What YouTubers DON’T Tell You About Starting a Channel…

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In this video, we celebrate the long 12-year road to 2,000,000 subscribers!

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=================== text video ====================

when i started shooting videos for my

church youth group in 2003

i never would have believed that it

would have turned into this

two million subscribers

it took over 12 years to get here and

it’s been a bumpy road of highs and lows

when think media started the whole

nation was suffering from an economic

crash my wife and i were losing our home

and defaulting on our rental property

month-to-month drop in existing home


and the most terrifying of all my wife

almost died from a chronic illness and

botched surgery

loaded with over six hundred thousand

dollars of debt and having nothing to

show for it i turned to the one thing i

knew best

video all right so uh this is i guess

the first sean thanks vlog hey what’s up

sean thinks day two at that point i had

a small youtube channel and most people

would see the first amazon affiliate

payout i made of two dollars and 12

cents as a waste of time

but i saw it as a seed of hope for the

future with no certainty or roadmap of

how youtube worked i committed to

learning the game of online video and

online business all based on the simple

hunch that this thing would be here for

the long haul during those early years i

worked in food service at a burger joint

in an espresso stand i led a media

department of a church in las vegas and

i was a pastor for a year and a half and

the whole time i do video and

photography jobs on the side for

freelance clients

that didn’t leave much time for youtube

but i stayed focused and used whatever

extra time and energy i had to post

videos and study then 2015 brought on

brand new struggles

at that time i was earning my living

from working for freelance clients but

in one month i was fired by all of them

losing 90 percent of my family’s income

in a matter of weeks so i had a choice

to make

look for new clients or go all in with

my youtube channel and see if i could do

this full time it was november 2015 i

built up think media to 16 000

subscribers and i made the decision

excited and scared to death i’m going

all in the next few years were insane

researching video ideas recording

editing thumbnails go to sleep wake up

coffee do it again planes uber rides

18-hour days at tech conferences

interviews la dallas san diego here we

are in uh

langley bc i think

per address south africa las vegas idaho

seattle florida but mostly my home


steady consistency in the same direction

then the team started to grow heather

kyle omar mel nolan in 2018 we risked

one hundred thousand dollars to throw

our first video marketing conference

called grow with video live and lost

twenty thousand dollars in the process

but the lesson we learned was that

failures are the stepping stones to

success then came a number one

best-selling book creating courses and

curriculum to help people learn youtube

and launching a podcast man i need a nap

but here we are 2 million subscribers

and i’ve been trying to articulate how

it feels and i think i have the word


gratitude for god’s grace on the journey

gratitude for my wife sonia who believed

in me and persevered through the

sacrifice season building think media

gratitude for my friends and family that

have believed in me along the way

gratitude for this amazing platform

called youtube and gratitude for you

because the truth is a content creator

is nothing without their community thank

you for every video you’ve watched thank

you for every comment thank you for

every piece of content you’ve shared

with a friend thank you for every course

you’ve invested in every affiliate link

you’ve clicked on and thank you to the

10 000 plus people that are a part of

the video ranking academy family thank

you for giving us a chance thank you for

being a part of the think media story

over 2600 videos posted across multiple

channels over 212 million video views

over 20 people on the team who put their

heart and soul into everything we do to

serve creators and entrepreneurs 2

million subscribers we are grateful for

the journey so far but we want you to

know here at think media we are more

committed to the future than we are to

the past and we are just getting started




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