What to Do When Your Channel Just. Isn’t. Growing.

You’re probably making 1 or more of these BIG MISTAKES on your YouTube channel that is either slowing or stopping your channel growth. Here’s how to fix them!
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=================== text video ====================

howdy howdy everyone nate here this is

going to be a fire hose of feedback or a

channel roast if you will you see

there’s three levels of direction i’m

going to be giving during this video and

i want you to compare it with your own

channel based on recent feedback i’ve

been getting a lot of you are feeling

like your channel is just not growing

the way that you want it to so i decided

to get down and look at a real channel

the channel we’re going to be looking at

today is called improve with jules and

give my best actionable feedback

especially if you’re in a similar

situation now obviously not all of the

advice i give during this video is going

to be directly applicable to you

watching this but more of it will be

applicable than you might think all

right so here is the channel this is

improved with jules now jules first

started publishing on this channel about

a year ago and the topics were generally

around community college testing out of

things clep exams and it’s evolved to

more of the recent topics being more

productivity how to get over your task

list what to do when you’re feeling

burnt out and testing some morning

routines and other solutions provided by

other productivity experts now as of

recording if i look at the most popular

video on the channel it’s gotten just

over 3 000 views 227 subscribers and the

average or the baseline of views on more

recent videos is about 25 views now when

i reached out to jules to see if i could

review her channel she was very open to

this so this is all done with permission

i am going to be roasting and being very

direct with my feedback but i wanted you

to see something when i look at this

channel when i say this channel is just

not growing it is literally in terms of

views it is just not growing i’m gonna

go back uh six months ago 30 views six

months ago 22 views the views have been

pretty much flatlined for months okay so

the first level this is the high level

the entry-level pointers i’m gonna give

to this channel for the thumbnails the

first thing that stands out to me is

there is an odd mixture of uh kind of

graphics that don’t quite make sense in

the case of this one stop falling off

okay there’s a ladder on a wagon i’m not

really sure what that means the other

thing that stands out to me about these

thumbnails is the lighting on jules’s


appears a bit random maybe just whatever

was in the video and because the

lighting is inconsistent it comes across

as amateur or unprofessional so we need

some sort of standardized filter applied

to each thumbnail image next thing i’m

going to suggest is that we get some

sort of banner image it could just be

joules studying something at the top the

main reason for that is it’s kind of the

baseline expectation in not every

channel it’s none of these things i’ve

mentioned thus far will make or break a

channel but it’s just something that’s

nice to have because it makes it feel

like yeah this person this creator cares

about the channel and the other high

level or entry level thing i’m gonna say

is i looked at the several of these more

recent videos and for some reason let’s

see if you can spot what i’m seeing the

image quality if i go down here even to

settings quality it’s auto 380p it’s

360p it’s because this video is

literally only 360p for some reason the

quality on the most recent videos has

been way down and it definitely shows

again not a total make or break but it

will be something that factors into

people’s perception of your

professionalism and if you’re doing a

channel that’s about productivity and

you know getting better at your life

it’s the small details that matter now i

do need to note here that not all of the

videos are like that in fact some of the

older ones are just fine at 1080p if

your videos are 1080p that is just fine

for most of youtube it’s just some of

these more recent ones for some reason

the quality has been way off all right

that’s first level let’s go next level

what i’m looking at here is on the

thumbnails i want to see ways for you to

demonstrate what you are showing in your

video what you’re talking about

visually now this is perhaps one of the

biggest challenges that i see skills

based channels having especially if

you’re not doing gaming or some sort of

outdoors or crafts or something where

your thumbnail is an image of what

you’re doing right in many cases

skills-based channels have the biggest

struggle with this and i want to see

jules doing this ask yourself this

question how can i show this visually

that should be your answer all and this

happens when you’re ideating your video

before you even record the video what am

i going to put in the thumbnail and how

can i show what i’m doing visually to

create intrigue next thing i’m going to

suggest is i’m going to look at the most

popular videos on this channel and we

have a variety of more recent and some

older ones and i know jules has said

that she’s kind of evolved the channel

into more of general productivity and

testing out routines and that kind of

thing more recently so what we’re going

to look at is the more recent videos

that have more views than normal and

look into pursuing those threads further

because what that tells me is an

audience the algorithm somehow was able

to associate the audience with the

content on my channel and so if i’m

pursuing the videos that did get a bit

more views i have an advantage in those

videos future videos on a similar theme

doing better in terms of views and also

jules is part of my program project 24

and she let me know before recording

this that she has not yet even started

the new youtube system and so i’m going

to suggest that do the new youtube

system especially phase one because it’s

gonna make so much of the rest of these

processes make more sense next pointer

i’m going to give here is let me see if

you can spot it while watching a few

seconds of this video holiday known as

quitter’s day because it’s the most

likely day of the year for people to

give up on their new year’s resolutions

so happy not quitters day looking at the

lens now this comes from watching

several of the older videos on jules’s

channel improve rituals channel often i

would see her looking like this now a

slight looking back at you and then

looking at here to the side this will

often be because we’re recording on a

phone or something and we see ourselves

a reflection or a mirrored image of

ourselves while we’re recording and

we’re looking at that to see how we look

while we’re recording but as you can

tell and in fact it feels so weird to me

right now i am not looking directly at

you i’m looking to the side and it just

feels so bizarre it feels weird to you

who are watching this because youtube is

about eye contact it’s about connection

and so jules is has been getting better

at this so i’m super happy about that to

see that in this video but in the case

that you find yourself doing that in

your own videos it’s a small thing but

it makes a big difference i’m gonna play

a few more seconds of this clip and see

if you can pick up on this next thing

not in like an encouraging way it’s just

actually a week later the audio quality

could be improved a bit now i see we’ve

got a curtain behind us here this is

good i’ve done a significant amount of

work here in this recording space if i

could show you i’ve i have sound

dampening panels these images all behind

me have foam behind them i have curtains

there’s a whole bunch of things i’ve

done but the number one thing that i

recommend for everybody i’m going to

show you is you get one of these if you

don’t yet have one of these it’s a

little bit of an investment but this is

the tascam dr-10l if you go to

channelmakers.comtools i think i have

all my recommendations there but this

one device i kid you not has solved 80

or more percent of all the audio issues

that i’ve ever had all right next

pointer i’m going to give is on the

again on the thumbnails actually and

this is if i look at similar channels

now jules let me know that there were

other channels she was trying to model

her channel after so channels like

thomas frank

and ali abdal so what i would do if i

were in jules’s position as i would go

okay here’s thomas frank’s thumbnails

here’s my thumbnails

here’s ali abdoll’s thumbnails here’s my

thumbnails what am i going to tweak

based on what i am seeing next pointer

i’m going to give to this channel and

potentially to your channel this is not

going to apply to everybody it’s

consider publishing fewer videos more

quality now hold on i get that most of

the time i say look we got to get as

many videos out as possible but this

comes because of feedback that i got

from jules i asked her what was her

least favorite part about producing her

channel and she said my least favorite

part is feeling rushed i often want to

be a guinea pig for weird ideas or

challenges film more b-roll or learn

more about editing but i feel so rushed

to get my two videos out of week that

those more in-depth videos never happen

so in this case i’m going to give the

advice of fewer videos more quality

because i think that this channel will

benefit from it and if you are more

excited about a certain type of video

that is maybe going to take a bit more

time especially at the beginning it’d be

great if you could automate it and get

it in less time in the future but at the

beginning if it’s going to take a bit

more time i’m going to say yes go for it

again that’s not advice i would give

everyone but based on what i’m seeing

and jules’s feedback that’s what i’m

going to say okay we’ve made it thus far

we’ve got our first level now we’ve got

our next level now it’s time for next

next level but before i do that i’d love

if you’d boop the like button if this

video is being helpful to you thank you

that’s awesome it’s time for next next

level here is what i genuinely think is

going on i think that this channel is

not growing primarily because one jules

isn’t sure what the channel should be

and two the algorithm is reflecting that

so the big question on my mind right now

is what is jules going to be known for

first in fact i did a recent youtube

podcast episode all about building topic

authority and how it’s actually more

vitally important than most channel

makers realize and so building on the

advice i gave in the previous next level

i’m going to look at the videos that got

a bit more exposure even just slightly

more exposure i’m going to look at that

plus the types of videos that jules

wants to do more of or wants to be known

at those two i’m going to combine and

say we need more videos on fewer topics

because what i’m seeing when i look at

this channel is it’s it’s testing things

it’s testing productivity it’s doing

morning routine of a monk it’s doing a

lot of different things but i think it’s

so all over the place that it’s

literally the algorithm isn’t quite sure

how to classify this channel so we need

more videos about fewer topics and more

recurring themes and that is going to

help in a huge measure with this next

pointer i’m going to play a few seconds

of this video so you can kind of see

what it starts out like sup i’m jules

and i unfortunately procrastinate a lot

if you do too let’s try to improve that

so first i want you to think of a task

that you have been putting off for a

while or maybe once okay i’m gonna stop

there we’ve got the the casual

introduction this is great trying to you

know relate with the audience but what’s

the topic of this video the cure for

procrastination my main issue with that

intro was there was no real reason why i

should listen to jewels there are a lot

of experts in this space and many of

them have written books have been

featured on tv shows or interviewed all

the time why should i listen to jewels

over everyone else if you’re in a

position where your channel relies on a

certain amount of expertise for people

to trust you as an expert they’re

looking to you for some forms of advice

often you need a little bit of reasons

why they should listen to you and you

need that in almost every video until

your channel starts to gain a bit more

momentum and that starts to speak for

itself so i happen to know based on past

interactions with jules she’s done some

awesome things like testing out of

college in a quarter of the time and

saved a ton of money on college and aced

all sorts of productivity things and yet

i didn’t get any of this if this was the

first video that i watched of jules i

didn’t get any of that so what’s the

solution here you need some sort of

reason to listen to you and your advice

over everyone else’s advice it could be

as simple as look i’m not a total

professional at this i don’t do this

full-time but what i have done is this

this and this and my goal is to help you

do this this and this so here’s the best

that i found you see the point here is

not that you have to be an expert with

20 years of experience to be listened to

on youtube it’s you need to be

transparent with what you have done and

put in more work than other people or

just be slightly ahead of where your

audience is because here’s the next

thing what’s going to happen is the

algorithm will classify your channel

with the right audience then as the

channel grows we’ll be able to broaden

the niche a bit and in fact i’m

obviously biased on this but i know of

no better way to do that quickly and

efficiently than what is in phase one of

my youtube system because what you’re

doing during this process is you’re

picking an audience you’re picking an

associated audience and then you are

forcing the youtube algorithm to

associate the two audiences as one so

that this audience is also the same

audience that you are attracting and

you’re doing that quickly also there’s

one other thing that i’m gonna say for

this channel that is very applicable to

your own audience and that is people

often want more of you so i’m going to

play a few seconds of another video so

you can see what i’m talking about as

you can see i’m looking a bit rough this

evening because i went to the beach with

some friends this morning i had to leave

pretty early but before i left i did a

simple routine by arlen moore so i like

the direction that jules is going with

this like hey i was just at the beach

this morning i was with some friends i

think this channel needs more of that i

think it needs some more real person

behind all of the tests and all of the

productivity tips it needs the real

jewels and i know many times we have

fears of being our real self on youtube

but the thing is youtube is about

authenticity i was talking about that

that’s why we talk directly into the

lens all of those things it’s about

authenticity and i can think of very few

channels that wouldn’t be benefited

greatly from feeling that greater

connection with the audience between the

channel maker you and your audience and

of course i’m gonna say it if you’re

having trouble because the algorithm

doesn’t know who your audience is then

you can check out project 24 i have a

whole process step by step for how to do

that the links in the description and

the other thing is if you are unsure

about the topic of your channel i

created an entire video about my best

picks for your channel topic this year

it’s based off of everything that i have

been seeing and i go through and explain

why each of them might be a good pick

for your channel it’s a pretty darn good

video so i’m gonna put that here for you

to watch next and we’ll see you there

okay and actually one more thing if

you’re still watching the video at this

point congratulations this is the

feedback ask time i would love if you’d

put in the comments what are your

questions about your channel what are

the things that you wish you knew about

youtube because i’m gonna do my best to

read through those comments and create

future videos based on what i’m seeing

from you guys so thank you for doing

that and we’ll see in the comments


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