Why Gaming Channels FAIL on YouTube

If you’re looking to grow a gaming channel on YouTube, it will help to be aware of the BIGGEST mistakes that failing gaming channels are making.

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0:00 Why People Start Gaming Channels
1:02 The Hobbyist Mindset
1:53 Money Doesn’t Make You Good Conundrum
3:32 The Time Pit Paradox

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=================== text video ====================

— I wanted to talk specifically today

about gaming on YouTube

because I feel like it’s a lot different

than creating other types
of content on the platform.

Generally speaking,
people play games for fun.

They’re something to do
after a long day of life,

school, your job, housework.

They’re a way to unplug and relax.

So when you take something you love,

like playing video games,

and then you add this
extra element on top of it,

such as creating content with those games,

what you’ve just established
is one less way to relax

after a long day.

And I think this is the number one mistake

gaming creators tend to make.

It’s this assumption
that because it’s games,

it’s somehow different

than creating any other
kind of content on YouTube

because it’s games and they’re fun.

It’s this attitude of I get to play games

and make money doing it.

And I want to literally
help you do just that.

I want to help gaming creators
get tons of subscribers,

and potentially maybe
even make a little money.

But in order to do that,

we need to first address
some major pitfalls

that I see so many
channels get caught up in.

The first one I wanna talk about is

what I’ll call the hobbyist mindset.

And this might sound a
little familiar to you.

So, question for you.

Have you ever looked up via
on YouTube or Google ways

in which you can grow as a creator?

You’re watching this video right now,

so I’m going to assume that
you probably have some interest

in growing in this gaming space.

And with that, I have
another question for you.

Do you consider this a hobby?

Because if you do, I’m
going to challenge you

to never refer to your gaming
channel as a hobby ever again.

If your goal is to grow,

and even make money one day,

then it’s time now to swap
to having a business mindset.

Don’t get me wrong, YouTube is fun,

and I want you to have fun doing it.

But it’s also a grind at times, truly.

And at the end of a long day of grinding,

what I would like for you to do is

then turn to your hobbies,

so you have some time to
unplug and relax a little bit.

If you want YouTube to
actually be a job one day,

then it’s important to
treat it as one right now.

But that also brings me to my next point.

And I’m gonna call this one

the money doesn’t make you good conundrum.

Now yes, there is an undeniable benefit

to spending money to improve
your YouTube channel.

Whether that’s a nice camera, microphone,

some fancy lighting, or
an expensive gaming rig,

all of these things will
improve your content.

But make no mistake.

Not having those things is
certainly not holding you back.

If this is something you are
truly, truly passionate about,

you’re gonna find a way to make it work,

even if all you have at your
disposal is a smartphone.

Instead of sinking money
into improving your gear,

what I would encourage you to
do instead is to spend time

and maybe a little money
on improving your skills.

You can buy courses for things

like video editing and thumbnails,

but YouTube itself is also full
of a bunch of free tutorials

on all of that stuff,

Photoshop tutorials, Canva tutorials,

all these things you need

to become better at creating content.

Or you could spend that
extra time researching,

whether it’s titles and
ideas for your next video,

or whether it’s spending time
in discords and subreddits

of gaming communities for the games

that you’re actually
making content within.

Most importantly though,

you should be trying to spend some time

improving as a gaming personality.

Pick something you want to improve

and just start working on it.

You won’t grow an audience on YouTube

by just throwing a bunch
of money into your channel

and crossing your fingers,

hoping that it all works out.

Successful creators have
a bunch of skillsets

that they’re constantly improving.

And sure, you can spend
on products and services,

and even software like vidIQ

to help make your life
a little bit easier.

But there is ultimately no
substitute for experience.

On the subject of gaining
experience though,

it’s also possible to go too
far in the other direction.

And that’s where we’re gonna talk about

what I’ll call the time pit paradox,

which yes, I totally just made up,

but now it’s a thing.

With all of the advice I just gave you,

I just need to caution you a bit.

It is possible to spend
too much time on this

in any given day, week, et cetera.

With any endeavor,

I think it’s important
to set aside some time

to work towards your goals.

But I also think it’s equally important

to set aside time to just rest and unplug.

This is where I failed miserably

with my first gaming channel,

and I wanna help you
either avoid the same fate,

or if this is already
a cycle that you’re in,

I wanna help you break it right now.

Basically, I got to a point
where if I wanted to relax

after a long day of making gaming videos,

I would turn to my favorite
hobby, which was gaming.

I would start playing something,

and then I would ask myself,
«Why don’t I just stream this?»

I mean, I’m sitting here anyway

at the same desk I record my content.

What would really be the difference?

So I did, and that mindset
during those livestreams

kept me in a state where I was always on,

and I was forcing myself
to still be an entertainer

when I just desperately needed a break.

So what I want you to do
to try and avoid this is

to pick and choose what
your content is about.

In this example, let’s say it’s a game.

Make that game what your channel is about.

And then take all the other games you love

and save them for you.

And then I need you to
choose when your content is.

What part of the day or week
are you setting aside time

to work towards these goals?

And that includes the
self-improvement stuff we

just talked about a little while ago.

Don’t use the time you should
be resting and unwinding

to learn how to make better thumbnails.

Burning out as a creator
has huge consequences

for not only your mental health,

but the growth of your channel.

You need to plan to take breaks,

even if it affects your upload schedule.

Because if you wait
until you need a break,

it’s already too late.

Now you’re looking at taking
an extremely long break

because you’ve just hit a
wall and you can’t go on.

Or you’re looking at making
really subpar content

just to keep your upload schedule

or your streaming schedule afloat.

If you plan your breaks
ahead of time though,

you can get to a point

where maybe you build up
one or two extra videos,

and then while you’re away,

your audience may not
even know you’re gone.

And making some extra videos,

especially when you come back

feeling refreshed and ready
to go is a lot easier to do

than when you wait until you
desperately need a break.

(angelic music)
Ooh, you feel that?

That’s a plan all coming together.

If you approach your channel
with a business mindset,

and then set aside some
time to improve your skills

and set aside some time to have a break,

I promise the likelihood

of failure will decrease dramatically.

And because I like you,
I’m gonna help you with

that self-improvement step right now.

This video right here is about

how to clickbait your viewers.

Well, kinda.

It’s about making better
titles and thumbnails

that always win the click.

But if you follow the
advice in this video,

your next upload could be a
viral moment for your channel.


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