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In this video, Nolan shows you how to shoot & edit B Roll like a pro! This B Roll Tutorial is great for beginners. You’ll learn how to film b roll at a pro level even if you’re a beginner.

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=================== text video ====================

— Your videos are boring

and that’s why you
aren’t getting any views.

Now to keep it simple,

this is because people are
clicking on your videos,

but not watching them all the way through.

To fix this, you’re going to need to know

how to increase the audience
retention rate using B-roll.

And so in this video, I’m
gonna give you some tips

and tricks so that you
can shoot amazing B-roll

for your YouTube videos so
that you can look like a pro.

You gotta just press record.

Hey guys, my name is Nolan
Molt with Think Media.

Now, let’s get into five tips and tricks

for shooting B-roll.

First of all, if you don’t
know, B-roll is the footage

that goes on top of when you’re talking.

So let’s say I’m making a video
about the best ab exercises.

I might show you, if I’m
talking about an ab roller,

I’ll show you some footage

of someone doing an ab rolling exercise.

That footage that you’re
seeing on the screen

is what we call B-roll.

Now, B-roll is gonna work
for a cooking tutorial,

a product review video,
really any YouTube video

you can utilize B-roll to make
your edits more interesting.

For today’s example, I’m
gonna be shooting some B-roll

of a new microphone that we
are reviewing on this channel.

All right, so tip number
one is to shoot slow motion.

For slow motion, you want your settings

to be at 60 frames per second or higher.

This could be 120 frames per second,

but you definitely want at
least 60 frames per second.

In just a little bit, I’m gonna show you

how to slow that down
in your editing program,

but shooting in slow motion is great

for stabilizing some of your footage.

When you’re shooting in 24 or
30 frames per second handheld,

you can get really shaky footage

and a great way to just resolve this

is by shooting in slow motion

and this is gonna slow
down the camera movement

and give you smoother handheld footage.

It also just looks cinematic

and adds a really nice
element to your edit.

Tip number two is to
use a camera movement.

Now, you can do this on a tripod.

You can also do this handheld.

If you’re using a tripod,
you can get really cool shots

just by panning from left to
right or tilting up and down

to reveal a product or whatever
it is that you are shooting.

These movements do not have to be crazy.

Just adding a little bit
of left to right panning

can add a lot to your shot.

Now, the same idea works
if you are handheld,

but what you wanna do is grab
your camera with both hands

and keep it close to your chest

and this is gonna help give
you more stable footage

when you are shooting a product,

versus holding out in front of you.

This is gonna be a lot more shaky,

but actually bringing two hands to it

and maybe even pressing
it up against your chest.

This is gonna help give you

the most stable footage possible.

And the nice thing about being
handheld versus on a tripod

is we know how to tripod,
the camera is in one spot

panning or tilting,
but when your handheld,

you have the option to actually
move the camera in space

from left to right or up and down.

You wanna be careful that
the footage isn’t too shaky,

but if you’re using slow motion

and you turn on the
stabilization on your camera

and keep it close to you,

you can get some really cool
moving shots with your camera

just by doing it handheld.

Another tip here when
using camera movement

is to add in foreground elements

and this is gonna help add
more depth to your shot

and really spice up your image.

Number three is to shoot specifics.

Now, the easiest way to do
this when shooting B-roll

is to get a wide shot and
also get a close-up shot.

These closeups are gonna
be more of these specifics

that I’m talking about,

but if you’re talking about
a specific part of a product,

you wanna make sure that you
get a nice closeup of that

so that people can really see what it is

you’re talking about.

And yes, that is my dog in the background.

Say hi, Willow.

She’s tired.

Now, one thing that I always
do when I’m shooting B-roll

is make a shot list because
I don’t wanna forget anything

and so I always make a
shot list on my notes app

and I just cross it off as I go.

I definitely believe that it’s
better to have extra shots

when editing, rather
than not having enough.

So knock out your shot list

and then maybe grab a few creative shots,

just to have as extras.

Fourth tip, lighting is everything.

Now, when it comes to products,

I really like to use a backlight.

Really, the whole idea
here is to shape your light

onto the product or the person,

whatever it is you are shooting.

We want to add dimension
and really shape the light

and create shadows with our light.

Another great hack that I
love to do with product shots

is actually pick up my light,

whether it’s an led light or a bulb,

as long as it’s light enough to pick up.

I like to hold it up and
swing it back and forth

over the product to get a really cool

kind of moving light shot

that makes the product look really cool.

And number five is get creative.

You wanna experiment
with different angles.

You can set up a match cut.

You can set up different
in-camera transitions.

These are shots you can think
of before actually shooting,

but when you’re in the moment,
feel free to get creative

and if you get a cool idea,
just go ahead and give it a try.

All right, let’s get into the
five tips for editing B-roll.

Number one is music sets the tone.

If you’ve ever edited a video,

you know that a music can
make or break your video.

You also know how important
it is to find the right music

to match the tone and
the emotion of your video

and that’s why I like to
pick a song before I go in

and I make a bunch of edits.

I’ll choose my music first
because my edit has so much to do

with my music choice.

And I love using Epidemic
Sound, which is today’s sponsor.

And if you want a free 30 days,

you can use the link in the description

or go to

Now, I’ve had some questions
come in and people ask me,

«How do you find music?

Because it just takes a long time

and sometimes, it’s a real struggle

to find the right song for your video.»

For me, what I love to do

is actually go on to

and go through their playlists.

They have so many playlists
and going through those

can give you so many ideas
and you can find music

that really you would never listen to,

if you didn’t find it in that playlist.

Then once I find a song
that matches my vibe,

I click on similar tracks

and I start listening to
more music in this genre.

Now, a major tip here with
adding music to your videos

is cutting to the beat.

For example, when that
beat drops in the song,

this is when you wanna add
in that most beautiful shot

that you have, your hero shot,
and be listening to the bass

and to the snare drum and actually cutting

on the snare drum, for
example, is a great way

to keep it fast-paced and match the music.

Tip number two is to
slow down your footage

and you wanna match it to
your project frame rate.

For example, my videos are
in 24 frames per second.

So if I shoot in 60 frames per second,

I know this is gonna be in slow motion.

I can slow this down to 40%

and this is gonna be 24 frame now.

If I have a shot with
120 frames per second,

I can slow it down 20%

and this is gonna match my
24 frames per second project.

Tip number three is to
stabilize your footage,

especially when you’re shooting handheld.

Now yes, turn on the
stabilization in the camera

and we talked about how
to get stable footage,

but actually adding a little
bit of stabilization in editing

can go a long ways.

Number four is to get creative.

Yes, we wanna get creative
when we’re shooting,

but we also can get really creative

when editing the project.

This is where you can start to form

those in-camera transitions,
but you can also add in text,

overlays, different effects to your shot.

And this next step really is my favorite

because this is what makes
people really stand out

on YouTube when they utilize
this and that is sound effects.

Again, Epidemic Sound has a
huge library of sound effects

that you can use to add into your shots.

But if you click on the screen,
you go watch a full video

breaking down how to add
sound effects to your videos

to make them stand out.

(gentle, upbeat music)


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