You NEED to Post YouTube Shorts… But Be Careful.

Are YouTube Shorts Overrated for creators? In this video, we break down if you should post YouTube Shorts. ****** This clip is from a Full Podcast Episode HERE ➡️

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In this video, we discuss if YouTube Shorts are overrated for creators and should you post YouTube Shorts to your channel?

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=================== text video ====================

— YouTube shorts are
underrated, underrated for sure.


we were talking about them
this afternoon and there supply

is not meeting demand,

— You gotta just press record.

— Now, if you’re in business,

you gotta really think
about that statement.

If there is more demand
than there is supply,

which there is right now,

the amount of people that want
to consume shorts is massive.

It’s like 105 billion views a month.

There’s more shorts views

than views of regular videos right now.

Now that doesn’t mean
there’s not without problems.

The quality of the viewership,

the audience, the demographic,

but I think it would be irresponsible

to ignore YouTube shorts.

— I agree with you. The
only thing I would say,

that’s overrated about shorts. In my mind,

like people really put
too much value in the,

on views on shorts.

I don’t think shorts views
are the same as YouTube views.

Like YouTube shorts,

when you’re scrolling through
something really quick,

it’s not like it’s almost
like a very surface level,

first touch point, which I
think shorts are good for.

But people sometimes go, oh,

«I’ve got a hundred thousand
views on a shorts.» Or like,

even on tik tok «a hundred
thousand views» and it’s like,

they didn’t really translate
to anything though. Like,

even though it’s just a metric,

it’s kinda like you said earlier.

— Tony, it did. It
translated to vanity. Okay.

— I know, exactly. That’s what I’m saying

But you were saying earlier
that like, you know,

you can’t cash in a
100K silver play button.

I feel that same way about
views when it comes to short

sometimes. And tik tok,
if you don’t do it smart.

— You’ve got to have a,
you gotta have a way where,

where should they go next?

Or what is even the purpose
of doing them? You know?

Like where are they going
to go deeper? Because yeah,

you get a short that pops
off. And then what, you know,

so where does it go from there?

— Yeah, I mean,

as someone who like really
enjoys creating quality content,

I am biased at this whole
short form content revolution.

— Movement? Yeah me too, me too.

— It’s just like people doing a dance

and getting a million views
and your life changing.

I guess your life changed with
a million views, but like,

are you monetizing that dance
or something? Like, I mean,

I get it. I think it’s understanding the,

the intention we talk
about reverse engineering.

Shorts should be, I would, I would,

I would say that it
should be your intent to,

to be seen.

And then that’s why hopefully
having something that connects

them to something deeper. But I think,

I think at the end of the day,

I follow YouTubers that
know what they’re doing,

and I love their content
because of what they’re doing.

One that comes to mind
is random golf club.

This guy,

this guy makes incredible
films around playing golf and

they’re just done at such a high level.

I would hate for him to drop shorts,

but every time he drops a video

and they’re 30 minutes long, I’m on.

So you get to determine that.

But like Sean said, supply and demand,

we’re throwing up shorts on Think Media.

— Well. Yeah.

And I,

I think it also depends like
how much energy you’re putting

like, for me,

I think if you’re doing
it at the sacrifice

of your VRA video, I don’t think
that’s worth it in my mind.

— I think #TonyTheWise.

— Wow.

— I mean, if it’s,

if it’s stealing from your
most significant impact than

it would be not a good use of your time.

— For me shorts is like
another thing to do.

Like it, that’s what it feels like.

And it’s like, yeah,

if you’re steering away
from the main thing,

not being the main thing anymore,

then it just becomes too much.

And we’re implementing
shorts now with team.

And actually most people
that we see that are being

successful with shorts have
some type of team built

around them or some type
of system built around them

to make that even
possible without burnout,

without burning out,

— Or it’s a viral prank.

But then again, that
those views don’t really,

those aren’t valuable views in my mind.

— Like the ones I’m watching

are unvaluable to my life at all.

They’re just funny and
the entertainment stuff,

but I’m not clicking follow,

I’m literally just swiping, you know,

and it’s not actually making me have an,

it’s not giving me an
impact in my life. So.

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