YouTube has a new secret link that completely changes the way you watch videos. Find out what it is and how it may impact how much some creators get paid

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0:00 — The link that changes how you watch YouTube
1:28 — Do you want to watch videos in this way?
2:06 — FAQs
3:24 — How does this affect monetization?
4:47 — Will YouTube make this the default setting?

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=================== text video ====================

— Let me show you something

that may change the way
you watch YouTube forever.

But it may also change
how much you get paid.

I’m sure we’ll all agree

that watching vertical format
videos under 60 seconds,

otherwise known as shorts on
the YouTube desktop browser

is a janky experience, isn’t it.

It’s not quite the same
as seamlessly swiping

from one quick fix to the next

when you watch shorts
on your mobile phone.

But that is about to change.

First of all, get the video
ID for any YouTube video,

which is this bunch of characters
after the forward slash,

and then type in the following link,


And now let me introduce you

to YouTube secret shorts, desktop player.

Try saying that fast 10 times.

The layout of the player is identical

to the mobile experience.

With these buttons replacing
these swipe gestures

so you can quickly jump
from one video to the next.

Videos will auto loop,

just like they do on
the mobile experience.

And if you check out the comments
or the video description,

the video will continue
to play in the background.

So just to be clear, as
of time of recording,

videos classified as YouTube shorts,

do not automatically
play in the shorts player

on your desktop browser.

You have to change the URL

in order to watch them like this.

But surely it is only a matter of time

before YouTube turns this on by default.

Oh and I just want to
quickly shout out and credit

Timon Pinto who found this
on Twitter and let us know,

nice catch there.

Now let’s go back to what I said

at the beginning of this video.

Yes, this could change the
way you watch YouTube forever.

If you watch YouTube shorts
on a desktop computer.

But you’d be surprised actually,
how many people do that.

Almost a quarter of the 13,000 people

we polled in the vidIQ community

said they do watch YouTube
shorts on a desktop browser.

Also, considering how
many people still say

they hate YouTube shorts.

At this point, it seems to
be very much the minority.

So with all of this in
mind, let me ask you this.

If you do watch YouTube
shorts through a computer,

would you prefer to watch them

through a classic YouTube player,

or this new YouTube
shorts, desktop experience?

Let us know in the comments below.

And if you’re still watching
this video at this point,

you’ve probably got a
couple of questions for me.

So I’ll try and answer as many as I can,

as best as I can.

What happens if you
add the shorts URL link

to a long form video?

Nothing happens.

It just refreshes the video.

What happens when you
resize the browser window?

Well, it slowly removes
the navigation tools

from the YouTube website

until you’re left with
just the player itself.

Notice how the engagement tools move

from outside the video to inside it.

What happens when you use this
link on a mobile web browser?

I would say that this pretty
much looks like YouTube shorts

within the YouTube app.

The only exception being
videos are automatically muted.

Oh, there’s also a YouTube logo

in the top left-hand corner as well.

I do have more, I want to say about this,

but I’m going to leave that until the end,

as you do flick through
each YouTube short,

the URL on your browser will update,

but the screen doesn’t refresh,

which I thought looked pretty cool.

What type of traffic source
are these views counted as?

I’m glad you asked me that.

Well, actually I kind of asked it myself.

But anyway, it leads you down
a little bit of a rabbit hole.

I watched an unlisted video

twice in the regular browser watch page

and twice in the new shorts browser style

for a total of four views.

And the traffic sources confirm

that when you watch a video
through the shorts link URL,

it registers as a view
from the shorts feed.

Which inevitably brings us onto
that slightly touchy subject

of monetization.

That’s because if you watch a shorts

through the normal YouTube watch page,

an ad may be played

and you will earn ad revenue

from the YouTube partner program.

But if the video is played

through the shorts desktop browser player,

it will contribute a
view to any bonus payment

you may get through each
shorts, creator funds.

So which view is better for the creator?

Well, it’s hard to say.

On a normal YouTube watch page,

you have a potential to earn ad revenue

with every single view,

but admittedly, with short form content,

you very rarely earn any money.

On the other hand with the
YouTube shorts create a fund.

Yes, there is a bonus
payout of a hundred dollars,

but you’re not guaranteed that

you need to get hundreds of thousands,

if not millions of views
from certain locations.

And you’re never guaranteed to know

if you’re going to get it.

That very much feels like
a lottery at the moment.

Some creators do get a lot of views

from outside the shorts player
on their short form content.

So imagine what happens if
YouTube decides to default

every single view on a short
video into the shorts player,

irrespective of whether the viewer

is watching it on a mobile
phone or on a computer.

I know I’m really getting
into the weeds on this,

but I find it really interesting.

And I just need somebody
to talk to about it.

Now I could have completely
the wrong end of a stick here.

This shorts URL link and
web based shorts player

may simply exist to allow
people to view shorts

on a web browser when they don’t have

a YouTube app installed
on their mobile phone.

But here’s my hot personal take.

I think short form content

should open up in this new player,

irrespective of what
device you view it on.

While the viewing experience
still isn’t ideal,

The navigation from one video to the next

is a lot faster and better suited

to consuming short form content quickly.

Ignoring creator
considerations for a second,

this is how I would watch
YouTube shorts on a computer.

In fact,

you know what YouTube should do?

Simply give us a choice to
toggle on the shorts player

off and on in the desktop
web browser experience,

I do realize that I’ve probably talked

far more than was deemed
necessary on such a topic,

but if you are interested
in YouTube shorts

and you want to know how
to monetize those videos,

make sure to check out
the video over here.

Also one more thing.

I know the gold play button
is all cockeyed at the moment

but that lighting accent, oof,

makes it look damn sexy.


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