like we

have with josh the best way to get

started it’s just to schedule a one-hour

consultation with me or someone on my

team you can go to

consulting and book something right

there get right on our calendar you can

see our availability right there and

jump in

and we give us some notes about your

channel and we will look at it ahead of

time come prepared to talk about that

that’s your channel with you and give

you an outline of okay okay here’s where

you’re at and here’s where you’re saying

you want to be here’s here’s what you

need to do to get there and making sure

that you are set up for success in your

channel so your channel can continue to

grow like like uh josh has been

especially now he’s getting back he’s

diving back into his channel and taking

it to the next level now he’s got the

business growth kind of handled which

was so fun so looking forward to doing

the same thing for you guys go to consulting let’s dive

into your channel together soon i’d love

to meet you

we like to wrap up every episode with a

power tip something useful you can do on

your channel right now and today maybe

you’re familiar with this but just in

case you aren’t when you go to share a

youtube video when you’re looking at

that video on youtube and you go down to

the share icon there to to copy the url

or to post it wherever you’ll see

there’s a little check box right below

the url next to copy and you can put in

that start at let’s say 1 colon

2 5 and when you check that box the url

will change and you copy the url and

what it’ll do is when you someone clicks

that link you’re sharing it will start

that video at one minute and 25 seconds

for example and so you can share a video

that and get people into whatever point

of the video you want that is critical

for that person that you’re sharing it

with rather than giving them like here’s

the video make sure you skip ahead to

this part in the video like whatever you

can just share a link that gets them

straight there so go check that out try

that next time you’re sharing a video

thank you guys for hanging out for

another video creators podcast episode

it’s been fun it’s been real the more

real than i thought i was gonna get and

we will see you guys again next week for

another video creators podcast episode

see you then bye


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