What is Click Through Rate on YouTube? (CTR Explained)

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In this video, Nolan shares what click through rate is and how to increase your CTR.

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=================== text video ====================

— I’m gonna show you what
click through rate is

and how you can increase
click through rate

to get more views on YouTube.

You gotta just press record.

To start off, we need to understand

what an impression is on
YouTube and it’s pretty simple.

Whenever your thumbnail and
title are shown to someone,

whether it be on a computer
or on mobile or a TV,

this is called an impression.

Keep in mind, it’s only an impression

when someone sees more
than half of your thumbnail

for more than a second.

Now, not everyone who sees your video

is going to click on it.

Another way to say this
is not every impression

leads to a view.

Click through rate tells you
the percentage of impressions

that turn into views.

So for example, if your video
has a 10% click through rate,

that means for every 10 impressions,

one person is clicking on your video.

Now, one out of 10 does
not sound like a lot,

but a 10% click through
rate actually is pretty good

and what we’ve found on our shorter videos

is our videos that do really well

typically have a four to nine
percent click through rate.

Now, the higher this number is,

that means more people are
actually clicking on your video,

which is gonna give you more views

and YouTube actually favors
higher click-through rates.

So whenever you can do this

and get a high click through rate,

YouTube is actually
gonna push out your video

to more and more people.

But the real question is, how
do you actually get people

to click on your videos?

And it really comes down to three things,

your idea, your title, and your thumbnail.

It all starts with the idea
or the concept of the video.

If it’s boring or if it’s irrelevant,

no matter how good your
thumbnail and title are gonna be,

no one’s gonna click on it
because it’s just uninteresting.

Two, you need to have a
great thumbnail that is clear

and it showcases what your video is about.

And three, just as important,
you need a clickable title

and you can click on the screen right now

for some tips for writing
the perfect YouTube title

and we’ll see you guys in the next video.

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