Will Your YouTube Channel Succeed? We Need to Talk.

I got a letter from a subscriber that made me make this video. Will you be able to build a successful YouTube channel? I’ve got some thoughts on that…

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0:00 I Got a Message
00:24 This Needs To Be Addressed
1:56 Is There Actually a Formula to YouTube?
3:44 Is YouTube a Risk?
4:49 Maslow’s Pyramid
5:27 Why YouTube is Different
5:59 YouTube Has This to Offer
6:42 Roadmaps and Why
7:35 Can Everyone Succeed on YouTube?
7:59 The Factors that Contribute to Success
10:00 My Response
11:10 3 Factors

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there you are hello howdy howdy everyone

nate here so a little while back i got a

message from one of you one of my

subscribers that needed to be addressed

and you can see here i uh printed it off

it was a long message two pages long uh

i printed off and i even put some

highlights on here to remember the parts

that i wanted to address here this is

very well thought out and addressed

something that i think that needs to be

addressed more often so we all have

these desires to be successful on

youtube but not everybody is going to be

successful and this message brought this

up really well so it starts off hello my

name is isaac uh and they have a

background in music production and all

that i’m i’m hoping to have some

questions answered about what i imagine

are misconceptions on my part i’m hoping

to learn i’m not hating trolling or

attempting to demotivate anyone and i

appreciated that going into this and

then he opens it up and just lays in for

two pages worth of really well thought

out but it’s direct and so i wanted to

be direct in answering this and isaac if

you’re watching this you probably didn’t

expect me to actually make a video about

this but i am actually going to make a

video about this so he gets right into

it he says i’m well aware that success

is perfectly possible on youtube my

issues stem from how inconsistent that

success is anybody watching can you

relate with that i think that most

people building a youtube channel can

relate with this channels like well

channel makers tend to have a way about

them where they claim to understand how

to consistently find that success

otherwise there’d be no point in your

channel or paid courses that’s what’s

offered right and as it goes on to say

again i may be biased in music as it has

no clear path but to me youtube is not a

gym it’s not a calculated risk if you

can’t simply do your best follow some

guidelines and in a year find success

maybe maybe not so right off i wanted to

talk to that point because many of you

watching this myself included have felt

similarly in the past wondered okay

is this something that i can follow is

there actually a calculated formula to

have success on youtube and to me and

this is why i even run channel makers in

the first place because i strongly

believe that in most cases there really

is a clear predictable path you’ve heard

me talk about this a lot on this channel

before how i don’t think of youtube as

luck because there are clear things that

you can do to get success on youtube and

clear ways to not get success but let me

read a bit more and explain why i feel

that way here in a moment so isaac goes

on to say to me youtube is like

potentially putting in a year at the gym

and dieting and somehow gaining weight

still it can be like eating terribly and

never moving to randomly wake up with

the body of a greek god

it’s unpredictable not a gamble but

there are no promises only generic

guidelines okay very well very well

worded very well logically thought

through here so i wanted to jump ahead

in this message here he said i think

channels like yours preached a high risk

for high reward mentality of this but in

a warped perspective of it being a

calculated risk there is a massive

difference okay so isaac he says in this

message comes from the background of the

music industry i also have a lot of

friends myself also included in the

music and production and in performing

stage performances drama all of that

industry and in the traditional way of

growing your audience as an artist this

is very true in fact every point here i

would agree because at this point in the

message isaac goes on to say the

calculated risk would better be viewed

as learning a trade interning under a

plumbing company spending a decade

moving through the ranks later co-owning

or leaving to start your own company two

decades of hard work can almost always

pay off if done how they’re required

high work for calculated risk plus

reward and this is where we get to the

difference in my thinking than perhaps

what isaac was thinking writing this

message because there’s two things going

on here there’s the calculated risk of

learning a trade for example like being

a plumber and you growing through the

ranks and eventually maybe having your

own business versus youtube and that’s

where we’re comparing these two things

but i’m glad that isaac pointed out that

even the calculated risk is a risk

because going to school getting a degree

is a risk and you can you could say

otherwise but more and more with the

industry shifting so much today getting

a college degree that used to be a

guarantee even going to a trade school

used to be more of a guarantee it’s not

so much now and this video is not about

throwing down the education system or

wherever you live in the world it’s not

about that but the point i did want to

make here is that you you acknowledge

that whatever you do in life there’s a

risk and especially if it’s something

that you’re looking to make a livelihood

out of which many of you watching are

looking to make money from your youtube

channel and here is where i perhaps

differ the most from what isaac’s

thinking was writing this message which

again i am so glad that he did write

this message here’s the difference here

when you learn a trade it’s for a

necessity it’s for a human need maslow’s

hierarchy of needs it’s the bottom right

it’s the things that people always need

food water shelter that type of thing

and youtube is more of a luxury it’s

higher on that list and so traditionally

when you

make something that’s more of a luxury

there’s less guarantee meaning the

higher risk right and that has been

inherently true of almost all youtube

channels because people watch them for

entertainment or leisure and those are

almost always going to be regarded as

not a necessity but here’s where i see

it differently because the traditional

music industry has a way of going about

finding people you sign on with a record

label you’re either mega big or you’re a

nobody where i see youtube being

different is there’s a lot more of in

betweens are there still mega big

channels that’s great we all know them

chances are you all watch mega big

channels i get that but it’s not an

either or with youtube which is one of

the greatest benefits and because

youtube is growing every day and there

is more and more credibility coming to

the title of youtuber which by the way i

don’t often use but it is ranking it’s

becoming more credible across the globe

because of that then there is a lot more

opportunity and we can address a lot

more things than just music or just pure

entertainment you see youtube has

aspects of connection hanging out with

people it has a lot more varieties of

entertainment it also has the massive

space of information or skills that

other areas of luxury like music don’t

necessarily have so going back to

isaac’s message here he said i

understand that’s a really nasty tone

but this is why i’m writing you i don’t

consider it an acetone i’m glad you

brought this up the best possible result

for me is to be wrong about this i don’t

enjoy seeing things this way i’m i’m

genuinely asking for help and so now we

get to the point of can it be

predictable i think it can be but here’s

where i need to draw in the caveats one

you need the right roadmap which is what

i am endeavoring to do with my youtube

program and this youtube channel it’s

really can we pick up on the keys the

the factors that lead to success because

there are things that lead to more

success and less success because one

channel might have a different mix of

the same ingredients than another

channel but are there principles for

success yes absolutely and is there a

sequence for success yes also i strongly

believe that and i see it working over

and over and over again and that’s why

i’m always talking about thinking of

your channel as a business because when

you think of it as a business you can

see it as a sequence there’s a sequence

of steps a sequence of success

indicators that you you do these actions

you get this result and when you do that

enough it’s pretty much inevitable that

you get that result that you’re looking

for but i did also want to address the

concern of will everybody succeed on

youtube and my answer there is an honest

no not everybody will succeed on youtube

there’s statistically a lot of people

that start channels are just never going

to succeed on youtube they’re never

going to get monetized they’re never

going to really make very much money

with it why is that really why is that

so i’ve thought about this long and hard

and i think it’s because in many cases

there’s two factors you need to have the

ability and you need to have the

persistence right in many cases people

start off with higher level of ability

so it takes less time for them to get

the results they’re looking for

and contrast that with people who start

off with very little ability and in most

cases where that channel fails it’s

because they didn’t have the persistence

factor they didn’t do it long enough

they didn’t get the answers that they

needed soon enough to match the

endurance that they had to build the

channel because all of that mix of

ingredients it needs to be built up they

need to have those skill sets so that

they can get the outward result that

they are looking for so we need to tie

that to the reality of well nate like

what if i’m just really bad at all of

those things does that mean i’m just not

going to do it does that mean i have to

make for it and in persistence points is

that what i have to do and in most cases

that is true but the other factor there

is often time enough time put into it

and that’s why most people are not going

to go and build the channel for 20 years

they’re they’re not going to really put

it in until they actually get the

results and so they’ll move on and

that’s okay but when i look at it i see

there are factors that that lead to

those skill sets being acquired more

quickly if if someone if i was trying to

get to a certain location and somebody

came up to me and handed me a map and

said oh by the way here’s the map and

there’s your location like that this is

the roadmap this is how to get there i’m

probably going to get there faster and

this is where we get to the last point

that isaac brought up he said most of

the time when a channel doesn’t succeed

it’s put back on the the creator of the

channel like oh they’re the reason why

really when it comes down to it even if

you have all of these factors when you

know all of the factors even if i handed

you a map and i said there’s your

destination these are the steps to get

there and the person said oh thanks for

the map and then they threw it out yeah

it’s probably not gonna work

and here i come to do do i think that

youtube is a risk yes i do do i think

that everybody’s going to succeed

i do not think that everybody is going

to succeed on youtube and i don’t say

that to discourage you honest to

goodness if you’re watching this and you

need encouragement from nate here i have

too much evidence of it working to say

that it’s it’s just a wild west it’s

just ah nobody’s gonna make it oh maybe

you’ll make it maybe you won’t there are

too many factors that you can apply

which is why i make this channel all

about finding those factors and giving

you those factors with this channel my

goal is to hand you the roadmap and say

look these are the steps these are the

factors that lead to more success i

strongly believe that and that’s perhaps

perhaps where i differ from other


that are doing this youtube growth space

because i don’t think that it’s just the

same you know same things and i’m

regurgitating the same stuff over and

over again i think that the playing

field is always shifting i think that

there’s always something that is current

and recent that is working better than

what has happened or what has worked in

the past so my whole goal with this

channel is to give that to you guys and

so i appreciate isaac writing this

message so we could have this discussion

and so i’m going to say it again

reassurance from nate here you follow

the factors you follow those clues you

follow the road map to get the to the

destination that you’re trying to get to

and you think of it like a business and

you have a much higher likelihood of

being successful on youtube but really

when it comes down to it it’s the factor

of developing the skill sets becoming

the right person with the right

persistence over enough time that’s the

weirdest way to do a three then

three things

and if there were a direction i could

lead you next perhaps one of the most

important factors that do lead to the

success that you’re looking for starts

with thumbnails uh if you have not yet

watched my full guide on thumbnails i’m

gonna give it to you i’m gonna put it up

here for you guys to watch next and in

that i just break down i just break it

down this is your guide because

thumbnails are what people see first

they lead to views they lead to watch

time they lead to subscriber gain in a

lot of cases the thumbnail is the

starting point for many channels and if

you up your thumbnail game you up up

that clickability factor it’s going to

be one of those factors that pushes you

along in that path to the direction

you’re looking for so go watch that

video next and nate out


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