Why You NEED to Grow Your Audience (2021)

#SHORTS Growing your audience matters if you want to make money online, or be part of the Creator Economy. It’s not impossible to be successful with a small audience but building your reputation and relationships is something you should make a priority.

Roberto Blake is a Creative Entrepreneur helping grow the Creator Economy. He is the founder of Awesome Creator Academy and the owner of Create Awesome Media. Roberto teaches other Creators how to build their brands and businesses online by monetizing their talent.

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one of the biggest complaints i get from

people is that they don’t think they can


any of this passive income stuff any

make money online selling products

any of it because they don’t have a

large audience

and because i’m somebody who has a large

audience they ignore the fact

that i started from zero and i had to

build that audience

over time and i had to make that a

priority i had to be able to create

value for people and i had to be able to

build a reputation

if you think you’re going to make money

with little or no

effort or without building a reputation

and building trust

then you’re not doing it with a pure

motive to begin with

have the discipline and patience to be

able to realize that

you need to build those relationships or

you need to build

up your skills and then that’s going to

be a reason that you get traffic

there are probably too many people that

want to make money

or get attention being mediocre and

that’s why they fail


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